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The final installment of Drake and Lily's story After reuniting with Lily I had no doubt in my mind that she was the one for me But like all marriages everyone gets tested Add a dozen problems coming from all directions—it could get extremely tricky Does a man really have a limit when it came to the woman he vowed to love for the rest of his life? There was one thing I learned—that marriage was sacreda sacred test A test of will A test of time

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    Soooooo did I get an unfinished copy? Because the ending if you could even say that left me hanging I had to go back and re read the last few pages just to make sure I wasn't missing anything and for fuck's sake I wasn't I've read the first book and it was okay lil typo errors but still somewhat enjoyable I waited patiently for this book to come out so excuse me if I'm a lil pissed right nowBasically book two is kinda the same as book one Still with the insecurities mistrust jealousy secrets and immature main characters that did not grow up at all I know we need some issuesconflicts to spiced up the story and keeps it going but it just so STUPIDTo be honest I didn't even want to finish the whole damn thing but I forced myself to do it I hate hate not finishing what I started so I kept hoping there will be some light at the end of the tunnel Well it was hopelessAnd don't get me started with the ending Wtf was that? Is that it? Or was that a cliffy?So let me get this right view spoilershe's preggy and they were getting a divorce they were in his office she threw up he asked her to stay and made her some tea massaged her feet then he asked her if he can touch her stomach to feel the baby so while he was doing it the heroine felt HORNY and asked him if he could finger her and maker her come Just out of nowhere she asked him to finger fuck her WTF? If the author is trying to make it romantic then she failed in that part It ruined the momentand to top it off the whole thing stopped there hide spoiler

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    Spoiler alertFinally having read the completed versionI'm no satisfied than having read the uncompleted version of itAnd the reason being ShannonShe is the entire focus of the bookShe is the cause of all the ensuring upheaval in this marriage yet she has not been appropriately punishedShannon She snorted before laughing at me “You’re wife Duh” The moment she saw me register what she had said she instantly changed “You didn't tell me she is very pregnant Drake”DrakeTrying to calm myself I took a sip of water and looked her in the eyes once “She and the baby are both none of your concern” “Hmm” The evil smile she gave me evoked immediate terror and made my stomach churn with fright and disgustDrake to Lily “That’s why I tricked her into believing I wanted to take her on a vacation In reality I was taking her to a treatment center Once there I promised that if she cured herself—if it’s even remotely possible—I would be there to support her that I’d visit her as much as I can and on the times I can’t I’d call her to make sure she’s okay”I broke her heart and didn't even feel the slightest sorry when I left her I owe her this much or my conscience won’t let me sleep at night”So this husband cares so much about a deranged woman that he allows her free range to blackmail him which in turn causes him to become unhinged with his pregnant spouseCrazy female than threaten his unborn child he keeps it a secret that puts his wife under stress because his reasoning being that if he tells her the actual truth about said psychotic female she would lose the childSo instead he let his wife believe he is cheating because everyone knows that is less stressful than the honest truthSo having had to journey through a chaotic book served with that kind of ending is not satisfactory which is a pity considering I did enjoy the rest of it and for the husband to tell his wife he is going to reward Shannon with 'conjugal' visits is hilariousAlthough I doubt any mental institution allows patients visits from the object of their obsession or any normal person would want to seek such worshipI don't believe its very conducive to one's recoveryAnd considering the wife's jealousy through out the seriesfor her to suddenly turn about accept her husbands penance to visit his ex lover is contrary to the theme of the entire series

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    Wow I got of luscious Drake As far as Lily I hated her doubts about Drake in this oneI'm just so happy she was completely wrong with her assumptions Either way I just love Pamela Ann so I'm happy

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    I hated Drake in this book Lily is so fragile and he's having dinner with the ex Shannon once a week She is already sensitive and insecure and he pulls the guilt trip and asshole attitude on her Everything is her fault even though he's going to dinner with his ex hanging out with twenty something girls getting drunk after work while she's home pregnant When she gets tired of it and starts treating him like the asshole he is all of a sudden SHEs the asshole? Drake of course is the victim even when she catches him with the massage therapist in his office He's not having sex but still what she saw ugh Of course he never mentions that He's a POS She deserves so much better especially after all she's been through because of him already And now he's paying for treatment for his ex the one who attacked Lily and he's agreed to visit and call her often because he feels it's the right thing to do???? WTF? His ass would be at the Motel 6 Lily is a door mat and she accepts this and takes all the blame He's a master manipulator and she falls for the bullshit Horrible way to turn these characters out in the last book There is an epilogue and a HEA but he would never have gotten that far with a normal woman Wow that lays the foundation for him to visit exes and party as he wants and come home late and drunk and who cares because she lets it's pass as her own soul is slowly broken Ugh this just left me feeling like I want to set something on fire drake's balls maybe He doesn't fight for her at all He lets her believe all kinds of things and goes on with his life partying and getting drunk while she's home and pregnant in a risky pregnancy after already miscarrying the first baby He just blames her for everything and she eats it She is the victim and he is the shitbag I wish she had ended up with Jared She asks Drake where his wedding ring is and he says he trough it in the ocean in Mexico Later he says he was just waiting for her and has and will always love her That makes no sense He through his wedding ring IN THE OCEAN That doesn't scream 'always love you' God just gave up and it didn't effect him at all She was the one who was broken and he had all the blame but owned none of it I hate books like this where there is no justice for the h I gave it 3 stars because the author took time to write it and that's worth something but I would not recommend it The H is just a fucking asshole PERIOD

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    I really like Lily and Drake as characters and think they have a lot of potential but even after a book and now a novella they still aren't fully developed This novella is clearly a critical piece of the story but almost too short to be worth reading before the next book comes out Great steamy scenes are pretty much the point of reading the books so far

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    It took me 1 week to finish a 160 pages book I just read it because I've read the other 2 books LILY 's MISTAKE and LOVING DRAKE a long very long time agoLILY's MISTAKE was one of the first books on my KINDLE And I LIKED very much LOVING LILY was a waste o time 1 WEEK The characters were immature childish and stupid The heroine following the same old formula intead of keeping growing up decided to leave the adult world and act like a middle schooler Drake decided LILY is too stupid to handle the truth so he decided to hide things from her So it was like this one night he came home late and half drunk she asked where he was because she called the office and his assistant said there was no business dinner He said he took work to a bar because he needed some distraction He was lying and she from that night on didn't speak to him any She assumed that he was cheating on her and gave him the cold shoulder for months Oh and she was pregnant I forgot to mention they're were married and she cut him off of the progress of the pregnancy Wich adult mature woman does that? Wich wife is going to uit speaking to her husband and demand answers and try to fix things? At some point Lily threat to divorce Drake Then Drake asked her where was the girl he fell in love with Guess what she said?? THAT GIRL DOESN't exist any She grew up You shoud do the same That was hilarious that's the only part of the book that made me feel something beside annoyance and boredom I laugh for a good 30 sec I though I skipped the page where she did the grow up thing Now Drake Yeah he was lying He wasn't working He made a deal with the ex loony tooney to meet with her every Wednesday evening and she woul not get close to Lily again He was trying to protect her and the baby because looney attacked LIly in previous book causing her to lose a baby Yeah poor decision He should have told Lily the truth I wasn't expecting a great book or anything of the sort specially from this author I uit reading her books with the TORN series In my opinion she makes a mess with the characters They act very immature for their ages create stupid silly drama and terrible triangles and most of her female characters act like sluts MY OPINION I think Lily was the most decent one But I was naively expecting something decent where the couple worked on their marriage and not against it This book was useless pointless and ridiculous I was thinking how they were going to raise that poor baby with this I Two stupid kids I think my review is kinda messy But so was the book

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    You ruined a book I like again

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    Disappointed is the best way to describe my feelings of this book I really liked the series and storyline childhood friends to lovers but this story took a nose dive with the lack of communication between Lily and Drake; whatever happened to their friendship and I'll die if you leave me rant Not to mention closure for Shannon and the baby

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    Feeling UsedThis series started out amazing and was excited for this last book I loved Lilly's and Drake's story but this last book left me feeling dejected Lily spiraling out of control Drake keeping secrets no communication between the two it's almost like they had nothing no history no friendship no love All and all the book was rushed and really didn't produce any real dialogue then to top it off it just stops in the middle with a promise of 2 chapters delivered through her newsletter not even a date I don't see how you can finish this story off and sum it up in 2 chapters I'm very disappointed in Pamela Ann I have read most every book she has put out and I never thought she would deliver such poor work

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    I just want to start off by saying that Lily's mistake was my all time favorite book by Pamela AnnThis story was notFor a few of reasons1 Drake was an insensitive ahole who should have been sent packing To treat Lily they way he did was terrible He was a Jerk2 I felt the ending needed Maybe a 5 years later to see where they were at3 Lily should have left Drake In the end she just rolled on her back and welcomed him back This fustratraed the hell out of meThou this is not one of my favorite books I did think it was ok I would have given it 25 stars