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A Catholic priest with uestions A penitent woman with a secret past A jealous friend The fourth in this lover's knot? GodFather Rob Souza faces the forbidden desire of his own heart when Jessica victim of a brutal assault comes for counseling Rob’s best friend Lawrence is a priest with an artistic temperament and trials of his own A Greek chorus of gossiping priests and church politics riddled with suspicion and battling for souls force Lawrence Rob and Jessica to make choices they didn't intendTongues of Angels offers a peek behind the curtain of the priesthood offering a funny poignant look at Catholic angst and ambiguity Based on a true story Tongues of Angels is a canny warm and surprisingly spiritual novel for our time Now back in print for the 10th Anniversary Edition through Indie Visible Ink

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    There are few contemporary novels out there that captivate entertain and make you reconsider your own view of the world and TONGUES OF ANGELS is one of those In Park Tracey's masterful hands the very human lives of two of God's men are flayed open and displayed examined in honest often searingly satiric and sensual prose The author's background in poetry is evident in her lush description and her thorough research and care for the story shines through in the imagining of actual eventsHighly recommend

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    Tongues of Angels takes us behind the velvet ropes of the Catholic church where secrecy and ceremony mask the daily struggle of priests grappling with their all too human emotions Piety and propriety are difficult enough to maintain but celibacy is the vow they make every minute of every day with varying degrees of success One priest Father Rob Souza is tempted by forbidden fruit in the form of the lovely convert Jessica whose company he finds intellectually spiritually and over time physically stimulating Tracey’s strong elegant voice is like good music played in the background of a gripping story I found myself reading certain lines aloud to hear how she wrung so much emotion out of so few words She has a great ear for dialogue for bringing characters to life through their conversations – especially the priests with their racy innuendos their exclusive brotherhood and their attempts to either live up to their vows or at least not get caught breaking them I was blown away by this book and not at all surprised to find it was loosely based on real events I’ll certainly read it than once

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    Wow peeling away the curtains of the Catholic Church is a bit like opening Pandora's box This story gives the reader a candid view of the men behind the collars Their parishioners exalt and Angel ize them but they're really only humans right? Yeah humans battling desires against an iron clad promise to God Talk about sizzling tension and this book delivers every juicy minute of it Sometimes God wins sometimes desire but either way one side loses until the tug a war ends in the ultimate climax

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    Tongues of Angels manages to be sexy smart and spiritual all at once And without even trying timely for the changes happening in the Catholic Church As a person who grew up without religion but has long held a fascination it's both a probing look at how religion does and doesn't work and also just a fantastic story of love and longing of being human and hungering for both romantic love and divine love I really really adored this book Deep characters language and imagery that haunts and philosophically challenging

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    I had a spare hour before bed this week so I thought I would settle in with a new book and then catch an early night I bought Tongues of Angels by Julia Park Tracey and five hours later I was cursing her I was immediately drawn into the plot—the conflicted priest Father Rob Souza has a seriously intriguing storyline While I’m sure few of us have made vows of celibacy we can all understand and relate to wanting something we can’t or aren’t supposed to have The attraction between Father Souza and Jessica the new convert to the church is palpable The author’s writing style is completely immersive and had me invested in all the character from the first page The philosophical and spiritual aspects of Tongues of Angels run deep and it’s clear that the author has definitely dotted the Is and crossed the Ts on her research When I went and did a little research of my own after finishing Tongues of Angels in just 2 days I was addicted I found out that the story was based in part on a true story and that was intriguing in itself I’d love to know about the real life characters that Rob Jessica and Lawrence represent I would recommend Tongues of Angels to people who like a well written sensually beautiful book with a little controversy and a pinch of scandal I’ll definitely be looking for Julia Park Tracey’s future work

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    I sat down to read Tongues of Angels and didn't want to put it down Julia Park Tracey parted the velvet curtain and ushered us inside the Church and showed that Priests are mortals just like the rest of us Jessica and Father Rob had choices to make that would forever alter the lives they thought they were destined to live Father Rob is conflicted in his duties and promises to God and his desires for Jessica and no matter what choices he makes he can't win and will always be conflicted We see how two longtime friends turn into rivals and one betrays the other in the name of God How choosing to love and follow your heart means turning your back on everything you believed in How choosing love makes you uestion everything you believe in Religion and those giving their life to God are always an interesting subject and Tongues of Angels does not disappoint showing how the Catholic Church is teeming with longing sexuality intrigue betrayal spirituality taboos and men and women who are flawed just like the rest of us I smelled the Frankincense and heard the swishing of the robes until the very last turn of the page

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    Surprisingly entertaining I didn't think I would enjoy reading about the inner workings of the clergy assuming that the novel will be extremely sterile dull and full of Catholic propaganda Fortunately it was of an elaborate gossip column bringing readers into the richly adorned yet emotionally unfulfilled and complicated life I could not and would not put the book down while waiting for the train wreck to happen As the story progressed I gtradually sided with and felt for Father Rob and hated Father Lawrence Since finishing the novel this morning I cannot seem to stop thinking about what Father Rob's ultimate decision was regarding his future

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    I feel now just as I have in the process of reading and reporting on this book I've read other reviews too because I hate like fury repeating what others have said I'll be honest I don't think I could add positive insight and I sure will not be the one adding spoilers I have studied religion for over 40 years I still find something new and refreshing every time I think I know everything Julia's Tongues of Angels brought to light for me some things about the Catholic Church that were certainly new to me and explained a few things I'd always been curious about While it's a work of fiction it's easy to see for someone like me that the author has done some deep research In that research she has really fleshed out each of the characters and intertwined relationships in such a way that you swear you were there It is a well written and moving novel It makes you think

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    I won this book through Goodreads First Reads Review to follow

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    Ok I must admit I picked this book up to satisfy a challenge and bonus I liked the title Just being honest here It was good really good I have already recommended it to a couple of my friendsThis book is an interesting look at a group of priests that are friends The book looks at their lives their struggles their faith their victories and ultimately the fact that they are human