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He had wanted her to help him win his ex girlfriend back She had wanted to teach him a few lessons on how to treat a woman Neither one planned for the unexpectedMadison Stuart thrives on self discipline and control She’s driven by her career ambitions and isn’t about to let anyone derail her from her goals Over the years Madison uses sex for sport believing love is an illusion For months she sat on the sidelines tutoring her student Rick Marin on the art of wooing a woman’s heart Little did she expect that it would be her heart that he’d manage to win Unable to watch the man she’s fallen for love another woman she makes the spontaneous decision to leave town and put some distance between them What she needs than anything else is distance and to forget Just when she thinks she’s gotten a clean getaway the past knocks on her door and her future aspirations are on the line Madison goes deeper into survival mode to secure her legacy and her secrets She’s Madison Stuart She lives life by her rules and no one is going to get in her wayRick Marin is impulsive passionate and a man on a mission Using his charm and good looks Rick manipulates women day in and day out for his own advantage When he finally figures out that he’s been chasing the wrong woman he tries to right the wrong Little by little he realizes just how deep his feelings for Madison run Ready to face her and take their relationship to the next level she’s nowhere to be found Unable to reach her by phone desperation takes over Rick switches to autopilot He’d rather swallow his pride than the bitter pill of regret But when jealousy runs rampant can he look beyond the facade and see what’s been right in front of him the entire time? The past is unforgiving the present is unsympathetic and the future is uncertain Can these two very difficult and stubborn individuals overcome when everything is stacked up against them?Follow The Do Over’s most notorious couple Rick and Madison as they learn that It’s Not Over

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    My Rick and Madison35 STARS Great villain lovable side characters and amazing main duo that is It's Not Over Steamy romance story full of drama and entertaining bantersRick and Madison He is egoistical and overconfident She is clossed off man eater What started as convenient partnership got out of hand once feelings were involved Can these two extremely complicated and stubborn characters save their friendship and develop real relationship?Let's face it we have these two crazy characters whose foundations of their relationship is than untraditional There was nothing romantic about the way they met nothing sweet about their interactions Yet they persuade me pretty uickly to be on their side and to root for them since beginningI absolutely loved the change of overused formula when in comes to contemporary romance Hero and heroine meet fall in love something keeps them apart and than HEA It's Not Over is different Maddy and Rick practically hate each other drive each other crazy still they develop feelings for each other They are perfect for each other She likes his temper and playful attitude and he loves the fact that she constantly challenges him and never put up with his crappy behaviourIt's Not Over is very challenging book I mean in previous book Rick was fun character but complete asshole So I was extremely curious if author would be able to make me really like him in this story And she did Rick may be an ass but a very charming one Chapters written in his POV were engaging reading his thoughts and banters with others was captivating He is truly the most interesting character created by AL Zaun and I would recommend to read this book just because of himHowever this book mainly focuses on Madison and her story Yes Rick plays than important role but it is her family business and past that takes the lead plotwise Good thing is that It's Not Over may be read on its own Reading The Do Over is recommended but definitely not essential to understand events in this bookI really enjoyed this story and I am already looking forward to spending time with Rick and Maddy in the future ARC provided by author as an exchange for honest reviewMORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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    4 tarI hadn't read the first book because I'm not really into angsty love triangles This book though was awesome Rick new book boyfriend alert is arrogant cocky funny sweet sexy smartyeah deadly mix right ?? I cannot begin to express how much I liked that Madison had self respect and DID NOT fall at Rick's or for that matter anyone's feet Sometimes it would be on the border of too much But you don't get to see strong protagonists often My only regret about not reading the first book is that I didn't get to see of Madison and Rick But we are shown a few glimpses of their life together earlier so I was fine with it And we see a damaged heroine here rather than the hero which is the case in most of the books nowadays Which too is a refreshing change by the way The story flowed smoothly And I fell in love with the characters Rick especially ; This one was a no nonsense book No supposed misunderstandings no unnecessary angst or drama Both Madison and Rick made mistakes but they talked it out and solved their problems The only complaint I have is view spoilerIT HAS A CLIFFHANGER I mean nothing's wrong with it but then I really need the next book NOW and we don't have a release date yet hide spoiler

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    “I’m not the same man that you first met I’ve made some really shitty choices but my intentions were in the right place I’m going to prove it to you and Daniela that I’m that man the better one You’ll see” RickIt’s Not Over is the story of Rick Marin and Madison Stuart which picks up right where they left off in The Do Over Daniela and Liam’s story Let me start off by saying I absolutely hated Rick actually that is an understatement I down right despised him in The Do Over Although after the turn of events at the end of TDO I found myself very interested to reading Rick and Maddy’s story Right from the very start of this book Rick definitely was not the same man that I met in TDO he had become a better man Rick deep down will always be Rick but there is just something about Maddy that makes him be a better man a man I thought I actually found myself warming up to”Maddy I am not used to this personality of yours I thought I’d met all of them but I was wrong” RickIn TDO we met Maddison who was strong cold and a bit of heartless bitch But like Rick in this book we start to see the real Maddy She’s still the “Don’t Mess with me Bitch” but we also get to see her slowly let her walls down and let Rick in We get to learn about her and her past which for me really help to explain why Maddison is the way she is and made me see that she is a really great person and not a bitch at all she’s cold and keeps people out to protect herself from any further hurt”You drive me fucking insane But I’ll take a day of crazy with you over a lifetime of sanity without you” Rick These two are very focused and controlling people and at times they struggle to give up any control to the other person They are messed up but they are real I loved watching the relationship between them evolve but also loved seeing they themselves evolve together They started out with Maddy helping Rick be a better man to win back Daniela but from that they formed a really great friendship grew which eventually grew into so much but can these two stubborn people put there personalities aside to be happy together Can Maddy truly let her walls down and let Rick into her heart? ”I have what she wants At the end of the day I always win” Alex On top of their own struggles of figuring out how to make their relationship work Rick and Maddy must also learn to make it work with the forces that are working against them their families and Alex I loved getting to see Rick with his Mom and his sisters and Maddy with her Grandfather it shows a different side of the characters and really added to the story And like any good moles in a story they will test them and at times force them to make choices they don’t want to have to make Maddy you have no fucking idea how turned on I get when you pull out your bad ass attitude” Rick I loved the chemistry in this story between Rick and Maddy it was hot and sexy I also loved that they were friends first lovers second When things got hard and ugly the stuck it outt they fought it out there was no running away or the normal back and forth happening between them which was so nice as that stuff gets really tiring and is way overdone Rick and Maddy along with their relationship is such a fresh story it’s real and at times it’s raw and I seriously loved that”I won’t let you fall and if you do I’ll catch you or die trying” Rick I absolutely loved this book definitely a 5 star read for me My feelings in this book towards Rick and Maddy both have completely taken a 180 degree turn Maddy and Rick are so messed up they are stubborn and controlling but they are completely perfect for each other and are such amazing and Real characters you can’t help but love them I cannot wait to see what happens with these two and where the author will take their story especially after that ending I so did not see that coming and OMG the wait to find out it is going to kill me

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    I enjoyed book 1 but this is so much better lots of hick ups along the way in this crazy romance the downside is the ending A cliffy wait for book 3 to be released if you hate hanging round for the end of a story

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    Before starting It’s Not Over – to get the full background story of Rick and Madison I encourage you to read The Do Over With that being said let’s start this shitOkay so like most I HATED Rick going into this story Like serious hatred that ran deep If he was on fire I would probably continue walking without throwing water on him – hated When I heard the name Rick Marin I was likeHowever with that being said I went into this with an open mind hoping and praying that Rick “asshat” would redeem himself And redeem himself he did I think I fell in love with him around 16% in because even though he is arrogant annoying controlling bossy and demanding he was 100% Rick – he was who he was and take him or leave him he didn’t change for anyone He hides his softer side very well and doesn’t show his emotions very easy but when he did I decided that I loved all those things about him because that made him real So whereas I was all but barfing before I started It’s Not Over from 16% and beyond I was all but “Why the fuck do you think I’m here? Let’s seebecause that’s exactly what you wanted You’ve conditioned me to become your little lap dog Maybe I can jump in your purse and you can tote me around like the pussy that I’ve become” Madison and Rick we probably one of the funniest couples to read about – their banter had be cracking up from page one because they were both such strong characters they butt heads times than not Madison is a strong independent woman who is stubborn and at times has control issues and Rick is the same way so you can only image what those two are like when they are in the same room together and don’t agree on something Rick would probably claim that Madison is “But I’ll take a day of crazy with you over a lifetime of sanity without you” And in return just in Madison style she would always remind Rick exactly what he is “You never cease to amaze me Just when I thought you were the biggest asshole I’d ever known you open your mouth and elevate yourself to a new stratosphere” But between the yelling and fighting they can’t deny their chemistry with each other Ana wrote a couple with such a uniue chemistry I was entranced in this story I couldn’t put the book down They fight they yell they kiss and make up than fight some They are giving and taking pulling and pushing but they get each other They know they aren’t perfect but somehow they are perfect for each other Between the laughs grunts and groans there were also the scenes that melted my panties and warmed my heart Angry sex is always the best and Rick and Madison couldn’t have done it any better There were feelings there obviously but what kept Madison from fully handing her heart over to Rick was not only her sex only no string attached lifestyle but also because Rick was a liar and a manipulator and she just didn’t think she could risk having her heart broken by himRick on the other hand knew exactly what he wanted but wasn’t sure he could trust Madison not to run away from him He knew his past but that didn’t mean it had to be his future He wanted all of Madison He wanted to hold her and protect her he wanted to love all of her she was a pain in the ass but she was his pain the ass and he wanted “You give me your secrets and your pussy Newsflash” He slipped his feet into his shoes and grabbed his phone and keys “You can keep them What I want is your heart” Will Madison learn to let go and let someone take care of her love her? Will Rick be able to prove to Madison that he isn’t the same man she once knew? Or will their pasts continue to follow them and end whatever future they could have together?Review Wrap UpOkay characters LOVED THEMStoryline LOVED ITBanter between Madison and Rick OFF THE CHARTS LOVED ITSteamy Scenes LOVE THEMAuthor A FREAKIN MAZING LOVE ANA

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    An Arc was given for a honest review I SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE Well I was so wrongI AM A OFFICIALLY HERE TO SAY I LOVE RICK MARIN If you have read The Do Over you'll know what I'm talking about In The Do Over we are introduced to Rick Marin let me tell you I HATED him with a passion I believe my first thought was I would love to castrate this mothercker I had never met a arrogant self centers ashole in all my life Then there's Madison Stuart and in The Do Over your not to fond of her either She manipulative and makes bad choices Her loyalties are with her friend she just hurts people along the way Ok now that you remember who they are and that we don't like them let me tell you about It's Not Over I stand here a reformed Rick hater He's still Rick in every way He now just has his sights on something to accomplish Something to put his passion an desire towards other than himself He's fiercely protective He's driven to win He has passion in his heart and desire in his soul It's all focused on Madison Stuart and he's determined to win at all cost She challenges him She makes him a better man She makes him want I am also a true fan of Madison's hearing her story and her past broke my heart I completely understand why she's Madison Fuking Stuart and is always on the defensive She's always in take no prisoners mode She's a Grade A bih Well except when she with Rick He's broken through those walls and it scares her She had goals dreams and aspirations Rick has blown that all out of the water She's wants him She wants to love him She wants to be whole Don't worry in true AL Zaun fashion she gives us some other villains to focus our hate on Alex Santana is the worst when you meet him you will know exactly what I'm talking about I'm looking forward to the next part if this story I want no wait I NEED This is a crazy ride of redemption and healing I'm prying for these two I really am They deserve a HEA then any broken couple I've ever metOh and PS Your going to meet the cutest funniest little guy ever Gabe Rick's nephew they have a conversation that will have you cracking up

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    4 starsIt took me awhile to write this review so I don't remember much sorry I like Rick in book 1 and now? I love him I totally love this novel from the startthough the endingit was totally unexpectedI didn't read the ending before I started reading the novel coz i'm pretty sure that it's a 1 book novel just like THE DO OVER I love both main characters they're really interesting and this is a page turner book and really worth itThere's book 3 god I didn't expect this to be a cliffie

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    35 starsI went into this book not liking Rick cause of the way he was in book1 but I must say I changed my mindSo Rick you Rock lol

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    ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewYou know an author knows how to write when she takes a character who most readers hated in The Do Over and makes him the hero in Book 2 It's Not Over and it not only works but in a kind of warped way Rick even outshines Liam I knowI knowcan I really be saying this? How can I take an asshole douchebag over a hot firefighter with a heart of gold? There's just something about an alpha male who knows he's an ass and owns it Rick never makes excuses for his actionshe is who he is and if people don't like him so be it Yea he messed up with Danihe almost colossally fucked up four lives in his uest to win Dani back but he finally figured out where he needed to be and took the steps to be there The path was filled with a whole lot of bullshit and douchery but for the first time in his life he finally ran after a womanthe one he knew fit him completely Madison I didn't know what to think about Madison for much of Book 1 She pretty much had Rick figured out from day one She called him on his shit and schooled him in all of his assholery I always wondered what was in it for herwhy did she take Rick on as her projectwhat did she gain from it? I knew there was to Madison's story and when readers get it in It's Not Over it definitely clears up some of the confusion Madison has been burned by love before which is why she keeps everyone at a distance She uses men to meet her needs and then discards themno one gets closeshe's in control at all times and if someone tries to break through the titanium they're going to have to work like hell to do so But Rick does or at least it seems like he does but even as her wall goes down she tries to push him away because she's still keeping secretssecrets that could change Rick's mind about the woman he loves Rick and Madison's relationship is an atypical one They are two passionate people who know how to get under each other's skinin fact they are so far embedded that they both could symbolize the tick that Madison talks about They challenge each otherthey demand from each other than they have ever given to anyone else Usually opposites attract but Rick and Madison are so much like one another that they work because they're each other's other half Now if all of the bullshit that surrounds their lives would leave them alone perhaps they could get on with their lives together but readers know it's never that easy The title of the book It's Not Over definitely has multiple meanings for the two main characters While it definitely relates to Rick and Maddy's relationship; its significance seems to apply so to Madison's past with her family her ex boyfriend her friend with benefits and her role in the family's business It will be interesting to see how all of these issues play out in Book 3 Let It GoIf you like books told in dual points of view by a bitchy tell it like it is heroine and a cocky asshat who swears like a sailor and owns who he is then you definitely need to pick up this book It's a sexy and witty read that breaks away from how your normal romance novel plays out There's nothing typical about this text and that's why I loved it45 poison apples The Fairest of All Book Reviews

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    Rick Marin was a total douche Until he met Madison StuartIn The Do Over Rick was manipulating sly and selfish but once he realises what he wants from life he's a changed man and he redeems himself Not necessarily with his past but definitely his future I bloody loved this RickHold on to me he said nipping my ear I won't let you fall and if you do I'll catch you or die tryingMadison was a self sufficient independent woman she was detached and never let her guard down Her one night hookup's meant NO GAIN NO PAINMadison had multiple personalities She could play anyone at any game she had the ability to keep going and was determined I liked her in the last book I loved her in this one Madison wasn't whiny she never hid in a corner she had a history she wasn't proud of but she put on her big girls knickers and pulled them up to her chest There was so much dialogue going on just between Rick and Madison that I thought I may get bored but no way in hell did I It just kept getting and interesting pulling me in deeper and deeper I could listen to them banter all day and night Hurt me and cutting off your dick will be the least of your problems I'll fucking hunt you down make you cry like a little girl and have you wish for a uick and painless deathWe get to meet their families and get a feel of their background history I loved Mark and his relationship with Maddy he was a sweetheart Rick's sisters were another matter They were exactly how I would picture them their cackling was superb to listen to They had me laughing out loud and their bitchiness was so realistic and true to lifeThe sex scenes are hot and you will definitely feel that tingle but what I enjoyed immensely was the foreplay They never stopped talking they argued and played hard to get In my opinion these were some of the best lead up to sex scenes I've read purely and simply because they made me smile with their innuendos and their constant bickering and fight for dominance It may not be all hearts and flowers but this wasn't a hearts and flowers relationship They were made for each otherAL Zaun is now one of my literary heroes Her writing style suits me to a tee I can hear her words as they speak to me they definitely drowned the noise out of anything else surrounding me while I was reading this I thought I gave good banter but I'm asking for coaching lessons from this lady right nowReceived an ARC from the author for an honest review