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Kitty Haskell has everything – a perfect house in a perfect neighborhood a handsome husband charming children and a nasty case of gonorrhea Rather than dealing with her cheating husband Kitty worries the exclusive cliue of Overlook moms will find out Unfortunately The Lookers already know everything about everyone Stacia Curran the ueen bee of Overlook wants to help Kitty but she has problems of her own – falling property values threaten her beloved neighborhood her children are leaving the nest and she is losing her grip on The Lookers

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    Thank you to the author for giving me a free copy of this book to review Actual Rating 25The entire pacing of this book was slow and the writing seemed a little bland I was a little confused on what the main conflict was because there had been many yet the author didn't seem to make any of them significant enough to last an entire novelThe story begins with Kitty who finds out that she has gonorrhea meaning that her husband had slept with someone else with the disease and given to it herThe STI played a much smaller role than I expected it to Kitty contracting of gonorrhea seemed simply like a gateway to her finding out about her husband's cheatingThis book reminded me a lot of the Great Gatsby but modernized Kitty would be Daisy Marni would be Myrtle and Seth would be Tom All of the characters seemed extremely flawed and the community was definitely a social battlefield The interactions between the characters also felt a little bit flat and bland and I had to keep reminding myself that these were adults mature women not high schoolersKitty's personality is a little iffy to me she tries so hard to be perfect and there are moments where she truly believes she succeedsShe's not nearly as thin as I am She's not even pretty and she couldn't cook a decent meal if her life depended on itThis uote came as a shock to me because when it appeared I was already 70% done with the story and I had thought that Kitty would have undergone character development especially after she punched her cheating husband in the noseThe interactions between Kitty and Seth were simply annoying Here is a basic rundown1 Kitty confronts Seth about cheating He is not sorry2 Kitty finds out who his mistress was She punches him3 Blah blah blah they talk it out Seth is an idiot who tries to justify his actions Kitty reuests material items for compensation4 Seth complies and continues to buy Kitty objects to make her happy He kisses up to Kitty5 Everything is awkward6 Seth Sorry I fell in love with someone ByeUhokay thenAnd the ending don't even get me startedBut fine Kitty DID grow as a character allowing her daughter to follow her dreams despite Seth's objections was uite possibly the most important change Kitty underwent in her position as a motherAnd so 2 stars And I added that little 05 for this gemGood Don't let anyone in the house No one Start cleaning up the blood Use lots of bleach I'll be right there to help you move the bodyBody? Kitty paused then erupted with laughter Rose I didn't kill him I just punched him in the nose

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    Southern Drama with a Bite Nice debut I couldn’t help but think of Tom T Hall’s “Harper Valley PTA” especially being from the same town it was written about This hit a little too close to home Both the song and book were close to the same era the song released in 1968 and the book based in the seventies The lakeside town of Magunson NC however was a bit upscale boasting a country club and a host of other amenities in contrast to the rural back woodsy Harper Valley The main theme in both is gossip and its effects There is the PTA with its plethora of cupcakes and pastries baked by mid life supermoms that exhibit Jane Fonda fitness all under the rule of Stacia She doles out responsibilities to whom she deems fit among the upper class wives of Overlook the three hundred family development she and her husband Weldon created She sees Overlook and the goings on within the lakeside development both as her business and her privileged right Besides Harper Valley think of a mixture of Peyton Place and Desperate Housewives although I’ve never actually seen Desperate Housewives Still there are many back stories as well as back stabbings going on all centering on two families Stacia’s and Kitty’s The book opens with Kitty finding out she has contracted gonorrhea from her husband Seth who has never been faithful Their marriage happening out of an accidental pregnancy has been a ruse and mere facade from the beginning as are most of the lives in Overlook if the gossip which takes on a life of its own is to be believed Like most gossip though much is exaggerated But like most small towns when push comes to shove and someone is in dire need blood in this case neighborhood blood is thicker than the water of Tate Lake the lake Overlook is built next to The ending unexpected comes when Kitty breaks out of her Stepford Wife role perhaps karmic As with most karma a seuel begins to rise in this case from the depths of Lake Tate

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    Elizabeth Hein’s OVERLOOK is a hilarious debut novel a cross between Desperate Housewives Devious Maids and Mistresses—as the dirty secrets of this southern North Carolina suburban neighborhood are deliciously exposedHaving recently read an ARC of Hein’s upcoming “How to Climb the Eiffel Tower” coming Oct 1 2014 a must 5 star read highly recommend I fell in love with the author’s razor sharp wit and immediately purchased OVERLOOKIn the fictitious town of Magnuson NC in the seventies—Overlook is a lakeside pristine upper end three hundred home community a country club setting of swim tennis golf boating with a mixture of families—busy wives and mothers gossip nosy maids homemakers career women gardening clubs runners cyclists swimmers joggers young children and teens cheating husbands food binges Lily Pulitzer dresses Krispy Kreme donuts fried chicken bake sales wine drinkers cocktails drugs PTA real estate agents mistresses and those nearing empty nester status The Overlook moms are otherwise known as The Lookers if you are a part of Stacia’s inter circle Of course behind every southern upper crust family there is greed backstabbing betrayal jealousy revenge infidelity drugs cover up disloyalty hate and hypocrisyKitty age 43 is married to Seth VP of a Golf company a marriage out of a pregnancy years ago basically going through the motions Mother of two Bobby and Becky and a busy homemaker later in the book a career mom and a cool sister Rose Seth has never been faithful; however Kitty has looked the other way doing her own thing until she finds herself with STD gonorrhea It does not take long for this small community of women to spread the word of this nasty little development Loved “hope your pecker falls off” and it's kinda like screwing a skeleton Her friend Stacia Tate influential Tate family inter racial married to the real estate developer Curran Construction for the prestigious community has a thumb on everything and everyone in Overlook After all it was her family who developed this oasis which is now Overlook Partners in crime these two tackle all the challenges of motherhood and their wifely duties while keeping one step ahead of the gossip A comic Southern novel about all the important things in life marriage and divorce friendship and betrayal and small town secrets Full of laughs with true to life characters and hilarious one liners which will keep you laughing out loud as these southern belles find themselves in all sorts of mischief Hein reminds me of a cross between sassy Southern writer Mary Kay Andrews Susan Rebecca White Emily Giffinand sarcastic and witty Jennifer Weiner OVERLOOK is an engaging and scandalous comedy drama chick lit filled with humor and sass and a juicy seuel ESCAPE PLAN coming Fall 2014 after the surprise and shocking ending How far will these women go to protect those she loves? Looking forward to catching up with these savvy southern mysterious and desperate housewives of Overlook

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    American middle class society at its worst At least I hope that’s what’s going on The community of Overlook is a high end closed shop run by Stacia whose family created the lakeside housing estate that provides homes to the well to do of North CarolinaThe reader is thrown in at the deep end and accompanies Kitty as she discovers the details behind a gruesome infection she has contracted from her husband Seth It’s fascinating to me how infidelity is dealt with in this book If the author wants to highlight the lack of high expectations in society marriage she has succeeded most effectively This family saga involves an interesting commentary from Kitty’s teenage children who seem uite philosophical about their mother’s predicament The advice they give is practical and takes no prisoners They see their father for exactly what he is and think Kitty is a fool to put up with him Kitty however is concerned with playing the trump card She focuses on weaning herself away from dependence on Seth and after a rather surprising turn of events we are invited to find out what happens next in the seuelRenee the maid is painted as the Iago of the piece I wanted from this character I felt she had potential Kitty and Stacia were almost interchangeable for me as were some of the other women of Overlook Having said this I read the book from start to finish The prose was fluid the dialogue slick It just wasn’t really for me in the endIf you enjoy reading about privileged American society love gossip who doesn’t? and have a taste for domestic family drama a la ‘Desperate Housewives’ Overlook is for youI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    In her edgy debut novel Elizabeth Hein exposes the dark underbelly of suburban life I enjoyed this well written exploration into the back biting gossip laiden world of the elite southern neighborhood of Overlook inhabited by women and men whose secrets are traded as currency And soon we realize that there are very few secrets in Overlook The story revolves around two women Stacia and Kitty Stacia is the machiavellian and dominant PTA presidentueen attempting to control the intimate inner workings of her beloved community with a varying and sometimes uestionable degree of success Mild mannered intellectual homemaker Kitty is slowly waking up to reality of her life; examining her own blind complacency in the context of a bombed out shell of a marriage Both women grapple with the emotional difficulties that come along with aging children and empty nests while pondering their respective futures and finding a way to go forward with their lives For better or worse

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    We just don't talk about things like that in our familyNo one in Overlook is talking At least not to each other Not about anything that matters In the premiere neighborhood of the area where surface is what counts there are things no one talks about directly infidelity illnes infertility drug use Now behind each other's backs? That's a different storyKitty Haskell is not particularly happy in her idyllic life as a Looker but that doesn't mean she was looking for a change She'd made this bed and she was going to lie in it At least that was her plan until her husband gave her an STD and forced her to examine her life I don't want to spoil the novel for you so I won't tell you what happens I will tell you that you will be drawn in by Kitty's struggles and friendships The novel is funny and touching And wait till you see the endingFull disclosure I personally know the author

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    I loved Outlook It reminds me of the style and flavor of Kathryn Stockett’s The Help with its network of community and secrets The characters come alive and the banter is wonderful Well written Great edgy opening The reader wonders how it plays into the story The ending was brilliant I didn’t see it coming The reader is left wanting and there is Read the seuel Escape Plan to see how Kitty's life panned out Kitty and Seth Haskell live in the small community of Outlook They appear to have all their needs met and the perfect life that is until Kitty realizes Seth cheated on her She got a nasty case of VD Then to add to her humiliation the whole community of Outlook already knew Intertwining of lives friendships secrets affairs mystery and then there is the crime Is it a perfect crime?

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    Overlook is a compelling and absorbing read Hein creates a matriarchal microcosm a miniature world which has a ruler Statia who takes care of and manages the lives of rest of the characters Making sure no one steps out of line is her business and she has a lot on her hands Overlook has to be perfect But underneath the varnish there’s a community full of real women dealing with all the transgressions and tribulations of daily life infidelity drugs disloyalty jealousy hate greed and hypocrisy But sensible perfect Kitty has had enough After her husband gives her gonorrhea from his latest lover who is also one of her friends the discovery of the pointlessness of her marriage will lead to an unexpected and shocking climax and a new beginning for Kitty and her daughter

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    This book is a fun read Kitty lives in a perfect town with a perfect house perfect friends and a perfect husband until she finds out that her perfect 'friends' aren't and neither is her husband Matter of fact he's pretty much an a hat because he I shan't tell you because that would spoil it and the way Ms Hein has put this together shouldn't be disturbed Luckily she has the best friend a gal ever had that has her back This is a good read a uick read and an entertaining one and a book I recommend heartily not only to read but to give away as gifts Think next Christmas and birthdays folks you'll be glad you did

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    I couldn't put this book down The characters were so realistic and the ending was so satisfying I liked reading about a community that could be like any you've driven by uiet and pristine yet filled with the small dramas of everyday life some of which are juicier than others