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In March 1987 Mercedes Lackey a young author from Oklahoma published her first novel Arrows of the ueen No one could have envisioned that this modest book would be the beginning of a fantasy career that would span decades and than a hundred novels with no signs of slowing yet And among Ms Lackey's many novels few are as critically acclaimed and beloved as those of the Elemental Masters The novels in this series are loosely based on classic fairy tales and take place in a fantasy version of turn of the century London where magic is real and Elemental Masters control the powers of Fire Water Air and Earth Now the voices of other authors join Mercedes Lackey to add their own special touches to this delightful alternate history in a world where magic is always just around the corner

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    An anthology of 19 stories revolving around the Elemental Masters urban fantasy series set in Victorian EnglandThe StoriesSamuel Conway's Fire Water is something of a parable with a dose of Solomon's judgment and a splash of teuila It's a uniue interpretation as well as a cute description of how prey detects a predator the sun winksDiana L Paxson's Fire Song blends ancient history with magic as a philosopher's family flees the overthrow of his patron Nice peek into the personal fears of a mother with the very real fears of pursuit and murderKristin Schwengel's Sails of the Armada is a very sad attempt to explain how the Spanish Armada truly met its doom It does take on a very personal perspective with the kidnapped Rodrigo's perspective and his friend a sea serpent Rodrigo raises an interesting uestion as he wonders if one is only a heretic if one is an enemyFiona Patton's The Wild Rogue finds a wild bad tempered Water mage drinking his demons away It's got plenty of twists and turns — enough to get me very confusedElizabeth A Vaughan's Feathers and Foundations finds Thomas Davies in trouble for not controlling the ravens in his new role as Ravenmaster at the Tower of London It's a struggle for the ravens answer to Air while Davies is an Earth mage It's struggle that ends when Davies must use his power to healDayle A Dermatis's Hearth and Family is a little bit fairy tale and a little bit persecution as a new family is formed and torn asunder It's the boy's return that accelerates decisions It's a sweet story and only a bit clichédLouisa Swann's Secret Friends is an anomaly in the Elemental Masters series in that its protagonist Nettie gains cooperation from Air Water and Earth spirits It's a brief glimpse into her life albeit a very dangerous episode in which she might lose her brotherElisabeth Waters' Fire's Daughter finds an upper class girl battling her mother over whether she'll be a proper young lady or an independent young woman It's both funny and sad as it reinforces the narrow view Victorian society had of what a woman could doCedric Johnson's Picking Up the Pieces is cute but juvenile and the writing needs a LOT polish I think he included every idea he had about the storyJennifer Brozek's The Price of Family is somewhat selfish and somewhat righteous and the whole of it is real than I think we'd want to admit It's a choice between which family to save Josie's new family or reuniting a mother with her sonTanya Huff's Arms of the Sea is both tragic and uplifting I know I seem to be uite confused about events in the previous story and this one but if you read them you'll understand It's a young crippled woman who battles against those who care for her who only see a crippled person But Marie manages to get her way and accomplish uite a bit A good example of a complete storyBen Ohlander's London Falling is disgusting and depressing even as this sibling finally becomes an adultMichele Lang's The King of the River Rats finds an intrepid woman reporter going against Tammany Hall to investigate the increasing number of missing girls It's a uick fun readJody Lynn Nye's Air of Deception continues on from Elemental Magic Air of Mystery with Aurelia saving another's life with her swift thinking and deft hand with perfumes I did enjoy this story almost as much as I enjoyed that first one I readStephanie Shaver's Fly or Fall finds Aurelia fleeing her gift It takes a young girl and her mother's ignorance to reconcile Aurelia with her own power A good story that is well writtenRosemary Edghill and Rebecca Fox's Bone Dance is confusing in small ways For one I have no idea how the title relates to the story I had to hunt to understand how various characters were related and some aspects were rather juvenile And what's with this Council? What happened to the White Lodge? The story has promise but needs workRon Collins' The Flying Contraption concludes that one should never stop making mistakes lol Of course you have to clean up after It's a cute story and well written about a very curious little girl and the Wright brothersGail Sanders and Michael Z Williamson's A Peony Amongst Roses is an unexpected foray into peony gardens and their value in protecting the royals Sure I love peonies; they are absolutely gorgeous but SandersWilliamson do nothing to elucidate on this Yeah I know It protects against evil I'm sorry but it's too vague for me on how the peony accomplishes this I guess short stories aren't reuired to be complete It is cute with lots of interesting detail except that one that I really wantMercedes Lackey's Into the Woods is an excerpt the start from Blood Red 10 I see this as a cheat of a short story even though Blood Red is a good storyThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a collage of the short stories and begins with a bright blue and purple set of draperies for the background an inset rectangle with a woman in yellow and a man in a top hat with a cat sitting atop the rectangle and a pair of birds flying at themThe title is basic enough for it is Elementary All New Tales of the Elemental Masters

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    I've come to accept that every anthology has two or three amazing stories two or three stories that I completely hate for one reason or another and a bunch of stories that fall somewhere in betweenThis particular anthology is ostensibly a series of short stories set in the world of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters series most of which take place in the Edwardian period primarily in Britain my favourite The Fire Rose takes place in America They are also all retellings of fairy tales or folk stories within this setting and with an overlay of elemental magic on topWith a few exceptions none of the stories in this anthology deal with fairy tales and many of them are set in a different time and place leaving only the elemental magic aspect to tie them in Despite this some of the ones that don't fit are still uite good I do feel like there was a length limit on some of these stories that negatively affected them I'd have been all right with fewer longer stories in here I also had the nagging sense that than a few of the authors in here didn't get a complete sense of what it means to be an Elemental Magician or Master as they are different in Lackey's established world and that took away from my enjoyment in a couple casesUnlike my usual anthology review I'm going to list all of them with commentary rather than just the ones I feel are worth re reading In order of appearance Fire Water by Samuel Conway is one that doesn't fit the setting but does have certain folktale elements explaining how something came to be I liked it despite it being very much not what I would have expected from this anthology Fire Song by Diana Paxson Having only experienced Diana Paxson's work in the SS anthologies I was expecting strong characterization and an emotionally compelling story This was not that Set in ancient Greece this had far too many minor characters and far too little plot for my liking Disappointing Sails of the Armada by Kristin Schwengel One of the gems of this anthology Well written and very emotionally evocative The Wild Rogue by Fiona Patton Another excellent story Set about 20 years before the Regency and Patton actually manages to do a decent job with the style of the era Feathers and Foundations by Elizabeth Vaughan Meh It has good moments and a decent premise but seems like the ending was intended to connect to something longer Hearth and Family by Dayle Dermatis I had a sneaking suspicion that this was supposed to be a Hansel and Gretel retelling but it wasn't overt enough to make me cranky Emotionally compelling and mostly well written Secret Friends by Louisa Swann This one made me really cranky Set in San Francisco around the time of the gold rush the plot could have been an excellent reversal of the Chinese sex slavery rampant at that time Instead it's a bland and unoriginal view of the foreign Other as the unambiguous villain of the story with bad dialogue Nope Fire's Daughter by Elisabeth Waters The dialogue is stilted and often jarring and the details of the protagonist's life stretch my suspension of disbelief but overall I kind of liked this story Picking Up the Pieces by Cedric Johnson Oh honey no A redhead and a blonde named Garnet and Pearl respectively? Seriously? This also reeks of the aftermath of the usual fairy tale where a magic hero rescues a magic princess who automagically loves him because he's MAGIC and SAVED HER and oh god please no The Price of Family by Jennifer Brozek I liked this one It's not AMAZING but it is a solid story with good writing and ambiguously motivated characters which sets it above some of the other stories in this book Arms of the Sea by Tanya Huff is possibly my favourite story in the whole book This is one of the few that really follow in the footsteps of The Fire Rose with excellent writing realistic dialogue and compelling characters London Falling by Ben Ohlander I did not think I would like this one when I started reading it as I'm not really a fan of first person in sff but the ending turned my assumptions about the main characters on their ears and while I'm not sure I'd read it again I did end up kind of liking it The King of the River Rats by Michele Lang Not particularly memorable Not bad OH WAIT except for the ending where the POWER OF WUV is important to the protagonist than her independence Fuck that Air of Deception by Jody Lynn Nye EEEE PERFUME FANDOM A little silly in places a little stilted in the dialogue but I loved it anyway Fly or Fall by Stephanie Shaver Yay another of MZB's SS writers I am amused that two stories in a row have protagonists named Aurelia who work with Air magic This is good and I liked it uite a bit despite some small nitpicks Bone Dance by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca Fox Not so much a retelling of Jekyll Hyde as a view of the influence it could have had on a rogue Elemental Magician Good writing solid story I liked it The Flying Contraption by Ron Collins Cute little story For once someone writes a convincing 10 year old A Peony Amongst Roses by Gail Sanders and Michael Williamson Meh? This wasn't bad but I felt the pacing was a bit off I do like the protagonist though and I like stories about gardening and political scheming so This was one that could have done well as a longer story Into the Woods by Mercedes Lackey Straight up Little Red Riding Hood Not even a little different A resounding Meh

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    2020 bk 240 I had been wanting to read this for awhile and it didn't disappoint This is a collection of stories by those interested in writing in the Elementals Universe but willing to write in different places and times I loved the number of stories set in Germany and nations other than EnglandA delight

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    I've enjoyed the full length novels in this series and in this collection a variety of authors get to play around in Lackey's Edwardian fantasy seriesIt was interesting to see the different approaches the authors took when it came to weaving a story set in a world with both magic and technology Some of the stories were so rich that it's a pity they won't be developed into longer novelsI especially loved the interaction of a young mage with the Wright Brothers in The Flying Contraption and the exceptionally grim story The Bone Dance in which a chemist's goal is to recreate the potion from Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll taleOverall the stories were interesting and enjoyable if you like the general tone of the Elemental Masters series in the original formFor those who have never read any of that series there's a snippet from one of the novels as the last story in the anthology If you like that one you would probably like the novels

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    Another anthology of stories set in Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters universeThe stories were on the whole pretty even Only disappointment was Mercede's own story She later used it as the opening chapters of one of her books so I felt vaguely cheatedAll in all though it was a good and enjoyable read 35 stars rounded up to 4

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    These sorts of books are hard to review Some of the stories I hated so much and were so boring my eyes glazed over while reading Some I enjoyed Some i neither liked or disliked So in the end I rate it it was ok I think i would of rated it higher if they started the book with some of the interesting stories because starting it with the boring ones just sets the whole book up with a bad feeling I did however like that some of the stories were continuations of stories found in Elemental magic

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    I really liked how Jody Lynn Nye was able to contribute a second story with the same cast of characters from the first anthology I'd like to see this continue with other authors there are several very compelling characters from whom I'd like to see ; for instance Marie from Arms of the Sea and El from The Fire's Daughter

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    Set in Victorian England this anthology of 19 stories revolves around the Elemental Masters urban fantasy series I give this book 4 stars There were 15 stories I liked in this antho My fav's are Fire's Daughter by Elisabeth WatersArms of the Sea by Tanya HuffThe King of the River Rats by Michele LangAir of Deception by Jody Lynn NyeFly or Fall by Stephanie ShaverBone Dance by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca FoxA Peony Amongst Roses by Gail Sanders and Michael Z Williamsonand Into the Woods by Mercedes Lackey0My ratings by story are as follows1Fire Water by Samuel Conway I gave this story 3 stars It was whimsical 2Fire Song by Diana L PaxsonI gave this story 3 stars It had an interesting ending This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho 3Sails of the Armada by Kristin Schwengel I gave this story 3 stars It was sad but was written well4The Wild Rogue by Fiona PattonI gave this story 35 4 stars It was nice and lively0p5Feathers and Foundations by Elizabeth A VaughanI gave this story 4 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho I was thrilled to continue with the tale Good word use I connected to the story it was a vivid tale06Hearth and Family by Dayle A DermatisI gave this story 4 stars There were sad parts7Secret Friends by Louisa SwannI gave this story 4 stars Good tale8Fire's Daughter by Elisabeth WatersI gave this story 45 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho I really want story thoughHope there is a continuation 09Picking Up the Pieces by Cedric JohnsonI gave this story 4 stars Good taleThis was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho This story is set 15 years later10The Price of Family by Jennifer BrozekI gave this story 35 4 stars It had a sad ending11Arms of the Sea by Tanya HuffI gave this story 45 stars I really want story thoughHope there is a continuation 012London Falling by Ben OhlanderI gave this story 35 4 stars Not a good ending Well written disturbing tale13The King of the River Rats by Michele LangI gave this story 4 stars Good taleThis was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho Awesome yet sad014Air of Deception by Jody Lynn NyeI gave this story 4 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho I would not mind stories 0p15Fly or Fall by Stephanie ShaverI gave this story 4 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho 016Bone Dance by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca FoxI gave this story 45 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho 0p17The Flying Contraption by Ron CollinsI gave this story 35 stars It was cute Interesting retelling of historic event Wink18A Peony Amongst Roses by Gail Sanders and Michael Z WilliamsonI gave this story 45 stars This was a continuation of the short story from the 1st antho I love the main character she has such a strong spiritThat is why I still want story thoughHope there is a continuation 0p19 Into the Woods by Mercedes LackeyI gave this story 45 starsThis is the start forBlood Red Kinda sad but good Great twist to fairy tale SpoilersNote to Self1Fire Water by Samuel Conway Octlirabbit bird Earth Masterold lady2Fire Song by Diana L Paxson KyriamomdaughterWater Magic Empedoclesher son3yofire magic Eudociamother ArchilausPythagorean philosopherdadLysander8yophilosophers youngest pupil Polycritos oldest pupil Nicolausoldest pupilPicus14yoson of RomanMetoher husband3Sails of the Armada by Kristin Schwengel 1588Rodrigosailorwater magicpaldiedTareixasea serpentwater elemental 4The Wild Rogue by Fiona Patton 1783Christopher Walcothalf broKitWater magemaybe future Bow Street RunnerEdwardTeddyelder broBaron Clive of Plassy HenriettaintendedLottiesisLizziesisRebecca BeckyFire Magesis?Uncle NevilleRoyal AstronomerHenry KeelingBow Street Runnergodfather5Feathers and Foundations by Elizabeth A VaughanThomas DaviesEarth Masterex Royal ArmyYeoman Warder Ravenmaster in Tower of LondonLt General LoftusTower of LondonColonel DoyleTower of LondonArthurDuke of Wellington Constable Tower Field Marshall6Hearth and Family by Dayle A Dermatis Klarawidowfire magicianmill ownernew guardianFrieda13yosiswater magicianrun awayGeorge14yobroearth magicianrun awayconscripted German Armysoldier7Secret Friends by Louisa Swann San FranciscoNettie12yo Air MagiciansisWu LibroFire MagicianMama Wumother 8Fire's Daughter by Elisabeth WatersSophia Pearcesispalnew governessFire MagicianLady Marymomdaughter of Water MagicianEleanora12yotwin sisapprentice physicianFire MasterSir NicholasFire Masterdadruns medical practicephysicianAlbertWater Mastertwin bropupilFather Pearceher broWater MagicianAlbert's mentorDrSarah ClarkepalDukegrandadMaster9Picking Up the Pieces by Cedric JohnsonClara WohltatmomsisEarth MagicianThaddeus WohltatEarth MasterGarnettheir daughterolder twin sis14yokitchen magic Pearltheir daughtertwin sis14yoanimal magicSilasgreat uncleEphramgreat uncle white stagClara's brospiritBernhard Furstbroex cursed bearnow Peal's betrothed10The Price of Family by Jennifer BrozekJosie9yofood thieforphanage run awaynew Fire MagiciantraineeEdward HuffingtonHuffFire MasterblacksmithmentorSenecaFire spiritmomforge prisonerScintilfire spiritsonwild chimney prisonerman killer11Arms of the Sea by Tanya HuffMarie Hudson20yocrippled w injured spineWater Masterlate captains daughterpal MrsBartonher caretaker?her momwidowAir MasterUncle EdwardDrEvansher docDrHarrisEarth Masterdadnew docCaptConnerWater Masterretired from her Majesty's NavyEalasaid HarrisElliedaughtermediumnew pal CaptAlistair WilliamsFire MasterCitadel officerEllie's palErik Ahluistship Capt maybe love interest Brainelder broEdward's sonsteamship CaptdiedBradleyWater Masterbrosonclipper Captdied 12London Falling by Ben Ohlander ?sisFire Mastermaimed hand?older broFire Mastercorruptdied?fatherFire Master13The King of the River Rats by Michele Lang 1886 NYCJane EmersonFire Masterprotegee reporterpalRoseelemental phoenixher palfamiliarDaniel TappenpublisherAir MasteremployermentorPolly MarchJane's 1st guardian14Air of Deception by Jody Lynn NyeAurelia Degardapprentice perfumeuseAir MagicianHyrAir ElementalSylphworkroom perfume shop MRupieremployerperfume shop ownerperfumeuseWater Master Alfonse perfume shop door wardenEarth MagicianMadame Goltierperfume shop customerFrench spysinger 15Fly or Fall by Stephanie Shaver ChicagoAurelia WeisschefAir Mastersisex New York socialiteAlice FosterdaughterFire Magicianwas sickMrsGrace Fostermomcan see elemental'sEllis Fosterfathernot biologicalMillicent WeissMilliesisAir MagiciandiedRobertFire Masterbiological dadfiancedied16Bone Dance by Rosemary Edghill and Rebecca FoxCaptFrederick Wentworthearth MasterAnimal SpeakerLady MinaCinderAnimal Speakerlatent Earth MagicianGoose girldaughterBouncedogterrierBucketstray pupPercyraven Bright Eyescat JingomonkeyClaire Prentissher momeloped wRussian lion tamerSir HenryMajor General Earl of ChawleighAlderscrofthead of Council17The Flying Contraption by Ron CollinsDaisy Mae Fuller10yoAir magicianshop cleanerWilbur Wrightbroshop ownerinventorOrville Wrightbroshop co ownerinventorTimmy fullerolder bro18A Peony Amongst Roses by Gail Sanders and Michael Z WilliamsonMei Hua Walsinghamdiplomats daughterorphanworks at Royal Botanic GardensMrsHarton Memsa'bSahib HartonMrIsaac Burkillexpert botanistHerbariumKing George Vnew kingHenry Walsinghamher dadspiritKing's Representative to Emperor of ChinaMrsWangher momspiritLord AlderscroftFire Master 19 Into the Woods by Mercedes Lackey Rosamund AckermannRosaEarth Magictraineenow ward of Brotherhood of the ForestersMuttiher momLutheranfire magicVatiher dadfire magicschoolmasterOnkel Hansher uncleTante Berthaher auntGroBmutter Helgaearth Mastermentor killeddiedHunt MasterBrotherhood of the ForestersGildaBrotherhood of the ForestersHansBrotherhood of the ForestersFritzBrotherhood of the Foresters

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    Since this is a collection of short stories some are hit and miss for me Several seemed to be sad The story from Lackey is the prologue of Blood Red which is one of my favorites All together an ok group of stories

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    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon Please head there for in depth reviews by me which appear on a timely scheduleThis collection of short stories is a combination of new tales in Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Masters world with a weird injection of some authors who have no idea what the Elements should be likeFire Water by Samuel Conway brings a fishhawk to a rabbit to stop a small war I found this entertaining because it was from a different perspective and it was not what I was expecting from this short story collection at allFire Song by Diana L Paxson takes a young boy out of the city with his family Fascinating bit of history to be had this one it was predictable though of course the son was able to do wonderful things Masters of the elements do tend to be a bit strange particularly double masters I wanted to know about the future of that child thoughSails of the Armada by Kristen Schwengel forces a Galician sailor into the Spanish Armada I did know the background for this one The ending wasn't uite what was typical for novels which was actually pretty good I only wish I knew about his earlier lifeThe Wild Rogue by Fiona Patton puts a young water mage into the drunk tank This one complete loss I had no idea what was going onFeathers and Foundations by Elizabeth A Vaughan induces an earth mage to seek a rift This was like what I would hope from a story Yes it had the history element but it was also well written and fitting in with the way Lackey writes her stories I was just waiting for the 'ah ha' moment the whole time I wish it has been a novelHearth and Family by Dayle A Dermatis solves a problem for a woman without a family This was just as good as the previous short story This reminded me of a fairytale for some reason but its basing in history worked wellSecret Friends by Louisa Swann draws unexpected assistance to a girl who is about to lose her brother This was perfect for a short storyFire's Daughter by Elizabeth Waters musters new friends for Eleanora This would work well as a longer story It was right within the vein of Lackey's works I did have a moment thinking she was trans but she wasn'tPicking Up the Pieces by Cedric Johnson introduces another victim of Marco I think this had Pearl and Garnet in it and ugh they were just too tidy and annoyingThe Price of Family by Jennifer Brozek presents Josie with a problem of ethics I don't appear to have written notes about this oneArms of the Sea by Tanya Huff challenges a crippled water master I loved it it highlighted stupid menfolk and the power of healingLondon Falling by Ben Ohlander leads a fire mage to his missing brother This was powerful and disturbing but I don't think it was canon within Lackey's worksThe King of the River Rats by Michele Lang involves a fire mage reporter in multiple disappearances of young women This had the potential to be bigger but I was personally frustrated by Jane's minor role Not to mention I was confused by the endingAir of Deception by Jody Lynn Nye mixes an apprentice parfumeuse with a spy This was excellent I feel sure however that I have previously read this or something very similarFly or Fall by Stephanie Shaver compels an air mage with a bitter choice This was well written and uirkyBone Dance by Rosemary Edghill Rebecca Fox follows an earth master in a desperate hunt I'm not sure why it was called this It was very good and I enjoyed the different perspective and empathised with the CaptainThe Flying Contraption by Ron Collins guides a young air mage into the workshop of the Wright brothers Arg Why was she not taught air magic responsibly? This was an interesting take on the Wright brother legendA Peony Amongst Roses by Gail Sanders Michael Z Williamson relates the trials of a young earth mage whose talent is growing flowers I felt like I had read this before but it was enjoyable and crafty all the same It could have been a good start to a novelInto the Woods by Mercedes Lackey tells the adventures of a young earth mage in her red riding hood This was the Mercedes Lackey original However it didn't have much substance and ended the way I expected a fairy tale Absolutely online with her other stories but nothing new and certainly nothing exciting This is just the beginning of Blood RedI read this selection of short stories a very long time ago now While some of them were good others failed miserably I waited so long on posting the review because I didn't have all the story names and authors Even now I think I have two of the stories mixed up