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This time Bill Whittington a scientist experimenting with the benefits of worm holes or 'Pathways' has gone too far With a new Pathway spiraling out of control whilst he's alone in his office can Bill warn his colleague of the danger before it's too late

10 thoughts on “Order of the Path

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    Odd story this oneI read it yesterday evening whilst making the kids some tea and for some reason completely of my own fault neglected to read the first paragraph at all and in doing so missed the metaphoric ualities the story projectsThough on the way to work this morning I decided to give it another shot I was delighted to find the plot was just as innovative as 'Bill's' self made vortex and dare I say it just as dangerousMy only criticism however and reason why I only awarded the story a 3 star 'liked it' rating is that it was way too short The story was not rushed as such but I would have liked to know about the character to begin with and his journey in creating the vortex So if the author is reading this at any point and is ever struggling for something to write A preuel with about Bill's exploits would be welcomed dearly

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    I saw this eBook promoted on the publisher's website and seeing it was free I thought why not?Although short in length I was hooked from start to finish Lovely original idea and at just three pages long it only took me ten minutes to read though I must confess I read it again straight again afterwardsGreat little story I'd love to see further work from Mr Officer Nat