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One troubled the other trouble One regrets the other hates One builds the other destroys Their parents are kidnapped in a home invasion and Christopher and Michael must unite or die in their uest to find them Adventure turns to mystery when the brothers follow a hunch leading them over the Pacific Coast Mountains across the ocean and to a fortified island where they fight for their lives with tragic resultsThis is an alternate cover edition 9781484122365

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    Not a bad adventure book The title is actually the perfect summary for what this book is about It is a simple fast paced read to enjoy while not a great book it is still something to kick back have a cool drink and enjoy on a summer afternoon Chris and Michael are brothers 14 and 12 Their home is raided and there parents kidnapped The two brothers race against the clock to figure out where they've been taken outwit the bad guys on their tails and cross the mountainside Plus they have some life lessons to learn along the way Lots of mishaps action adventure danger comedic moments and a hint of romance awaits them It is short and fast and has a few moments that got me to chuckle even Chris is a bit standard teen boy sometimes action older and other times younger than his age Micheal honestly seems to be the older brother half the time even though he is only 12 It doesn't help that he can drive and is a tech genius Regardless though he seems to use his head to strategize a bit than his older brother Yet neither of them felt real to me I just couldn't see to boys of their age acting the way the do through about half the book Now other times their characters seemed right on target for their ages So this left me very mixed on what to think of them One minute they act like 8 10 year olds the next their age and then they act like they are 15 17 This was portrayed in how they acted and spoke So I felt like the characters did not have a good sense of self The action and adventuring was fierce You name it it happens in this book Kidnapping shootouts explosions bears boat chase avalanche and It keeps you very fixed on the book wondering what will happen It also has you wondering how these kids get through everything Yet while it is uite exciting there is so much so fast and with how the boys handle everything I also had a hard time being worried for them after the first 13 of the book Danger just became the norm So final thoughts are that this is a fun read but not a great read I honestly do not sure what age group to consider this book The style reminds me of a 10 13 range yet situations within the book say that if that is the case have an adult parent or teacher set up book discussions on some of the topics Older teens and adults can also enjoy but might like I did have a harder time connecting and feel the book is too simple at times So middle grade YA pending the individual and reading situation Very geared toward young men especially but that is good So many books are geared toward females and I know young men losing interest all the time for lack of something to read that was not ruled by romance

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    Awesome Indies Book Awards is pleased to include BROTHERS BULLIES AND BAD GUYS Boulton uest #1 by ND RICHMAN in the library of Awesome Indies' Badge of Approval recipients at Awesome Indies' Assessment 4 starsBrothers Bullies and Bad Guys throws the reader into what might look like a familiar world at first running home from school watching out for the creepy dude across the park who might or might not be staring at you getting picked on by your brother However it uickly becomes apparent that not all is normal as soon as the bad guys show up in the middle of the night to abduct Chris and Michael’s mother and father parents who they haven’t seen much as they work in some kind of top secret labBy brilliance and a bit of luck Michael and Chris manage to make it out of the house with just enough information to set them on the trail to where their parents are being heldThere’s uite a lot to like about this book starting with the unpredictable nature of the adventure plot It unfolds in a cinematic way that’s interesting and the misadventures of the brothers are good for a laugh The second part I really enjoyed was the characters of Chris and Michael Their bravery and skill should hopefully empower young people to read books develop skills and be nice to their peersThe writing throughout the thriller portions of the book was very effective I caught myself thinking of the movie Armageddon where it seems everything that can possibly go wrong ends up going wrongFor all that the boys are still boys and make mistakes along their path which is a failing a lot of young adult authors have when portraying young characters It’s easy to see the end and see the steps necessary to take in order to get to the end but children don’t think of the same stuff They forget things They fail to plan for all contingencies That was a part of B B and BG which made it effectivePerhaps it’s that I’m not much of a mystery reader or writer but I began to get frustrated part way through the book that there wasn’t any opportunity to find out what the devil was going on There may or may not have been opportunities for the boys to figure some of these answers out as they went it didn’t seem there was but they also didn’t speculate much they didn’t spin wild theories about what they were going to find when they got there and given how little they knew about their parents spinning wild possibilities would have been a good way to slow down the relentless sprint of the plot and give the reader a bit of a breatherThe description was extremely light in a lot of places making me feel a bit confused as to what was going on and to whom This was especially true of the scene with the girl in the corner store where was Michael while this was going on?I was told that this book was to be marketed for ‘reluctant readers’ which made a lot of the author’s choices make senseOverall I liked this adventure and I’m interested to see how the author might develop it into a series4 stars

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    This book was won from a Goodreads giveawayThe best thing about this book was the charactersThe plot was interesting the writing style was nice but it was the characters that pushed this book to four stars instead of three Chris was a nice main character at first glance it doesn't seem like he doesn't have much of a personality but I really liked him His younger brother Michael managed to overshadow him as a character though he at first glance was 'stupid and mean' but later on you realize that Michael is probably the furthest thing from stupid you could ever haveThomas and Katherine the only really notable side characters were nice enough as well I liked Katherine she's a love interest sure but a love interest with a personality and an interesting one at that Thomas was her younger brother and is namedropped earlier as a kid Michael and his little gang of thugs liked to pick on but he's a good character too There are a few typos here and there missing uotation marks words that don't uite make sense where they are things like that and that was really the only thing that pulled you out of the story It's mostly in the middle there are a few sprinkled throughout the beginning and near the end but it's mostly in the middle where they run rampant It might just be me being nitpicky but that bothered me Overall though it was a good book and I really enjoyed it

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    Although I gave this book a 5 star rating overall because it is a fun and entertaining read for pre teens to young teens there were two things about the book that I did not like Unfortunately I fear the audience for which the book was intended may not ever choose the book because of its cover I actually love the cover design photo however it is not appropriate nor appealing to middle school students It should have a photo of a jet boat flying over a waterfall with a helicopter hovering overhead a grizzly bear lurking nearby or similar scene reflecting the action and adventure prevalent in the storyThe other downfall to the book was the first chapter I found it too jam packed with information So much so it was almost confusing to the readerHowever if you can get past the inappropriate cover and confusing first chapter you will be in for a treat You will discover a well written action packed story by a debut author who knows his audience extremely wellI noted that another reviewer said there was too much action it wasn't realistic there were fart jokesyou bet there is And I can also tell you that is exactly what pre teen kids will love about this story especially reluctant readers who need their own brand of humor and a uick story pace to keep their interestWell done ND Richman for crafting a story sure to be loved by young readers as well as those of us who are still young at heart

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    Fast paced? Yes Chucked full of adventure? Oh yeah And danger abounds This book grabs from the first page and refuses to let go until the very last one and never ever risks a pause for boredomTwo brothers Chris and Michael are upstairs as their parents are brutally kidnapped yep that means fighting bullets and blood They manage to hide out in Michael's secret room for awhile until a humorous need for the bathroom results in a fast pace escape to a new hide out And from there on out the bad guys are always on the brother's tailsBut this isn't only about two kids trying to save their parents and figure out what's going on it's about two brothers who desperately need to learn about each other and life Michael is a bully to the upmost extreme and unknown to all a genius Chris hates his brother and after all the torment no one can blame him but he also feels responsible for his younger sibling After all their parents basically left it on his shoulders to raise the kid since they spent all their time at their labs working on who knows whatMichael takes some hard lessons on life brutal ones And Chris learns how to stand up to life The story is brutal and I as a parent I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone under 12 years of age But I think the younger YA audience will enjoy thisI received a free copy of this for an honest review

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    Brothers Bullies and Bad Guys is an absorbing and fast moving story of two brothers who find themselves on a dangerous uest that ultimately has them fighting for their livesWhen Chris and Michael's home is invaded by machine gun wielding bad guys they narrowly escape with their lives but their parents aren't so lucky As Chris and Michael try to come up with a plan they end up uncovering secrets than truths Now they must set aside their differences and work together in order to find their parents before it's too lateBrothers Bullies and Bad Guys takes readers on an epic journey of self discovery and the importance of family friendship and forgiveness I enjoy the author's writing style and the story's uick tempo grasped my attention and didn't let go I also found the ingenuity and resourcefulness the author gives his young characters during the many gripping scenes to be appealing making the story all that exciting I can't wait to read the next book in the seriesI highly recommend picking up a copy

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    This book was absolutely stunning Fast paced the characters were very well thought out My heart started racing at a couple parts I couldn't put the book down Amazing Five star by far I gave it to my kid and he didn't put it down either overall I loved it Recommend to anybody looking for a book that is exciting and fast past but yet has a plot twist Love it

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    I received my copy in the mail today and could not wait to begin reading it I am currently on chapter 5 and the book is living up to everything the author said it would It is full of action and uick paced; just the thing to keep my middle school students engaged and interested

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    Brothers Bullies and Bad Guys had me hooked from the very beginning There is a ton of action the pace never lets up and there is plenty of mystery to keep you guessing page after page Definitely a book I will be recommending to friends I received a copy in return for a fair review

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    Enjoyable read well thought out and well written with a younger reader in mind Plenty to keep a young mind active and encourage them to invest in the characters Would recommend to parents with teenager who need a good compelling reason to read