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As Suanto and his companions run from the mounting force of Unbooko and the Narragansett warriors they find themselves in an increasingly dangerous land filled with the undead The mystery of how the undead come to be is revealed as a missing member of the Newfoundland Company returns As Suanto leads the surviving members deeper into Narragansett territory they are hunted at every turn The second episode comes to a shocking conclusion as they finally reach the Patuxet village Suanto must face his worst nightmare as he and his companions battle for their lives in a stunning turn of events that changes their world forever

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    This is the second episode of the Suanto Undead series It starts up right after Suanto and his English friends have escaped the Narragansett tribe Upon regrouping with a lost sailor they learn about the zombies The group of survivors realize that they must head to Suanto's tribe to find help battling both the zombies and the Narragansett people This episode has a fair amount of combat action scenes that I found exciting to readI enjoyed the steady pace of the plot The characters have had a clear direction on their journey which gives this story a sense of adventureSome of the scenes have a bit of gore and violence so this story might not be the best fit for young or sensitive readersOther than that if you are looking for an exciting zombie read which is different than your typical zombie tale I encourage you to pick this series up and give it a tryNote As this episode follows the events of the previous episode I do not recommend reading this series out of order

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    First paragraph They ran as far and fast as the slowest member of the group could manage only stopping after many many hours of running from the Narragansett leaving them and their sinister ceremony far behind Suanto led the way moving swiftly between a sea of green trees and bushy ferns Using a well worn deer trail the group moved single file as spiny thorns and stinging nettles bit at them from all directions in the dense brushThis is the second chapter in an overarching story of Suanto's journey and it starts and ends in the middle of things so readers are cautioned to read these parts in order In this chapter Suanto and the ship's crew escape from the frying pan the Narrangansett Indians and rush straight into the fire There are lots of exciting fighting scenes as well as tribal political maneuvering as a war council of neighboring tribes is called A fun read