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Part lawman part tracker and part magician the Wardens are monster hunters tasked with protecting the people from the various nightmarish creatures that have invaded the world of men However despite being descended from a long line of Wardens 16 year old Errol Magnus believes it to be the absolute worst job on the planet How could a single occupation simultaneously be the most boring abominably stupid and extraordinarily dangerous profession imaginable? But when his older brother Tom the current Warden for their region goes missing Errol has no choice but to enter the Badlands where monsters abide in mind boggling numbers to find him During his search Errol crosses paths with and finds himself stalked by the legendary Wendigo a monster with preternatural strength and speed as well as enhanced senses of sight smell and hearingand an insatiable hunger for human flesh Now Errol must do the impossible and not only escape from the monster something no one has ever done before but also avoid the unearthly legacy it leaves on all its victims a terrifying curse known as Wendigo Fever

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    Wendigo Fever by Kevin Hardman and narrated by Mikael Nara is one awesome creature feature Tom and his younger brother keep the creatures at bay at the border so people are safe They are the wardens But Tom goes missing His younger brother who isn't fully trained now has to find him while trying to stay alive himself who is in the Wilds He has a girl with him toanother interesting story there too😁 Fantastic world building and creature feature Love the characters and plot This was exciting and I loved the creep factor and the magic Narration was spot on Great job

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    I'll be completely honest here I picked this book up because I saw Michael's name under 'Narrator'I knew absolutely nothing about the book but this was enough for me to want to get itAnd made a mistake I did not Wendigo Fever certainly isn't a genre defining masterpiece but is still very good and enjoyable storyOnce again it turned out to be a fantasy supernatural novel and once again I really liked itKevin Hardman started a trilogy about Wardens protectors of the people Wardens are monster hunters trained to tackle the worst that the tear between two worlds can push throughNot much has been said about the 'Tear' between the worlds nor it was actually named like that but in the absence of a better word this is how I'm calling it The Tear allows all kinds of monsters to step through into the world of Man and wreak eually the same kind of havoc and terror This issue seems to be growing but we don't know anything about the combined effort to stop or slow it At least for nowInstead the introductory novel focuses on brief description of the situation and world building while following the adventure of one individualErrol the Warden a younger brother of Tom also a Warden hasn't heard back from his brother in several days His brother went on a 'routine' Warden mission and hasn't been seen or heard since So Errol who hates just about everything about being a Warden embarks on a uest to find his brotherOK this may be overly dramatic but reading this review is still much better than reading a novel written by me so consider yourselfes lucky If supernatural fantasy monsters magic and humor is your thing give this a go It's short and unlikely to disappointFor only 7 USD or GBP you can pick it up from Audible USUKRating of 4 doesn't mean the book is bad Only that after 3 hours of listening I was left with a feeling it could have been so much There's certainly an indication the author knew where to go with the story nextIt's not disappointing as I know that I'll have at least two books to read but seuels are not available on Audible yet And if they're also as short On the much brighter side it looks like Kevin Hardman and Mikael Nara have a good thing going as Mikael narrates big majority of his books That fact alone makes me very happy Death Revenge Ah those Revenants Am I right?

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    I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone that likes fantasy or finds various monsters interesting The characters are solid I can relate to the main character as I would feel just as reluctant to undertake being a Warden the town monster hunter His brother Tom is the actual Warden but Tom but Errol the main character through all the routines so that he's ready if he ever needs the skills Not really Spoiler alert He does come to need them The relationships in the book were a plus for me much like Melody from the Rithmatist I enjoyed Gale very much Errol and Gale have an interesting back and forth The book was short but I think it was the perfect length It was enough plot to keep me interested but it also resolved in a timely manner The conclusion was satisfying and left room for a seuel It was very well done I did not find issue with the length it had a complete story and left me wanting without feeling cheated

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    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this reviewThis is a short novel that begins the Warden series A Warden is somebody who takes care of their local town and protects it from creatures like the titular wendigo Errol the apprentice to his brother who is the town Warden is thrust into the role that he doesn't want after his brother goes missing Accompanied by a girl from the town they set off to discover what happened to his brotherI liked the premise of this book I love the idea of there being Wardens And I thought that the interaction between the two main characters was pretty good But the book itself just didn't grab me

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    Thoughts on the Overall Book I love books with monsters and beasties in them especially when they go the traditional rout as in the monsters are actually monsters and not the love interests There's a sad lack of those kinds of books especially in YA so I was excited to find this one and to have the chance to read and review it Cover Yea or Nay Not my favorite cover ever but it's not terribly eitherCharacters Errol was a likable protagonist Even though in the beginning of the book he didn't really want to be a Warden he was never whiny or bratty about it either as some characters could be We don't get to see a lot of Tom but what I did see of him I liked He's a sensible caring older brother who takes good care of Errol I also liked Gale because like Errol at first I was worried she would be a nuisance but she was surprisingly smart and a good female lead The RomanceThere's no romance in this book though there might possibly be a relationship between Errol and Gale in later books If there isn't though I won't be disappointed I like the friendship they have now just fineWriting Style It's nothing spectacular but it's not bad either and very easily readable It's fast paced and visual and the action scenes are not messy or anything It's a good style of writing for a guy read The only problem I had was that I really wished the book had been longer For starters it took a while for the reader to be introduced to the world of the book it's set in America but something has happened to where there is no electricity and anything mechanical doesn't work so people have to ride horses instead of driving cars etc And this is apparently why all the beasties who used to be confined to the Badlands are roaming around the populated areas I would have liked to see of an introduction to the setting and some elaboration on it What was there was good and entertaining but I found myself wishing the story was fleshed out and had time spent on the uest and their search for Tom and eventual pursuit by the Wendigo The book could easily have been twice as long as it was The start was paced pretty good but the last half seemed almost too rushed I wanted to see of what there was to offer As far as the beasties go though I enjoyed that a lot and the portrayal of the Wendigo was cool and pretty spot on to the legends as well This is only the second retelling of the Wendigo legend I have read in fiction the first being in the first Secret Journeys of Jack London book which is probably still my favorite of the two but I thought the author did a good job The whole idea of the book was I thought very original kind of a cross between Ranger's Apprentice and Grimm which is perfectly fine by me I didn't even really mind the inclusion of magic in the story though I didn't think it was totally necessary either as Errol and Tom seem pretty handy with weaponry as wellAccuracy Believability Not really applicable ProblemsWhat bothered me Apart from the problems mentioned above I didn't have anything to complain aboutConclusion 375 stars in my actual rating I think this book leaves room for a bit of improvement as the series progresses but I enjoyed reading this one and look forward to the next installment It was great for a uick read and is the kind of book I would have definitely finished in one day if I wasn't reading it off the computerRecommended Audience Guy read definitely 14 and up anyone who likes stories about mythical creatures and those of legends would enjoy this I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    The world is full of creatures that can kill you people rely on the Wardens to protect them Tom is a warden Errol his younger brother is a reluctant assistant Errol's opinion is that being a Warden both the most boring most dangerous job aroundWhen Tom leaves on a journey Errol expects him back in a few days He puts off doing any Warden activities until he just can't hedge any His first solo job is against a Revenant a murdered person who is seeking revengeWith the assistance of his neighbor Gail Tom decides to try to find his brother And there the adventure begins Full of creatures that only want to kill them magic ingenuity Errol Gail encounter probably the scariest creature around A Wendigo Incredibly hard to kill with a hunger for humans that won't stop will Errol be able to destroy the Wendigo? And will they find Tom?An interesting story very well narrated I enjoyed the story the characters and the narration I was provided the Audible version of this book by the narratorauthorpublisher chose to review it

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author through Goodreads in return for an honest reviewErrol and his older brother Tom are Wardens who patrol the Badlands keeping local people and their farms safe from the deadly creatures and monsters that live there risking their lives on a daily basis When Tom goes missing it is up to young Errol to find his brother while being tracked by the deadly Wendigo which devours human fleshErrol is the reluctant hero forced to study monsters and train to be a Warden despite dreams of escaping to the City Always in Tom's shadow and getting things wrong he now has to step up and take on a seemingly unbeatable monster on his own while searching for Tom Errol is funny and likeable and is very easy to root for Gale is interesting and not the usual whiny female or uberbitch that appear too regularly in this genre The story is not over descriptive focusing just on the important events and the various monsters that are introduced Don't expect massive depth to the characters as this is not a long book but enough is done to get you interested in them as you follow the journey I liked reading about the different plants and monsters and they were nicely used through the book as Errol battles the WendigoSo what was the down side to the book? Well nothing really I would personally have liked the book to be a bit longer maybe a bit detail about Errol's monster hunting sharing a campfire story or two with Gale or a longer tension filled hunt but that is minor nitpicking really I think there could have been a bit about what happened directly after the 'debt was paid' I don't want to add spoilers but when you read it you'll probably know what I mean but again it is a minor niggle This book is enjoyable and doesn't take long to devour and I will certainly be interested in reading about Errol's adventuresRecommended for YA readers and adults looking for a fun YA read

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    A copy of Warden was kindly sent to me by Kevin Hardman in exchange for an honest review It always pleases me beyond belief when a book I receive for review turns out to be brilliant Warden is a fast paced well written and thrilling novella and I found myself unable to put it down The action really picked up a few chapters in and from that point on it was unrelenting action and tension The characters are fantastic I think Dorsey is my favourite Errol is a reluctant hero who naturally has to fill his older brother’s shoes when he goes missing and I have to admit I adored him I would have liked some of the characters to have been explored a bit deeply though I suppose this could easily happen in seuels which I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading From start to finish I can find no faults with it except that it wasn’t long enough hence the short review; I really want to know what happens with Tom and Errol My only ualm with Warden is the cover which is obviously vastly unimportant as it does not do the story justice or convey the terrifying Wendigo in all its horrendous glory I’m going to be having nightmares for weeks I just know it I thoroughly enjoyed reading Warden and am looking forward to see where Hardman goes from here

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    Wendigo Fever is a short novel that introduces the book series Wardens Wardens are monster hunters trained to deal with monsters and creatures roaming the world Intro novel does not go into detail on how these creatures came to the earth or history of Wardens but focuses on Errol the younger brother to Tom a Warden Errol has no interest in becoming a Warden When his older brother Tom goes missing Errol is thrown into assuming the duties of his brother as well as investigating his disappearance This first book in the series is a short introduction to this world of Wardens and monsters Though short I felt this book did a great job with pacing and story The characters are likable yet flawed The story manages to simultaneously have its own mini story arc and setting up a larger story arc for later books which left me feeling both satisfied with the story and wanting Mikael Nara did a wonderful job at narrating much like he did with Sensation which I also reviewed distinctive and consistent characters and good inflection that matches the tone of the story Looking through his other works I am looking forward to listening to Of Dice and Men The Story of Dungeons Dragons and the People Who Play ItVisit Kevin Hardman's blog at Mikael Nara on Twitter at I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

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    A warden's job is to protect people from the monsters that lurk in the shadows Errol is thrown into the position when his brother mysteriously disappears during a normal visit Errol juggles helping the people they are tasked to help and finding his brother He also finds that he's being hunted I really enjoyed this book It was very short and full of adventure I listened to it in one sitting pretty much I found myself absorbed into the story from the very beginning and I fully intend to read the rest of the series when I'm able to It will definitely be worth it There weren't really many characters in this story but the two that were in it were pretty relatable Errol is a normal sixteen year old kid who is self absorbed and wants a different future for himself than what his family wants Then we have the feisty lady who decides to go with him after he helps her family get rid of a monster I'm sad that I forget her name She definitely had a lot of fight in herMikael Nara the narrator did a pretty fantastic job narrating the story I normally cringe at male narrators trying female dialogue Mostly because they really overdo it They make females sound really weird I was impressed with his female voices though It was a very refreshing change I'll definitely listen to books he narratesI really enjoyed this story very much It was a very short read that I managed to get done in one sitting while catching up on reviews I was kind of surprised that the time passed honestly I was very absorbed in the story