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In this Bolton Brothers book first comes the baby and maybe then comes marriage?He'd never expected to see Stella Caine again After one wild night she'd walked away right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton's career So Bobby left her aloneUntil nowNow Stella is pregnant and staying in his condo This is a complication that can be solved only one way marriage Bobby wants to do the right thing Hell he wants her he has never stopped wanting her Surely he can convince her to say yes even without those three little words

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    Book ReviewBook Title Expecting a Bolton BabyBook Author Sarah M AndersonIntroduction I was craving some ooey gooey Harleuin styled romance so I decided this book should fit the bill I also got it from a random garage sale I know I knowbuy the books from the garage sale don't benefit the authorso the least I could do was review and get the word out about itReviewNormally I love ooey gooey super romance y type books but for whatever reason I wasn't into this book Now hear me out this book was SUPER AWESOME and it definitely fits the bill of being an amazing Harleuin romance but personally it just wasn't hitting the notes Perhaps I thought I wanted to read a romance and I actually needed a different genre but it just wasn't doing it for meAll that being said this book was really good in the romance genre my distaste for it wasn't because of the book itself I think I just needed a genre changeSo remove my negative thoughts from the euation and here's my thoughtsThis is a nice book to read when you don't want some heavy crimepsychologicalhorror type novel It's a smooth read it moves uickly and it's packed tight with romance It's over flowing with a beautiful narrative and sappy lines which can make every romance fan drool with excitement Expecting a Bolton Baby is apart of a series but I didn't have any issue picking up on what happened in the first It won't leave you confused or lost but the first book would help connect a few dots It can be treated like a standalone for any romance readers who simply need a sappy book to pick upCharacter growth and development was great in this novel as well I'm not usually expecting much development during a Harleuin romance but it was there for the picking Great job SarahThis book might not seem to be the most realistic novel in the entire world but it does fit the Happily Ever After sort of build I like to see in novels I really enjoyed that aspect where it wasn't depressing and sad for the entire novel it left me feeling warm and fuzzy This little slice of life book is great to pick up those winter bluesOverall this was a good book I might not have been feeling the romance genre but it was a sweet read I would definitely suggest anyone who's a fan of romance or needs a break from reality to pick up this beautiful bookThree out of five stars

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    This is Bobby's and Stella's storyI sure had high hopes for this book because I thought the story line had great promise Unfortunately it was a sizable letdown for this reader and I was deeply disappointed Stella and Bobby met at a club one night It was a very rare occasion for Stella to go out and she didn't freuent clubs Even though Stella was not the type of woman Bobby usually hooked up with they were both instantly drawn to each other They got a little crazy and left the club to do the horizontal tango something that was out of character for Stella She did not do guys boyfriends or one night stands having given that up years before She lived by her father's harsh law of the land and moral code that he dictated and commanded He was truly a horrible person So set on almost impossible moral standards that a preacher would have difficulty following What an oxy moron because he was a mean spiteful vindictive vengeful man who was mentally and verbally abusive especially to his daughter who cowered at the thought of him but also to his business partners and anyone else in his path She was an embarrass to him because she was a clothing designer and went for an edgy look something a little out of the box Bobby wanted to continue seeing her but she told him 'no' to protect him because she figured out her dad was his boss and major investor in his business She knew he would cause major trouble for Bobby because her father places a morality clause in all his business contracts Heaven forbid that someone didn't do something perfectly because then he could dump them and take their business away leaving them in an impossible financial situation that would leave them bankrupt That was two months ago and he's thought about her constantly wishing they could have given it a go He was so taken with her that he hasn't looked at another women since he was with her which by the way it was described must have been a record breaking amount of time for him to not hook up We find out early that he has been with a lot of women so him going to a club and leaving to have sex with a woman was not something new He was a playboy and loved his bachelor lifestyle What troubled me even than his man whore ways was all his thoughts about the other women he would be giving up if he was involved with Stella He was not keen on marriage or having a family I really got frustrated with all his thoughts about all the others that had come before her like a woman in every port and it was a complete turn off for me When a couple meets and considers a relationship together I despise hearing about all their sexual exploits It caused me to lost a lot of respect for his character and I never regained it One chapter you think he is in love with her and the next he is thinking about all the women and sex he will miss out on if he offers her marriage It was unsettling That is not what I want to hear about as they are trying to get their relationship going Got ahead of myself so I'm going to back up a little Bobby is shocked and thrilled when Stella arrives at his business office But she has a good reason and informs him the condom malfunctioned and she is pregnant She came to see if he wanted to be involved with the child Since her father is such a horrible man and parent she wants to discover if Bobby is 'in' or 'out' She doesn't want her child to fall in love with his father then to suffer the way she has when said father abandoned her after the death of her mother It broke her in a way I don't think she will ever entirely recover from She didn't want her child to suffer the pain of abandonment for Bobby to be 'in' the child's life then all the sudden 'leave' because she knows uite well the pain and suffering it caused her throughout most of her life Stella is twenty five years old and from afar her father controls every aspect of her life has her followed 247 and basically handed her off to his friend to raise when she wasn't stuck in boarding schoolSadly this book had one of the weakest heroines I have ever read about I actually struggled while trying to figure out why Bobby was so drawn to her given her pathetic weaknesses and her willingness to adhere to her father's every word even though she knew good and well he was wrong The young woman couldn't even think for herself or make a decision in just about every area of her life That would be believable if her father was around but she had not seen him in years Her thoughts self talk and conversations were so redundant that I wanted to toss my Kindle out the window then go find it and stomp it until it was obliterated When her mother passed away she was immediately shipped to a boarding school at the young age of eight and her father paid extra to have them keep her year round Most years she didn't even get to come home for Christmas Since they only kept her year round because of the money pops was willing to pay she spent most of her time alone She would go years and not hear from or see her father but when he called and demanded something of her she was trained that she had no choice and had to say yes to his every demand She showed us this time and excrutiating time again She was extremely naive and didn't give a thought to go against him I don't think it's normal for her to have felt this way Thinking of her made me picture her as a limp dishrag or a worn out thread bare doormat He would tell her all the time by phone what a disappointment she was because she like edgy clothes and he did not approve He was extremely conservative and Stella would never ever consider saying no to him When they had any confrontation you could just feel her begin to wither away into herself I waited and waited checking at 50% 60% then 75% wondering when this weak girl was going to get some gumption and uit bowing to her father's every command She was twenty five in love and pregnant yet she could do nothing that may bother her father The problem with that is that everything everyone did bothered him Her character was never transformed and I waited the whole book for that It really never happened The only time she ever stood up to him she ended up packing and leaving Bobby to go back home with Evil daddy It also made me consider what kind of wimpy woman like her could ever be an effective wife and mother It is almost at the very end and she is saying that she might as well give up her life she really didn't have one and just live her life under her father's control She was certain she didn't want her father to have any control over how her child was raised yet she is going to give up and surrender to the man who has abused her most all her life I can't imagine that giving in and appearing so weak would draw Bobby to her or any other man It's not attractive to watch a person not live their own life while they bow to a demeaning and demanding parent Of this I know first hand A person who never even considers she has a right to live her life as she chooses She has a right to say enough She has a right to say no She felt she deserved nothing in this life It was sad very sad as well as frustrating There were a lot of inconsistancies in this story and I am finished with this series Book One I couldn't get interested in it Book Two was just plain bad and Book Three less than fairDo I recommend it? No absolutely not unless you like to read a book that leaves you angry and frustrated

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    Today is Release DayI haven't read the first two books in this series but this one can be read as a standalone I liked the way this man thinks Bobby has been raised to do the right thing and it's actually something he wants to do He wants to have Stella in his life and the baby? Well that's icing on his cake It does take him a while to figure out how to go about such a thing because he has to LEARN how to communicate with herFor her part Stella is not sure what she wants She hasn't had a loving family dynamic in ages not since her mother died Her father ugh what a jerk It's a good thing she had her bodyguard to give her a bit of normalcy and supportStella is scared but thrilled to be pregnant She wants a family desperately She's also uite smitten with Bobby But what if he runs? What if he doesn't stay? What if he doesn't love them? Her fears almost ruined what could be wonderful Apparently Bobby was a player before Stella and this has really gobsmacked him He has this huge business deal with a morals clause that just might take his entire family into bankruptcy if he doesn't watch his p's and 's He has to decide what is important family or businessSince this is a romance we know he makes the right decision It's fun watching him get there I would have preferred a bit of a showdown between Stella and her father But that's a minor issue This was a fun read You can preorder this nowThank you NetGalley and Harleuin for the opportunity to read this book

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    Publication Date November 1 2013Publisher Harleuin DesireSeries the Bolton Brothers #3 Harleuin Desire #2267ISBN 978 0373732807Number of Pages 192Genre Contemporary RomanceChick LitRecommended Age AdultsMy Rating 4 StarsAvailable from Barnes NobleThe weather’s changing and it’s time to cozy up with easy to read light romance Expecting a Bolton Baby by Sarah M Anderson is a great choice if you like to watch the hero and the heroine tip toe around each other emotionally while denying any feelings even to themselves Bobby Bolton is embarking on the biggest business venture of his lifetime one that will make people look at him as a man capable of standing on his own Of course his largest backer is a stodgy old man with all kinds of clauses in his contract and Bobby needs him The problem? There is a morality clause seriously no misbehaving nothing that could sully the reputation of the powerful and wealthy Mr Caine a very vocal and visual proponent of the traditional family Enter a beautiful sexy woman who has a one night fling with Bobby not like Mr Caine will find out right? Oops seems this now very pregnant woman is Stella Caine Mr Caine’s very own daughter How will Bobby save his business and deal with fatherhood? Does he want to spend the rest of his life with one woman? What if that woman was Stella? You may think you can figure out the ending but getting there is the fun partSarah M Anderson writes with a light hand adds a few colorful characters and a few little twists just to keep things lively in this nicely paced cozy little romanceI received an ARC edition is exchange for my honest review from NetGalley and Harleuin Desire For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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    Novel received courtesy of Goodreadscom giveawayI love to read this kind of a light book after I've been reading heavy thought provoking books for awhile Sarah Anderson writes the kind of books that make you get lost in the world she creates She also makes you root for the characters because you've grown to love them over the past 12 hours since you started the book Her ability to create the depth of character that she does in such a short 190 pages novel is astounding to meThis is the second in the Bolton Brothers series I'm hoping that I can get to the others in the series I've come to be invested in these brothers' lives

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    Good book Bobby hadn't forgotten his encounter with Stella but respected her wishes to leave her alone Then she came back to see him and tell him that she's pregnant Bobby is stunned but determined to do the right thing if only he can convince herI really liked Bobby I wasn't sure about him in the earlier books as he seemed a bit like the typical smarmy salesman In this book we get to know him better Bobby is a people person which is why he's so good at sales He has a great talent at being able to read most people As the youngest brother he feels like he needs to prove himself which is why he's gotten involved with building the resort He found out after the fact that Stella is the daughter of his biggest investor the same one who is super conservative and not likely to take his daughter's pregnancy well I really liked the way that Bobby is not upset about Stella's pregnancy but is actually kind of excited about it He has been a bit of a player before but since meeting Stella hasn't been interested in anyone else He is surprised when she turns down his proposal but he's not going to give up One of the things I liked best about Bobby was the way that he actually listened to Stella and tried to do things that would make her happy I loved it when he took her to the shop and got the two ladies to get her the supplies she needed to do her work It also showed how comfortable he was with babies when he was playing with Josey's little girl I loved the way he wanted her with every day they were together but he sure was an idiot when he neglected to tell her that he wanted her to stay It was great when his two sisters in law sat him down and pointed out where he'd gone wrong I loved seeing him stand up to her father in public before going after StellaStella had a terrible relationship with her father ever since her mother died He was a cold man who never paid any attention to her unless he was putting her down She has become an excellent fashion designer but still gets no approval from her father Her designs are a bit out there and her ultra conservative father doesn't approve of them at all I liked the way she does her own thing anyway When she met Bobby she was drawn to him because he actually noticed her and talked to her something that didn't happen to her often She only was with him that one time because she didn't want to cause him trouble When she discovered she was pregnant she went to him because she wanted to find out if he would be involved with the baby or distant like her father She was stunned to find out just how involved he wanted to be She wants nothing than to have a family of her own but she doesn't want a marriage of obligation She wants to be wanted and loved for herself The time she spends with Bobby the deeper she falls for him I felt really bad for her with the way that her father treats her I liked the way that Bobby supports her and backs her up so she can get what she needs I had high hopes for her when she stood up to her father at the end but then she backed down and I wanted to smack her I hope that Bobby's love gives her the strength that she needs to be her own person

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    The final Bolton brother Bobby hovered in the background of the other two A little too smooth relying on talking his way in and out of everything from beds to business deals I wasn't sure if I was going to like him especially after loving Billy from bringing home the bachelor so much fangirl dance for Billy Bobby is busy building himself an empire He has signed up for a reality TV show featuring his brothers and the Crazy Horse Motorcycling business run by his father and two brothers This will fund the construction of a lifestyle resort for upmarket bike riders which is his stand for independence to prove he isn't the no good baby brotherThe arrival of Stella on his doorstep with news of her pregnancy couldn't have come at a worse time Her not so loving dad is the key investor in both the TV show and the resort and the morals clause means that not only Bobby but the rest of the family could lose everythingThe fact that Bobby's been thinking about the elusive Stella for months makes for plenty of complications I loved his interactions with her and his respect and nurturing when he found out why she was there It was fascinating finding out why he was so different to his brothers and it made sense to meIt was harder for me to warm up to Stella Her rebellion against her father was so passive aggressive and even her reactions to Bobby where of the same nature It was funny seeing the smooth talking Bobby fumble over simple conversational gambitsThis was a really sweet story and lacked a lot of the angst of the previous two I think this was because of Bobby's nature It was still a lovely story and the ending was satisfying even if a little rushed

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    This was exactly what I was looking forIt is as it appears to be sweet a little sappy a little drama very HarleuinHonestly one of this book's best features was the fact that Bobby was really written like a man He wasn't perfect; he made man mistakes Ladies you know what I'm talking aboutFun read

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    Synopsis In this Bolton Brothers book first comes the babyand maybe then comes marriage?He'd never expected to see Stella Caine again After one wild night she'd walked away right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton's career So Bobby left her aloneUntil nowNow Stella is pregnant and staying in his condo This is a complication that can be solved only one way marriage Bobby wants to do the right thing Hell he wants her he has never stopped wanting her Surely he can convince her to say yes even without those three little words My Thoughts 35 Stars To start off I haven't read any of the books from this series with the exception of this one I ran across Expecting a Bolton Baby via Netgalley and reuested it due to the blurb Without the knowledge that this was part of a series I read Expecting a Bolton Baby without any confusion so I can say that this story can be a standalone readExpecting a Bolton Baby was hard to put down in the beginning I read the first half straight through and got really engaged with the story Bobby and Stella's one night stand resulted in a baby and I admired that Bobby man up and took responsibility when Stella came to him with the news Bobby was ever caring sweet and was always putting Stella's wishes and wants before his own Plus he cooks and does the dishes Now that's the kind of hero I love ;While I loved Bobby's character I can't say the same for Stella unfortunately She wasn't a bad heroine but I had some issues with her For one I wished Stella could have developed of a backbone and stood up to her father But she didn't Considering her painful childhood of neglect I could understand why she was a little cold and distant and had numerous doubts about Bobby However despite being an adult she was still the scared little girl I just wanted to see growth in her character yet that didn't happen Further I got annoyed with Stella's internal thoughts I understood her feelings yet what I couldn't understand was why she didn't voice them out loud It was as if she wanted Bobby to read her mind but he's not a mind reader womanAs for the epilogue although it was a nice addition I thought that it ended a bit abruptly Not only that but I would have liked to have some sense of closure between Stella and her father Stella never confronted her father about his neglect and behavior all those years I was looking forward to some type of discussion or confrontation but nothing happened I was expecting Stella to face her father but she didn't and for that I was a little disappointed Again that brings me back to me wishing she could have developed of a backbone Then her father just showed up at the wedding and with that it gave the impression that he just came around I just thought that it was too easy and unbelievableIn the end although this review may sound negative than positive Expecting a Bolton Baby was not a bad read It was good and I rather enjoyed it Yes I had some issues with it but for the most part it did keep me entertained I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review

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    First comes the babyand maybe then comes marriage? He'd never expected to see Stella Caine fashion designer again After one wild night she'd walked away—right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton's career His partner in the new Crazy Horse Resort and reality television show So Bobby left her alone Until now Now Stella shows up with Mickey the bodyguard and is pregnant and staying in his condo This is a complication that can be solved only one way marriage Bobby wants to do the right thing Hell he wants her—has never stopped wanting her Surely he can convince her to say yes even without those three little words