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Jill Adgate wants three things from life a successful catering business a family and the love of an exceptional man What she has is no job a mounting pile of bills and her outspoken best friend—who sets her up on a blind date with the man who inadvertently ruined Jill’s lifeChet Castle is a businessman who has everything except the ability to trust Burned by a money hungry fiancée he refuses to get involved in any relationship that has a shelf life longer than a head of lettuceIntrigued by her ambition—and determined to get her in bed—Chet offers Jill the chance of a lifetime work as his live in chef and he’ll help her get her catering business off the ground When sparks fly in the kitchen Jill realizes what’s cooking is a recipe for disaster

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    If you are after a well written romantic read that is filled with sexual tension wit and humour has wonderful characters and a great storyline then this ticks all the boxes It was a pleasure to read Whilst there wasn’t a vast amount of steamy content when it did happen it was worth itI absolutely loved Jill and Chet They were both strong individuals with characters traits that weren’t unrealistic Jill a chef is honest open witty and determined Her life goals are to run a successful business marry and have children Only it’s not’s going to plan Chet a wealthy businessman is down to earth very sexy intelligent funny and a commitment phobe with trust issues A kiss between strangers a blind date and a proposition later Jill has agreed to be Chet’s live in chef 8 weeks for her to kick start her business 8 weeks for him to get her out of his system What is it they say? If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen?With sexy and playful banter laugh out loud humour and touching moments along with those that tugged on the heartstrings it was a book that I struggled to put down Plus there was a twist to the story that I didn’t exactly see coming The only thing that was missing for me was an epilogue; I just feel it ended a little suddenly as such wonderful characters they deserved one and it would have finished their story off perfectly but nevertheless this most definitely a book that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and is one that I will read again One last thing The cover They say you should never judge a book by it but judging by the attention my husband gave it after spotting it and his subseuent uestions I believe this cover does the book justiceI received this book as an ARC from the publisher for an honest and unbiased opinion

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    The copy I received was a pdf one 226 pages long Turns out the book itself is 211 pages long with a teaser at the end for another Entangled release I'm a fast reader but not that fast especially when lifekidshubbykitchen is screaming for my attention every other minuteSo imagine how it is possible that I read Bachelor's Special under 2 hours? I read it in bits and pieces but I computed the time and it's less than 2 hours How did this happen? Well nothing else but the easy flowing prose of Christine Warner She got me wrapped in the words and the pages literally flew I rode right along with Jill and Chet and no moment was small enough to jolt me out of the read I loved the characters though I did have some appalling thoughts for Jill when she pulled that first stunt on Chet Seriously jeopardizing her future that way? I thought she was playing with fire And once Barracuda Gina comes on the set Chet wasn't getting a glowing recommendation from me for those awful words he flings at JillBut somehow someway they both redeem themselves and you realize Jill and Chet are nothing except human This is the stroke of mastery Christine Warner manages in this bookMy one peeve with the story is that Jill being a chef and so much revolving around cooking this one to me should've been of a foodie romance and shed light on a chef in the kitchen But this could be just me and this 'lack' of foodie references does not remove anything from the engaging contemporary romance that unfolds between the charactersAll in all one I recommend Perfect summerbeachpoolside reading

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    This book had everything that makes up a great romance readIt was fun and light at times with many sexy sensual kisses Throw in a bit of conflict a few broken souls who constantly disregard their true feelings and it’s a match made in heavenThe characters are all really greatokay maybe not allGina was a real skank I was immediately thrown into Jill’s world of culinary pleasure Her passion for cooking was clearly visible but when the dashing Chet Castle entered her kitchen it all went up in smoke or accurately ended up all over Chet and the floor Her job wasn’t the only thing she lost that night with his tantalizing kiss and from then on she struggled to find her way in the world I enjoyed Jill’s determination Even with everything she’d had to go through her mind was set on opening her own business and she would do just about anything to make her new dream a reality Chet’s a broken man A bit of a womanizer he closely guarded his heart as well as his bank account It was exciting to watch Chet and Jill navigate their agreement Their constant play at cat and mouse kept the story flowing Although Chet’s intentions weren’t entirely admirable I believe neither were Jill’s she just refused to admit it She’d agreed to become Chet’s personal chef for financial reasons but her body and mind often betrayed her desire I was a little surprised that she initiated things in the pool and by the way she fled afterwards it seemed that so was she It was great that Jill and Chet were adult enough to continue their friendship regardless of their actions but it did add a new level of sexual awareness to their game Things kind of simmered down until Gina poked her nose into things and stirred up a storm of deceit and lies I was just happy that Chet wasn’t foolish enough to fall for her tricksEven though his fears made him say nasty hurtful things to Jill I loved that he was willing to stand by her no matter what Jill had her own fears and I can understand why she wasn’t prepared to accept less than she deserved; another testament to her strong characterThis book was a fun uick read I didn't necessarily feel as emotionally connected to the characters as I’d normally like and the sexual tension didn't ooze from the pages but that didn't keep me from enjoying it Too often books in this genre tend to rely on the high level of sexiness to make them appealing but this story was a tale of two people finding themselves while fixing each other

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    This is a romantic roller coaster ride from the first page Jill Adgate has a job she's been dreaming of for a long time She is a sous chef working for a well known restaurant She loves the hard work and long hours She is prepping the dessert for a private birthday celebration when Tall Dark And Handsome walks into her kitchen She is immediately flustered and things go downhill uickly She is fired Plus the head chef who fired her spreads evil gossip and her reputation is ruinedChet Castle is the Tall Dark and Handsome guy that cost Jill her job Her best friend Mel has fixed her up for a blind date with the one man she never wanted to see again Her only hope is that he won't remember her But of course he does He has had her investigated knows she's broke and figures she's there to try and persuade him to help fund her dream of a catering company This is the first of many wrong assumptions on Chet's partChet and Jill are meant for each other but they fight it all the way Chet has his fears of settling down picket fences and babies Plus he has dated his share of gold diggers Jill has not had a lot of romantic experience but knows she wants a home and family Can this possibly work out? It takes a lot twists and turns I was not too sympathetic with Chet through the first half of the book Mel Jill's best friend has a habit of opening her mouth but her brain is way behind The characters are interesting and of course we have the evil jilted girlfriend to contend withI laughed and groaned and wanted to shake some sense into both of them but it was a very fun read The cooking she does is mouth watering and so is Chet A great summer read to throw in your beach bagI received this book from the publisher for an honest review

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    Chef Jill Adgate career has not gone as smoothly as she had hoped once she graduated culinary school The first thing that started the wobbly path of a chef was an unfortunate accident involving a cake a few tears and the most heat intensive kiss she had ever experienced A year and several jobs later she has agreed to a blind date and finds the man who set her on her tumultuous career pathChet Castle has not forgotten the beautiful chef who unnerved him Having been burned once before and with plans to never have it happen again Chet makes Jill an offer as his personal chef with hopes tha the not only will eat well but she will eventually be in his bed Of course where Jill is concerned everything goes topsy turvy Chet ends up realizing he likes her a lot When one heated moment takes an unexpected turn and Chet realizes that Jill is not a fling type of gal they agree to be friends Of course when you have attraction like theirs nothing goes as planned and if they are not careful they both will end up losing their hearts in the processEnchanting story I thought Jill was an exciting character I loved the nostalgia element to Jill and could easily picture her character Chet is a bit of a conundrum though on one hand he is charismatic and sweeps you off your feet but he is so complex and you find yourself surprised by how he got so jaded Highly entertaining story

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    I read every single word of Bachelor’s Special in one night It took me a minute to follow what happened in the restaurant but once I did I was hooked that could possible be to a glass of wine or two before reading hehehe No really it was a cute read and very hot at timesThe relationship between Chet and Jill is hot from the get go I mean he walks in and sees her and kisses her to make her toes curl When they are set up on a blind date Jill hopes that Chet will not recognize her but of course he does He doesn’t want to let her go so he makes a deal with her and NO it’s not a Fifty Shades kinda deal eitherThe book makes for a fun read with ups downs a bitch names Gina family friendship crossing the friendship line trusting others or deciding if you can heartache love and a bachelor’s specialYou find out early on what a bachelor’s special is in the book I have to say that was the cutest thing I ever heard Let alone what Jill decides to do with that recipe If you want a great book with mature characters a recipe for hot romance that will keep you wanting then this is the book for you I give it 45 stars hands down You will not be disappointed

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    After losing her job as a chef in an upscale restaurant due an unfortunate accident involving a birthday cake and a hot guy it's not what you think Jill finds that landing another job as lead chef in any local establishment is nearly impossible Her actions with the hot guy have labeled her within the industry and she's been bouncing from one job after another when it turns out the restaurants don't want her for her talent in the kitchen but the talent they want from her in the bedroom Broke jobless and almost destitute Jill tries to avoid the blind date that her bestie Mel has set her up on Chet Castle the brother to Mel's fiance is a very rich highly successful business man that needs a good woman in his life When Mel decides that Jill is the perfect person for Chet she doesn't realize that Chet is said hot guy that got Jill fired from job number one Both Jill and Chet cave and decide to humor everyone by going on the blind date; only for each of them to discover who the other is Chet automatically assumes that Jill is only after his money and says as much before their date even really begins Jill however is a very strong woman She's been abused by those in the one industry that she really loves and has such passion regarding and just can't take it any Walking away from Chet is very hard on Jill since she's felt a connection to him since the incident that got her fired Feeling the same way about Jill Chet can't let her escape from him again; especially since he finally located her after a year of looking and wondering who and where she was His proposition is simple She become his personal chef and coordinator for the many fundraisersdinners he'll be hosting over the summer She will live in his mansion and get her life back together When the set time period is over Chet will then assist her with starting her catering businessThe attraction they feel towards one another is like nothing Jill or Chet have ever felt before butChet is Jill's boss and he's not looking for a real relationship and Jill isn't looking to be a playboy's play toy Will they explore their feelings and just with it or when the time period of their contract ends will Jill walk away for good?This is one of the best written novels I've had the privilege of reading Christine Warner is an excellent teller of stories It is so easy to get lost withing the pages of Bachelor's Special; her writing style is fluid and moves along at such an even pace There aren't any slow or overly fast sections of this novel There is a bit of humor thrown in for good measure and it's placed appropriately in the scenes There isn't any part of this novel that I didn't like felt was unnecessary unneeded or a time waster Everything that happened was crucial to the storyJill is a very likable heroine She has a style that is 1950's throwback and pulls it off terrifically She's strong and independent; wanting to make sure she starts her catering business on her own not from handouts pity or charity You can definitely tell that Jill loves to cook You sense it in the descriptions of her facial expressions her mannerisms and from the reflection we get from Chet's point of view It's not hard to complete engulf the feelings that each character portraysChet is likable from the beginning even when he divulges that he isn't relationship material and just wants to get into Jill's pants We see his attitude toward relationships change the longer he's around Jill You completely understand why he's hesitant and had a hard time changing how he feels about long term relationships If you dated a woman who had both hands in your bank account leaving no hands available to do anything else you might be a tad leery too Bachelor's Special is an absolutely wonderful novel that has you rooting for the power couple even though there are so many obstacles in the way two of them being Jill and Chet themselves Please Note This novel has adult content and mature themes Review Copy Courtesy of the Publisher Entangled Indulgence in exchange for an honest review

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    Ahh Christine does it again 45 lightning bolts This review is originally posted at Storm Goddess Book Reviews More i was given this e copy by the publisher for an honest and unscripted review All thoughts are strictly my own'm not sure what's hottersummertime in Phoenix or the sizzling sexual tension between Chet and Jill in Ms Warner's latest book Bachelor's Special I'll tell you what I love the heat between these two I'll take that any day Have you ever had an experience with someone that no matter how you try you just can't forget it? Yet you're not even sure why it still resounds in your mind all the time? The beginning of this book starts out with just that Jill is beginning her dream but one little slip up after another is going to bring everything crashing down Fast forward to now Jill's best friend is setting her up on a blind date Yeahawkward Oh but it goes get much better Who should walk in as her blind date is none other than the man that started her downward spiral His kisses were lethal on her heart and unfortunately on her career Yes I'm gasping sadly over this too How could a man that gives such passionate kisses derail everything? It's a big tragic and yes I'm being melodramatic I know Chet CastleMmmhmm Sexy a bit mysterious and a very generous man At times he's a bit touch and go because he's inner trail of thinking drives me nuts at times Though I don't hold it against him too badly because I understand his past He guards his heart with the walls so thick that I wonder if anyone would ever get through He's a softie we learn as he wants to help Jill out and we learn a bit about him and the people that work at his house As for Jill she's a strong woman She's had it stacked against her suddenly her career is on the line after the incident with Chet and she can't seem to get her foot in the door She's not one to give up and she's definitely got a stubborn streak which I admire Her determination to get where she wants to be keeps her very driven and focusedexcept where Chet is concerned Jill faces some issues in the workforce as men tend to think one thing about her because of a simple mistake It's something that follows her everywhere and at times it begins to wear and tear at her Jill and Chet are two souls that fight the attraction between them It's a thin line between the friend zone that they try so desperately hard to not break but it's becoming difficult as the time goes on I love love LOVE the chemistry between the two and fire meets gasoline in the beginning especially when Jill gets the wrong ideas about Chet and let's say she has her little fun of revenge until he turns the tables on her One thing I can always count on when reading a book by Christine is the witty humor and the light funny scenes that will muster a few strange looks from people while I'm bursting into laughter Her books are fresh breezy and light in nature and when I finish a story by this author I feel good But then the waiting game begins again for another new read from her and I'm not a patient person If you enjoy a fun humorous contemporary romance with plenty of heat and fun I'm telling you right now grab yourself a copy of Bachelor's Special Highly recommended from me

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    I tend to get excited when a local author comes up for review so when I got a chance to read Bachelor’s Special – even though it really isn’t one of my normal genres – I jumped at it I was pleasantly surprised to find a funny snarky and romantic story within this book Jill is a chef and on the night of the birthday party for a very elderly woman two things happen One she kisses the sexiest man she has ever laid lips on And two she drops the cake all over the floor Both of these events catapult her into what is one of the worst years of her adult life One year later she finds herself on a blind date with the very same man As it turns out he has a name and it’s Chet Castle Jill was awesome She is this totally vintage chick who can cook anything And even than that she just has flair I really liked being along with her for this story of hers There were a few times I just wanted to tell her to stop worrying so much and just go with the flow but hey if she didn’t she wouldn’t be Jill But generally she was this really awesome woman who I know I would like to be friends with if I was in this book As for Chet he was back and forth There were times where he was playful and loving and then at others he seemed like a stereotypical playboy jerk But he was described as “A man with eyes of melted dark chocolate” And I know that surely would have won me over every time had I been the one in front of him He jokes about being psychic but he has such wonderful intuition about people it is only serving to make him that much attractive to me So on this date things blow up to smithereens as one would expect But Chet not used to not getting what he wants devises a plan that will ensure that Jill is near him for uite some time Hello “Live In Chef” The plan is devious and genius I love it And Jill goes for it without much provocation so that totally made me happy When it comes to romance I love a seemingly unlikely pair I love when life throws them in the path of each other So when Chet with all of his searing kisses proposed that deal to Jill my inner hopeless romantic did some cartwheels Their time living together in the house was a rollercoaster At times it was very heated and sexual and at others it was full of friendship or innocent flirtation But then there were times it was downright uncomfortable and I’d wished one of them would leave or scream because something needed to happen This story takes its ups and downs and there are a few dramatic events I think if you like contemporary romance this would be a good fit for you It’s also what you might call a “foodie” romance because her chef skills and food play uite the role in the story too All in all I would have to say I uite enjoyed myself with this story It made me smile time and again and I can’t ask for than that

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    Find this review and at Lusty Penguin ReviewsCooking and romance make the perfect dish in Christine Warner’s Bachelor’s Special A captivating opening scene draws the reader into this delightful romance with engaging charactersJill Adgate’s dreams of being an executive chef are dashed after she gets caught kissing a client Chet Castle and is fired A year later a blind date reunites Jill and Chet Chet hasn’t stopped thinking about her and during their date he offers her a position as a personal chef and caterer for the summer With Jill’s finances in shambles she accepts Chet’s offer and wonders if she can survive the summer because she hasn’t stopped thinking about him either Jill is an entertaining character because of her passion for food and her personal style of dressing in vintage ’50s clothing Chet has a secret agenda though seduce the cook When Jill finally explains what happened to her career after their kiss Chet realizes his plans to bed Jill makes him worse than the other chefs that have taken advantage of her Chet decides to change course and determines that they will become friends instead Chet’s change of heart toward his plans made me fall in love with him Having Jill and Chet watch movies together and share meals allows these characters the opportunity to become friends Their witty banter provides many laugh out loud moments Nevertheless Jill and Chet are always fighting the sexual chemistry that sizzles between them When the finally admit that they want each other their intimate scene is scorching hot But when Chet thinks that Jill has duped him he says the most hurtful thing and ends their relationship However the length Chet goes to in order to prove his love and to get Jill back is heartwarmingBachelor’s Special is a fast paced sweet and memorable romance that is the perfect summer beach readI received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility