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When the body of a crucified boy is found by the river in Kansas City Lieutenant Thomas Noel a priest turned homicide detective is assigned the case In their search for the boy’s killer Noel and his new partner Daniel o follow the clues to a secretive traditional Catholic group located in the Missouri countrysideThen another body turns up and the hunt intensifies But Noel’s investigation hits too close to home and attracts the attention of the killer

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    Between 4 and 45 starsIf your idea about a gay mystery is a love story between two closetoutedyesterday's straight cops with a slow build up and a lot of misunderstandings in between with an explosive final copulation toward the end who do a bit detective job at the background then you should skip this book Boy Crucified is in the first place a well done murder mystery A homicide detective Thomas Noel a former Catholic priest has a difficult case to solve that deals with the sexual abuse rape of children within a secretive traditional Catholic group located in the Missouri countryside Not for the faint of heart Of course the author handles the religious topic I wasn't disappointed how he did itWe have a relationship here too But not in a candy MM romance style We know that the life partner of Thomas died but we don't know all details of this love story but that doesn't bother me too much The past is the past and the present is now With Daniel o who has just graduated in criminology he got not only a new partner at his side Thomas starts to feel again he starts to live again There is a lot of potential in regard to the further developing of the relationship between Thomas and Daniel and I'm looking forward to itJerome Wilde is another pen name of Nick Wilgus If you liked his writing in Shaking the Sugar Tree and if you appreciate a good gay mystery you shouldn't miss this one I really enjoyed the first person POV the typical for the author philosophical and poignant thoughts In my opinion this book is vastly underrated It deserves much attentionHighly recommended

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    5 INTENSE GRIPPING stars This is a great mystery story of a gruesome crime investigation where we are introduced to a large amount of Catholic history but the religion topic doesn’t overwhelm the story for me it’s informative rather than religious I also really liked how Thomas put it together was very impressiveThomas Noel is a character with a painful pastthat is a mystery himself His conflict over religion is impressively well written and makes you think about life I also really liked how Thomas put it together all the crime pieces was very impressiveDaniel o Thomas’s partner He's a lot younger dashing cocky sexy and the sparkle between them begins shortlyThe relationship that builds between the partners is great but would appreciate “feeling” in the next book The book focus is the crimes and we are presented with some dark issues like child abuse and torture within religious institutions So there´s me warning I ‘m looking forward to the next book in the series Recommend for MM misterycops lovers

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    This was a very interesting reading The main focus of this story is not the romance but the crimemystery And to be honest it was that that hooked me to this book Some years ago I attended a exhibition on the torture techniues of medieval times I left that exhibition completely shocked However I was shocked not by the techniues itself but by the human imagination to create evil things that would make another human being suffer That was really shocking that reality And that was what I felt while reading this book because what those boys went through in this fiction story was probably it still is what many people went through in the history of our kind Mankind uses the name of God Gods cults whatever to justify evil actions That's what this book is about If you're looking for some hot or lovely romance this is not the ideal book

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    This book was not as good as I had first thought it would be I was expecting great things And to be honest there were some good moments But as a whole the book was bland A few times I found myself chuckling which is why this book got 3 stars But apart from that it was pretty bland and the romance was not for meThe ex priest turned cop was something new I thought it would make this book a favourite of mine I like stories that reach out and grab you But this was not the case I got bored reading the Thomas' internal monologue The Catholic part came and went It was a bit sloppy and all over the place for me I was expecting Not that you don't get enough but it just could have felt better Maybe it's because I was raised in the Catholic church? Not so sureThomas and Daniel What can I say about those two? They annoyed me and yet I could laugh in the beginning Their relationship felt strained Then there was the mention of Thomas' dead lover He was thrown in every now and again Not really a major part of the story but he wasn't brought up in the right places It affected some of the feelings I had started to form for the couple It was almost like he was looking for a replacement But then I felt less affection for the dead guy too So I was really lostWhen all is said and done the crime part was the best It went along easily and I didn't feel nauseas During the sex scenes in this I did feel rather sick Again it could have been me But I even found the details of the murders less sickening than the sex I mean I am not a prude but Meat? I never liked his meat used during sex And the murders in this should have been horrific but me for it was the sexAnyway I would recommend this book for fans of cops and religion in books You could get out of it than me but I don't think this will be for everyone

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    This is a good murder mystery but with very dark and painful themes It tackles the issue of secrecy and abuse within religious institutions misuse of power and also the way in which loyalty and silence can lend strength to abusersBoy Crucified sees homicide detective Thomas Noel trying to solve the murder of a young boy whose body is found crucified in a nearby wood The mystery opens up old wounds for Thomas Noel because not only is he a detective he is also an ex priest On the surface this a search for the boy's killer but it is also a search for Thomas to find some kind of peace with his religious past and damaged childhoodDetective Thomas is a vulnerable character who tries his best to cope from day to day and hides his vulnerability behind his profession as a cop In this way he keeps his hurts of the past to himself and keeps his pain at a level which is bearable Not only does he suffer from the death of his former love he also has to cope with his ghastly abusive mother who returns to his life after serving her jail sentence with a chaos and violence that he loathes and has always tried to avoid The story is very brutal in its depiction of a woman who is damaged herself mentally ill and totally unable to see that she has damaged her son or take any responsibility for her past actionsThomas is a person who is very much caught by the difficulties of his damaged childhood former priesthood past and bereavement This murder seems to be another snare holding him to the past and refusing to let him move forward because it makes him revisit all that he hates about religion Into all of this comes a new partner Detective Daniel o Daniel is a breath of fresh air He is a new detective highly intelligent dashing attractive and very pleased to be working with Thomas He is also immediately attracted to Thomas and jumps into this feet first not afraid to chase Thomas down Thomas grasps this new opportunity like someone slowly awakening from a deep sleep and as they get to solve the crime we see how this relationship brings the potential for new life and inner strength to Thomas Just like a flower which opens slowly to the sun Thomas begins to open slowly to the love of this young bold detective who isn't afraid to take risks to get love I enjoyed this Thomas is a man who labours under the very dark shadows of his painful past and although these do not prevent him from working as a detective they do make his life very dark and sad Having said this it is these shadows that hone his abilities as a detective and make him sensitive to possibilities I found the story to be gritty and engaging even with the very dark themes It is also different to see a detective story with such a horrible family background Thomas's mother is a truly vicious and uncaring and violent She is a woman who is uite unable to help herself and a danger to herself and her sonAdd to the mix the tension due to the murder and the mystery that Thomas tries to solve and this is a pretty gripping story I am hoping that there will be futher stories in this series I would love to see how the relationship between Thomas and Daniel works out

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    25 starsI was interested in this book for two reasons I am a mystery fan and Jerome Wilde is a pseudonym of Nick Wilgus whose book Shaking the Sugar Tree I loved very much I knew he was writing mysteries and I hoped that I would enjoy this book as much as I did the previous one That was not the caseI am not someone who expects the author to write the same book over and over again There is a reason why this book was written under a different pen name Shaking the Sugar Tree is family drama with a bit of romance in it This is a mystery PeriodWell the mysterypolice procedure was very competent It's a bit dry but not uninteresting Aside from one TSTL moment Thomas is a good investigator And if only a mystery was rated it would probably get an extra starBUT it seems to me and this is just my conjecture and could be completely false that the author was told or thought the book was a bit dry so he decided to 'spice' it up by giving his MC the troubled and unusual past dead lover abusive and irredeemable mother past priesthood newbie for a partner and new lover etc Most of these things were tacked on the character without much of exploration We don't know how his lover died his mother is basic junky bitch his faith or lack thereof were reported rather than shown if you don't count the Buddist shrine So I ended up knowing a lot of things about Thomas Noel but not knowing him at allThere were other things that bothered me His partner freshly minted detective initiates the sex on the first day they've met Thomas is not only his partner but his senior after Thomas was hurt The attempt at romance failed I have no idea why these two men would want to be together even in a casual way Because one is young and the other grumpy? Because they are both gay? No idea Also the story is set in 1997 There was nothing in it that justified it If it was set in 2014 there would be no difference So why? The casual bigotry? I don't know Another thing was completely unnecessary character of police receptionist who is stupid beyond anything you could imagine Like amoeba on a bad day After amoebic lobotomy The character rang so false that I couldn't shake it even if she shows in just a few scenesSo I found myself skimming anything that wasn't mystery I wish it stayed only mystery I know this author can write believable and complex characters Now I know he can write a decent mystery These two things should happen at the same time

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    This story was brilliant and very well written The mystery and criminal activities kept me captivated I got enough but it left me wanting in a sense that I'd have loved to know where the characters were headed next along with the next chapter of their lives together Three thumbs up if I had a third thumb that is

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    23 StarsBarely readable and if it weren't for all the detail on the pre Vatican II Catholic schism then I'd have been bored to deathAlso I've no idea why this was set in 1997 None of the details sounded authentic with too many references to computer databases online activity cell phones etc Having a fingerprint search concluded in one day back then was also highly unlikely as in this story the original suspect had precisely ONE arrest record in a different stateit wasn't until the 00s that AFIS technology was this precise Prior to 2000 the system needed multiple prints from the evidence and multiple prints from the ID record and uite a bit longer than a single afternoon to narrow the results so wellSeriously the author would do himself a HUGE service by editing and re releasing with accurate details or a new timeline Some readers like myself are well informed of police policy and procedure of which there were SO MANY MISTAKES to mention here and don't just swallow the pseudo jargon as spouted on CSI etcnot that even THAT level of crap was attempted here Just ughFinally the writing itself was justmeh Stilted a little immature especially given the MC is in his late 30s And Daniel? The partnerlove interestsecond MC? About all we know is that he's Chinese and has a PhD in Criminology He's Tom's junior detectivea position you don't just apply for and get without some police training but he seems to have absolutely no idea how to be a cop or about how to investigate Oh or have any inkling about even the psychology of this kind of crime Which yeah no Not with that degree Makes me curious to know what the hell his thesis was onAnyway that's 25 hours I want backand the 15 minutes it took me to write this damned reviewOne nitpick Having an obviously dying priest tell you he's got cancerand you ask him Is it serious? What the fuck? No of course it it isn't It's just a slight case of cancer You know the kind that clears up after a good night's rest or whatnot JFC eyeroll

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    Reviewed on Hearts on Fire This book grabs your interest right away as it opens on a crime scene with the victim a young man appearing to have been crucified on a cross It is a gruesome crime and it’s also obvious that the young man has endured a painful torturous death It’s enough to make Lieutenant Thomas Noel ponder the state of humanityWe find out this case has special significance for Thomas as he’s a former Catholic priest and current Buddhist and there’s some obvious religious components to this crime Despite that the religion doesn’t overwhelm the story as we’re given just enough information on certain sects and their practices to follow the case It’s a fairly detailed book for a novella but I found it well balanced for the most partThis story takes place in the 90’s and there’s not an obvious reason why this is the case But if I had to speculate I’d say because there was lots of evidence gathering done without much emphasis on DNA collection It also takes place in a time right before the Catholic church sexual abuse scandals were back in the news and before people realized how widespread it really was The authorities generally still had of a hands off approach allowing the church to police itself Also at the time period of the book the police were doing anything to avoid another disaster like Waco This allowed all kinds of abuses like the ones that occur in this story to flourish without much interferenceI liked the flow of this story and how Thomas smartly goes about trying to solve his case He’s assigned a new young partner Daniel o to help with the case Daniel’s character is a lot less clearly defined and it’s hard to figure out if he’s even an asset professionally His main purpose seems to be as a potential love interest for ThomasThomas has had a long term lover in the past that has since died We don’t learn the circumstances regarding his death but that it’s been a very long time since Thomas has connected emotionally with another person So what he first feels for Daniel is the pure joy of being able to finally feel something for someone else He and Danny do become involved sexually but things are left in the air on their relationship status by end As this appears to be the start of a series we’ll probably see development in the next bookI love reading mysteries thrillers and horror stories but I’m still very sensitive on these kinds of torture killing stories I think it was handled very well and the investigation was believable Thomas made some impulsive and in retrospect unwise decisions but it really was in keeping with his character as he was used to going it alone I think he actually learns a few lessons by the end of this storyThere were a few uestionable points in the story One that stood out was Thomas makes a point of saying that crucifixion is not a sure fire way to kill someone Other than the obvious symbolism we never really get why the killer used such an inefficient method with the open possibility of the victim still being alive to testify against him It was just one of a few things I had to overlook in order to enjoy the storyI found this a nice action packed mystery with the potential to be a good series There was enough left up in the air to be explored in future books including Thomas’s relationship with his mentally ill abusive mother If there’s another book I hope that Daniel’s character also get fleshed out both professionally and personally This was an enjoyable book to read and I would certainly pick up the next book in the series I’d recommend this for MM mystery lovers

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    3 3 12 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This story is set in 1997 Thomas Noel is a priest turned homicide detective with the Kansas City police when the body of a boy is found crucified Thomas is assigned the case With his new partner Daniel o he investigates and the clues all point to a secretive traditional Catholic group a group whose leader will do anything to keep his secrets Thomas also has his fierce attraction to Daniel to deal with and the unexpected return of his mentally ill motherThis is a great little mystery story that is steeped in Catholic history and murder Thomas is a character that is a mystery himself after an abusive childhood he turned to the Catholic Church Franciscan for comfort and becoming a priest but he never uite found what he was looking for and he explored other religions before settling on Buddhism now he is a homicide detective Daniel is his new partner who is pretty blunt and to the point he likes what he sees in the older Thomas and makes no apologies for it The murder investigation is uite involved with Thomas and Daniel both slogging their way through trying to find even the smallest of clues which leads them to a secretive Catholic group where they have to tread carefully The murder investigation is very interesting and you also get pulled in by the mystery of Thomas’s past Thomas’s relationship with Daniel is just in the beginning stages but looks like it has huge potential We are treated to a large amount of Catholic history while they investigate the murder and it is informative rather than religious Surprisingly with Thomas we don’t get treated with guilt because he is gay he accepts his sexuality easily what we do get from him is confusing emotions concerning his mother and we get blatant facts and hints as to why I have to tell you that I admired Thomas’s powers of deduction because I didn’t have much of a clue as to who the murderer was other than an idea that it was someone involved high up in the Church group how Thomas put it together was pretty impressive I can’t say this story was perfect though because throughout it felt like something was missing that small something that would give it an edge It was kind of bland even in some of the descriptions they never uite came alive for me reminded me of a medical textbook instead of a description of torture and murder Even though there is potential between Daniel and Thomas and Thomas seems to be really into Daniel I found their sexual couplings lacking because it felt like a uick hook up rather than a build up to something meaningful I recommend this to those who love murder mysteries danger attempted cover ups Catholic Church history pretty good characters and interesting storyline