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A candid and provocative memoir by the Oscar winning actress and beloved Partridge Family icon Shirley Jones Shirley Jones is an American film legend of the first order having starred in Oklahoma Carousel The Music Man and her Oscar winning role as a prostitute in Elmer Gantry all long before the iconic The Partridge Family On the show she portrayed the epitome of American motherhood a symbol to thousands of families in the 1970s and she remains a cult icon today

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    SHIRLEY JONESShirley JonesShirley Jones had and has a beautiful voice and is probably one of the luckiest stars in Hollywood After winning a beauty contest she attracted the likes of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein in her first audition and the rest is history She became the star of their musicals and road showsAt one point Ms Jones talks about the self involved actors and their insecurities Then she proceeds to fall in love with probably the most narcissistic self centered drunken womanizer Jack Cassidy I believe her love for him was real but she paid a terribly high priceFor some reason Ms Jones needs to strip herself of her goody two shoes image in the most graphic of depictions I didn't need to know all about the details of her sexuality and her actionsJust sing Shirley

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    Wow I never thought I'd be listening to a book where Mrs Partridge is bragging about how sexual she is and describing how she masturbates For the record I read other reviews and was ready to fast forward over the grisly details of how she pleasures herself even today When she launched into it I skipped that rather lengthy part until she was through I'll never understand why people want to ruin their reputations when they are known for being a clean goody goody or a decent person What's so wrong with that? People love to destroy that reputation and make sure we know they aren't really that good or clean or moral in person Shirley Jones certainly does that in this book I didn't want to hear about the size of her sons' and husband's genitals I wanted to hear stories and anecdotes She went on about how nearly every man she's ever met has hit on her and how obsessed she was and still is with her former husband Jack Cassidy a true cad if there ever was one I felt bad for her currant husband as she describes Jack as the love of her life I guess Marty's chopped liver?I'm always disappointed when people fall from the pedestal we've placed them on because we like having someone we think we can look up to Some things should be kept private Shirley Jones clearly has no privacy issues I have lost respect for her for her lack of decency and her assumption that we wanted to know all these details of her very private life Someday she may be very embarrassed by what she has blabbed about herself and others in this memoir Tabloids spray garbage at us all the time about the private lives of celebrities The sad thing is she did it willingly

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    This book was disappointing I really looked forward to this book because I wanted to learn about Shirley Jones since I only knew her from The Partridge FamilyThis book was poorly written no way around that Shirley's co author didn't do her any favors It reads like a freshman paper It rambles and repeats This story is really about Shirley and Jack Cassidy She goes on an on about how much she LOVES him We get it You're still caught in the web of dysfunction known as Jack Cassidy Ms Jones reveals way too much personal information about her sex life It's sad because she comes across as the good girl who wants so badly to be considered a bad girl that she tries too hard The strangest thing about this book is the amount of time Shirley dedicates to her life with Jack Cassidy versus the amount of time dedicated to her life with her husband of 30 years Marty Ingle She shares very little about this time Instead she dwells on telling a one sided story about a man who is no longer here to defend himself For someone whose entire career came so easily to her writing sure didn't I was thoroughly disappointed in this book

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    Is there a way to wash my eyes out with soap? Can I clean out my mind and unread what I just read? Honestly who wants Shirley Jones to explain her masturbatory techniues in detail? Did I need to know that David Cassidy inherited his donkey sized penis from his father?This is one of those misguided memoirs where salacious details are thrown onto almost every page to up book sales Admittedly it works This book has gotten a lot of publicity The only thing I really learned about Shirley Jones from reading this is that she has an unerring ability to marry creepy off putting men Also she doesn't mind tattling on her husbands children co workers and friends

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    As a young boy growing up in the late 50's I enjoyed musicals Top among my favorites were Oklahoma and Carousel both staring Gordon McRae and Shirley Jones Both performers had golden voices To me I imagined that the pure idyllic love portrayed in these two masterpieces was but an extension of each actor's personal life and moral values I have not yet read a biography of the life of Gordon McRae but upon reading Shirley Jones' new autobiography my idealism was turned on its head Call me naive say you should have known better tell me this is just Hollywood Still I was disappointed Through the years the images of the lovely feminine virtuous Laurie and Julie became icons for me and represented all that was good in womanhood As to their characters they still are Yet now knowing the personal life of the actress who created them I have felt a let downIn her autobiography Shirley Jones discusses in detail her two husbands the two loves of her life Jack Cassidy and Marty Ingels She talks about her step son David Cassidy and about her three sons Shaun Ryan and Patrick Shirley was very much a devoted and loving wife and mother and did much to be with and support her children especially in their times of difficulty She also speaks of her fierce independence of spirit her dedication to career and very candidly about her views on sexuality and sex She is often explicit which was a bit shocking to me since I had always placed her on such a pedestal Readers caveat emptor But again perhaps this is Hollywood or worse yet perhaps this is America As I read her biography I was struck with the impression that she wanted to be honest candid and frank with her readers about her life and she was She wanted the world to know how open minded she was about each person's right to live his life as he desires and that we should not pass judgment on others for doing so In that sentiment we are in accord However it is one thing to accept people for who they are and what they do but uite another to aid and abet them in their deviant lifestyles and even in the name of love and support of spouse embrace those lifestyles To her credit as she states in her biography she sometimes participated in practices with her husband or because of her husband Jack Cassidy she didn't feel comfortable with and would not have done on her own It seems to me that each person needs to establish personal principles of morality and decency then draw a line in the sand One should never allow himself to become so open minded that his brains fall outCall me old fashioned but I firmly believe that the new morality is nothing nor less than the old immorality eschewed by the prophets of the Old Testament and the Savior in the New Testament and that our greatest happiness in this life and in the next can only be achieved by adhering to principles of virtue especially in sexual matters; that is abstinence from sex before marriage and complete fidelity to one's spouse after marriage If mistakes are made sincere repentance and reformation are always available That is the wonderful thing about the Atonement of Jesus Christ It is my view that only on these principles can an eternal marriage and family unit be established and preserved through the help of a merciful Savior and a loving Heavenly Father

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    I have been a fan of musicals since I was a very young child This book was a huge disappointment to me Not sure what she was thinking She wants us all to know she's a bad girl If I want to read about threesomes and masturbation I'll read erotica No I wanted to know why she was chosen to play Marian over Barbara Cook and scuttlebutt on all the people in Oklahoma Music Man Carousel Elmer Gantry et alI also thought she really puts down her current husband Marty Ingels while making a god lower case g out of Jack Cassidy who by Jones' own admission is an addicted cadDon't bother

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    Have you ever finished reading a biography of a celebrity and felt like you should go take a shower? Maybe a cold one? Have you ever finished reading a celebrity bio and felt like you had just rummaged through their underwear drawer? Well here you go Here’s one Courtesy of the legendary movie musical star Shirley Jones and her co writer Wendy Leigh here’s a tell all that leaves nothing untoldAs Jones warns the reader in her introduction if you’re looking for Laurey Julie or Marian the librarian her iconic film roles in “Oklahoma Carousel and The Music Man” in these pages you won’t find them here Jones claims “I have never myself been that innocent or ever been that kind of an ingénue” Jones and Leigh set out in this 290 page memoir to prove that this “small town girl from Smithton Pennsylvania” is not Mrs Partridge yet not a “spoiled Hollywood movie star or a jaded TV icon either” To uote an infamous banner hung on a US Navy aircraft carrier that got Bush 43 in trouble “mission accomplished” Read this and you’ll never see Shirley Jones as a librarian ever againJones and Leigh leave no stone unturned or thrown It’s all documented here The illicit affairs the adultery the illegal drugs “the excessive drinking the constant infidelity” the lousy parenting the bi polar husbands the fireplace fueled mental breakdown the drug and mental rehab centers the fatal apartment fire the group sex the lesbian and homosexual sex the solo sex The authors have succeeded in “ripping away the seven veils and have revealed every facet of Shirley Jones” This is one bio that might make even radio shock jock Howard Stern blush

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    This poorly written memoir is filled with facts and details that focuses on others and too much on sexuality but not enough on Shirley Jones or conseuences of the crazy choices she made She hasn't done herself or her fans any good writing it this way The book is two thirds about other people usually the men in her life and one third about her sex life including TMI on masturbating a threesome invitation to swinging how well endowed her sons are etc The bulk of the book is really about her marriage to Jack Cassidy and the choice she makes to stick with him through his drinking problems sleeping around with hundreds of women and mental issues It makes no sense A song in the musical Oklahoma which Jones starred in says I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No and that appears to be Shirley's problem She should have stood up to Cassidy instead of claiming such passionate love for him that she let him walk all over her and get away with being a bad father Sadly she states in the book that he is her one true love 30 years after his death because there are few redeeming ualities about him This certainly can't be easy for her second husband to acceptThe book is filled with contradictions that also make no sense At one point she claims she never cheated on Cassidy then goes on to tell stories of how she passionately kissed other men and even went to bed with one She says a director never gave any on set directions then tells a story about a direction he gave She says she didn't cheat on second husband Marty Ingels then gives an example of cheating on him Her distorted view of reality shows that she has no real moral base and is nothing like her on screen personaEven worse are the various factual errors in the book Jack Cassidy didn't play Ted Baxter's twin brother in the Mary Tyler Moore show he played Ted's younger brother and his series He She was in the 1960s not the 1970s Fred Silverman wasn't the one who created All in the Family The Waltons and Charlie's Angels he was just the network programmer who put them on the air The biggest whopper is that she claims the role she played on Partridge Family was the first working mother on TV not even close just think of Julia as a nurse a few years earlier And her stepson David Cassidy certainly wasn't a rock God nor the biggest rock star of the century which she claims twice The entire book has the feel of someone who doesn't uite have all of her facts straight loves to exaggerate and the co author didn't do the work to fact checkThat being said the book has plenty of great stories about her on screen work and is worth reading She isn't afraid to name names and give her opinion on co stars she loved and co stars she hated She gets pretty specific about the famous people who made passes at her and probably has embarrassed some But she is unapologetic through it all which is the book's weakness She is a poor role model for women wives and mothers that tolerate abuse and should be introspective about the terrible choices she made

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    I am a fan of Shirley Jones I liked her in movies like Oklahoma The Music Manand Elmer Gantry And of course The Partridge FamilyI enjoyed her memoir for the most part She was very honest about her lifeI was amused reading about her childhood that she was a bit of a strong willed rebelI wish she had given a few details about her work in movies and The Partridge Family And the actors she worked with She was up front about her marriage to Jack Cassidy and all the affairs he had Sometimes not treating her very nice and being too tough on his sonsyet she was still in love with him in spite of how he treated her Not impressed with how endowed Jack was or her other family members endowmentreally not interested in other people's sex lives but oh well I guess this lets us know she is NOT Shirley Partridge or Laurey from Oklahoma She has spent the last 35 years married to Marty Ingels I remember over the years how some wondering about this match but so what They are still married and love each otherI liked getting to read about her relationship with her step son David Cassidy her co star in The Partridge Family and her three sons ShaunPatrick and Ryan This was a good read If you want to know a bit about this talented actressI did like this memoir

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    Oh Mrs Partridge you dirty bird I personally think no one has any business writing a memoir if they are not willing to be 100% candid about their life Shirley Jones has told her story honestly and without shame and for that I give her credit A lot of the details divulged in this book will shock and maybe disappoint fans of 1950's musical comedies and 1970's clean cut sitcoms I'll admit that I raised my eyebrows a time or two while reading this book I was not as shocked by the stories of bad choices adultery and recreational drug use as I was by who these revelations were coming from I think that is exactly the point Some readers have uestioned why Shirley Jones would write a book like this I think the answer is that you write a memoir so that you will be remembered at you really were In this Shirley Jones A Memoir is successful She is a strong willed loyal and hard working woman who has loved well if not always wisely who remains vibrant and sexually active in her eighties Good for her I hope someone will be able to say the same about me someday