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As a viper Kate's no stranger to death As a Richmond she'll do anything to protect her brotherKate Richmond has seen it all The former army ranger and ISS operative has engaged in missions of sabotage cyber theft espionage and assassination on her path to become a viper cyborg After barely surviving a full scale alien invasion by the Merkiaari she doubts life can hold any surprises until a family mystery lands on her doorstepHer brother has been linked with a dead viper and numerous Merkiaari corpses Now she must embark on a mission she never expected It's time to find her brotherOperation Breakout is the fourth installment in Merkiarri Wars a military science fiction space opera about alien invasion and exploration in the far future Get lost in a detailed universe with heroes villains and everything in between If you like page turning futuristic action you'll like this

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    It’s been awhile since I got back to this series and I had to think about what happened in the previous book catch up The story doesn’t repeat a lot of the history of the series but does give you some hints as to what has happened in the past This book focuses on a trio of Vipers operating on their own initially to find a fallen comrade but develops into a bigger mission involving the Alliance NavyThe story is pretty good although I was really getting tire of Richmond’s obsession with finding her brother She’s been looking for this kid for years and has only gotten glimpses of his whereabout but nothing concrete until now Luckily her brother happens to be located at the same place as her next mission Well he was supposed to be there Getting her brother retrieved is all she can think about even if he’s in a maximum security prison Now here is where it gets real stupid I don’t know how she can justify breaking her brother out of a prison for any reason All she keeps saying is “He’s my brother; my family” Well so what The kid has gotten himself into some big time trouble so he needs to pay the price If she wants to just see him that’s one thing but to plan on breaking him out and start running from the law is just stupid and much to idiotic for a Viper And she doesn’t realize that Stone now Viper Captain Stone is than willing to help here see and talk to her brother He knows she’s not going to like what see finds out about him but he’s willing to help to a point Richmond doesn’t bother asking for help and does about the worst thing she could have done It’s a wonder that Stone doesn’t kill her the next time they meet He should haveGood story not a lot of fighting We get the same Navy characters we read about in the original first book and those involved in the Shan war with the Merki I think this book is leading up to a bigger battle for the Earth Alliance than any before Maybe our contact with three new alien races will help us in this coming war We’ll have to wait for the next book to find outGreat series good continuation of the storyline

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    I’m getting tired of all the snakes etc though this is an improvement on the previous book in the series

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    Once again Cooper continues the adventures of the Mekiaari war series without pause or any reduction in uality This is a space serial or series in the best tradition of any of the authors of the 1950's and 60's Mark Cooper grabbed my attention from the first chapter of the first story and I am still just as interestedOne of my comments in past has to do with Mark's ability to seem as if he tells the story in first person he does and it really makes the book flow from person to person and chapter to chapter He does this not only from Alliance ie Human characters but also from the point of view of various Alien Characters lending them credibility and even dare I say it human perspective This is something very few authors today try let alone accomplish He does it very wellIf you want a book review see the other reviews for a plot or spoiler I tend to let you know what I think of the book and author's ability Better yet get any of Mark E Cooper's free starter books and see for yourself BUT be warned Like Lays Potato Chips You can't stop at one A newer author worth PAYING for

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    I hope you read Hard Duty What Price Honor and Operation Oracle firstThe Merkiaari Wars series continues with the same always interesting characters an unpredictable plot line and compelling mayhem This one has pirates in possession of the bodies of Merkiaari humans and several previously unknown alien species a rogue Viper operative and a massive return of the Merkiaari much better prepared this time to cleanse the galaxy of human vermin Mark E Cooper reads like a best selling hardcover author He is so far the most reliable writer of stories guaranteed to engage readers of this genre One to go in this series and a wide variety of other ventures into unrelated territories

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    Oh yeahBook 4 of the Merkiaari Wars delivers the goods The Merkiaari previously embarked on a modified breeding program to change their warriors Increased intelligence and ability to control battle rage and fight strategically were key traits they sought One of the new breed is leading the rematch against The Alliance and he a real threat He reminds me somewhat of Darth Vader without the funky helmet and breathing disorder So the bad guys are in position to make things really tough for the good guys Let's see stay happens in the next book of the series

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    New aliens Great followup of the first 3 books

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    I swear this series gets better and better with each book I've loved every one The story line is great as well as the narration I'm definitely looking forward to book 5

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    The 4th instalment of the Merkiaari Wars Saga has a similar structure to the first 3 It continues on from the events in part 3 and this time we are back with Colgin and the crew of the Warrior The start of these books are always interesting a short couple of chapters in which something fairly incredible happens before we are torn away to another event of no relevance at all in another part of the Galaxy with another Main Character It is a good way to keep you reading as you not only want to learn what happened at the start but you immediately get drawn into the second story as well In this instalment there are several threads that the reader gets taken down Without giving away too much the first is Colgin and his crew These parts of the story are always intense strategic but utterly brilliant Colgin is the ultimate ship’s Captain with the ability to turn any battle in his favour Another thread is the discovery of a massive Merki ship named the Leviathan for its incredible size and bulk This find leads to several side missions and a whole lot of fun and excitement that these books are all about But one of the major threads of this book is Kate Richmond and the search for her brother When intel is found that leads to the location of her brother Kate will stop at nothing to get to him Unfortunately she has now been made into one of the most powerful soldiers in the galaxy and having her go ‘Rogue’ is not an acceptable optionOperation Breakout is a journey through several different stories and through some of our Main Characters lives as they try and understand the choices that have been made BY others and that have been made FOR themThe result is a very clever and engaging story that you will not be able to put down as it leaps from one character and life threatening moment to the nextAs with the other books the Vipers continue to be the main characters with Gina Kate Stone and Eric being at the lead Colgin and his Crew as well as the Shan continue to be a major part of each of the plot lines as the stories continue This is a brilliant series with all these little sub stories and threads as well as all these amazing characters that Cooper has developed The universe he has created is exceptional and only continues to grow bigger and betterCooper has also spent a lot of time developing some amazing technology for use within his universe with the different weapons ships and a multitude of other things The descriptions of tech such as the new ‘Leviathan’ object that the humans have found is really amazingThere is a definite feeling that this story is slowing building towards something that we have not yet seen the best which considering how good the first 4 parts have been is saying a lot Cooper is an outstanding author and this series should not be missed by anyone who loves Sci Fi

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    I enjoyed that this book was able to arrive for the holidaysI don't really know how I feel about this new novel The writing was uite good and our story allowed our characters to grow while shaping the way for the battles to come However in my opinion this book seemed to be a bit thin the last couple of books we had battles interspersed with logistical and strategic preparations for the new war This book spends most of our novel with Stone and Kate and their complicated relationship While the completion of Kate and her brother's back story is tied off nicely it felt like something that could have been a novella rather than the backbone for a novel in the seriesWe don't see Sebestation or the General laying their groundwork We never see how the Shan are integrating to both Snakeholm and the Alliance After fighting with the regiment and navy we get thrust back into a story line that revolves around a single protagonist Despite the revelations and information that is gained from Paul Richmond I feel that this could have come through the intelligence efforts like most of the other information that is shared in the books with us and allowed the author time to really write about the war instead of focusing on a single story for most of the book In fact other than the fight over Red One we don't see much about the Alliance and the efforts that must be occurring towards gaining a war footingI like that we continue to see of Valjoth While the Merkiaari have been great as a shadowy threat from space getting information about their empire and culture gives that depth to the conflict that makes the war that much intriguing I do wonder about Bethany's world and if their conflicts with the vipers will become a bigger issue through the AllianceWhile the story was a good story it felt like a side story set in the universe than part of a larger Merkiaari War series

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    The Hits Keep ComingFor all fans of the Merkiaari Wars this title will NOT disappoint Mark takes the reader through a roller coaster of events and surprises that will keep you up at night trying to get through one page Fair Warning His mix of his characters' personal development and engaging fleet actions guarantee that EVERYONE who picks up one of his books will NEED to stick around to read Gotta go book 5 is in my inbox I delayed reading this so I could go back to back