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Five romance novellas from from sizzling writersIncluded in the anthology areThe Promise of Tomorrow by J S Cooper New Adult Contemporary RomanceLucy and Nick were two kids from opposite sides of the tracks They became best friends and lovers and promised that nothing would ever break them up But sometimes promises don't always last or do they?Love Across the Atlantic by Jessica Wood New Adult Contemporary RomanceJust a few days before Alex left for London to study abroad for the summer she meets and falls for Nathan the overly confident yet endearing guy that every other girl seems to want Will the long distance ruin Alex's chances of a relationship with Nathan or will Alex and Nathan develop a blossoming love across the Atlantic Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison Chick LitAs part of a bet Anna spends her summer going on countless dates to prove that there are no dateable guys online After 39 disastrous dates with guys who have cat obsessions performance issues and facial hair issues she starts to call these guys The Undateables and believes that she will win the bet Then she meets Jack who seems at first to be another Undateable But will Anna's date with Jack be another disaster or will Jack be the one to cause Anna to lose the bet?Summer Loving by Helen Cooper Erotic RomanceJess is devastated when her boyfriend Zak dumps her right before her summer vacation with her best friends She decides that the best way to get even is to have a one night stand only she may have picked the one man that could make her life even uncomfortableWe Meet Again by Suzi Case Chick LitGemma goes from odd job to odd job hoping to make ends meet She struggles to keep her cool as the same obnoxious and handsome man keeps showing up as she fails each job disastrously

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    I loved this book There were five novellas in this book Some stories tugged at my heart bringing tears to my eyes Some made me laugh and others made me say Ah or How sweet They were all great stories perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee and finding a comfy place and reading this book Five stars

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    I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review all this short stories were great the only thing i really hope is that maybe in the future they will write a seuel because i loved each and every story they were short and to the point you could follow each one with out feeling you were missing any details the promise of tomorrow was a book that i felt was a great read you start with two characters that fell in love and had plans for the future due to miss communications they ended up broken up and heartbroken but years later they run into each other and find that the one that thought she was better off is fallen and is needing her best friend the love of her lifelove across the atlantic you have two characters that meet at a sorority party and they hit it off right from the start she had no clue that she was going to meet a guy that would have her to have feelings that would uestion her leaving to Europe but it did they decide they will stay i contact and see where it takes them after a couple of months she notices the emails are short and less calls she decides that she will end the relationship before he has a chance or at least uestion whats going on well she makes that call and to her surprise she hears another woman and that does it for her she is hurt and feels horrible to her surprise one night she gets the call that she would have never expected but lets just say i cried and it was a good callconfessions of an online dater this story was funny it was a delight to see the different scenarios that she goes through in all these dates all because she made a bet with her best friend her friend swears that she will find love when she thinks she has the bet won and low and behold she finds her lovesummer loving is a story of jess who has dated zak for a year just when she thinks all is well and even maybe wedding bells he throws her for a loop and breaks up with her due to her background which in its own way it works out perfect she goes with her girlfriends out of town and she decides to have a one night stand and never would she imagine the man she chose would be some one he knows but only by name we meet again this story starts with a poor girl that loses her job so she has multiple temp jobs the first job she is takes a job as a clown she has never even held a job like that needless to say she doesn't do to well at the children's party and she meets the birthday girls uncle He starts to be mean and tell her that she is no good at being a clown Well need less to say she gets fired then she try's walking dogs and low and behold he is there Basically every Wrong turn she makes he is there in the end they end up together You will love this book with all theses great authors under on book How could you go wrong

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    Summer fling is a refreshing anthology comprised of 5 novellas that explore rekindled love heartbreak unexpected new love and passion The stories are concise and fulfilling; if only at times you wish they would simply not end This little anthology was full of surprising and impactful storiesJS Cooper’s The Promise of Tomorrow was an unexpected and endearing tale that tugs at the heart strings and explores some heavy issues In contrast Jessica Wood’s Love Across the Atlantic was a gorgeous addictive New Adult tale of love from a distance and college life Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison was a hilarious tale of the unexpectedness that can ensue from online dating adventures while Summer Loving by Helen Cooper was a steamy tale of a heart broken young woman who discovers the perks of hedonism We Meet Again by Suzi Case is the final story in the anthology This was another hilarious tale detailing a young woman’s struggles with employment in the tough economy and how it leads to the unexpected encounters with a uite persistent and attractive individualWhat I truly adored about this anthology was the contrasting array of genres it contained There is New Adult Chick Lit and Erotic Romance It was a refreshing bundle of a read that will no doubt leave you craving to read In all honesty Summer Fling did leave me feeling uite bereft and not ready at all for each story to endI highly recommend this book as the perfect summer read nonetheless It is light and provides the ultimate escapism for its duration This is a book that you could uite happily devour in one sitting4 StarsFull review at

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    This was an exceptionally put together anthology but I will admit that I wanted so much of every story that was included In J S Cooper's short story The Promise of Tomorrow Nick and Lucy's story made me want to know the rest of their story I really enjoyed how we were taken from the present then to the day they met then admitted their feelings acted on their feelings and the betrayal My heart broke for them but I was thrilled when they reconnected Maybe there's another series here ; Jessica Wood's Love Across the Atlantic showed me what I had missed in her writing since reading A Night to Remember Nathan and Alex's long distance separation after beginning such a fragile relationship had me on the edge of my seat Then I was angry because of his actions and then thrilled by his actions but again I wanted of their story In Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison I laughed at Anna's actions and Valerie's persistence It makes your wonder about those people who sign up for those sites Summer Loving by Helen Cooper had me immediately searching for of her books with Jess and Jack I could have read about them all day long and never tired of it We Meet Again by Suzi Case was just hilarious Every time that Gemma ran into Jake I laughed The chemistry between the two was undeniable and I couldn't decide if one or both of them didn't want to act on it But then everything happened at once Maybe there should be another anthology with these same stories that continue their stories

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    I was given an Arc copy of this book for an honest review If you are looking for something uick to read while sitting on the beach or by the pool This book is what you are looking for thenThe Promise of Tomorrow by JS Cooper Who says opposites don't attract? Lucy fell in love with Nick not long after meeting him in high school and he fell in love with her the first time he saw herThey had their ups downs and misunderstandings and they even went their separate ways Who knew years later they would run into each other again Glad to see everything they went through things didn't change between themLove Across the Atlantic by Jessica WoodAlex and Nathan seem like they are a cute couple with a good story This story was too short and I would like to have known a little bit about them Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe HarrisonSome of those stories of the dates that Anna went on were funny I found myself chuckling to myself Jack seems to be a good catch for Anna Hopefully there will be of their story somewhere in the future I would like to see what happens next with themSummer Loving by Helen CooperWow Jack and Jess were hotWe Meet Again by Suz1 CaseGemma and Jake are too much You could feel the sexual tension between the two of them They could have a hot story

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    JS Coopers story the Promise of Tomorrow was a surprise for me It was a cute love story but not what I expected when I first started reading I wish we could find out of Lucys Nicks future but then it wouldn't be a short story Jessica Woods love Across the Atlantic was such a cute story It was about a boy and girl Nathan and Alex who met each other at a college party to find out she was going to England in a couple of days and they had to figure out to make this new relationship work Loved it but wish I it wasn't a short story Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison is such a tease but so cute Anna made a bet with her friend that she couldn't meet a good guy online to date in New York and she has gone on a bunch of horrible dates I know exactly how Anna feels since I had a bunch of horrible dates from the internet before I met my husband It can happen Can't wait to hear about Anna and Jack ;All I can say about Summer Loving by Helen Cooper is Omg hot hot hot I want We Meet Again by Suzi Case is such a lovey dovey story The main character Gemma meets the other character Jake and she just cant keep a job Gemma keeps running into him with every job that she tries to get and he cant get enough of her I love Gemmas character I think this was my favorite story in the whole book

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    This was a great anthology that included five great stories by different authors The Promise of Tomorrow by JS Cooper was a great story that en captured me from the beginning I loved reading about the love story between Nick and Lucy This was a great story about love and rekindling Love Across the Atlantic by Jessica Wood was another great story I loved reading about Alex and Nathan I loved that they could turn something that was just a beginning into love and a long distance relationship Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison was another great story I loved reading about Anna's journey with online dating Anna made a bet with her friend that she would not find a nice guy through online dating She almost won the bet than she met Jack Summer Loving by Helen Cooper was a great and ironic story I loved seeing the confidence that Jess grew and what she did when she let inhibitions go I loved the twist in the end it was great We Met Again by Suzi Case was another good story that followed two people who happened to have many chance encounters This was a set of short stories that are a must read

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    Great set of five stories that left me wanting a bit they were so enjoyable I found myself wishing there was an epilogue just so I could get a bit from this cast of characters Each story offered something different but I was drawn in to each of them I was instantly drawn in by the first story The Promise of Tomorrow Then you get hit with Love Across the Atlantic and it's one of those where you wish for a guy like Nathan to come into your life Confessions of an Online Dater was amusing The next one Summer Loving might be my favorite romance and a bit of revenge all rolled into one Finally We Meet Again is another amusing chick lit story probably my least favorite but still worth the read There's a bit editing problems than I would generally like but nothing that you won't be able to figure out This is an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours you won't regret it I received an ARC for an honest review

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    Five amazing stories from five amazing authors I loved each story Every story is different you will fall in love with the characters and in the end you will want of the story So I'm really hoping there will be Confessions of an online Dater So funny I love the bet and the red flags I love Push ups too We meet again friggen HILARIOUS The odd jobs I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pantsSummer lovin I loved how it was a girls get wayI don't want to put a spoiler I had a feel who Jack was going to be I'd love to see Zak's face if he found outPromise of tomorrow My heart broke a little it's a cute love storyLove across the Atlantic I wanted to slap Nathan I clearly got over it and loved him againI didn't want any of these stories to end and any of them could be made into longer stories so I'll keep my figure crossed that will come Great job ladies

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    I was given a copy for a honest reviewI am giving this book a 4 34 star I enjoyed every story but I really loved the first one by JScooper this was the first time reading anything by this author and loved it my only complaint was it was to short I wanted I felt for both Nick and Lucy her writing pulled me in and at a few spots I found myself choked up it was so real I can't even put into words how this short story made me feel I will be reading fro JS Cooper soon and I also loved Love Across The Atlantic I have found I love to Jessica Wood she has a way of pulling me into her stories and hate to get to the end and also found some other authors I will be reading of Chloe Harrison was great as was Helen Cooper and Suzi Case I would highly recommend this book to everyone it's a short romantic read that leaves you wanting Thank you to all the authors