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A fearful Empire anticipates King Akira's next move will he abandon them to the corrupt hands of Caerwyn Martel or doom them to bloody civil war leaving them defenseless against an imminent alien invasion? Just beyond human space the crows are circling Across the DMZ the Rotham Republic prepares its war fleets with hungry eyes fixed on the weakened Empire Spurred on to war by the pervasive Rahajiim a shadowy organization that has struck a dark deal with the nightmarish Enclave Meanwhile Summers races to destroy the rest of the isotome weapons before they are used Nimoux struggles to escape an unlikely prison planet Shen copes with his strange new life and Calvin hunts for the true puppetmaster Desperate to discover the deepest layer of the conspiracy before it's too late And in the shadows behind it all Blackmoth brews a storm of chaos hell bent on subjecting the galaxy to the dark design of his One True God

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    This is what I get for grabbing a free ebook the first book in the series wasis free on com The first book pulled me in The second book also offered at a discount kept the story going and kept me wanting The third book was full price but by this point I didn't care I wanted and I had to have I had to know what happens next I had to know how the story wrapped up Boy was I fooled The third book wasn't the end of the series Is the fourth book out yet? It wasn't out at the time but has since come out and I darn well paid full price for that ebook too I don't know how many books are planned in the series This is one of those instances where I hope it wraps up soon because I want to know what happens but I'm enjoying the setting and don't want to leave just yetThe Phoenix Conspiracy has your military SF some political intrigue alien civilizations working with and against the human empire cool ships and technology and some great charactersThe main character is Calvin the captain of a stealth ship reminds a bit of myself he's kind of an introvert prefers things laid back trusts those around him to do their jobs and prefers to be on a first name basis with his co workers and staff as opposed to calling everyone by their rank and last nameThe human empires monarchy is in danger a vast conspiracy is trying to overthrow the king while yet another interested party is seeking out an alien threat of weapons capable of destroying stars Each book gets a bit deeper into the conspiracy and the war between all these factionsThe Phoenix Conspiracy series is like the Honor Harrington series without the word count it flows much faster Fun stuff

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    Utterly disappointing drag from the book 1 2Literally nearly nothing happens in this book and all for 7 All of the writing is boring and drags Do yourself a favor and read my two sentence summary and skip this book in this seriesNimoux breaks out of prison but everyone else dies and Summers saves him with the Nighthawk Meanwhile Calvin takes a ship to the DMZ then to Rotham space to discover the Alliance is dealing with Rotham and they have access to the Imperial worlds and Khalili launches a failed attack on a military space ship yards the Apollo and much of the human fleet is decimatedAs I have said before the author has a degree in economics

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    Book 4Book 4 was a fun read and had errors throughout The author changed the plot a little and added a new character that is zealot than anything It makes the reading drone on and becomes boring in places The overall story has progressed well and keeps my interest for the most part

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    The Empire's steward is showing his true insane colorsAnother Great book teeth biting and all Loved it now for the next book and the war goes on it does it?

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    IntenseAmazing adventures and epic battles galore in this continuation of the story of political intrigue and galactic empires Great read

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    Chaos across the GalaxyBattles and action on many fronts and there's treachery a foot everywhere Even among the good guys not everyone is pursuing the same agenda

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    Too many characters I dont know if I'll finish this series

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    Great seriesI've read and enjoyed the first 4 books now looking forward to the next one A great storyline great characters lots of twists and turns Hard not to like

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    Disappointed in this outing The whole book felt like a filler for what must come nextHow the next book in the series is better

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    The Phoenix War Richard L SandersThe human Empire is on the verge of civil war threatening to tear itself apart as House Akira and other prominent high lords fight each other for the right to sit upon the throne But such civil division is a waste of effort and resources that mankind cannot afford to lose The cogs put into motion by the Phoenix Ring are still whirring in the shadows and as events uickly get out of hand it begins to become clear that the selfish group of benefactors were never truly in control The Enclave are stirring in their dark halls of exile and in a far region of space the Rotham are mobilising — a highly advanced race that had always coveted the affluence of the human empire; wanting our lush worlds and rich solar systems But these are only the beginning of human worries and rumour has reached some that the Polarian Dread Fleet—an armada of ships that leaves nothing but dead worlds in its wake—is waking The Polarians have no love of humanity either and fanatically believe that they have the right of dominion over the entire universe Amidst all the chaos and violence the Nighthawk continues its mission to find and destroy the last of the isotome weapons—missiles that are powerful enough to destroy whole solar systems and leave their suns blackened and cold The success of their mission is crucial to both the future of the Empire and the human race but they have few leads to go on and are almost literally searching for needles in an infinite haystackMeanwhile Calvin Cross now the Imperial Executor by appointment of Princess Kalila is ordered to gather as much intelligence as he can on the Rotham and assess whether their military deployment is a threat to the Empire His mission takes him deep into Alliance space—a xenophobic government that has no sympathy for the Empire and is unknowingly riddled with Enclave agents The Good The Phoenix War is an exciting instalment of The Phoenix Conspiracy series and begins to tie lose ends together ready for the final book which will hopefully be released soon It also begins to build the political turmoil and military threat from aliens in a fast paced plot getting ready for what I imagine will be a stunning end to the seriesThe BadOnce again I feel like Richard L Sanders could have included description in his writing as it is very ‘bare’ His dialogue and tone are both good but he has an annoying habit of skipping over the details of his environments and provides scant information This is a shame really as his characters are aboard an array of space ships that would be interesting to read about and visit a number of worlds where he could uite literally ‘go wild’ and paint stunning landscapes around his charactersMy ThoughtsOverall though I was impressed with The Phoenix War and think that it's the best instalment of the series so far I am eagerly awaiting the next and final book although it will be a shame to finish the series off The Phoenix Conspiracy is undoubtedly a true gem of a series in a genre that I've found somewhat stale of late