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This two book series is set in the Allie Beckstrom universe It takes place three years after the end of the Allie Beckstrom books While it stands on its own and can be read without having to read the Allie Beckstrom novels the experience may be even richer if both series are readThe latest Broken Magic novel from national bestselling author Devon MonkMarked by Life and Death magic Shame Flynn and Terric Conley are “breakers”—those who can use magic to its full extent Most of the time they can barely stand each other but they know they have to work together to defeat a common enemy—rogue magic user Eli CollinsBacked by the government Eli is trying to use magic as a weapon by carving spells into the flesh of innocents and turning them into brainless walking bombs To stop him Shame and Terric will need to call on their magic even as it threatens to consume them—because the price they must pay to wield Life and Death could change the very fate of the worldand magic itself

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    Have I ever told you guys how much I fangirl over Devon Monk’s books? Cause I do Before Goodreads I’d check her blog religiously to make certain I wouldn’t miss anything and then after Goodreads I let my release day system fall by the wayside and as a result I was nothing short of horrified to see how long ago this was released I adore this series and I’d missed release day insert wide eyed horror stricken face here Anyway enough of my personal problems let me tell you why this is a series you should be reading Key words badasses everywhere magic Shamus Flynn seat of your pants action heartbreak love masterful storytelling fully developed world grit and This is a spin off of Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series featuring one of my all time favorite characters Shamus Flynn Shame as he prefers to be called is a dark and twisted guy with a heart of gold; he is also the single most powerful Death magic user known His soul complement Terric is the eually powerful Life magic user and the two of them have struggled with this tie for years They were friends in their youth actually several of these characters grew up close enough to be brothers but when Shame realized he and Terric were soul complements things got even worse between them than it’d been Terric is gay and Shame is not and for the longest time I wondered if their bond would be something that brought them together physically but while they make serious strides with their connection in this book things are just as non physical as they ever were and it works perfectly In this story that sadistic madman Eli is still on the loose and coming after Shame with a vengeance to repay Shame for what he had done to him Eli is a horror an absolute horror of a human and as Shame and Terric fight against his horrific plot things looked pretty bleak Shame and Terric may be the two most powerful magic users in existence since the effects of their actions in prior books meant that the two of them weren’t users so much as the embodiment of their given discipline but it eats away at them and slowly but surely they understand they’re losing their grip on humanity It doesn’t help either of them that they stubbornly refuse to accept the benefits of being each other’s compliment but it works out for the best in the end We get to see Allie and Zay again and Davy too though Davy really got on my nerves at one point in the story Poor Davy had been kidnapped and tortured by Eli and as Shame is trying to save him there’s a casualty one of the people who’d gone with Shame on this rescue didn’t heed his warning about staying away from him as he wrestled with his magic and was killed He bound the soul to him his second and that person raged at him so bad I just wanted him to shut them up It wasn’t Shame’s fault and the whole dynamic for a while pissed me off Shame owed them a favor which is how they ended up together at that warehouse but Shame’s debt wasn’t nearly as important as he was being made to feel Words thrown at him like “I own you in this” pissed me off no you don’t and he’s helping you when he’s so completely fucked up from magic that it’s a shock he’s still standing so re fucking lax but instead someone died Sigh Then Davy got all ragey about it and blamed Shame and Shame just took it Because guilt I get his guilt because poor guy he didn’t want to kill them but he wasn’t in control of his magic and he was justified in that He’d only just woken up from his own trip into death for cryin’ out loud I really love Shame always have so it was hard for me to see these people always saying shit to him about how they’d take him down if his magic hurt someone just cut the guy a break for the love of all that is holy He tried staying away from everyone but then they insist on being around him but then give him hell for his suffering GAH frustrating but be that as it may I could still understand where they were coming from though I wish they’d have understanding for him As you can undoubtedly tell these are characters that I love a great deal and it’s thanks to the fact that Devon Monk is a badass Her writing snuck up on me several years ago but man let me tell you what you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it yet This series is a spin off yes but it’s also fully able to stand alone The characters that were in Allie’s series like Allie herself lol are there with an explanation and not knowing their history doesn’t detract from the main storyline I’d still recommend reading that series first just to have that joy of seeing old favorites again and it was in Allie’s books that I realized I loved me some Shame These books are all about the adventure hard choices people have to make sometimes and overcoming anything They’re written with the skill that any bookworm wants you’re not just along for the ride sort of watching from the sidelines you’re in the story living with these people hurting with them and being overjoyed with them From the start you are only ever at the mercy of what Monk wants you to be and I can’t get enough

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    SpoilersThe ending was fairly entertaining but the rest was pretty much rubbish It definitely wasn't as good as the Allie Beckstrom books Allie might have been annoying but at least she held my interest Shame on the other hand was an utterly charmless character and continuously bored me I hated Shame he was a self pitying pathetic loser It was so irritating how he constantly whined about the Death magic inside him and how oh so dangerous he was Every other page Shame kept banging on about losing control of his Death magic the majority of the book was the same old repetitive BS Also Shame repeating his 'I'm so dangerous' nonsense actually made him seem anything but dangerous especially when he was constantly getting his arse kicked I lost count of how many times either Shame or Terric died or came close to dying or blacked out or lost control of their magic or did something impossible with magic — the same things kept happening throughout and it made for very dull reading I really wanted Shame to die a horrible death at the end he caused too much suffering and death and he didn't deserve any sort of a happy ending I liked most of the secondary characters they were all so much interesting and likeable than ShameAll in all I wasn't impressed Shame was an awful emo protagonist he was unbelievably repetitive and whiny he really let the story down

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Last year I read Hell Bent by Devon Monk not realizing before I started that it is actually the first of a two book spin off series set in the world of the author's Allie Beckstrom novels This book Stone Cold is the second While the description for this Broken Magic duology says it can be read on its own without reading the Allie books my own personal experience has shown that unless you have it can be uite a struggle to keep track of the characters' histories and the series backstory Don't get me wrong I still had a great time reading But I'm positive your experience would be richer and you'd feel a lot less lost if both series are read Just something to considerAt least I was prepared this time around having done most of the necessary catching up during the last novel Shamus Shame Flynn is back and he is now even damaged from the events at the end of Hell Bent The book's main villain a rogue magic user named Eli Collins is still out there and Shame is determined to hunt him down and make Eli pay for the deaths of loved ones Feeling angry and full of guilt Shame's already unstable control of Death magic is threatening to slip away from him which could mean great danger to everyone around him even his friends and alliesWhen all's said and done I'm really glad I decided to read this book and not just because it's the second half of a two parter and I always hate to leave things hanging I'm also glad because I liked Stone Cold much than I did Hell Bent and there are several reasons for this Firstly this book contains a conclusion that finishes things off with a bang Secondly that conclusion not only provides an ending for Shame's story it provides one for Allie Beckstrom as well Even though I've never read her character's series I still could tell that this was a pretty huge deal But thirdly and most importantly I liked Stone Cold because I felt Shame finally stepped up to take the reins to his own series In the first book his character was really hard to get into; even though that was my first exposure to Shame and this entire Allie Beckstrom universe he always felt like a guest in someone else's world which was why color me totally unsurprised when I eventually discovered that Hell Bent was a spin off It also didn't help that Allie and Zayvion made such freuent appearances making it obvious that they were still uite central to the story and that Shame himself was such a curmudgeony character However in losing control of his Death magic in this book he became a lot interesting to me by turning into a very different kind of Urban Fantasy anti hero protagonistI actually felt sympathy for Shame Don't his friends realize just how volatile his powers are? You can't demand help from a person who can't control Death magic and then blame him when horrible things happen especially when they are exactly what he'd warned them about Give him a break Geez everyone was so hard on poor Shame in this one I found myself on his side just because it was all so unfairAnyway how sad it is that the series ends just as I was getting into the character At the same time I wouldn't have had it any other way I'm actually glad this is only two books because I don't know if I would've continued if this was an ongoing series With books shows etc I always much prefer it if the spin off character actually moves to a new locale and make new friends so we get to start off fresh He or she deserves a chance to move out of the shadow and shine That's probably my only beef with Broken Magic I wanted Shame but it was also clear that Devon Monk wanted to hold on to the characters in her other series the first half dozen or so chapters of this book was about Allie's baby shower for example I just don't know if I could take that but two books is absolutely fineIf you've kept up with the Allie Beckstrom novels then picking this series up is probably a no brainer You'd have the advantage over me as well and no doubt enjoy it even For readers who are new to the world but don't mind feeling like they've stepped into the middle of an ongoing saga this is a good opportunity to discover Devon Monk's writing and these two books are actually a pretty decent choice for the urban fantasy enthusiast

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    This is not a review This is basically me rambling on about the book VERY SPOILER Y YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDSeriously I felt like running a marathon reading this starting about 20% mark where Eli Collins appeared on Shamus' living room put bullets into our bad boy Shame slit Terric's throat and kidnapped him I was like WTF Then I went on the roller coaster ride gripping my babyMerlin aka Paperwhite because OMG Shame went to Heaven and Terric was torturedBeing the last of a two books only spin off the intense thrill of this story was insane I thought Eli Collins was a ruthless son of a bitch I wanted to kill him for torturing Terric like that my Terric hugs him but it also made him a very worthy villain He seemed to pushed Shame and Terric to the very end until the boys made that decision to practically brought magic for Cody to erase It was what a final book should feel I felt the Allie Beckstorm final book a bit anti climaticI loved how Shame also felt like anti hero with his being Death and didn't really have problems killing people though he did feel the guilt when Death consumed him and resulted in him taking the lives of people he knew The part where he must kill Terric in order to bring Terric back to life was so touching I love their complex nature of relationshipDash by the way the ex assistant rocked He matured and became an integral part of the story and I loved that he seemed a perfect fit for Terric I wished there was kissing scene between them LOLZay and Allie having a daughter sigh It was adorable that Uncle Shame got frightened when he must hold the baby So SO cute I loved how Shame and Terric's relationship in the end It was so difficult and hard before I guess it was a good thing that Terric being tortured and Closed then UnClosed so maybe the feeling was different and they boys became real comfortable with their magic and how they are together doing magicThe talk about the magic part felt a bit repetitive though which was why I could only give this 4I would love to go back to this world someday Hey maybe Devon Monk will return with novella or short story I take anything

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    Terric and Shame 45 starsOh these boys got themselves in trouble this time Really good second book in the series More please? Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews

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    Second in the Broken Magic urban fantasy spin off series from the Allie Beckstrom series and revolving around Shame FlynnDo read the Allie Beckstrom series before you read this one Broken Magic It'll make so much sense if you do I've read eight so far in Allie Beckstrom and I'm still lost I should have waited before I started reading this subseriesMy TakeIt is an interesting and convoluted world of magic in the Broken Magic series A useful ability but it comes with a heavy price One must drain off the build up of magic energy and control it before it can destroy those around you It's best with one's Soul Complement but not shutting off the trade can kill one of the pair or drain their souls to the point where they are no longer humanThe story itself is horrifying and fascinating Horrible for the pain and torture one human being will inflict on another Horrible that men — investors and government departments — think this is okay that it's worth a little pain The people they use and abuse are nothing so why should they care? Character wise they do some stupid things that horrify the editor in me The fascinating is that trip to Heaven where one's friends are hangin' out havin' a beerI also mostly enjoy Shame's character his snark his intelligence but I do not enjoy his not thinking He's had years to understand his Death magic yet he continues to rush into everything grabs without thinking destroys everything around him It's a wonder there is any plant life around Portland Maybe that part of Shame that is so impetuous is what makes him the so controlled Terric's Soul ComplementThe hidden trope in here is similar to the stupid one I hate The one in which a character has this ability but refuses to learn how to use it It's so much fun for them to suffer With all that instruction surely they must have learned about being a Soul Complement? I mean duhhhhMore horrifying is how awful this whole story makes me feel There is so much pain and Monk does make you feel itJesus I've said it before and I'll keep saying it I Do Not Understand Psychopaths and how they justify their actions to themselves How they actually buy their own bullshitWhat the hell? Maeve and Shame's dad knew that Jingo Jingo was wrong and they did nothing about it?? Then there's that transport thing why hadn't they warded against it?As much as the magic users know about how Shame's magic works they sure don't think it applies to them I can't feel sorry for them when they're so dang stupid I mean Shame warns them He tells them to get away And they still close in on him WTF? It does make me feel bad but not as bad as I probably should I do have to wonder what eats at Monk that she can think this wayThe StoryIt's all about money and what magic can do Who cares if people suffer the torture of Eli Collins carving into them when the promise of all that power awaits?What's worse is this new magic has twisted the kind Terric When he loses control he becomes an alien thing that will twist the world to his will Life magic is eating Terric up even as Death magic is eating ShameAnd the tortures Eli subjects Terric to will do just thatThe CharactersShame Flynn wields Death magic and it's killing him Eleanor Roth worked for the Seattle Authority when she tried to kill Shame; now she's a ghost linked to him Jinkies was Dessa's ferret that Shame inherited Seems Shame's mom Maeve is back from Alaska with her one handed lover Hayden Kellerman and they're renovating the inn which means Shame got kicked out Shame is now living in the house he won from Cody Miller a magic user who had been Closed split apart and brought back together when he healed magicTerric Conley is Shame's Soul Complement and wields Life magic Gay he's a Boy Scout who used to be the head of the Portland Authority Dashiell Spade used to work for Terric and ShameThe pregnant Allie Beckstrom Jones and Zayvion Jones are also Soul Complements and live in St Johns; they're friends with Shame and Terric Ramona Jozette is the baby Nola Robbins Stotts is Allie's best friend a non magic using human She's married to Detective Paul Stotts who used to head up the Magical Enforcement Response Corps although he doesn't appear in this story Violet is Allie's stepmother with a baby son Daniel Allie's half brother and she's married to Kevin Cooper the bodyguard who was so in love with her Stone Allie's pet gargoyle is still with themThe Hounds aremagic users who can smell magic and track it back to the original user Davy Silvers was kidnapped by Eli and has been tortured Sunny is the current head of the Portland Hounds a Blood magic user and obsessing over her missing boyfriend Davy Other Hounds include Jamar who rocks the intellectual tough guy look Sid who looks like an accountant Theresa who could be in a military workout video the bohemian Beatrice and Jack who is Bea's boyfriend with a preference for whiskeyThe Authority isthe organization which polices magic users It's not what it was Clyde is the current head of the Portland Authority Dr Fischer is still aroundMina is a doctor who used to wield Death Magic and she helps Terric And she doesn't know enough to back offHeaven iswhere one catches up with old and gone friends Victor Forsythe was a Voice and a teacher of magic users before he was murdered Now he's enjoying a beer with Hugh Flynn Chase and Greyson are together and happy Dessa Leeds is the first woman Shame thought he could take a chance on loving before she was murdered Her brother Thomas was also murderedEli Collins is at the top of the hit list A psychopath who combines his medical knowledge with his magic to torture and experiment on humans Brandy Scott was Eli's Soul Complement Stuart is a killer on the hit list Krogher is a high up government official Eli's boss and much too interested in magic He has Eli kidnapping people tainted by magic so they can experiment upon themIsabelle and Leander were the Soul Complements for whom magic was broken But they came back from the dead in the Allie Beckstrom series and almost destroyed the worldSimone Latchly and Brian Welling were Soul Complements Anthony was found dead; his Soul Complement Holly is missingSoul Complements blend their magic as no other magic users can Death magic pulls the energy from living things while Life magic brings anything to life and may heal or destroy The Beckstrom disks hold magic that anyone can useThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a range of blues with touches of orange A room in shadow with floor to ceiling narrow framed windows looking out over a street canyon of buildings in daylight Inside the room it's Shame side on to us in a long sleeved blue T shirt and jeans a gun held in both hands and pointed upward He's looking back over his shoulder his eyes checking his surroundings for you never know where Eli will pop up nextI'm not really sure where the title comes from but I'll guess it's a side reference to Stoney when he goes Stone Cold in the trap that's set

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    Stone Cold caps off this spin off duet featuring Shame and Terric Soul Complements from Monk's Allie Beckstrom series For fans of these two don't fret Devon's self published Back Lash which she dubbed a spin off of my spin off is available nowAs I mentioned in my review of the first book Hell Bent Shame has been one of my favorite characters since the start of the first series But I'll be the first to tell you this boy is beyond messed up He starts off as a moody the rules don't apply to me bad boy and ends up being turned into a vessel for Death magic which if not fed will feed on him I had to keep reminding myself of this as he became and closed off moody and irrational The boy is paying a high price for saving a life and losing pieces of himself in the process Yet I couldn't stop myself from wanting to slap him times than not throughout this final installment You too easily see the world as full of sorrow and you too uickly assume that sorrow is all you deserve However you probably won't be surprised to learn that by the end of the book I forgave him Seriously the boy takes a helluva beating throughout this series and the first yet continues to do the best he can to protect his friends and save the world from maniacal magic users These two characters are among some of my favorites and I'm looking forward to at least one read with them

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    I'm probably rounding the rating up a little bit because I already love the characters and the world so much I can't tell how I would feel about it if I was reading it from a fresh perspective I'm know I'd still be impressed by the rich world building and realistic storytelling I might be a bit annoyed by Shame's inability to take responsibility for anything while constantly taking responsibility for everything at the same time But flawed characters are much much interesting than the perfect ones especially those suddenly perfect one There might also have been a couple of things toward the end that didn't seem consistent view spoilerIt's Devon's world so if she says that the way that Shame and Terric used magic at the end worked then so be it it power of it just didn't seem consistent with the scope of how magic worked in the rest of the two series And also the guys were having so much trouble controlling their magic for years terrified it was turning them into monsters And all Soul Complements either go crazy or die terrible deaths So why would they want to keep magic? They didn't have any reason to think it would be OK I don't know if she's planning another book she must be for that ending to make sense hide spoiler

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    It seems that people either love Shame or hate him I fall firmly in the love him camp He's been irrevocably changed in the war to heal magic Allie Beckstrom series and isolates himself or tries to anyway in an attempt to protect others from himself He's burdened himself with guilt over hurting friends and does everything he can including drinking to drown out the hunger of the death magic he carries Shame and Terric have a complicated relationship Soul Complements they are among the rare pairs who break magic down into it's much stronger components Unfortunately powerful people want to control all the magic and are willing to kill to keep it Shame and Terric have to stop them while struggling to deal with being carriers of Death and Life magic respectively I'm happy Devon Monk wrote this follow up duology to the Allie Beckstrom series so I could see how magic has changed and the way the world copes with those changes Being a Shame fan I was also happy to see things from his POV To anyone interested I would recommend starting with the Allie Beckstrom series It's not necessary but I think you'll get out of the duology if you start with the otherI'll definitely be reading Devon Monk books in the future

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    Stone Cold left a huge impact on me Honestly the world that Monk has created and her fantastic writing style coupled with her complex characters and a magic system that is eual parts beneficial and negative really makes Monk the author that has set the bar for all other urban fantasy authors in my mind Check this series out Stone Cold is a powerful conclusion to a series that has really effected me in ways I truly didn’t expectRead my full review plus a GIVEAWAY here