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A family secret a mysterious lamp a dangerous Order with the mad desire to possess both Ginn used to think she knew all there was to know about how she became adopted by parents whose #1 priority is to embarrass her with public displays of affection but that changes when a single wish starts a never ending parade of weirdness marching through her door the day she turns thirteenGifted with a mysterious lamp and the missing pieces from her adoption story Ginn tries to discover whoor whatshe really is That should be strange enough but to top it off Ginn’s being hunted by the Order of the Grimoire a secret society who’ll stop at nothing to harness the power of a real genie Ginn struggles to stay one step ahead of the Grimms with the help of Rashmere Guardian of the lamp and the most loyal friend a girl never knew she had The Grimms are being helped too—but by whom? As much as she doesn’t want to Ginn’s beginning to uestion the motives of her long time crush Caleb Scott and his connection to her newest most dangerous enemy

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    For me the thing that has always distinguished a great story from a good story is whether or not I can see myself in it Am I there with the characters sharing in their experiences or am I sitting on my couch reading about their experiences? There is a difference It’s like the difference between standing beside Mary Poppins looking at the sidewalk drawing or taking her hand jumping into it and riding the carousel horses I want to be taken along for the ride; and from the very first page of Heir to the Lamp Michelle Lowery Combs’ debut novel about a teenage girl turned genie I was Meet Virginia Lawson “Ginn” Djinn As if the challenges of growing up with zany parents a horde of siblings and unmanageable hair are not enough try doing it while harnessing newfound magical powers and keeping your lamp and yourself out of the clutches of everyone wishing to control you both Such is Ginn’s plight as she bungles her initial attempts at magic but ultimately becomes skilled enough to outwit her adversaries with the help of her trusty sidekick and fellow djinn Rashmere In his hundreds of years as guardian of the lamp Rashmere has witnessed the rise and fall of empires but he has experienced nothing that could prepare him for being dropped into the Lawson household in 21st Century America Clearly from another place and time Rashmere is a lovable misfit charming in his innocence His misinterpretation of current day expressions his comical attempts to “modernize” his own outdated speech and his genteel mannerisms mark him as a “fish out of water” His centuries of selfless dedication and unwavering loyalty to Ginn’s ancestors and now to Ginn mark him as the best friend a new genie could ever wish for The characters are so skillfully crafted that even the relatively minor players are fully developed uniue personalities each contributing something very special to the story The somewhat eccentric but oh so cool grandmother who marches to the beat of her own drum; the oh so NOT cool parents; the throng of siblings well five siblings actually—but it feels like a throng to Ginn; friends; enemies; they are fallible funny lovable or loathsome but above all they are believable The imagery too is so vivid—so stunningly realistic—that whatever the setting I felt that I was a part of it When Ginn was fleeing an angry mob terrified and exhausted I was right beside her my own arms and legs mentally pumping When she entered the lamp’s universe for the first time unexpectedly spilling out onto a beach I actually felt my feet sink into the sun warmed sand heard the whisper of distant waves and suinted up at a sky the color of blue flames illuminated by electric white clouds I even saw myself reaching for a waffle in the Lawson family’s delightfully chaotic kitchen The settings were so realistically depicted that the reader could not help but be pulled in by the sights smells textures tastes and sounds Heir to the Lamp is as much a “place” as it is a story and I loved every minute of my visit While Ginn’s adventure is dramatic touching—and definitely suspenseful—humor features prominently in the story too Humor embedded as it is in the very heart of Michelle Lowery Combs’ writing shows up in the most unexpected places Time and again her descriptions of even the most commonplace occurrences had me laughing out loud There’s nothing out of the ordinary for example about a teenage girl wanting to insure that her privacy is not invaded by her brothers Using her own strategically placed under garments to fortify her bedroom against said invasion? Funny As Ginn learns the details of her birth parents’ lives and her own adoption and masters her jump shot as well as her magic Heir to the Lamp provides the perfect setting for the reader to explore the meaning of loyalty sacrifice and what makes a group of individuals—human or djinn—“family”

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    When I was first asked to read and review this book I was afraid that I would have a hard time being completely honest I know the author personally and consider her a good friend of mine Needless to say I have no problem telling you how much I enjoyed this novelWe start out with a story of Virginia aka Ginn and her misfit chaotic family She seems normal and as happy as a 13 year old girl can be She has normal struggles with her mother’s cooking her brothers and larger than normal bullies She’s witty independent and sporty And she just so happens to be one of a few children in her family that is adopted When Ginn discovers that things around her are changing due to silent wishes her Grandmother unveils the story of her birth family and unlocks a world she had only heard about in books While trying to grasp the reality of the person she really is she’s introduced to a new friend and protector that takes many shapes and forms over the course of the book Rashmere He becomes Ginn’s guide in this new world she has involuntarily become a part of teaching her the ropes and educating her about the enemies of her kind Together with help from her Gran her brother CJ and Rashmere Ginn learns how to navigate her new world and discovers that her enemies will stop at nothing to get their hands on her and her lampTypically I would think this novel would be geared toward the younger YA group However that being said I’m in my early 30’s and thoroughly enjoyed it I was really fond of Ginn’s independent nature and ability to adjust uickly to the overload of information thrown at her She was strong when she needed to be but I also loved that I could still see the snarky teenager creeping through her brave façade I found myself silently rooting for Ginn and her newly discovered abilities I adored precious Rashmere and his loyal nature Ginn’s family made me laugh a lot throughout the book and reminded me a good bit of my own chaotic life This book was an easy read but I still felt challenged in a good way It kept my brain occupied trying to remember stories and connections without overwhelming the plot of the story The pace was uick without feeling rushed I think any fan of YA paranormal books would really enjoy this one For Michelle’s debut novel I am beyond impressed and than a little proud of my friend I cannot wait to read of Ginn’s adventures in the seuels

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    Filled with magic curses and mystery Heir to the Lamp is a spellbinding journey about a young girl’s path to self discovery It’s uniue funny and enthralling But as great as the plotline was it’s the characters are what make the story particular Ginn Rushmere and CalebThough still in her pre teens Ginn’s not all about her like I have seen in some other young YA main characters Actually she was uite a spit fire when it comes to looking out for her friends and family And I found her though girl attitude engagingRushmere was especially cool and though I thought his entrance was a little weak I uickly grew to like him As for Caleb I had a hard time not liking him even when I started having my doubts about his loyalties But hey I’m a sucker for a copper haired boy with turuoise eyes I just wished there was of him in the storyline I felt his appearances were far and few betweenThe other best part of Heir to the Lamp was Ginn’s adoptive family They are a uniue blend of different personalities and characteristics and together they bring forth an unusual refreshing dynamic to young adult literature I enjoyed reading about them and would actually love to learn a little about each of these family members I hope there is information in future booksAs for the plotline I found it really enjoyable There were just a few scenes and events I wasn’t really sure why they were necessary to the plot The first being her little brother stealing the lamp to bring to school As entertaining as the event was I almost felt like this was an unnecessary obstacle for Ginn to face And her case of pink eye near the end I just kind of didn’t see any true purpose in it I almost felt it could have been replaced or just drop entirely from the scene It didn’t hold any valueIn all I couldn’t put this novel down I would definitely recommend Heir to the Lamp and I personally can’t wait to read the next book Especially if there is Rushmere and Caleb in itFor book reviews you can also visit my website over at Ketch’s Book Nook Thank you

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    Originally posted at Worlds Abound Heir to the Lamp starts off with our introduction to Virginia “Ginn” Lawson a 13 year old girl with a passion for sports and a crazy eclectic family After altering the outcome of a basketball game via mental wish Ginn thinks she’s going crazy Add on to that weird dreams and a talking rabbit named Rashmere and Ginn knows she needs to get some answers so she turns to her grandmotherGinn was a pretty relatable protagonist she likes sports and boys and her brothers constantly annoy her We find out pretty uickly that Ginn and 3 of her siblings are adopted and that leads to the revelation of her Djinn genie heritageWhat follows is a uick jaunt into a lamp that encompasses an island in the middle of an ocean a rabbit that talks and some scary giant people called the Grimm’s that are from a secret order bent on making Ginn their slaveThe book was not what I expected but definitely a refreshingly interesting read It’s relatively short about 190 pages and only covers a couple days’ worth of time but that was enough to give us a peak into this world of genies and magic It took me just a couple hours to get through and nothing stood out as glaringly annoyingwrong I will probably check out the seuel when it’s releasedI give this book 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend the title to anyone that likes middle grade fiction with magic

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    Heir to the Lamp is an intriguing story of 13 year old Ginn who finds out about her genie heritage on her 13th birthday Her birth mother leaves a message of warning for her along with a mysterious lamp As the story unfolds Ginn comes face to face with that danger and finds out that not only is she growing up but that she is capable of protecting the legacy of her genie ancestorsThe author does a wonderful job of describing the lamp and the genie world I enjoyed the suspense of finding out about her abilities along with Ginn She shows a lot of real emotions and fears just like a real teenager I can’t wait to read the next book to see what adventures are in store for Ginn and her family and friends

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    Heir to the Lamp was a fast paced and enjoyable read The editing and format allowed for me speed reading this one as well as the great story line I loved the characters and the realness Combs gives to them The main character Ginn is only 13 but mature which I found refreshing I usually don't read books with a main character younger than 16 because most of the time their plight is juvenile However Ginn was smart brash and resilient She comes from a dark past but doesn't dwell on it I liked how she's a look on the bright side sort of girl They mythology and historical accounts were well researched and presented in the book Anything about mythological creatures piues my interest so I was than thrilled when tried and true characters like the Djinn were presented in a uniue way Definitely a series I will continue to read

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    Smart and fun On the younger end of the YA spectrum but I'm excited to watch Ginn grow up and come into her own

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    Heir to the Lamp is Anne Rice meets Harry Potter with delicious writing a Southern Gothic mystery and an inventive world that tweens teens and the young at heart are sure to enjoy

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    I have just finished this story about two days ago This is one of those great stories that I was fortunate to came upon I found this through World Weaver Press' newsletter After reading the blurb my curiosity was piued so I signed up to review this book They sent me the first two books in the series Thank youObviously as suggested by the title this is about genies or djinns Aside from the very popular Disney's Alladin I have only read one other book about djinns Stone Bearers by Jacue Stevens It was a good story too Having not read a lot of books with the same topic just added fuel to my interest What kind of genie story this could be?The story is similar in a way to the story I have mentioned earlier The main character is the also a girl and there is a genie in the story Both stories have young heroines that are out to find and prove themselves And this is where I draw the line separating the two stories There could be a lot of ways in which they are different Heir to the lamp is current in its setting and characters It also tends to be hilarious since it never failed to paint a smile on my face because of its sometimes annoying yet cute characters Just like I am you will find you can't decide if the Terrible Twosome are too cute and smart or just plain little devils You will definitely wish that the Lawsons were your neighborsAgain this is a story of a thirteen year old finding her roots only it was so freaking unbelievable and awesome Unbelievable like crazy Are you for real kind of crazy The main character Ginn or Virginia was just finding out about her biological parents and her origins alongside just becoming a teenager with its perks and downside Knowing about where she came from made her appreciate the blessing of what a great adoptive family she has even though they are loud and chaotic most of the time She never lacked for love and support from them even from the Terrible TwosomeThe story transported me to a marvelous adventure There were no carpet rides but it was amazing none the less This felt like a story within a story with all the other fictional and mythical characters and creatures being introduced Turning the Grimm Brothers into the bad guys was not really unheard of but it was novel enough to me One thing is for sure I like this genie story and I can't wait to get on to the next bookI give this 55 genie lamps This magical journey is both entertaining and addicting I can't help but dive into the next book because my curiosity got the best of me I am so happy I found this book or appropriately this book found me Thank you again World Weaver Press for the copy I keep my size four figure safely enclosed in a generous layer of bubble wrap It's the only reason I'm wearing a size twelve Michelle Lowery Combs Heir to the Lamp

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    Heir to the Lamp is a fun start to what I'm sure will be a great series This first book of the Genie Chronicles is a uick read that sets up the characters and gives us a look at 13 year old Ginn's life as it's turned upside down by a fantastical well inheritance hence the title Ginn herself is a spunky gem of a character and I really like her big uirky family as well as the secondary characters And honestly there just aren't enough books about djinn out there right? To those I might recommend this book to I would definitely point out this tale is on the younger end of the YA category since so many YA books at the moment deal with darker older teen themes As an adult who enjoys both adult YA and middle grade reads I thought it was refreshing to see a 13 year old with normal 13 year old thoughts and problems with a helping of magic on top The second book is going straight to my TBR list