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The Kobani use captured Krall ships to return to Human Space They seek expert training for their genetically modified fighters modern weapons and new medical technology There’s a possible block to this help in the form of death penalty laws of the Planetary Union prohibiting gene modifications of humans A holdover from the Gene War which nearly extinguished humanityA perilous descent through a war torn planet’s space defenses is a first step A Krall ship and its heavily armed crew have to be destroyed on the ground while a watching hostile Special Ops force decides if the Kobani should be trusted or killed Fighting their way between a rock and a hard place they prove they are a match for the KrallExploration at home reveals startling alien neighbors and a habitable world next door A remarkable genetic discovery there will forever alter the Kobani Winning allies Captain Mirikami forges a bold and dangerous plan to strike deep into the heart of Krall territory A place the enemy is confident that puny “animals” can’t reach let alone attackSimultaneous Kobani raids damage Krall war manufacturing buying time for humanity However the Krall have a deadly ancient weapon that none expected Retaliatory escalation of the war has been triggered and if it doesn’t go as the Krall plan entire planets and their populations could be shattered

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    Another satisfying 45 why not a five wellI find the Krall becoming less intimidatingA very very stunning and full of surprises third book just when you think Us humans can not top having ripper telepathy infrared sight and all the recent gene mods now comes age regression now who would not want that??? Again goes to show in adversity human ingenuity conuers allwithout spilling anything well let us just say FINALLY we can fight back and this time win convincinglyAgain Krall's supposedly invincibility and their EGO this will be their downfall they are so used to winning that any effort to grow has disappeared and instead they stagnate well this third book just made them vulnerable and basically indolentExciting truly exciting times ahead I can not wait for any new developments gene modifications tech upgradesthis series just keep on flying higher

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    Book 3 starts out right where Book 2 left off and throws us into the action headlong into the continuation of the Koban seriesThis book focuses almost entirely on the Kobani raiders and the various characters they interact with This is a change from the last book where the Kobani were the main players for only half the novel and it sets up the next book to deal with all the changes and reactions that the Kobani are leaving in their wakeAs my title states the book can almost be titled Better living through aliens because we find that in truth many of the so called advanced species benefited from the Olt'kapi interactions Humanity has now created the Kobani race with alien help which seems to have shifted them into a different evolutionary direction as much as outside intervention ever could The hints and shifts this has created is astonishing and is likely to lead toward interesting thingsThe author in the last book built the universe that the Kobani are now accessing and by showing the point of the Spear we are getting the feel for the shape of the war to come The stakes have been raised and all the players are entering the field as it were leading to some kind of final countdown The twists in the story have allowed all of our characters to eualize All of them now stand in the crossfire and might step up to be killed lead fail or fade into the background Mr Bennett has managed to produce an excellent end point to this novel and leave open the possibilities of what is to comeThe story isn't hampered by the limited points of view and successfully expands the universe while only using the main Kobani people as fulcrums We successfully learned not only about the characters and who they are but the worlds and races that exist as well The Krall's history is offered up expanding upon and possibly identifying weaknesses and problems they can cause for humanity down the line I will say that while we didn't learn any new information about how Krall society works his twist on their empire itself was a pleasant surprise I didn't see coming In fact at this point I'm wondering just how many clans great and finger there are scattered in their empireThe only reason I wouldn't put the story at 5 stars is that I believe the author could have condensed the story a bit to improve the flow without losing content Since the book is self published it is an amazing independent work but I have a feeling that a good editor would polish it up a little and make it shineI was baffled and pleased by the last line of the book because it seems to go against the final scene but we obviously have a hint that things may not be what they appeargallandro

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    This is an amazing series and I would recommend this anyone who likes Sci Fi I cannot believe that this self published author has not been picked up by a publisher Personally I'm sorta glad that he has not Publishers will make him slow down how fast he puts out his books Right now he is averaging a book every 6 months I can't wait until the 4th books comes out

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    Continued good storytellingI am fully immersed in this world now and I find myself rooting for certain things and wishing for others The biggest problem I can think of in this book and series is that the individual people have become rather flat When I think of my favorite books and stories of all time it's the individual characters that I love most Even my favorite hard sci fi stories revolve around interesting and memorable personalities The other problem is lack of editing The word 'disdain' is consistently misspelled and loseloose and choosechose are freuently used incorrectly That should be easily fixedIn spite of these issues I have found myself engrossed and transported into a fun world of exciting fiction And these books are not short Over twelve hours of enjoyment apieceI look forward to

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    Good plot but drags at timesI liked the battles and the cool new human technology It was also fun to meet the prada and the crabs The story bogs down at times and it seems to take a while to get going again I may put this series to the side for a while

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    I read this shortly after it came out on my Kindle I couldn't download the story line fast enough and having to wait for the next book in the series was terrible I don't know how I missed doing a review of Book #3 Loved it and look forward to each and every story

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    It's all in the title The Kobani fight back I don't want to spoil the book so all I can say is the odds are still against them and there are some surprises The battles were a little confusing but not because of the author Battles on multiple fronts can be confusing and that's the nature of warThere were very few spelling mistakes Everything was readable and the science and combat flowed at a good pace It was really interesting to read the stories of all the alien races There are moral dilemmas that grab my attention and really make me thinkIf parents are concerned there is no sex in the book There's one part that hints at it without describing anything There is a lot of violence and a bit of sexual humor which I don't find funny There is also very little swearing if anySometimes it can be hard to remember all the names and who lived or died Sometimes the author might use a character's last name then switch to first or vice versa so that can be confusing But the character list in back is helpful But I would have liked a way to remember all the ship names that were mentionedThe aliens and their social customs are fleshed out very wellPeople sometimes say this book is sexist but I don't think so Men are stronger on average so would be likely to fight the KrallI would give it an age 15 rating

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    In my opinion this was a great book It had plenty of the elements that I really like in a good science fiction book A nice bunch of likable heroes some nasty alien adversaries uite a few wow moments where the heroes show their capabilities some good fighting and a few interesting twists in the storyThe Krall are continuing on their “Grand Path” but obviously the humans and especially the Kobanis are not really playing along After all the intent of the Kralls are the extinction if mankind so I guess it is somewhat understandable that the humans whether they are genetically modified humans or not have little desire to play the Krall gameOur heroes find a few allies along the road Both human and not so human ones I found these parts of the book uite nice It is not just that the humans finds some aliens with a grudge towards the Krall but the author have created a interesting story around said aliens and some of them are a wee bit reluctant to enter the human “crusade” against the Krall for reasons that I might not entirely agree with but are still rather understandableAs I wrote in the title of this post our heroes are dealing out some serious surprises and pain to the Kralls The human Kobani capabilities are being enhanced at a rather exponential rate This is something that sometimes feels like a cheap plot element but here in my opinion the author has done a decent job of it It ties nicely into the overall story and the various sub element of itNaturally there would be little suspense if our heroes and the humans in general would just roll over the Kralls and obviously this is not what happens The big “cliffhanger” in this book is how the Krall will respond and what secret weapon they will actually deploy There are some hints in the book and I have to say that I am looking forward to the next book even though I do not really like cliffhangersOverall this was a very enjoyable read Just my cup of tea The only reason I did not start to read the next book right away it is bought and sitting on my hard drive is that after three science fiction books in a row I felt like a detour into urban fantasy land was called for So after my latest adventure into the world of the Elemental Assassin series I will definitely get back to the Koban SeriesBy the way this is not a small novella At over 500 pages it is really god value for money and the fact that in my personal opinion it is a really good book makes it a very worthwhile “investment”

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    As I've now finished all the books up to date I thought I'd come back and write a few thoughts and comments In my humble opinion this book was perhaps the most frustrating in the series to the point where I almost gave upMaggie kills me She's an insensitive b% but everyone still likes her? She hits guys in the balls for no other reason than them beating her in an argument or teasing her back WHO THE HELL DOES THIS??? I would deck a woman if she tried to do that to me on a regular basis even if she was the same age as my grandmother The banter in this book is still terrible In some ways worse than ever before I will say though that it does improve in the next two books hang in thereI feel like at this point in the series the author is still incapable of writing scenes that not much happens Everything always feels weirdly unnatural and prose Like it's being staged rather than a real conversation Again this does hugely improve laterFinally some of the plot stuffSpoiler belowMaggie and Tet What? Why are you doing this? Spoiler endSome of the other major plot developments just tend to spring out of nowhereIn conclusion I feel that this series still holds masses of promise and is an interesting premise Haven't read anything uite like it After this book the series improves I promise Stick with it I think Stephen really grows as an author in the next book and I look forward to seeing his work for many years

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    Stephen Bennett's 'Koban' series is a mixed bag that is guilty pleasure entertaining at the same time; the world building is terrific with a panorama of interesting alien species and human politics The genetic engineering and semi hard science flavoring add two layers of believability to the mythology And the humans vs reptilian predators story should appeal to any SF fan who loves space warsWhere Bennett stumbles is in three areas dialog character building and repetitive 'head switching' point of view swapping The characters' speaking voices feel flat and their conversations seem wooden and awkward Then there is the head switching where the narration sometimes switches abruptly within a few paragraphs For me the benchmark of epic world building AND compelling characterization is the 'Hyperion' series by Dan Simmons followed by 'Startide Rising' by David Brin Bennett's Koban series ranks perhaps two notches below thoseDon't get me wrong this book and the rest of the Koban series are very good and extremely entertaining Just expect that some parts will drag and that the world building will be the good stuff that makes the read worthwhile If you are looking for a fun space operas filled with space battles and military combat this will definitely feed your appetitechokengtitiktitikchokengs I think the Koban series is self published because there are several typos and spelling errors throughout the book