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So it is not the will of my Father that one of these little one's should perish Matthew 18 14 Matthew 18 12 13 is an unconventional love story set against the backdrop of dysfunctional Los Angeles inner city schools; ghetto gangs; and the street life of raves Ecstasy marijuana drunken dance parties early sexual activity and communal living It involves a deep cast of fresh interesting characters and is as unpredictable as real life The main protagonists are little Melissa Flores an emotionally and physically abused ghetto rat seemingly determined to march into the same life that has trapped and destroyed her unstable mother; and Bunky Bunkowski a retired business executive now a middle school math teacher Their lives intersect in his seventh grade classroom where he sees what he perceives to be a lost little girl Anxious for a genuine inner city experience he determines to understand her find her and bring her back to the fold Headstrong and confident beyond reason Melissa doesn't for a minute consider herself lost but intrigued by the world Bunkowski represents she determines to use the meddling old man for her own needs and ends Their relationship builds in spite of less than perfect motives but their tenuous bond is sorely tested in the final crisis of the book In a powerful climax Melissa faces a future where her very survival depends on whether an old man can finally find a lost little girl who doesn't want to be found

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    EXCELLENT A Gem a real find maybe I'm too bias with this one because I know the author maybe I'm bias because I worked at the school maybe I'm bias because I recognize some of the characters from real life people who were the inspiration Although I wish Ronald you would have included the computer tech in there somewherehehe But lets put it this way; I'm a big tough guy looking at me you might think fighter than intellectual although I've read almost 200 books that I can remember This is one of the best and there is a point in the book that made me cry I don't cry reading books I never cry like that so this is a powerful well written book you can't go wrong getting this especially since very very few people know about it