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Kendra has had a long week at the office so when her husband Brad wants to surprise her with one of his sexual escapades she's not exactly up for it When she reluctantly agrees and arrives home Kendra finds that Brad has invited a couple of people to join in the fun

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    Well Smashwords was having a sale and this ending up being a freebie A very well written freebie A super steamy freebie Kendra's husband arranges for two of his friends to join him and Kendra She doesn't know it's going to happen He blindfolds her before they start getting into it and once she realizes someone else is there she freezes but her husband soothes her until she's OK with it and same for the next guy When they're done they go to take a shower where things heat up again She never gets to remove the blindfold to see who her two other lovers were Not a long story but pretty good for a short

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    This story definitely makes you crave The author did an amazing job of character development and wove the backstory in seamlessly especially given the length of this story If you are looking for a multi partner read that is full of hot action you can't go wrong with Kendra's Men

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    Hot Hot HotOh my this short story is certainly not for the faint of heart It is VERY explicit Kendra has what I would call the best night of her life when she is pleasured or rather taken by multiple strangers And as a bonus the writing is actually good for the 99 cent erotica bin