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Terror rises at Dead River Ranch in this intriguing Coltons of Wyoming romanceWrangler Dylan Frick thought he knew his past until a suspicion surfaces that he's the secret Colton heir who vanished from Dead River Ranch as a baby Now his identity's in uestion and his mother's murder is still unsolved And he's thrown off course by the ranch's mysterious new maid Hope Woods The gun wielding knockout has fear in her eyes and seems desperate to escape her own private danger Defending Hope and keeping her deadly secret leaves them both open to unexpected passion But will protecting her mean walking out of her life for good?

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    It's really bad if you are reading a romance novel and when you get to the scene where the hero and heroine have sex for the first time you are like Meh Eh You should be super excited You should be feeling tingly and full of anticipation If you're not then you know the author has failedSuch was the case hereIt's a shame because this book started out very strong People have been murdered on the Colton ranch there's lots of drama Murder kidnapping blah blah blah So when wrangler Dylan Frick hears something strange in the barn he rushes to investigate not even bothering to button up his shirt He's surprised to find a beautiful woman he's never seen before grooming a mare Don't Move he warned digging into his jeans' back pocket with his free hand I'm calling the policeNo Please she begged realizing that this gorgeous specimen with his tight toned abs and his unforgiving gaze hadn't come to kill herCarmen's ears perk up Intriguing Stand still he ordered as he stepped closer Close enough for her to smell the sharp scent of the soap he used with the background aroma of hay hard work and saddle leather The combination was a far cry from the expensive colognes and exotic aftershaves worn by the men she'd once imagined she knew but she decided on the spot she liked the honest smell of horse and cowboy betterFlicking a look at her eyes he reached for the tab of the zipper and slowly worked it downward his breath warm against her faceCarmen happily munches popcorn Tears streamed down her face and her shaking knees gave way completely But she didn't fall for in one swift and fluid movement the cowboy wrapped a strong arm around her waist to support herIn his blue eyes she saw a glimmer of compassion Praying it was than wishful thinking she whispered You can't tell anyone because I'm in hidingIn hiding from what? he asked speaking with a gentleness that stood out in stark contrast against his chiseled features and hard musclesCarmen sueals in happiness I was actually settling in for a nice cheesy book that would be so fun and cuteHowever my hopes began to be dashed on page 27 That's when the hero says Not that he had the time the energy or the interest to pursue some spoiled beauty ueenHmmmm fuck you I was rather surprised at him being a misogynistic asshole This whole I hate beautiful women and assume they're stuck up and stupid so that I don't feel so bad when they invariably reject me is SO hateful and disgusting to me It's hard for me to like a hero who engages in such behavior Sour grapesAnd things just devolve from thereNot only is the romantic story sort of buried in the dramamysterysuspense story but Thompson makes this book darker than the previous books in the series Trip has always been a creep but in this book he is outright rapist and his head is a really scary place to be Readers are forced to undergo his fantasies about raping unconscious women and enslaving women sexually through blackmail Not only that but the man who is after Aurora has some pretty sick ideas about what to do with her before he murders herI'm not a fan of thisTo top it all off Dylan just really isn't the man I thought he would be He is bossy to Aurora She protests She glared at him My ex husband used to pull stuff like this Ordering me around and pretending it was for my own goodHe doesn't seem to care Dude when a woman is comparing you to her evil murderous ex that's a bad thing Perhaps you should pay attention? And stop that shit?Around the 60% mark he gets this LUDICROUS idea to use her as bait Does he tell her that he's using her as bait? No Does he just lead her into danger hoping it will flush out the bad guys not seeming to care that he's playing with the woman's life? Yes I mean WTF? This is not hero behavior And when she calls him on it he's just like shrug Everything will be fine Carmen bashes her head against the wall ARghThe heroine also in the middle of the book suddenly turns extremely stupid for no reason Everyone is like You are in danger Don't go up to your bedroom aloneBut I want to Nothing will happen You are exaggerating even though someone literally has tried to murder me about five timesNoBut I want to Nothing will happenOh fine But be carefulI will skips upstairs someone tries to murder herI mean Jeez Louise I hate when romantic suspense books can't think of a good enough reason for the heroine to be alone and so they make her have an attack of stupidity It's jarring and horrible And they do it a lot A skilled author would never have to do this A skilled author would be able to think of a plot point without suddenly making the MC brainless Don't think your readers aren't going to notice if the heroine is suddenly a moron for no reasonHOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?This is where things get a bit strangeWe first start to know we are in trouble when we witness the protagonists' second kiss His fingers touched her eyelids Open them for me he whispered his voice rough as his hands were gentle I want you to look into my face Aurora This time I want you watching when I kiss youWhat? No Why would you want that? No BadThen when the two MCs are finally going to have sex I was not excited at all Which was a very bad sign especially considering how sexually and romantically exciting the first 20 or so pages were Wave after burning wave of sensation rippled through her swirling through her body to pool in places far too long untouchedIs that good? Burning sensation? That doesn't sound sexy All that mattered was the liuid warmth of her mouth beneath his the heat of her flesh as his day's growth of whiskers trailed down the length of her neckOkay that's good Using facial hair on her neck is good YumThe sex is TECHNICALLY good although poorly written Technically good because Dylan engages in foreplay makes her orgasm with his mouth on her clitoris and his finger inside her and is stopped from giving her a second one only because she asks him for PIV sex now She also has hair on her vulva which I likeHowever it's not very well described sex It's rather vague and not as slow or as described as I would have liked Also lines like Meet me under the covers cowboy she suggested And I'd better not be the only one there naked are making me giggle instead of think this is really hotOn top of all this the idiots DO NOT use a condom And we are just supposed to believe that they were just SO CAUGHT UP in the moment that neither one of them thought about protection even though Dylan's whole schtick in this book is that his mother might have lied to him about his paternity and his true parentage etc etc and it's hard for me to believe a guy who has been through all this in these five books would be blasé about fathering a child out of wedlockLTR So after they are both like Oops we didn't use any form of birth control Aurora BLATENTLY AND FOR NO REASON lies to Dylan and tells him she's barren and can't get pregnant Yet at the same time is secretly hoping she's now pregnant with his baby or some shit WHAT THE FUCK? And then at the end of the book when she admits that was a bunch of bullshit he JUST SHRUGS AND DOESN'T CARE I was gobsmacked To me that is a big deal A big fucking deal If I were a man I would be VERY PISSED OFF that a woman calmed my fears of getting her pregnant by BLATANTLY LYING about infertility Wow Really shit move and one that she suffers NO repercussions for WowTl;dr This segues nicely into my summary in which I thought I'd inform you that these two just DID NOT seem to want to be together that badly I wasn't very convinced they were in love or that their 'love' was that serious It felt like a fling heightened by dangerous circumstances And when they'd have to part or break up which happened than once I didn't really feel like it was ripping their hearts out So failure as a romance novel IMOSad because the beginning was SO good and SO promising This could have been not only a good book but a hot one Colleen Thompson is not a bad author I liked her book Lone Star Survivor better than this one

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    At the end of the last book The Colton Bride Dylan asked for help finding out about his murdered mother's background Some things have come out that have caused him to uestion who he is He's having a hard time dealing with the idea that he could be the missing Cole Colton There is also a new maid on the ranch that turns out not to be a maid at all Dylan is trying to keep her safe from her mob boss ex husband's killers at the same time he's trying to discover who is the mastermind behind the trouble on the ranch As they work together to find answers they are faced with unexpected passion All they have to do is figure out a way to be togetherI have liked Dylan throughout the series He's a genuinely nice guy who loved his mother is happy with the work he does and has no desire to be the missing heir He's fighting a lot of anger over his mother's murder and the subseuent uestioning of who he is Even once he knows the truth there are still uestions about why his mother brought him to the ranch His initial meeting with Hope has him doubting her employment until it is confirmed by Amanda When he hears Hope's story he is determined to help keep her safe Worrying about her helps keep his mind off his own problems I loved seeing how determined he was to protect her even if it meant giving up any chance of being with her His love for her made his decision at the end easy for him I'll be interested to see if anything changes by the end of the next bookHope is hiding out as a maid on her friend Amanda's ranch She had been married to a man who turned out to be a mob boss After she turned him in and agreed to testify against him she ended up on the run to escape the people trying to kill her Just when she thinks she's safe on the ranch someone tries to kill her there She doesn't know if her ex husband's people have found her or if she has run afoul of the mastermind who is causing the trouble on the ranch She does know that Dylan has made it his mission to keep her safe even at the risk of his own life I really liked her strength of character that had her doing the right thing at the beginning of the book and the strength of will she had that enabled her to do what she had to to stay safe I loved the way that her own problems gave her the empathy to help Dylan deal with his issues I loved the solution that enabled them to be together at the endEvents on the ranch are getting intense We're seeing of the mastermind who we now know is a woman I still have no idea who she is for sure though I have a couple suspects in mind I can't wait to find out for sure I also want to know the reason for all the trouble Trip is still causing problems especially for the female employees I can't decide if he's part of the whole problem or if he's just a creep I loved the confrontation between him and Dylan at the end of the book

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    I love this series of books The books can be read out of order and as a reader you are not left confused or lost Each book stands alone This book was excellent The suspense and action was intense most books have a villain maybe two In this story Hope had all kinds of people after her She had her ex husbands cronies that wanted her to die If Hope can live long enough she is set to testify against her ex husband She has a jealous co worker that is out for blood If that is not bad enough she also has a spoiled rich man that never grew up out to seduce and hurt her The romance was sweet Dylan was there to protect Hope against anyone who wanted to harm her Hope's best friend Amanda had asked Dylan to watch and protect Hope while she was at the ranch What started out as a job turned into something much Will Dylan be able to walk away from the gorgeous blue eyes and steamy kisses in the end? You will have to read and find out This is one book worth reading if you like action and romance books

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    Dylan Frick doesn't know who his father is and is loath to find out even though he's agreed to give a DNA sample in the unlikely event he's a match for the Colton patriarch on whose ranch he works as a wrangler When Hope Woods arrives on the ranch running from her ex husband and mob boss she is assured she's safe there In fact Amanda Colton asks Dylan to watch out for Hope But soon events occur that suggest she's been followed When both she and Dylan are targeted the big uestion then becomes who will be the next victim of the person who has already killed three people on the ranch including Dylan's own mother? And will he still be targeted if it turns out he is the long lost Colton baby?

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    If you’ve been paying attention all the way along the answer to the Cole uestion will not come as a great surprise There have been hints along the way that Dylan is not exactly who he always believed Even if you hadn’t uite decided if the authors were going to honor their own clues the title pretty much gave it away Finding out who Cole is doesn’t get us any closer to finding out how or why Faye brought him back to Dead River Ranch in the first place As if things were not already complicated enough at the Ranch Thompson brings us an outside threat in the form of Hope Woods Trying to escape her mob ex husband and her past Hope runs to Dead River to hide out Andrea Colton is her college roommate and gladly welcomes her Not surprisingly the danger follows Hope to Wyoming Her ex husband’s enforcers are trying to killer her before she can testify against him Once at the Ranch Hope manages to run afoul of the Mastermind orchestrating the deadly goings on at the Ranch If all this sounds a bit confusing it is; however Thompson masterfully weaves the two storylines together She manages to keep the two storylines clear for the reader as she moves the story forward The Hope storyline could have been distracting but doesn’t ever reach that pointHope’s storyline is much easier to resolve and comes to a logical conclusion at the end of the novel Once again another couple leaves the Ranch and the search for answers I don’t agree with the choice that Dylan makes to leave with her but I understand it No matter what his name is Dylan’s heart is clearly at the Ranch I also very much wanted to see him find the answers he was looking for regarding his mother’s death and his own history By them leaving I don’t know that that will come about I really liked Dylan throughout the earlier books I was happy to see him finally get his own romantic HEA He makes a fine Colton heir even if he doesn’t want to accept that designation I did expect Thompson to resolve a few loose ends While she did address a biggie there are still many to cover Adding to the many remaining unanswered uestions is why the Mastermind wants to kill Hope Beth Cornelison certainly has her hands full of loose ends to tie up in the last book in the series Based on the first five I’m sure she’s up to the task I can’t wait to read the last installment Colton Christmas Rescue and finally see justice done

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    Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Colton Heir by Colleen Thompson is the newest book in The Coltons of Wyoming series This book starts off with a bang literally when a bomb explodes in Hope Woods' car Colleen certainly knows how to introduce readers to a new characterThen readers return to Dead River Ranch where we meet Dylan Frick again His mind is on the DNA test and his mother's murder Hope is now working at Dead River Ranch as a maid thanks to her friendship with Amanda Colton Colleen has written a storyline that is filled with twists as both Hope and Dylan try to stay ahead of Hope's husband's enforcers and the mastermind Amanda Levi Kate and Jethro all make appearances in this book which help to maintain the Colton series However Amanda is the strongest secondary character because of her friendship with Hope Amanda helps to keep the story moving; and she give the readers some insight into Hope's characterColleen answered one major uestion in this book; but there are a lot uestions left to be answered in the final book in the series that comes out in DecemberThis is the first book by Colleen Thompson that I have read; but it won't be the last one I enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down as there was something happening in every chapter I will be looking forward to reading of Colleen's books in the future

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    Great continuation of the Colton SagaDylan Frick a wrangler on Dead River Ranch is still trying to figure out who murdered his mother To complicate matters he maybe the kidnapped son of the ranch owner His DNA is being tested to see if he is Cole Colton and if he is a match for a marrow transplant to save the man who has been his boss for years but may also be his father Hope Woods is a new hire on the ranch Her experience as a maid has a lot to be desired One of her best friends in college is Amanda Colton and Hope asked Amanda if she could hide out on the ranch She was set to testify against her husband but after being tracked down she left WITSEC to become a maid at Dead River RanchDylan and Hope's world collide both are trying to deal with murders Dylan trying to find the truth before another person on the ranch is found dead and Hope is just trying to stay a step ahead of the hit men her husband has after her Can these two outrun the people who are after them? And can they outrun their feeling for each other? Both knowing whatever the outcome of each their sagas will change them both foreverThis story has you holding your breath throughout The suspense keeps you reading and you will find yourself cheering Hope and Dylan onReceived this book for an honest review

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    The Colton Heir is a real page turnervery hard to put down Is Dylan Fick the secret Colton heir that vanished when he was a baby from Dead River Ranch? Who murdered his mother? Who is this new mysterious maid Hope Woods at the ranch? Can they keep her deadly secret stay out of danger while falling in love? Or will keeping her safe mean Dylan needs to walk away from her? I found this book very interesting and full of the unexpected Will keep you on the edge of your seat

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    The Colton Heir kept me guessing throughout the book Secrets organized crime DNA results murdersDead River Ranch is a very busy place to be Who is the mastermind? This book is well worth reading

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    Another Colton hit If you love the series than you will love this book It keeps you guessing at each turn There's something going on at Dead River Ranch but will it ever end?? This was my first Colleen Thompson book but I will be ordering her backlist now