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Intelligence analysts and agents have gone missing some may have been killed The press and the police suspect there is a serial killer on the loose John Slater was near the latest victim he is evasive appears to have no history and he might be the killer The second Ira war and the intelligence network may link the victims and so The Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch investigates with the help or hindrance of the Intelligence Agencies The mistakes made in creating the dossiers used to support going to war are supposed to stay buried on both sides of the Atlantic but still a killer strikes and is everybody telling the truth? This is a complex thriller based on the lead up to and aftermath of the second Ira war Warning This book contains some graphic violence and sex that some readers may find disturbing

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    Going into this read I really did not know what to expect this was a novel I knew practically nothing about except what was written in the blurb and I was prepared for a fairly standard espionage story As I began to read the book I realized it offered a whole lot The novel is written from various different perspectives people trying to uncover information people just going about their daily lives and others trying to escape detection They all interweave and leave you unsure who to be rooting for with massively grey areas of morality yet likable characters this is a rather refreshing change to your usual cut and dry heroes and villainsThere is a very capable agent as the ‘main character’ one of the real joys of this book is the writing from his point of view during various segments the way his uick and methodical thoughts are written carrying you along with him as he tries to deal with various situations is really excitingThe writing is fast and zippy this really helps to pull the story along at pace and ensures that while there is a deep and complex mystery to be unraveled it never feels too slow There are detailed and accurate depictions of agencies around the globe who get dragged into the ever broadening mystery giving a realistic feel to any espionage work that is portrayedOverall I really enjoyed this book it offered a real amalgamation of genres it had the meticulous investigations of a crime story the realistic spy procedures and intrigue of an espionage novel and as the net closes it has excitement and tension worthy of a thriller I cannot recommend enough that you check this book out if you have even the slightest interest in the above genres this novel gripped me and didn't let go excellent

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    Outstanding I read all the spy novels insatiably all of Le Carre's Higgins Ludlum Baldacci Forsythe et al and this book is as good or better than those Can't wait till you come out with your next one You should be able to get some publisher to pay you a lot of money some day

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    This is a real English spy novel set in modern day but keeping with all the traditons of what you expect of a good spy storyIn the start you have no idea who is involved with what but the plot slowly gets unravelled it all makes and sense I found the story very intriguing and exciting and you never realy know what's going to happen next I found myself rooting and hoping that several characters would not get killed off There is posted a warning on Audible that it contains some graphic violence and sex i did not find this over extreem or misplaced in this story The very propper english narration from Philip G Henley suited the story perfectlyI recieved this audiobook in return for an unbiased review