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Spineward Sectors Series Book Three of Eight Admiral's TribulationAdmiral Jason Montagne and the crew of the Lucky Clover are back just in time for another family reunion The last one was with the Vekna side of his family but now he has to catch up with an an old school Montagne the kind that gives other Montagnes a bad name and makes Jason's relationship with Cousin Bethany seem all warm and fuzzy by comparisonChildhood fantasies will be crushedAn aura of invincibility will be testedIt's anyone’s guess if the Little Admiral can pull another rabbit out of his hat and put an end to the piracy that’s been plaguing the border of known space ever since the Empire withdrewWill the tables finally be turned? Will Jason find himself at the mercy of those he’s been thumbing his nose at for so long or will his paranoia protect him from an honest to Murphy Admiral's Tribulation?Discover all this and in Book Three Admiral's Tribulation

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    Gunn battles betrayal comedy and tragedy it's got it all I started reading this series because the first book was a freebie but wasn't I shocked this is fast paced and fun And they keep getting better and better the little admiral is back out there rolling the dice but this time he's not so lucky I won't ruin this for you just buy and read it

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    IntenseThis far book 3 is the most intense yet Gritty battle drama on multiple fronts The only criticism I could have was that the story kept changing perspectives so uickly that it was sometimes difficult to keep up I'm out of breath On to book 4

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    Tek bir savaş üzerindeydi Çok uzadı tamam gerçekçi olmuş ama çok uzadı

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    The author just keeps getting better I devoured this book My E is such that I can't slow down I had to race through the book and now I want

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    Another good read I am in for the long haul on the series so looking forward to adventures

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    Fantastic space entertainmentAs I said of the prior adventure entertainment is my goal and entertainment is what I have Luke's cameo appearance is a funny touch

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    The story continuesBook three continues the adventures of Jason and his merry team of warriors There is also a few surprises to come

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    This book has a lot intrigue and expands the scope of the setting Sadly it doesn't feature a lot of hope or good moments

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    Another all nighterGood story pacing likeable characters and decent world building I really want to see how each main character progress I recommend this to any sci fi reader

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    terrible grammar