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Mystery suspense and romance form a gripping novel in DEEDS the story of a man and woman who hate each other forced by dangerous secrets in their families' past into a marriage that will make her 100 million richer Ralph Behr is a charismatic brash extravagantly wealthy New York real estate developer who is about to build a spectacular real estate project three 150 story towers Gail Benedict is a fiercely moral and independent minded woman who hates everything Ralph stands for Strangers and estranged the first time they set eyes on each other since childhood is at the wedding neither wantsThat unlikely union provokes entanglements and clashes with powerful unforgettable characters deeds of deception and passion betrayal and love and riveting suspense as Ralph must uncover the terrible truth about his earlier generations' greed and ambition and prove his innocence when a deadly catastrophe strikes the projectDEEDS has been described as a gripping story that spans three generations rich in ideas complex in feeling and rivetingly told and that it will hold the reader enthralled from the very first pageINCLUDES AN OPENING EXCERPT FROM JOSEPH AMIEL'S NOVEL A UESTION OF PROOF

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    In this captivating and compelling story author Joseph Amiel sets up an intriguing plot right from the start The wealthy larger than life real estate developer Ralph Behr is all set to build his larger than life real estate project three 150 story towers in New York City There's just one snag his money and his project are threatened when he is suddenly forced into a marriage with Gail Benedict a woman whose values and morals are the exact opposite of his And that's only the beginning What follows is a riveting unfolding that will keep you turning those pagesWith both of the main characters' generational stories masterfully and organically weaved throughout Deeds is a significant and extraordinary read one that hooked me at the start and left me satisfied at the end Time richly spent on this storyYou can find information on the author and Deeds here Please note that I received this book free through GoodReads FirstReads and the opinions in this review are my own

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    This book was a lovely read The book covers three generations of two main families as they interact with each other and their own family Without disclosing any of the plot of the book I feel that the book was a nice insight to the rich world of New York Real Estate The characters are presented in a human enticing way that makes the reader like them no matter what there flaws seem to be I would recommend this book to others who want to read a book with good writing entertainment and memorable characters I received a copy of Deeds by Joseph Amiel through Goodreads However the opinions in my review are my own and not influenced by the gift of the book

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    I received this book through Goodreads' First Reads GiveawayI am rating this book three stars simply because I liked the book but can not say that I REALLY liked the book The book while interesting did drag on a bit and my interest in it waned At times I had to force myself to go back to reading it and not pick up another novel I am glad that I did however For the length of the book I would have preferred it to be a little less predictable The characters were well written and I enjoyed them enough to maybe read a seuel

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    I confess I gave up halfway through this book which I was lucky enough to win a while ago I found the start very interesting but then it seemed uite predictable it did not hold my interest enough for me to read to the end but it is over 500 pages All I can really say is I have read better and worse