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Mark Enforcer Just plain old Stu Augustus Baltazar is a Paranormal Investigator with skeletons than space in the cupboard He only has best friend Mike to depend on until beautiful brunette Jenny threatens to rattle his bones DI Joe Merrick is on his last life with the Police force caught between a case he is struggling to solve and a DS with a different opinion Out of all this what piece of the puzzle does Mike's girlfriend Sera hold? And just what are the sinister shadow and the man on fire that haunt them all? Once the fuse is lit everything changes This is the first thrilling volume in an ongoing series from emerging author Neil Bursnoll

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    First of all thank you kindly to the author for a copy of this book to review So firstly I'm going to say I'm popping this under Fiction but there are uite a few hooks here for a wide range of readers A wonderful uirky novel which perhaps could also be described as Urban Fantasy Thriller or mystery Frankly I'll call it just plain fun Augustus Baltazar Its ok you can just call him Stu is a Paranormal Investigator with few friends plenty of skeletons rattling around in the proverbial closet and a tendency to enjoy his nights out Best friend Mike gets sidekick status and along with the women in their lives they get caught up in all sorts of shenanigans involving weird goings on shadows that haunt them and a man on fire I loved the narrative style of this novel descriptive prose always works best when you are reading a story of this type it allows you to see things from a birds eye point of view and take in the whole scenario with each chapter Moving along at a great pace with some real humour along the way its an interesting world to live in for a while to be sure Dark at times with a lovely little mystery at its heart your mind will constantly turn over the possibilities whilst reading As the start of a series it works very well there is obviously to come and some twisty turns ensure that when DOES come you will want to be there Characterisation is terrific I especially liked DI Joe Merrick a man with issues who pops in and out offering insight with a wonderfully uirky tone Stu and Mike are everymen as I like to say but hey not really Brunette bombshell Jenny may get under your skin It won't be for everyone if you like chick lit this is not for you If you like almost anything else you might find something here to enthrall you Or you might not Either way its worth a try In my goodreads and review I am offering it as a 4 because I get a feeling this series is going to grow on meand I can't give 6 All in all a terrific read and another reason why when you are choosing a book to dive into you don't necessarily need to look to the huge publishing houses with their marketing machines although of course a terrific book can come from anywhere all are welcome in Liz's reading world but can sometimes find a little gem right on your front doorstep In my case literally Thank you Mr Burnsoll Happy Reading Folks

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    Horrific in the best wayAugustus Baltazar is a great blend of a few genres namely urban fantasy mystery and horror The story follows Stu a paranormal investigator gifted with some supernatural powers as he tries to solve a string of murders in his town The victims are found burnt to ash always missing their jawbone The intensity of the murders ramps up throughout the story and Stu seems to be in a bit over his head as he gains the killers attention With the help of his best friend Mike Mike's clairvoyant girlfriend Sera and a few love interests Stu prepares to face the threat The story is written in present tense third person omnipotent which makes the story read a bit like a screenplay at parts This allows the author to give plenty of description and to set up the scenes to his liking Sometimes it feels too descriptive but overall it works wellThere's a lot to like here When Bursnoll describes some of the violent murders it is with gut wrenchingly vivid detail In these moments the story really comes alive Bursnoll weaves a dozen plot lines into this story involving both Stu and his friends and each take unexpected turns The downside to having so many plotlines is that I felt like there was little resolution for most of them As this is the first story in a series this is to be expected to a degree but I think the story would have benefited if some of the subplots were taken a little further toward resolution Overall I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys horror or urban fantasy If you are looking for a good mystery that involves otherworldy forces look no further

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    I have recently finished Neil Bursnoll's debut novel and I can say with confidence that he certainly has a bright future ahead of himA few things really stick out for me; the characters and the pacing Both are great All of the characters have their own distict personalities no matter how major or minor they may be There are no cardboard characters or fillers and the diverse relationships are well written The pacing of the story is also very good and at no point in the book did I get bored or skip sections From the beginning the plot is intriguing and keeps you guessing all the way to the very endI would call it a supernatural thriller however there are certainly a few dimentions to this story and any one looking for something a little different ie not a vampire romance this will do the trick The pack page promisies a seuel or two or three I personally can't wait

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    It took me several pages to get caught up in this book To begin with you're not sure who's eyes you're looking through But once I settled in to this uniue style of writing I uickly got caught up in the plot Stu is a complex character that I grew extremely attached to Even by the end of the book I still felt that I didn't know who he really was what his purpose is or what his intentions are Is he good or bad? Is there even a direct line between good or bad? I wasn't sure The plot does jump around a lot I felt like this book covered a lot of ground However it's written well and I definitely felt disappointed when I reached the end I wanted to immediately purchase the second book and dive into it to find out what happens