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She expects dinner with neighbors but gets sex with a side of safewordsMechanical engineer Alice still drools over her sexy neighbors a year after she’s moved in She can’t decide whether they’re roommates or partners but either way they spark a wanton desire in her that has her imagination–and vibrator–working overtimeHenry director of everything around him studies human nature and applies philosophies to his paintings as well as his relationships uirky polite to a fault and formal he follows his own code of honor even when it means denying himselfFlirtatious and playful Jay needs stability guidance and to please others His antics counterbalance Henry’s stuffy ways while he brings a level of vulnerability and fun to everything the trio doesBDSM play with the enigmatic artist and flirtatious joker across the hall allows Alice to put aside the linear thought processes which have kept her unsatisfied and distant with other lovers She must dismiss her preconception of love sacrificing her independence if she’s to find a permanent place in their beds and hearts

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    15 all the good stuff is on the cover stars 3rd Most Fun Review that I Wrote in 2017 Award First of all this is not MMF erotica This should not be advertised as such There is so much that is just awful about this book I am all about diverse and fluid sexualities However this author needs a crash course on bisexuality and in general male sexuality and what it entails This book is simply her own fantasy about her own vagina and what she would like done to it First of all two very hot men in a primary relationship would not be so entranced by a particular vagina that their sole function would be to yearn for it and when it was not around spend countless hours doing so many things to it and with it that they would neglect each other and make their sole existence about pleasuring this said vagina to the exclusion of life itself If it was an open relationship they would partake of a number of different vaginas as an adjunct to their own mutual pleasure It is like straight man porn where bisexualiy in women is simply an entrance to tittilate them so that they can enter the scene and then fuck them silly This is the housewife euivalent where this woman could easily enter this relationship with her magic vagina and with a sway of her hips get these men in a loving dyad to forget each other and concentrate solely on her vagina so that she gets at least eight orgasms per session Ummmm right Secondly the dialogue is just awful particularly in Henry who is supposed to be a watered down dominant who again worships this said particular vagina and speaks like a transvestive madam in an upscale british whorehouse So not hot He also feeds them apples with peanut butter and pineapple juice to replenish them after this said vagina gets attention in an hour than all the vaginas in france get in a year Storyline fail Romance fail Bisexual friendly epic fail Clinical manual for straight men who are mystified by female genitalia possibly A masturbatory diary for the female author who needs education on both sexuality and writingnow we are talking

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    If I could give this book 10 out of 5 I would It is probably one of the most incredible romance novels I have ever gotten my hands on And by romance I mean eroticaThis novel is centered around Alice and her two handsome hunky roommates Henry and Jay But there's something different about themthey really enjoy having three in the bedroomThe story follows Alice engaging in some fun time with her two roommates and boy is it hot If you are looking for some hot dramatic erotica with two super hot men this is for you This book will definitely satisfy some females who are looking for a book that is all about taking care of the women in the bedroom and not the man It is kind of like your BDSM 101 course as it is slowly starting out with some of your basics in the genreOur one love interest is kind of a puppy dog and is very silly while the other speaks professionally which can either be very hot or seem very stupid depending on how you like your novelsThis novel isn't meant to win some crazy literary award or go for an Oscar so don't expect it to woo you with her literary language and metaphors It is a hot romance Keep that in mindOverall I enjoyed it The book is not meant to be a realistic take on your average bedroom play But it does give your imagination some very happy thoughtsFive out of five stars I want like a thousand books in this series please

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    0425 I tried re reading this because the cover is so pretty in black and white Also I didn't remember what it was Well I have one word for you sandals No guy should be allowed to wear sandals ever So DNF againWell that's a DNF for meNot only does the love interest wear sandals that really disturbed me the other love interest speaks like we're in fucking 1700 Kill me nowThis is just going to be a ranting to be honestLI #1 He is a child in a grown man's body Seriously he's always jumping around and being happy I hate happy people I'm hungry don't mind meI had this image of an excited puppy in my head every time he was mentionedActually forget my comparison with a child A puppy is what he is Always bouncing aroud thriving for attention and leaving a mess behind Let's not forget he wears sandalsLI #2 He thinks this is the godamned 18th century I just can't stand his pretentious way of speaking “If I may prevail upon you to carry a tray we’ll adjourn to the roof and start the grill while Jay washes up”WHO THE HELL SPEAKS LIKE THAT ? WHO ?The dialogues felt forced and unnatural and that's mainly his fault Moving onNow let's have fun and talk about the MC Honestly I don't know what to say about her except that she seems to be a doormat ApparentlyI'm not far enough into the story to have an opinion about her which says a lot if I already know I hate both LIs while I can't figure out what kind of person the MC is then there's a problem And really who would want a guy who wears sandals ? CrazyThe sex Oh let me tell you about the sex NOTHere they are in the kitchen about to have dinner when they suddenly decide tehy're waaaaaay to horny to eat Instead LI #2 takes charge not even bothering to ask the MC if she wants to be dominated He's just give me your wrists please because he's always so politeMeanwhile LI#1 is being a good puppy and jerks off when LI #2 tells him to Then we learn that he comes on the orange plate Drying lines and drops of ejaculate had liberally splattered the plate When Jay came splashing white across the festive orange plate in front of himA note to authors There is such a thing as TMI Really I don't want to know if he painted the plate with his comeI should've known as soon as I read about the sandals that this was going to be awful

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    to read my full review I just finished the book and I want I mean like right about nowI started reading this story thinking that I will read another Ds menage story I had no preconceived idea or maybe I had I thought that it would be the usual submissive heroine meet Dom meet another Dom or potentially another submissive if MMFWell If I step back and give a superficial description indeed it was But oh dear it was much than thatThis is the complete journey of an independent woman that life pushed her to be refusing to love and be loved discovering her true self in the arms of a Dominant and his submissiveChapter after chapter I was captivated by the very real process of a woman that discovers her submissive self and how a man tamed her day after day week after week month after monthHonestly? It is one of the best BDSM I ever read so far Do not be fool because I gave only 3 stars for romance and euality It is only because this book is part 1 and the book ends HFN The romance is in process The euality will be reached but probably in book 2

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    Good kinkGood smexNeeds mansexThe whole thing is told through Alice 3 yrs into Henry and Jay's relationship After starting with Book 4 I've got to say I missed being inside Henry and Jay's head And the possibility of their manloveI wanted some manlove dammit All I got was one unsatisfactory oral sceneIt is very BDSM 101 but the descriptiveness saved it for me Alice is very articulate and she is very turned on by their games as are both Henry and JayAs a sidenote I'm surprised that Henry and Jay haven't made progress on his trauma after 3 yrs Not saying trauma has a time limit but Henry is very competent I was surprised that's allThat ending though I'm not sure it can even be called an ending It's not a cliff; it's just fade to black so now I feel like I've got to read the next one

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    Holy hotnessHoleeeeey HooooootnessssI live in the American Southwest and we've been gripped by a heat wave this weekend Temperatures pushed 120 degrees making airports threaten to ground planes lest they fall from the sky at takeoff Being the reasonable person that I am I decided to stay indoors and kick back with a yummy new read But man oh man I found the pages on my Kindle to be just as hot if not hotter than the burning outdoors as I finished Ms Barber's debut novel in a single afternoon It's that good The kind of read that keeps you clicking through until the end Reading Playing the Game was an education of sorts for me I've always been an avid romance reader and have embraced the various sub genres from romantic suspense to paranormal But I suppose it's possible to argue the majority of the books I've read have been of the vanilla variety One man or vampire werewolf etc One woman A committed monogamous relationship Usually a declaration of love by the end blah blah blah Call me old fashioned or boring whatever works ;o Though I am happy to report my horizons expanding these last months and now I can add Playing the Game to my list of eye openers Ms Barber delves into the culture of Dominance and submission with compelling grace introducing us to Alice Henry and Jay and all of their delightful emotional and sexual complexities The psychology at work in this book is utterly captivating Need an example? All right now Alice? Feeling yourself?She nodded He was too polite to hint but she was probably getting heavy Monopolizing his chest And his attention How long had she been lying on him cuddling up to him like he was her personal sleep aid? Yes Henry My brain's working again It wasn't for a while thereDid you enjoy that feeling? The silence in your mind?I yeah She wouldn't lie to Henry but saying the words made her uncomfortable There was something not right about wanting that Wanting to not be herself Her thoughts made her who she was Made her a uniue person one in charge of her own life Gave her control A way to organize and categorize her lifeWhy would she want to get away from that? And why would pain give her that? Why would it make her feel good?I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to the seuel I recommend Playing the Game to anyone with a sense of adventure who believes the brain is the number one erogenous zone An intelligent sexy thought provoking read

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    Great Insight into Ds Relationships Playing the Game by M BarberORIGINAL POST May 6 2014 by Blogger No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own except as notedThis was a really great read that offered me a possible glimpse into the mindset of a gentle part time Ds mmf relationship While the parameters of the original mm relationship aren’t spelled out I found that intriguing and another reminder that relationships come in as many flavors as ice creamA lot of thought about who the characters are and how the relationship and submissive “training” would be revealed to the reader I also liked the character development; especially Alice whose view is being third party narrated She’s gotten hard as a busy engineer who hasn’t found any relationship satisfying They say a Doms role is to determine the subs needs and Henry does that perfectly He makes her slow down and appreciate and care about Henry and JayHenry is an elusive character If Alice is the girl who fell down the rabbit hole then it’s possible Henry is the Cheshire Cat only human infinitely hotter and not as cryptic The only secretive part to him is what is happening to their heartsI read a lot of erotica and erotic romance and this is really well done I have really been getting bored lately as book after book has to throw at least a little power exchange This one did not bore me at all in fact I read the whole thing in one evening The description of the sexual activity is so natural that it really is erotica and not just a description of people fucking Instead it is the story of a relationship with sex as a large component but as a means of self discovery and not just instant gratification The only weird thing is that there was no male on male penetration; it’s all about Alice and her pleasure and that she gets in abundanceThis is a fab piece of erotica; possibly destined to become regarded as a classic While it may simplify the Ds relationship it also made it accessible and comprehensible through internal processing and dialogue As soon as I get a spare minute I plan to read her next book in the series Mt friend Jessi Gage recommended this and I thank her Now I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLAYING THE GAME especiallyto readers who want to read about Ds relationships and menage but need an easy intro

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    It's steamy and sexy enough and doesn't hold back on the BDSM angle but this erotic romance has so much to offer than titillation or fantasyOne of the things I appreciate in any sort of fiction is a strong heroine It's a fine line keeping a submissive female character strong and sure not to mention keeping an alpha male alpha without making him an alphole but M manages it beautifully It kept me intrigued enough to follow Alice along on her journey to discovery and growth because she kept her strength She doesn't shy away from her sexuality nor does she become Henry's sub out of repression or shame or past abuse she plays the game in order to find fulfillment and satisfaction Her uncertainty and vulnerability come from the growing intimacy she finds with Henry and Jay something she's never experienced or wanted before but finds herself needingHer struggle with the intimacy and how she fits in to Henry and Jay's relationship already established before she enters the game makes for compelling internal conflictJay was a great foil for Alice and uite adorable I half dread half anticipate finding out what happened in his past in the seuel

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    I have read than my fair share of ménage books but this one will stand out as one of my favorites This author has created characters that are relatable funny and than one dimension Both of the men in this story know what they're doing There is plenty of hot sex scenes but the book is not just dependent on that The characters and their spirits make this book I'm so excited to read the next installment if the author continues the seriesDon't hesitate to pick up this book you WILL enjoy it ;

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    M Barber has just become one of my favorite erotica authorsI love erotica and ménage but I dislike BDSM in most cases I don't like a hero with something to prove and the way he proves it is by dominating a woman with no spine in a way that humiliates her while giving her scraps of arousal to keep her coming back for This is SO not that kind of storyAlice is strong She's analytical She enters a contractual safe mutually beneficial arrangement with her gaybors gay neighbors and they treat her like a UEEN She is the most pampered cared for sub I've ever seen Gawd I envy her LOLBut things aren't perfect As Henry and Jay help her explore and expand her limits with the GOAL OF GIVING HER PLEASURE she uestions how their arrangement will affect the year long friendship she had with them before they ever became sexual with each other She feels insecure about inserting herself into their obviously loving relationship Henry encourages her to voice her desires and never hold back and she does just that physically Not mentally She won't reveal her insecurities and doubts afraid they will bring the contract to a close and the contract is definitely the best thing to ever happen to herI loved Alice Loved her internal debates with herself Loved her abandon Loved how she submitted to Henry out of trust and genuine affection for him because she has learned that Henry gets so much out of being in control He's never mean in his domination Never humiliates her or Jay I got the sense that he does what he does out of loveI will read this one again The sex scenes were off the charts hot The characters were amazing Henry melted me MELTED He's this proper British guy who paints and loves to cook Everything he says is cultured and sensitive and kind And then he'll whisper something so dirty in Alice's ear in that proper British voice of his and Alice isn't the only one with a wet panty problemJay is wonderful too He's the exuberant puppy dog to Henry's controlled proper British butler Seeing them work as a team to disarm and charm Alice was a hoot And hot Very very hotM Barber gets 5 stars from me I was so pleased to reach the end of this book and realize Alice Henry and Jay's story doesn't end I'll be autobuying everything from M and cannot WAIT for this story of neighborly affection to continue