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Mia Taylor has a huge heart but just how much pain can one heart endure? Mia was living the picture perfect life engaged to her high school sweetheart and working at her dream job at an upscale salon in New York City She had it all Until the day her past present and future were taken away leaving her to face the world scared and alone Trying to pick up the pieces of her broken life while mourning the devastating loss of her fiancé she just goes through the motions as an empty shellEnter Travis Montgomery Olympic swimmer and totally gorgeous He has several medals under his belt and just as many women Mia is well aware of his womanizing reputation and refuses to be his next conuest but finds herself coming alive again whenever she’s around him They agree to be “just friends” uickly finding that they are unable to fight the attraction between them Mia’s life becomes complete once again with Travis in it; but nothing good lasts forever at least not in Mia’s world Torn apart by an ugly secret Mia’s heart is broken once again When the unthinkable happens and Travis needs Mia the most she must reach deep inside to find forgiveness for the one man who will always hold the key to her shattered heart But will doing so only break it further; this time beyond repair?

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    Sometimes life isn't fair and takes us in a direction that we least expect But as long as the outcome is sweet it makes all of the heartache and roadblocks that we have to endure worthwhile Drowning in Love begins with Mia and Eric They were high school sweethearts and now engaged to be married Mia has everything she’s always wanted She is about to marry her first love and start a family This is everything she’s ever dreamed of Sadly Mia’s dreams come crashing down around her when she loses her fiancé before they have a chance for their happily ever after She’s devastated and overcome with grief For a year she mourns and simply goes through the motions of living not feeling anything Her life has become an empty shell of her former life Until she meets the gorgeous confident charming famous Olympic swimmer Travis Montgomery When Mia and Travis first meet they don’t hit it off too well Travis was having a bad day and was rude and inconsiderate to Mia But Travis immediately redeems himself and charms her into going out with him She goes and has a really great time with him He’s charismatic considerate and good company Travis is known for his womanizing ways and Mia knows this She decides that it would be best to just be friends with him She doesn’t want to be another one of his conuests So she proposes they just be friends and they both agree They uickly find out that being friends is impossible when they can no longer fight the intense attraction between them Travis sparks something inside Mia that makes her feel alive again Mia can no longer fight the attraction she has for Travis and goes for it Travis doesn’t just want Mia for one night He wants her for keeps Things uickly change between them A relationship is formed and they fall in love BUT Travis has been keeping a terrible secret from Mia This secret is the biggest betrayal to Mia and could tear them apart I feel like this story is broken up into two parts The first half of the story is about Mia and Travis’s falling in love They have an instant attraction but the relationship develops slowly and maturely They may come from different worlds but they fit into each other’s world perfectly as they learn about one another Mia is down to earth and sugary sweet She doesn’t care that Travis is a rich well known athlete She loves Travis for Travis She has such strength and determination She loves and forgives easy She has a big heart And once we learn about Travis there is to this sexy man underneath the surface He’s kind and giving and protective He could have any woman but he only wants Mia With Mia’s big heart and sweet personality Travis can’t imagine going back to his many non emotional one night stands ever again Together they are beautiful and brought out the best in each other But unfortunately they also brought out the worst in each other The second half of the story is where things become complicated and difficult for this couple These two go through so much as the story is told over years from both Mia and Travis’ POV Travis’ secret causes a lot of heartache and pain Things between them unravel in an instant when it’s revealed They are both hurting emotionally and thinking irrationally And as if the ugly secret wasn’t enough Mia and Travis’ relationship is tested once again I really wasn’t prepared for what happened Shocked is an understatement Once the shock settles in I could see where the story was going and then I became worried and nervous for Mia and Travis I didn’t want to see them go through any heartbreak But alas Miz Rinyu does not let up My poor aching heart took uite the beating Things definitely get worse before they get better And it does get better Because I don't want to feel the pain of losing someone that I love so much ever againMia I promise you will never lose me You are my girl forever Mia and Travis’ story is beautiful and devastating at the same time This story captures the complexities of love Emotionally I was put through the wringer There is a lot of drama in this story that stems from this couple not communicating or trusting one another I felt a tremendous amount of affection for this couple but at the same time I felt incredibly frustrated with some of their decisions One of the main things that I found the most frustrating is that they never just talked Every decision every mistake and all the heartache they experience put the incredible love they have for one another through the ultimate test It was hard going through hell and back with this couple But seeing them overcome the odds made it worth it So if you love complicated highly emotional and endearing love stories Drowning in Love is the perfect book to read Rating BHeat Hot A Romantic Book Affairs Review Find us on Twitter and Facebook too

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    Read More Reviews | Find Me on Facebook Holy Hotness Batman I now have a new book boyfriend and his name is Travis Montgomery he is sexy rich beautiful an Olympian and a swimmer yep that is right a SWIMMER I’ll give you a minute to picture that yum right?Drowning In Love by Beth Rinyu is different from anything I have read from Beth before It’s steamy like really steamy but done very tastefully but still has a very strong emotional pull that Beth is known for in her books The book is also done in both Travis Mia’s Point of view and alternate between chapters I loved being able to get into the mind of both characters and what they are feeling What I love most about Ms Rinyu’s books is how attached I become to the characters I fall in love with them all and feel what they fell I become so involved with the story and characters I am always sad to see it end and Drowning In Love is no differentI was immediately pulled into the book from the very beginning The story begins with Mia and Eric; you know what is coming for the two which makes reading a scene with them happy and together tragic to read I was in tears by the end of the first chapter; from that moment on I needed Mia to find Travis ASAP to take her pain away “Sometimes happiness can be taken away in a blink of an eye leaving you scared alone and wondering how you will ever pick up the pieces of what was once a fairy tale life” There is a medium size build up for the two until they become romantically involved It felt real and I understood the connection between the two I loved reading about them getting to know each other and seeing how different they were but they still clicked Some of the book was a bit predicable but it worked well and was beautifully written Towards the end something major happens and I did not see it coming at all I thought the major drama was Travis’ secret which does cause problems but there is a lot Travis poor Travis I couldn’t believe what happened My heart broke for him and Mia all over again My favorite part of the book was the second half and reading what Travis and Mia were going through It felt almost like a completely different book but the first half of the book “I was so in love with her but if she knew the truth it could destroy us and the longer I waited the worse it would be” Drowning In Love takes place over a few years the book moves at a very fast pace and I read it within a few hours not being able to put it down You will fall in love with the characters and story just as I did Beth Rinyu is one of my favorite writers and I cannot wait to read from her in the futureDrowning in Love is a fabulous read about falling in love again and overcoming the impossible and never give upI give Drowning In Love 4 Stars ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    I can't wait for you guys to read my latest novel Drowning In Love I hope that you fall in love with Travis and Mia and their beautiful love story the same way that I have over these past few months I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a a July 2013 release Until thenhere's a teeny tiny teaser and the prologue

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    Well Beth has done it again This book was wonderful I truly loved the characters and am sad to say goodbye to them I can't wait for Ms Rinyu's next book She is truly talented

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    Full review coming soon45 StarsThe story is so wonderfully told and jammed packed with feeling My emotions were all over the place It was impossible to not fall in love with Mia and Travis Despite tragedy Mia is so beautiful both inside and out Travis learns uickly just how precious she is to his survival; unfortunately life has different plans for themThis is a story of love strength and overcoming the odds This book puts a lot into perspective and forced me to examine myself Oddly I was left desiring to be a better me Did I mention that Travis is super hot?

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    45 starsMia had the fairy tale life with her fiance Eric But some fairy tales take a bad turn and they do not get the happy ending It was so reflective of my life I had never been happier Until that day it had all changed one year ago and the sunny world that I had been living in became filled with clouds Mia is a sassy independent smart and beautiful woman that has just been going through the motions and not really living after suffering a loss One day she meets a rude inconsiderate jerk who humiliates her But Travis was just having a bad day He really is a charismatic sexy Olympic swimmer and businessman All the women want a piece of him and he had a reputation of being a womanizer When Travis sees the opportunity to redeem himself in Mia's eyes he takes it And soon he is pursuing her and enjoying spending time with her But Mia is determined not to be one of his many conuests and just offers friendship But the closer they get the harder it is maintain She was the complete package; she was beautiful funny and had a great personality I laughed to myself remembering how she referred to herself as ordinary She was far from it; in fact she was the most extraordinary girl I had ever metBut I see to him than a beautiful face a perfect body and gold medalist I really like the person he is insideTheir friendship turns into a sweet beautiful love story But Travis has a secret that could rip them apart And he has people in his life that will not hesitate to hurt them And little did they know what other situations would lie ahead and test their relationship to the extreme And even when promises are made sometimes they are not easy to keep Because I don't want to feel the pain of losing someone that I love so much ever againMia I promise you will never lose me You are my girl foreverMia had such strength and determination despite everything she went through She is genuine loyal and has a giving spirit And Travis is so much under the surface than he even thought he could be But he was not used to having so much to lose Together they had the potential to bring out the best in each other but at times could also bring out the worst And their lives were not easy and could change in an instant Sometimes life isn't fair and takes us in a direction that we least expect But as long as the outcome is sweet it makes all of the heartache and roadblocks that we have to endure worthwhileThis book had love passion pain and heartbreak Their story was at times effortless and inspiring and at others complicated difficult and painful I adored Mia and Travis I liked them as individuals and together I always felts like despite everything they were meant to be together This book made me laugh made me happy frustrated me and brought tears to my eyes It was not a short love story that took place in a weeks time It was a complete story that spanned years and a multitude of emotions decisions and difficult situations But it made a powerful statement for grabbing onto those that you love and not letting life pass you by I felt like I really got to know these characters and understood their decisions even if they did not always make me happy I also loved the side characters especially her flamboyant best friend and confidante Juan All of their families and friends were important and provided needed support humor and background to the story This was a beautifully written book by Beth Rinyu with likable deep characters surprising twists emotional situations and a good message And thankfully no cliffhanger I was so glad she gave us both Mia and Travis' points of view and an epilogue I feel like I went through a complete and fulfilling journey that encompassed so many emotions and I felt every one of them Thanks to Beth Rinyu for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim

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    375 stars A sad beginning and then insta love I did like all the characters with the exception of Chloe I didn't really guess the secret but what happens with them after I was like Nooooooo Cute story with HEA

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    What an absolutely wonderful story could not put it down Story of life loss love and heartache Loved Travis and Mia and the ending so perfect Will for sure reread this book again

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    A little tired of stupid female heroines who never trust the hero's female co worker friend or agent; always thinking they're up to no good; but then turns around and believes every word they spew from their vile mouths never thinking they could be lying and making it all up and taking their side without ever talking it out with the hero and immediately crying and breaking up with the hero thinking he's lying to her instead of the woman who's after her man This angst has become tiresome Yes yes this is fiction but does the female protagonist always have to act and behave like a spoiled and irrational child? That being said I have to say that the secret Travis withheld from Mia wasn't anything major for her to break it off with him If she just sat for a moment and thought about it she'd maybe come to realize that her being chosen was really a compliment to who she is and with time this is why Travis fell in love with her Except for the repetitive I love you thrown back and forth between the two a thousand times it seems our protagonists would rather jump to conclusions than find out the truth I mean seriously if Mia had gotten married and had a baby I'm sure Travis' grandmother would have mentioned it to him at some point considering Mia does her hair every single week And if anyone should be feeling guilty about Travis' accident it should be his best friend Mike and not Mia Mike should have said no to snowboarding after watching Travis put back several shots of liuor Enough said

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    4 12 StarsI loved it A story of true love determination survival So emotional I loved Mia Travis Mia is a strong loving woman that would be any man's dream Travis is a super hot sweet athlete that Mia changes to Her dream I can't tell how much I DISLIKE no that's not a strong enough word HATE Chloe Travis's agent I could've punched her in her throat Things go wrong tragedy strikes once again leaving everyone devastated Will love prevail? Can't Mia Travis find their ways back or will they drown in love? Awesome story