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#1 Hot New Releases#1 bestseller Humour#1 bestseller Biographical fiction Top Ten Kindle ebooksWhen Ellie Rigby hurls her three carat engagement ring into the gutter she is certain of only one thing that she has yet to know true love Following months of disastrous internet dates and conflicting advice from her dysfunctional friends she decides to take matters into her own hands Although now instead of just looking for a man for herself she's certain her life's purpose is to find deep and meaningful love for all the singles in the world Five years on running the UK's biggest matchmaking agency and with thousands of engagements to her name she has all the answers she needs She knows why eighty five percent of relationships fail She knows why twenty eight is the most eligible age for a woman She knows that by thirty five she'll have only a thirty percent chance of marriage Most of all she knows that no matter what it has to be perfect Or does it?

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    I was really excited to start reading this book I love watching the TV programme The Millionaire Matchmaker and thought if this book is only half as funny as said TV programme then I am in for a treat And what a treat it was Haley’s description of the dating scene is utterly hilarious and the slightly cringe worthy moments make for such an exhilarating readI enjoyed Ellie’s character from the beginning on I think I speak for nearly all of us in saying that at one point in our lives we have been through one or the other dating disasters described in the book no I won’t say which ones apply to me – I am glad I successfully manoeuvered myself out of the scary dating scene If you are feeling low andor are trying to escape a bad day pick up this book and I am sure it will plaster a huge smile back onto your face

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    From the first page I was hooked this book has a good way of drawing the reader in Especially with the funny exchanges between Ellie and her friends Ellie is likeable even at the start with her slightly skewed belief in finding the perfect man or what she constitutes as the perfect man As Ellie is on her mission to match her clients together there are plenty of laugh out moments Each of the clients that Ellie had were uniue characters trying to find love Most of them were likeable and I thought the bit when Mr Marbella punched the snowboarder was greatOverall I really enjoyed Ellie's matchmaking journey this book had both laughs and some realistic romances Well worth a readPSThanks to Haley for my First Reads copy

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    Review first posted on my blog Rigby has had it with online dating Looking for a decent guy seems to be like looking for a needle in a haystack and she's sick and tired of dealing with one dating disaster after another Then one day Ellie suddenly realises what she must do if others can't help her find a suitable guy why shouldn't she take matters into her own hands and step into the business side of the world of dating herself? Ellie sets up her own matchmaking agency and before she knows it she has a whole list of clients to take care of With a successful business at the age of twenty eight Ellie hopes it will only be a matter of time before she runs into her own Prince Charming But while Ellie constantly tells her clients they have to let go of the idea of finding the perfect partner she can't seem to shake that idea when it comes to her own dating life'It's Got to Be Perfect' was first released in 2013 and is based on author Haley Hill's own experiences after setting up her own matchmaking agency in 2005 I thought it was uite a promising debut novel and the author is actually working on a seuel right now which I'm looking forward to picking up as well I loved the basic plotline of the book; main character Ellie decides to move past all the dating disasters in her life and sets up her own matchmaking business I loved reading about all the different people that wanted to make use of Ellie's services and how certain matches resulted in either happiness or disaster A lot of different characters are introduced and some of the things they did really had me laughing out loudUnfortunately I just didn't manage to really click with Ellie the protagonist of the novel She continued to be a bit distant and I wouldn't describe her as a warm and easy to love character I probably liked Ellie's two colleagues Thea and Mandi better; they're two complete opposites but really worked well with the story There was an unexpected time jump in the middle of the book which took me by surprise We suddenly miss a few years in Ellie's life and business which on the one hand was a pity because it really felt like I was missing certain details but on the other hand it was fun to have this look into the future Overall I thought 'It's Got to Be Perfect' was an entertaining and funny romance read about the world of matchmaking; not one of my absolute favourites but worth picking up if you're a chick lit fan

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    Full Review 241013I honestly don't know how to review this book as I so easily gave it five stars and just want to scream to the world GO AND READ THIS BOOKI have honestly never laughed so much whilst reading a book in my entire life It was so funny and cleverly written I absolutely adored it I think every person who reads this book would agree with me There's just so much truth to the story and frankness with which author Haley Hill introduces us to the men and women of the world who wish to find their perfect match The story was written to absolute perfection Haley Hill's writing style was absolutely brilliant and Ellie's internal narrative was so much fun to read and so cleverly put together that I would read another book by this author in a heartbeat As well as it being light relief to read I also thought that it was realistic and relatable to people today What I really loved about this book is how Haley Hill took the story to the next level by making the hope of a 'happily ever after' less likely This really made me connect to the story in a way that I often don't with this sort of chick lit Being able to sympathise with the desire for a 'happily ever after' I felt so in tune with the characters both the clients and Ellie when her relationship with Nick begins to sourEllie and Nick's courtship is great to read for any romantic yet I was devastated than I usually am in books when their relationship ended four years later It was a stark reminder that not everybody gets their happy ending with the person they love and that sometimes we have to get through life alone I was so desperate to see these characters reconcile and the connection to the characters Haley Hill gave me with her incredible writing made the story even emotional and heartfeltAn extra fun part of this book was seeing what the clients wanted in their perfect partner It gave a hilarious realisation to see that today we tend to have a shopping list for what we want in a partner the most common being their appearance Whilst some were extreme than others I laughed so much at some of the clients preferences it shows that love tends to be a second thought despite how romantic many people are todayOverall this was a fantastic read and is on my list of favourite books of all time I have never laughed so much in my life and would buy this book for my girlfriends for birthdays and christmas 5 Stars

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    I was SO looking forward to reading It’s Got To Be Perfect – I absolutely love the cover it is gorgeous and something that really appeals to me and the line “The memoirs of a modern day matchmaker” had me very intriguedAfter many disastrous dates and conflicting advice from friends Ellie decides it is time to take matters into her own hands But she also decides she’s going to expand and instead of just finding her Mr Right she’s going to help all the singles out there find love And five years on she’s running the UK’s biggest matchmaking agency with a great success rate and hundreds of engagements to her name Most of all she knows that it has to be perfector does it?I absolutely loved It’s Got To Be Perfect Haley has written such a fantastic novel and had me hooked from the first page It was a story where once I’d started I found it impossible to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with EllieTo say it is funny is an understatement – this book had me laughing out loud hysterically It is just such an addictive read I was smiling and laughing and at times I was cringing tooI liked Ellie from the beginning I warmed to her straight away and she fascinated me I loved reading about her role as a matchmaker what she did the advice she gave and how things ran when running a matchmaking agency It gave me a real insight into another side of finding love and I really enjoyed this I’m sure there will be readers out there who can definitely relate to some of the scenes in the book tooThe characters are very vibrant – they jump to life from the pages and they are so interesting to read about It’s Got To Be Perfect is really refreshing – it is honest it is funny and it is fantastic I’d definitely recommend this

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    The dedication in this book gives a clue to the expertise and knowledge the author really has of the matchmaking world She actually launched and ran a highly successful ‘Elect Club dating agency’ and has used this experience to create an entertaining book on this theme Knowing that background information made me eager to read this since it is on a similar theme and I wasn’t disappointed a story full of wonderful characters all looking for their ideal perfect love Their interactions are at times hilarious and the plot is well paced A sweet chicklit to relax with an ideal one to brighten your day and bring a smile to your faceThe heroine of the story is Ellie Rigby who had so little success at find her match she decided to start her own agency She has high ideals and believes her love needs to be perfect but does it really? The first part of the book is about how she started it sharing some hilarious moments and brilliant potential clients Part Two is apparently some years later by which time the agency is the biggest in the UK with thousands of people introduced through it and now engaged or married Throughout the story there are snippets relating to Ellie and her team’s interactions with clients their ‘dates’ and her own love life or lack of it Statistics are frightening but she still hope she finds a hope of finding and keeping her true love but you’ll have to read it yourself to find out if she does or doesn’tThanks to the publisher for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis story is inspired by the author’s own matchmaking experiences and together with the blurb that sounded really promisingEllie Rigby is a matchmaker and I really enjoyed having insight in what she’s doing It’s a really hard job Matching single people and meeting so many oft hem at the same time her client list grows fast and meanwhile we also meet some friends of her Haley found a great way to include this all in a book and describe these funny and entertaining scenes I got swept into the story pretty fast and read these dates and matching tries with a lot of interestWhile Ellie is doing this all she is craving for a man herself she doesn’t get younger after all right? Well she meets Nick but it gets very complicated and I have to say I don’t really know what to say about him which is a bit of a pityEllie is a great character down to earth and normal and a joy to follow aroundHer assistants Mani and Mia also get their stories told and the bunch was so much fun They are all very vibrant characters who made the story sparklyThe book is in two parts the second part is set 5 years later It took my a while to realise that and I felt that there wer parts of Ellie’s story missing hereIt’s Got To Be Perfect is a funny romatic and sweet read I really enjoyed it Haley’s writing is vivid fresh and very cute

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    I have just finished this and I absolutely loved it I was hooked from the first page couldn't wait to keep reading and find out what happened next Ellie is a really likeable character and the book is really funnyI will be looking out for future books from Haley

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    A rather hilarious romp through the world of matchmaking Recommend to all chick lit lovers

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    Four stars is probably a little bit generous but I did like this book Especially in the way that it grew from a 'love is a feeling and soulmates are real' type to a 'love I shall what you make it and the only perfect match gives you happiness and sadness in eual measure' type storiesLight and fun the message I think is something everyone needs to hear at some point in their lives Although the way Ellie treated Joanna and some of the other characters could be a bit better she was a good protagonist and she felt realBorrowed this book from the library but would consider buying it for 2 at an op shop if I saw it so I can have it in my collection