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Thanks to fate and his own lack of good sense eighteen year old Danny Shay is headed into what looks to be the worst summer of his life It starts with a minor meltdown at work that leaves Danny under house arrest with a cast on one leg and an ankle monitor on the other courtesy of the San Diego Police Department On top of that he’s battling a chronic case of virginity with no relief in sightOh and there’s one little glitch A serial killer is stalking the city murdering young men And when strange sounds are heard in the house behind Danny’s the neighborhood kids think they’ve found the killer But not until Danny learns he's next on the madman's list do things really begin to get desperateDamn And Danny had plans to come out this summer—maybe even get laid He doesn't have time for ankle monitors and serial killersThen ginger haired Luke Jamison moves in next door Not only does Luke solve a few of Danny's urgent problems he also manages to create a couple that Danny never saw coming Gee If he can survive it this summer might not be so bad after all

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    My socks have been rocked This is a great little take off of on the film Disturbia which was a not so great take off on another film Rear Window Sexy funny scary and all around entertaining This book is a great example of why I love Inman so much the pace is uick the dialogue clever and the secondary characters all deserved their own booksI had to deduct one star because the mystery suspense aspects are given too little attention too late in the book but this is still a very fun read

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    Well I got rudely interrupted yesterday when I was reading this awesome book by a visit to the dentist and then family coming to visit so I didn't get chance to settle down to finishing till it was time for bed and I could shut away real life againI loved this book so much It reminded me of a funnier version of the film Disturbia which is also based on Hitchcocks Rear Window the one starring Shia LeBeof except in Hobbled 18 year old Danny Shay one of our hero's is also sporting a cast on the opposite leg to the one wearing the ankle monitor but thats not all as well as the leg decorations Danny is sporting wood than Sherwood Forest Boy is this guy horny He's a walking sex machine so when the gorgeous hot bodied red haired young god Luke Jamison moves in next door whilst both their dads are away and it turns out he's also gay and gagging for it like Danny then you can guess how these guys spend a lot of their timebut before long it isn't just the horizontal mambo they're doing every five minutes these two guys fall hook line and sinker for each other and it was absolutely adorable They are so in love its palpable Its insta love but in this case it really works Then there's the serious matter of a serial killer who it would appear is killing young boys in the surrounding area only its a lot closer to home than the boys realise I have to congratulate John Inman on putting together a story that was not only laugh out loud endearing and fun but was also suspenseful creepy and edge of your seat once the boys start to get pulled into the murder mystery by two of the best bratty 11 year olds ever written into a book DeVon and Bradley who sort of stole the show and had me in tucks I loved them tooWhat a pair The whole cast of characters including feuding cats and dogs hot neighbours and absent dads who add their own uniue twist to the story were absolutely perfect and just made this book even of a joy to read I honestly didn't want it to end it was so enjoyable I'm off now to search out from Mr Inman who definitely tickles my funny bone Brilliant

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    35 stars I might round up Review to come

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    Oh this book was SO MUCH FUN It cheered me up from a crappy mood and gave me lots of smiles and laughs along the way The plot is totally unrealistic the love is insta love to the extreme the whole story is ridiculous but do I care? Nope because it's awesomeWell when I saw that this story involved housebound and horny eighteen year old boys I knew I JUST HAD TO read it and I'm so glad I did I loved Danny and his horny teenageness and I loved Luke and his horny teenageness but most of all I LOVED LOVED LOVED DeVon and Bradley the local tearawaysmakeshift ninjas who were hilarious and cute as buttonsIt's like a cross between Rear Window The Hardy Boys and a cute sappy romance with lots of adorable and hot man on man action thrown inMy only complaint is that I didn't write this story myself which tbh I'm pretty peed off aboutBefore I read itOMG housebound and horny 18 year old boys??? Crazed serial killer on the loose??? Why has no one recommended this story to me yet? Why?????????

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    Okay so this is one of those books you'll either love or hate I loved it There are things that I like to read that were here even if they are not popular themes I do enjoy a good insta love story Admittedly not all of them are done well or believable But John Inman did a great job with this storyAfter getting arrested at work Danny is left with an ankle monitor Meaning he is not allowed to leave his house for a few weeks His dad has to go away on a business trip and he's left alone Danny is a virgin and makes is uite clear he wants to rectify that ASAP But while he has the monitor on he has to settle for jacking himself off Right?Wrong All that changes when Luke his new neighbour moves in The two boys meet and Well you can guess that they don't sit around playing scrabble The boys were both funny and hot I thought they were a very cute couple and they made me giggle and smile through the book It was also nice to see how clumsy yet comfortable they were with each other My inner sap was enjoying this book with meBut the story isn't uite that simple There's a murderer some really cool kids and a creepy neighbour Both Danny and Luke were tied into everything which made things extra special Of course there was one character that didn't get much reading time thank the lord Danny's mother was annoying and made my blood boil she was like a 3 year old Then we get to Danny and Luke's dad'sview spoilerThey were actually a couple and Luke's dad was Danny's dad's business trip hide spoiler

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    This was absolutely delightful Every single emotion I know I felt OMG the scary was scary and the romance was romantic and hot as fucking Hell I loved every single page and appreciated every emotion I felt For real John Inman is becoming one of my most favorite authors So goodRead

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    Another amazing book from this must read authorI adored this book I was completely engrossed from the first sentence and couldn’t put the book down until I finished Eighteen year old Danny is home alone for a few weeks with a cast on one leg and a house restraint bracelet on the other He got pissed off at work and destroyed some property and now his whole plan for coming out and devirginizing himself is ruined as he can’t pass the perimeter of his yard But as he is spying on his neighbors to alleviate the monotony of his imprisonment after one day a new boy Luke just his age moves in next door They meet fall instantly in lust and pretty much overnight all of Danny’s problems are solved Except for his itchy cast and the fact that young men are being murdered in the neighborhood and there is a serial killer living nearby what could possibly go wrong?I think the reason that this story works so well is the chemistry between Danny and Luke It is carefree young and it is sizzling hot Put two young men who have found each other have plenty of time on their hands and what do they do? Pretty much what you would expect 18 year old boys to do in this situation they have sex and eat and have sex and pretty much everything else can wait Who doesn’t fondly remember those carefree days? And the secondary characters This is another thing this author consistently delivers on – and in my opinion separates him from the rest The secondary characters have such depth it really is uite incredible Danny’s dad is amazing and funny the two 10 year old “detectives” Devon and Bradley are hilarious and Ms Trumball the gin drinking pancake makeup wearing neighbor all combine to make one hilarious sweet and exciting read Again and again this author delivers a fun fast paced story Don’t miss this one and go read the rest of his books you will be glad you did

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    Charming If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this story I would use charming Eighteen year old Danny Shay is trapped; confined by house arrest and a bulky leg cast for six weeks after he went into a rage at work when he figured out his boss had been ripping off his paycheck This has severely put a kink in his summer plans of losing his virginity When his single father has to go away for three weeks horny and bored Danny fills his time with eating masturbating and hobbling around the house Oh and spying on the neighborhood of course That is until a hot little ginger moves into the vacant house right next door Danny will do anything to get Luke's attention and it doesn't take long Luke and Granger the dog have arrived with all their belongings; with Luke's dad planning to arrive in a few weeks Soon the boys are inseparable and spending every wakingand sleepingmoment attached to each other Literally But what the boys don't know is that there's something dangerous lurking in the neighborhood snatching up cute young men torturing and killing them First let me tell y'all some about Danny and Luke There's instant attraction between themI would even go so far as to call it insta love Ick Y'all know how much insta love annoys me But I was ok with it here because it was young teenage insta love which is 100% realistic And sweet And innocent And pure Yeah Danny and Luke were totally likable and adorable And HORNY OMG were they horny To be honest the sex was a bit repetitive with 69 and rimming and 69 and rimming and 69 See where I'm going? But they were still very smexy Second I loved all the secondary characters Frederick Danny's slutty literature eating cat Granger Luke's goofy dog who loved to torture Fred and was a totally worthless attack dog and even DeVon and Bradley the two foul mouthed vigilante pre teens who were out to catch the bad guy There were a few others but those were my faves Third I found this to be very humorous and lots of fun Even though the plot was a little silly over the top and totally predictable I had a lot of fun reading this Don't come into it expecting something serious and realistic because it’s not The characters were a little too stupid to live at times but hey I just rolled my eyes a little smiled to myself and kept on reading Last I will say that my biggest annoyance with this book was the head hopping It was told in third person mostly from Danny's POV But occasionally the narrator would slip in a few lines or a scene from Luke's Towards the end it got even messier with views from secondary characters like Bradley and even a brief bit from Granger the dog I felt that part of the writing could have been a lot cleaner but it honestly didn't take away much from my overall enjoyment of the story Keep this story in mind when you're looking for a fun easy read with two horny teenagers35 StarsReview can be read at The Blog of Sid Love

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    45 StarsAnother great story by one of my new favorite authorsFull review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    Another great book by John Inman A sweet coming of agecoming out book that had me chuckling uite a few times There was just enough action to keep it exciting without taking away from the love story between Danny and Luke I usually have trouble buying into the insta love attraction that happens in so many romances but I think it can be forgiven here because who hasn't had those feelings when they were 18 and believed in them whole heartedly? Plus they has their fears about admitting love to one another so uickly and acknowledging that fact gave it additional realismAs usual the secondary characters were just as appealing I loved Mrs Trumball DeVon Bradley and especially Danny's dad The end was a little syrupy sweet but everyone is love so what the heck why not?A great story and you will be totally entertained