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Paris 1792 When Jean Louis Auberge narrowly escapes death in the bloody streets of Paris during the French Revolution he abandons his study for the priesthood and seeks a safe haven in the French Caribbean colony of Saint Domingue Young Marie Jeannette Saunierā€™s anticipated adventure on the island turns to tragedy and loss as the slavesā€™ uest for freedom erupts in a terrifying rebellion The colony is thrust into a war of race and revenge that ends with the formation of a new nation Haiti Inspired by a true story and sweeping through four countries and two decades this historical novel is peopled with figures such as King Louis XVI and Toussaint Louverture the former slave known as Haitiā€™s liberator In Libertyā€™s Name brings to life the events of a tumultuous period whose impact was felt worldwide and whose influence remains today

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    I have read about Toussaint L'Ouverture and the revolution so i was glad to find this book for another perspective The background of revolution isn't very good and the characters are dull I couldn't relate to them How could you have been there and not reacted strongly? How could you have been so surprised at the people and events where you lived? Did they think the whole world was like where they came from? What did they expect for heaven's sakeThe only character i really wanted to know about was Espoir but there wasn't enough on herSo i'm sorry but i was disappointed