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From a love spell that doesn’t uite go to plan to a farmhand who needs a little discipline; from a woman who is addicted to the confessional to a personal trainer with a very unorthodox method of guaranteeing his clients they’ll look fab come bikini season K D Grace will tell you a naughty story with a twist Before there was Ms Holly and the Pet Shop before there were sexy ghosts before Grace Marshall upped the romance ante K D Grace was into uickies and here’s a selection of her naughtiestHired HandPretty city boy Tim Harris is the last man Suzie Sheridan would have hired to help her on the farm had he not been the only one who applied for the job But with strict discipline generously applied in all the right places even Suzie is amazed at just how good a hired hand Tim turns out to be Personal TrainerPenny Davis can’t afford to hire a personal trainer to get her fit for bikini season until ex military hard man Hawk Sturgis offers her an unorthodox fitness regimen and an even unorthodox payment plan guaranteed to have her heating up the beach in her new bikini just in time for the summer holsAccidental HitchhikerOn a road trip across America Liz Martin’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere South Dakota and the ride a Good Samaritan lorry driver offers her is not exactly the one she expectedProductivityUnder the careful supervision of his unorthodox management consultant a stressed company CEO learns a hands on techniue guaranteed to up productivityFlawsLove spells are the most dangerous kind of magic Mick Denver learns the hard way when he enlists Sally Haddon a witch who specialises in sex magic to help him win the affections of his new co worker the exuisite and dangerous DarleneHard Times at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation FacilitySadie’s sexual appetite is out of control and a spell at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Facility is intended to put it right It isn’t long before fellow inmate Carol is showing her how to bend the facility’s strict rules earning them both punishments that are than worth the crimeConfessionsConfession is good for the soul but Hail Marys and Our Fathers aren’t nearly enough to gain absolution when Jilly confesses to an unsuspecting priest that confession makes her comeExcavationsWhile volunteering on an archaeological dig Gina and Mike discover new and exciting ways to help their workaholic professor relieve stress – and he introduces them to one or two methods of his own which are far from academicSeeing RedWe all give off body heat but only Jenny can see the red glow it gives off darker and intense the turned on we become When she’s compelled to follow a fellow bus passenger whose scarlet desires are too powerful to ignore she learns the real secret of her uniue visionPheromonesAn unusually powerful sense of smell gives Chloe the ability to sniff out the scents of people in lust When she volunteers for a research trial into pheromones she doesn’t realise the scientist in charge will have the perfect sexy aroma she’s always craved in a lover

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    “I received this book free on ”Gracefully Aroused by KD Grace is very arousing indeedShe has chosen many short stories that are all incredible and sexy as Hell Each story brings you something new and excitingI had some wonderful dreams for two nights straight after reading this bookShe does not disappoint This book is HOTT I love KD’s dirty mind ; I am so ready for the next installment

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    Sexy filthy change your underwear delicious collection of stories The best of KD Grace yes indeed Everything you could possibly ask for in one outstanding package Spanking FemDom MFM and much to tickle your fancy My personal favourite was the perfectly titled 'Hard Times at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Centre' Loved this bookCopy kindly gifted by author for honest review

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    I love K D Grace writing It was good to read a fwe of her stories in an anthology

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    I received this book from the author in return for an honest reviewKD Grace never disappoints another dirty sexy hot read from a fabulous writerHIGHLY RECOMMENDED