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In London 1892 a well guarded young nobleman goes missing under distressing circumstances The nobleman one Baron Renfrew is actually Prince Albert Victor eldest grandson of ueen Victoria He disappeared while he was visiting a house of ill repute with bodyguards both inside and outside the building—with his inside bodyguard rendered unconscious and the trussed up corpse of a brutally murdered young woman left behind Hoping to find the missing Prince and to clear him of the murder the royal family is looking for a brilliant—and importantly discreet—investigator Sherlock Holmes alas is out of the country so at the suggestion of his brother Mycroft they turn to the only man who just might be brilliant—Dr James MoriartyMoriarty at the time is up on charges of murder awaiting retrial after his first jury was hung In exchange for his release and the murder charges of which he's innocent the so called Napoleon of Crime will use all his resources to track down the missing prince and find out who is behind his disappearance and the brutal murders left in his wake He soon finds that someone out there is laying a trail setting up Moriarty himself to take the fall for the crimes If the real Moriarty doesn't manage to unravel and foil this plot soon he may never again draw another free breath Who Thinks Evil is the fifth Professor Moriarty novel from Michael Kurland

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    A favourite whore of Prince Albert Victor has been slaughtered and the prince has gone missing from the brothel Is the prince really a killer or is there something even sinister going on?Sherlock Holmes is out of the country and Professor James Moriarty is standing trial for a series of house breakings that he did not commit or even advise onMycroft needs someone intelligent and capable to find the Prince so Moriarty is bailed out to assist the British GovernmentMoriarty as detective works really well The character has an acidic sense of humour and the plot is intricate and interestingHighly recommended for all Sherlockians and anyone interested in historical crime

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    An anti Sherlock Holmes novel although Holmes is a good guy Kurland makes Moriarity into a good guy in this series Interesting but really a take off on Arthur Conan Doyle

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    Thoroughly enjoyableAre we to take the evaluation of Sherlock Holmes who categorized Moriarty as London's most evil criminal at face value? The author of this series puts that in doubtWhile Moriarty is not your usual upstanding law abiding citizen neither is he precisely the archfiend of Holmes descriptionIn this episode and I can recommend the others in this series as well as a result of Holmes' accusations and extremely thin evidence Moriarty is facing a second trial after a hung jury But a dire threat faces the government and with true irony who but Holmes' brother Mtcroft has recommended to avert it but Moriarty And over the objections of the great detective himselfDo take the time to relax with this enjoyable book

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    An enjoyable enough detective type novel concerning a plot to rock Victoria's monarchy through slurring her family name through homicide being placed at the feet of Prince Albert VictorThis book certainly used in parts the 'Prince Eddy' ripper theory as the basis of the plotcertainly rumours surrounding the monarchy and the Whitechapel murders form part of the conspiracyMoriarty himself is a interesting character being involved with locating the missing Prince to defer his own legal troublesunlike Holmes in a lot of these type books Moriarty doesn't look too large over proceedingsYes he is a fixture but he retains some mystiue allowing the plot to unfurl around himThe interplay between Holmes and Moriarty is explored at times mainly I think to create the vision that not only is Moriarty worthy nemesis of Holmes but very alike the great detective tooAll in all I enjoyed this book it wasn't overtly taxing but neither was it too throwawayin fact in many ways the pace was about right

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    When a disturbing series of murders reveals a conspiracy to overthrow the throne who does England callnormally Sherlock Holmes but at the moment he is incommunicado so the government must turn to that most infamous criminal mastermind Moriarty in his stead Kurland doesn't do enough to distinguish this brilliant man from Holmes Surely he is social and composed but he basically uses the same methods has his own loyal associates and is followed by his own ineffectual cop His role as the Napoleon of Crime is played down The fact that he doesn't think of himself as evil isn't the problem it's that the author acknowledges his uestionable acts but hardly makes this character use his uniue resources Moriarty's brilliance is instead forced on us through irrelevant tangents rather than flowing naturally from his actions However nitpicking aside the mystery is a interesting one and there are actually two in this story Tangents dialogue and the overall organization can be stiff but at the crucial moments they are uite the opposite; like when Holmes shows up and when the political underpinnings are explained The cases unfold plainly apparently Moriarty has less interest in theatrics than Holmes so he reveals his thoughts as they come Interesting concept could have been better executed but still worth reading

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    In Kurland's universe Moriarty isn't the Napoleon of crime of Holmes' imagination and he sometimes does a job or two for the British government In Who Thinks Evil he's accused of masterminding a series of burglaries he's innocent and is offered a pardon if he'll turn his talents and his underworld connections to locating a missing person who may be committing a series of Ripper like atrocities The clues are almost non existent and lead from London to Paris and back from upper class brothels to upper class mansions and from the secret meeting rooms of the Most Secret Service to the occasional yew hedge

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    A rivetting thriller that begins dramatically remains bloody and suspenseful till almost the end and allows Professor Moriarty to be the hero that we expect him to be in these novels Unfortunately the story remained so dark tragic that the usual fun banter couldn't make their presence felt Nevertheless uite a readable piece indeed for those who prefer their Holmes light and the Professor heavy

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    Enjoyed reading from the view of Moriarty on this mystery Also enjoyed how the author includes Sherlock as well Moriarty and Sherlock are ever at odds with each other however the author does a nice job in putting them together to solve a crime and to admit that they are both highly intelligible; not only to the reader but to each other

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    A fairly interesting but far fetched premise It got a bit ridiculous towards the end I thought the author might make both Moriarty and Holmes interesting characters and the the rivalry intense and devious but it just did not deliver

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    Interesting Good period piece but takes away something other threatening nature of the Professor