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In October 2012 as the longest summer drought in recorded Oregon history finally gave way to the rainy season author Matt Love decided to write a book in real time reflecting upon the state's most famous cultural asset and what it means to live in one the rainiest places on earth When this project began I had no idea where it was going Rain is like that I did however have the modest ambition to write the greatest book on rain in the history of Oregon literature said Love Three months later Love produced a uniue volume about rain that has very little to do with weather and everything to do with life Of Walking in Rain is a 190 page work of creative non fiction that assays the ubiuitous subject of rain in Oregon in as many ways as rain falls in Oregon It was written during the four wettest months of the second rainiest year in Newport history The book blends an eclectic variety of literary genres including memoir essay vignette diary reportage guide criticism satire stream of consciousness homework meditation review commentary oral history weather report discography liner notes polemic curriculum and confession Of Walking in Rain also features the exuisite etchings of rain by renowned artist Frank Boyden

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    i will try to write the greatest book on rain in the history of oregon literature yet it might go unpublished except for the fact that i'm a publisher and will publish it as i see fit rain made me do it some portland critics who grew up in the corn of the midwest will dismiss this book as uneven i feel sorry for their ignorance and hope they unveil it by using the term uneven they traveled all that way on the third incarnation of the oregon trail and still don't get it rain is uneven and that casts the spell rain has never fallen the same way twice and i liken its varied composition to snowflakes fingerprints and lips rain virtually never falls straight to the ground on the oregon coast this book will reflect those signature uneven properties you want uniformity write about the sun of walking in rain is the latest literary output from the one man stone oregon publishing empire that is matt love his devotion to and celebration of all things beaver state is often infectious and perhaps ought to be classified as a contagion his newest work a stylistic torrent is a paean to oregon's most famous cultural asset rain as he's wont to do in nearly all of his books love amidst the deluge of rain related reflections recollections and rants offers a veritable flood of opinions on politicians education teaching football and sex incorporating no shortage of literary and lyrical allusions to his favorite singers songs and scribes especially ken keseywritten over three very rainy months on the oregon coast of walking in rain is than mere encomium it is also entreaty expression of ardor exercise in creativity and escapade into an assortment of rain related hijinks there is a candor and unabashed character to love's writing that agree or not leave's one sharing in his visceral and enviable joy should our governor ever see fit to bestow upon our state a raconteur laureate matt love may well be the oregonian best suited to the task you go ali against foreman you cover up and go rope a dope rain will exhaust itself and then you spring from a sweaty clench fling your arms open and not punch backyou never box rain it is never your opponent knowing that is the only way to win

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    I have a drawer of postcards I've collected through the years When I start a new book I randomly grab one to use as a bookmark I never know exactly what I'm going to get but I know it will be interesting remind me of something and cause me to think a bitReading a Matt Love book is a similar experience

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    This book is overblown Extolling the virtues of rain while cursing the sun for appearing at all which recurs in the months this diary takes place is childish and imperialist The two are far from opposite Look around Why? This is one white man's view of what he thinks the weather should be As I type that I'm lmao but with tears in my eyes; I almost can't believe I have to type it Nature is nature Nature includes sun in Oregon even on the coast Don't pretend to be vulnerable or humble and then undergird your entire book with a talking to about weather patterns that don't conform to your simplistic romantic view I guess I have better things to complain about even having experienced depression I'm a raised Oregonian here dare I say an Oregon chauvinist ask my college friends who loves the rain I read this book on a rainy day at the coast but I wouldn't have read it if I had my own TBR pile with me Thankfully I only ended up hating the book and I still love the rain

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    It’s ironic that my library copy of local crazymanpublisher Matt Love’s latest book shows signs that it got wet Did a previous reader read it in the rain? Love’s gone a little off the rails in this one but in a good way It’s a 180 page psalm to rain something western Oregon has in abundance It includes stories poems journal entries and innumerable references to books songs movies and art about rain We read about love in the rain and field trips with Love’s Newport High School students to get soaked and experience the essence of rain It’s funny sexy beautiful a little insane and not at all scientific Is this the uintessential rain book that Love set out to write? Maybe yes maybe no but it’s fun

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    180 sidor om regn Oregonregn Funnen i Local Authors hyllan i Cannon Beachs enda lilla bokhandel Delar inte författarens Ken KeseyDeadhead värderingar men sträckläser ändå Känner igen mig i paraplyvägran och allmän pluviofili Påmindes bla om Raymond Carver dikten Rain Woke up this morning witha terrific urge to lie in bed all dayand read Fought against it for a minuteThen looked out the window at the rainAnd gave over Put myself entirelyin the keep of this rainy morningWould I live my life over again?Make the same unforgiveable mistakes?Yes given half a chance Yes

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    Not what I expected in regards to the sensuous nuances of walking in Pacific Northwestern rain I was instead pulled into the esoteric narratives of the author who yes walks in rain but also uses rain as a muse of going forth of rioting and of wisdom I was expecting crafted essays but instead read a man's stream of conscious journey during the wintry rains that slant their fists upon US Route 101 in Oregon The author Matt Love is an arrogant man who is amusing when he isn't comparable to that know it all smooth hippie pot head you cringe to remember from high school

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    This is a magical text born of love and delighted meditation More musing than memoir it follows diary style a rainy late fall on the coast and Matt Love's ruminations on that most Oregonian of weather patterns If it feels a little repetitive at times well that's what mantras do A lovely little book

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    “Of Walking In Rain” by Matt Love is than a creative nonfiction ode to rain “Of Walking In Rain” awakened the verve for the outdoors and human potential I forced into dormancy years ago A uniue vulnerability is demonstrated about our author about our society and about each of us audience members This vulnerability is celebrated The celebration is to always be at the mercy of nature’s greatest force rain Can you imagine catapulting yourself into the unpredictable drips of crisp rain? Have you ever plunged into Oregon rain naked and considered it a refuge from the opaue fog that is life? It is possible to vicariously bring these scenes to life in one’s mind by reading Love’s work Perhaps rain isn’t for you Perhaps it’s the medicinal remedy to soothe a rendered soul that you are searching for in the literature you select Your reason can be rain Your reason can be you Your reason can be to simply enjoy a piece of fantastic literature Whatever your reason it is advised that you read this book I splashed through the pages like Love splashes in rain taking less than two days to finish a book nearly two hundred pages in length I chose to read it because I knew the piece would be a strong piece of enjoyable literature I read it with rapidity because it was speaking to me It soothed my rendered heart I finished it for me Evaporate from the concrete and dissolve for a bit in the journey shared by Love He etches out an unexplored – or at the very least unwritten before now – adventure about how rain can cultivate a man’s spirit It is much personal than existential cultivation I know what you are thinking ‘How can something get personal than a man’s evolution unfolding on a page?’ There exists intimacy because we can identify the universality of Matt’s journey As a teacher it is irrefutable that much of Love’s published memories are autonomous There is after all only one of him These memorable events are insights into his world that make us entertained and warmed My favorite teaching memory shared in “Of Walking In Rain” was a climaxing school newspaper snafu because the end result of this shared experience is gold This specific event could not have been dreamt up by anyone or committed by just any teacher The moral of the chapter? To refute adversity and take the ‘high road’ It was a priceless lesson Love taught his students and their voices were heard though it wasn’t without resistance Isn’t so much of life like that? We are given the ultimate metaphor for adversity through this declaration of love for rain Love demonstrates the power complexity purity and immutableness of rain by chronicling his writing and teaching career along the Oregon Coast He summons the reality too often forgotten about rain’s nature We as a society cascade down the pulpit of detachment with mundane triviality Love reuests that we for our own sakes stop the attempts at repelling the rain with faux humdrums that imitate security The entire situation with Love’s journalism class is a microscopic example of what rain must confront as a daily challenge It still ‘rains’ supreme We can utilize enveloping protection like umbrellas and persist indoors ignorant of rain’s potency It will still rain and we will still get wet Rain propels itself as a literal force of nature and undermines all adversity It is not because of rain’s power that we should delight in its presence Rain is a conscious specimen that flows through us as water It energizes us washes us clean and promotes all by that which is defined as life Resist watching television for twelve years and you might be able to write a book about rain Love did Love wrote a book about rain and the result is magical He is not vain in his explanation for rain’s importance He is providing insight into a life we only dream about leading because of our attachments Rain – and all that is energy – will continue on without us We however will succumb to rain one day as it is the maker of life and dealer of death It falls and evaporates carrying with it the remains of our ashes or cells Why not embrace the thing that will always follow you? Why not be in love with the force on which you can always depend? Isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we want to be loved accepted and part of an integral community? Rain provides all those comforts And this is where the lesson about human consciousness is highlighted most Adversity and acting on one’s intuitions and principles are important aspects of what makes us human But these pale in comparison to the personal conflictions that plague us Social adversity is a man – or group – against society situation An internal struggle is a kind of agony that is difficult to relay However through Love’s “Of Walking In Rain” we as audience members can identify with his subtle apprehension to life A story of heartbreak submerges our hero into a tidal wave of confusion He doesn’t see it coming He is at a loss for proper action Rain helps him heal Rain blankets his life as he escapes a literal and symbolic drought Have you ever felt like you needed some comfort? Have you ever needed a refuge from your pulse that seems to throb harder as opposed to wane while under the sensation of brokenness? Matt Love needed refuge and comfort He found it in rain Your rain might not be rain But it is undeniable that you will identify the vulnerability Love submits to while in the presence of rain We have all submitted to a force greater than ourselves before I hope it keeps happening Stories of loss can invoke empathy Stories of being existentially mislaid can also conjure intimate understanding Sharing a story with so much tender depth is difficult to achieve It is even difficult to not be exclusively arrogant in the charting of one’s loss Finally it is near impossible to embrace humor in these stories Love’s craftsmanship to formulate a personal journey comprising of these characteristics within “Of Walking In Rain” makes for an intimate read that will smite your soul It happened to me It will happen to you Life has left me a jaded and cynical person “Of Walking In Rain” is dousing my self diagnosed indifference Love’s work is filling me with my own version of his rain While I have never ventured into the rain in the same fashion Love has I feel like his words are my rain His books are my rain His writing is my rain

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    I often ask myself what it is I actually want from a book and I have to say that reading Matt Love's Of Walking In Rain has helped me in this matter considerably So what is it that I want?Discovery I came upon this uite by accident in a bookstore on the Oregon Coast Actually not just any bookshop but Jupiter's Rare and Used Books in Cannon Beach I highly recommend a visit and a purchase or two if you are ever in town The cover graphic was beautiful evocation of rain a pull uote on the back from one of the greatest books I've ever read Sometimes A Great Notion had me hooked from the start Once between the covers it was easy to discern this was a book with ambition to be the definitive work on the topic of rain or at least rain as it falls in Oregon during a typical turn from summer to winter As fate would have it I acuired the book in late summer and as it was structured as a series of dated journal entries I resolved to read it faithfully on the appointed date To read in such a manner has a sense of anticipation and fulfillment and sometimes frustration that comes with any good journey Intimacy To spend time with a singular and personal voice to see through another's eyes into experiences that are not your own though they may have certain parallels that can be drawn To have a chance to weigh one's own feelings and sensations with those of the author Mr Love shares than a few rain stories in this book his own and others that have been told to him and has asked for contributions from others I was prompted to think of my own rain stories and offer one to the author in return as thanks Knowledge Whether through non fiction or fiction I pick up a book with a desire to learn and this did not disappoint Of Walking In Rain is filled with varied points of reference statistical data historical accounts place names and other waypoints across the landscape of Oregon Love also shares his own discoveries in the art of rain visual literary etc It is filled with the work of revered local artists lyrics from popular music and forgotten poets not to mention the new voices that he has nurtured in his classroom at Newport High School There is something Darwinian in the journalistic and literary sense in his integration of scholarship with accounts of a personal sort Beauty It is easy to dismiss or disparage the ways that rain connects us all and contributes to the raw beauty of Oregon and its powerful sense of place It is not merely atmosphere or scenery it is force and protagonist It shapes our behaviors interactions and perceptions It forces us to make choices Do we go into rain or do we run from it? Do we open ourselves to influence and inundation or hide behind an umbrella literal or otherwise? There is beauty in the description and in the memories it knocks loose and still in its call to action and thirst it provokes for new experiences Perhaps not a definitive list of motives for reading but a good start And a damn fine way to spend a few months meditating on something as important and elemental as rain

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    Ernest Hemingway once declared “I’m not getting in the ring with Tolstoy” I couldn’t help but think of that uote when I began reading Matt Love’s newest book “Of Walking in Rain” In his opening Matt declares Ken Kesey’s “Sometimes A Great Notion” to be the greatest book on rain in the history of Oregon literature; he then announces his goal is to claim that title for himself with this volumeMatt grew up in Oregon City and has called the Oregon coast home for the past fifteen years This book is a window into how rain has shaped his life and humanity Like many of Matt’s books this one defies easy categorization It unfolds or less in real time over the last three months of 2012 It’s part essay part memoir part diary part fiction; though Matt sums it up better than I can as he approaches the end when he says “The fanatics in Rainland are out there; they find me every day I hope this book alternately reads like scripture survival guide recreational brochure sensual atlas and instruction manual to them”In my day job I serve as one of the three Lincoln County commissioners I sometimes like to fantasize about the edicts I would issue if I could be King of the County One of them would be that every would be newcomer would have to read this book before bringing their U Haul across the county line I want to see people here who understand who we areand what makes us who we areDid Matt accomplish his goal of knocking Kesey off his perch? He offers his own assessment of that near the end I encourage you to come to your own conclusion though And to do that you’ll need to read this very fine book