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The only thing worse than being a Hunter in the fae ridden city of Harborsmouth is hunting vamps in BrugesBeing shipped off to Belgium sucks The medieval city of Bruges is uaint but the local Hunters' Guild is understaffed the canals are choked with dead bodies and there's no shortage of supernatural predators as likely suspectsOn second thought maybe Bruges isn't so bad after allWith a desire to prove herself protect the innocent and advance within the ranks of the Hunters' Guild Jenna Lehane hits the cobbled streets of Bruges with blades at the ready Someone or something is murdering tourists and dumping their bodies in the city's scenic canals With the help of a mysterious stranger Jenna begins to piece together clues that are dotted throughout the city like blood spatterDetermined to stop the killings Jenna delves into a bloody local history that only raises uestions—but some secrets are best left buried Jenna must put her combat training to the test as she struggles to unearth the truth about an ancient enemy Hunting in Bruges is the first novel in the Hunters' Guild urban fantasy series set in the world of Ivy Granger

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    I posted this review on my audiobook blog Lovely AudiobooksI received this audiobook for free in exchange for an honest reviewThis audiobook production was really outstanding But sadly the story disappointed me a bitThis book is an award finalist so obviously I don’t really know what’s good But let me list the problems I had with the story #1 The secret of the protagonist’s new companion the “mysterious stranger” is apparent pretty early on Yet Jenna herself only figures it out in the second half of the book The reason for that felt very weak to me I know this is a tool that some people love knowing something that the protagonist doesn’t but for me it just doesn’t work It made me think she’s a bit daft 🙁 #2 The story didn’t have a very good flow The pacing was off for me and I found it difficult to figure out where we were going and what the point of everything was #3 Jenna is a very serious young lady Her companions try to banter and flirt but she only gets super annoyed and would seriously prefer to be ambushed This bothered me because it just made her not very likeable Of course not every protagonist has to crank out the jokes But her reaction to her friends flirting and joking felt way too harshOn to some positive aspects A female protagonist and one male one female sidekick? That was already awesome in Buffy and it makes for a great slayer uhh Hunter team The paranormal concept of vampires using a glamour to appear attractive was creative Damn bloodsuckers don’t always have to be perfectNow that I’m done I can say that the storyline overall has some good substance But it took me a long time to finish this and I interrupted it for two other audiobooks because I was bored “Hunting in Bruges” just didn’t grab me The pace picked up a bit in the second half thoughAs I said initially the audio production was fantastic It was a new to me concept and I truly wish everyone would do it like this Melanie A Mason is the main narrator The story is told entirely from Jenna’s point of view so that makes sense But the bonus is that Anthony Bowling is narrating all male characters’ lines Not only are both narrators really great with very distinct voices but the editing is done very well so the men’s lines fit in seamlessly The narration itself was very captivatingI so wanted to love this audiobook Because it’s a great Urban Fantasy concept and the production is so amazing But I just can’t

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    Hunting in BrugesHunters' Guild Book 1By EJ StevensNarrated by Melanie A Mason Anthony BowlingThis is an audible book I reuested and the review is voluntary What a terrific action packed book The main character is a tough female that is a hunter of the supernatural and she is the deadly one Others are a sexist jerk another hunter with a secret past a witch with drug problem a doctor with a drinking problem and a blind librarian This is her team She also can see ghosts She is sent to Bruge due to the increase in supernatural attacks She has to figure out what is going on which she doesGreat narration that enhances the story

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    For those of you that read the Ivy Granger Psychic Detective books this could be your next must read book This was my first book by this author and as soon as I finished I bought the first book in the Ivy Granger series Shadow Sight Why? Because I could not put this book down I flat out loved itWhen a bookuncorrected copy starts with the sentence “I’ve been seeing ghosts for as long as I can remember” I am so in for the read Jenna Lehane is an American Hunter for the supernatural Hunter’s Guild and has been since she was thirteen She is sent to Bruges in Belgium to help out the Guild there when bodies start being found in the canals The Guild there is operating on a skeletal staff due to most of the hunters being away Pretty much the only ones left are the misfits of the Guild not good when tourists are getting killed by unknown supernaturals She meets a man on the train that becomes her friend Ash is very eccentric funny good looking and actually pretty perfectThis read was character driven as much as it was story driven Jenna is the ultimate hunter but she has self confidence issues and wonders if she was sent to Belgium as punishment There’s a story there I promise She has never made time for herself and is pretty much all about the work 247 Ash is like a breath of fresh air to her He makes her take the time to see the city of Bruges and it comes alive for the reader I knew nothing about Bruges before this and now I can absolutely picture this ancient city Once she starts hunting it’s not long before she realizes that vampires are the culprits she is looking for Seems there’s an ancient vampire turf war going on and it involves hundreds of vampires It’s up to Jenna to flush the vampires out and try to rid the city of them And that brings me back to the misfits There’s a sex crazed drugged out but beautiful witch a drunk doctor a blind male librarianarchivist and a explosive happy one armed man A pretty rag tagged group that super courageous Jenna now has to lead against the vampsHunting in Bruges is told from Jenna’s point of view and I loved her thoughts as well as her actual dialogue which I thought was very well written as was this entire book I found the characters to be very fully realized by the author and enjoyed getting to know most all of them There are at least two villains in this story and I am not talking about vampires They too were fully fleshed out as heinous individualsI’ve read a lot of books about female supernatural huntersas I am sure many of you have but when one is so different as this one was for me then it uickly became one of my favorites of all books with that very common premise I am all about books that aren’t the same old same old for sure This book is full of action deaths supernatural creatures and is perfect for the adult urban fantasy fan and I for one can’t wait for the next installmentRabidReadscom

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    HuntedI generally like YA novels but I found this one too predictable Together with an immature protagonist I didn't manage to finish this one

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    I enjoyed this uick light paranormal mystery The characters had some depth to them and the world building in Bruges was well done Parts of the plot were predictable but that didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the story Jenna’s character wasn’t my favorite She was kind of a know it all and wanted to do everything by the book until there came a time when breaking the rules would help her in which case that was ok because it suited her needs Ash was a great character He was easy going and funny He balanced out the typical warrior in Jenna well The narrators for this audiobook did a good job It was well produced and they both spoke clearly and portrayed all of their characters with enthusiasm I do wish that Jenna’s character didn’t sound so whiny though I’m curious to find out what happens what happens on the seuel once it comes out It should be especially fun to listen to now that the story and the team is established I would like to thank the authornarratorpublisher for generously providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an unbiased and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own

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    A great kick off to a new series by a favorite author of mine RTF

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    Jenna's uickly meeting people and making friends and enemies Grrrr There is one man who is against all women in the guild along with supernaturals He's a real jerk I couldn't wait for Jenna to knock him down a peg or five Ash he's a joy I love her time with him although I want to shack her as she should have picked up the signs and hints about Ash right away However there is something different about Ash when he's with Jenna I'm hoping we get answers to this in the future But I do love Ash He's a cutieI like the chapter headings It is a line from in the chapter but it points out Hunter ways or Jenna's rules It's a neat way to highlight themAll in all I enjoyed Jenna's adventuresFULL REVIEW TO FOLLOW

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    If I could’ve had my way I would’ve read this book from start to finish in one sitting I was hooked the moment I started reading It’s a fast paced story told from the point of view of Jenna Lehane the main character Jenna is a member of the Hunters’ Guild The Guild is secret organization whose mission is to keep the supernatural world in check and coexisting as peacefully as possible with the human world Jenna a Hunter has been sent to the Belgian chapter in Bruges to help figure out who has been killing tourists Bruges is an old city with a very colorful history and a high population of supernaturals Jenna has the ability to see and hear ghosts which is both an asset and a liability The action of the story starts immediately upon Jenna’s arrival in Bruges as we follow her on the trail to discover who or what the killers are and doesn’t let up until the end I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a fast paced adventure especially if you like supernatural stories It’s chock full of interesting and uniue characters I enjoyed getting to know all of them This is the first book I’ve read by EJ Stevens but most definitely not my last I’m already shopping in her catalog of books for my next read

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    I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock Just finished Hunting in Bruges by EJ Stevens and author I honestly never heard before but after this I have to say that I will definitely be reading from him The book got me after the first sentence by saying she has seen ghost all her life; just by that I wanted to know what what's going on right away We have Jenna Lehane a hunter that gets a new assignment and has to travel from America to Bruges Belgium for it Here she befriends Ash and for the first time she is not thinking about work 247 As Jenna starts hunting in this city and gets to know Ash the story just gets better and better I have to say the story it was very well written and it was a very good easy readI give this book 4 fangs

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    This was a great start to a new seriesIt took a moment to get going for me but then the adventure danger and excitement took over It didn't stop for the whole book either Which I loved Even at the very end there are things that are closed and yet open for th enext book as wellI really loved how this series connects with the Ivy Granger series The familiarity helped me relax easier into the storyThe characters in this one were neat Ash I like him I had no idea Ash's story until it was revealed I totally didn't see it comingA uniue paranormal story One that I thoroughly enjoyed I look forward to reading Hunting in Paris next