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Jason Cavendish the Earl of Coventry is trying to discreetly locate his unwanted and abandoned bride among London society to reuest an annulment However he doesn’t remember what she looks like because he was blind drunk at his arranged wedding and hasn’t seen her since The fascinating Lady Olivia has captured the Earl’s attention Newly arrived from the country to stay with her school friend for the Season she is appalled to discover that her husband Lord Coventry doesn't even recognize her She's not about to tell the arrogant arse that she is his wife Instead she flirts with him by night and has her modiste send her mounting bills to him by day Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Too bad this woman finds her husband nearly irresistible 

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    This book had a lot of potential but I think it needed a structured plot better direction and just in general focus I don't feel the author really knew where to take the story just that she wanted the MOC separation trope The story tends to meander and take slight detours into different directions before backtrackingI did not like Jason Lord Coventry at all in the beginning I absolutely detested him in the beginning when he showed up to his wedding blind drunk and after having slept with some tavern servant He didn't take a bath change his clothes and did nothing to improve his appearance or work off the alcohol in his system As the story continued I didn't find myself warming up to him What's so special about Olivia that he feels immediately attracted to her when he sees her in London? All he does is lust after her something he's done when it came to other women for years Olivia does nothing to encourage him or give him the impression that she's not immature or like all of the other young women All he sees in her is a pretty face because when he first approaches her she barely looks at him avoids him when she can and gives very short and stock like answers All the reader gets from Jason's POV are lustful thoughts about her how he wants her in his bed and wants her delectable body When she's angry with him he starts imagining that anger change into passion completely disregarding and undermining her emotions and reasons behind the anger The other characters are in support or him and talk about how great he is but we see none of that from his POV Instead he's all selfishness inconsideration arrogance and lust Where is this so called great Coventry that they all speak of? Oh how about the dub con during their first time when her brain feels muddled because she's had too much to drink? Jason who said he doesn't force womenbut getting them tipsy is fine huh?There's even a part in which he refers to Selena Lady Sheridan as a selfish conniving bitch Ummsweetheart isn't that what you are? He's the one that showed up to his wedding drunk off his ass after having sexed some other woman muddled through the ceremony and then promptly passed out Oh and then awoke the next morning and snuck out leaving his wife to rusticate He should be the last person calling anyone any namesOlivia I rather liked her in the beginningbut then I didn't In the beginning I was praising her for not falling for the age old I should hate himbut he's so hot line of thinking that many of these female protagonists do However partway through this is exactly what she starts to do At this point he hasn't done any grovelling for the way he treated her and she just starts lusting after him I was rooting for her when she wanted to slap him as he flirted with her while at the same time he was still married to her though he didn't know Then near the end she just goes completely TSTL She doesn't like Sir Daniel and notes not feeling safe in his presence Yet when she finds him rifling through Jason's things she calls him out on it and he tells her to shut the doorand she does SO STUPID OMG stupid doesn't even begin to cover it What the heck And then we're supposed to believe she's smart enough to leave a coded message for Jason? Pfftyeah rightThis is what I meant by the author not knowing where to take the story She brings up and drops various subplots and then goes and introduces the big bad in the last 10 15% of the story And that's not even an exaggeration on my part And suddenly there's a gun and a kidnapping and a chase and fight at an innlike what in the hell? This all came completely out of left fieldThere were also characters introduced for no reason They literally show up for all of two secondsand then are never mentioned again Sir Garrett Brooke shows up at Coventry Manorand then is never mentioned again Lord Bristol is introduced and Jason doesn't like himand he's never mentioned again Olivia is accepted into a music school in Italy and it's briefly mentionedbefore never being brought up again Why even bother introducing any of this if there's no follow up? If they have nothing to do with the story whatsoever? Even Lady Sheridan is pretty much dropped after he lets her go as his mistress Instead we get a villain who we aren't even introduced to until the end showing up and causing trouble in the eleventh hour Heck even Lady Sheridan would've been the better villain Her causing trouble would've been believable He goes to her house and she kisses him and he gives her a bracelet as a send offand it's never brought up Olivia overhears talk about Lady Sheridan and Jasonand she never brings it up with him What was the point of any of that?Another thing that bothered me was the writing itself The author tends to include a lot of unnecessary actions in her story She writes them sampling soup pushing chairs back serviettesjust all of these unnecessary actions that contribute nothing to the story and merely act as fillerInstead the author should've focused her on developing her characters and their actions and emotions After Jason's initial anger once he figured out Olivia was his wife the author should've had him reflect on how she'd acted in his presence She was uiet and trembled and blushedthe author should've written him coming to the realization that those blushes weren't in delight but in embarrassment Before he figured out she was his wife she was always super uiet in his presence didn't look at him and did nothing to encourage him She should've used it as a turning point in his character Instead she had him settle and remain firmly entrenched in anger and lust and arrogance It was annoying to read that all he saw in her was her beauty that was why he wanted her there was nothing to it He continues this way until far too late into the story He saw a pretty face and a hot bodand he's suddenly ready to marry herThere was also a part where she's telling Jason that she doesn't want to go to Coventry Manor with himand then she's traveling with him in the next paragraph The author should've talked less about serviettes and about how he convinced her to goAlso why in the heck is Olivia traveling around alone with him in London? I get that they're married but other than Grif Elizabeth and Drake no one knows that they're married She wants an annulment So why is she getting into his carriage alone and traveling with him alone to the opera? Why is there no gossip about this? They go to a house party and he arrives with her Alone Just earlier he was mentioning that not telling his staff that they're married might tarnish her reputation What about her traveling all about with him and him alone with no chaperone?The author's chaptering also bothered me Sometimes days pass within a chapterbut then other times chapters end and begin in the middle of the same scene WHY? It's so unnecessaryAlso for those that don't like scenes with other women this book has them As the book opens he's with his mistress Lady Sheridan with whom he also later shares a kiss about a third of the way through the book she initiates and it's not said whether he reciprocates but this IS post marriage There's also a tavern servant he has sex with the night before his wedding

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    A SPOILERSThe only redeeming uality about the hero in this book is the last couple of pages Jason The Earl of Coventry is upset because his father is forcing him to marry I can understand being upset by this but I think our hero cough cough carries his upset to the extreme I developed an intense dislike for him through the book and the author expected to redeem him in the last few pages but it was to little to late for meJason the night before his wedding to a young lady he has never met gets drunk as a skunk and screws the innkeeper barmaid all night and heads off to marry the young lady still so drunk and unbathed from his fun and games he can hardly stand upThis young woman who who has no family or friends then has to watch her groom stagger off and sit at her wedding breakfast humiliated without him If things got better I could still have hopeUpon waking the next morning in his own bed hung over still dressed and realizing he can't even remember what his bride looks like he orders his carriage and takes back off for London without even leaving a note When arriving in London he feels a pang of guilt for like 12 seconds and even his best friend calls him a real bastard and for weeks continues to all the balls and parties and not tell a soul he is marriedThe poor deserted humiliated wife finally writes to an old friend to stay and goes to London to talk her husband When she finally sees him at a ball and he approached her at a ball he does it to flirt with her he doesn't recognize his own wife The poor girl is so humiliated once again she gives him her maiden nameMr Wonderful decides after seeing her a few times that he desires her so much he writes his neglected ill used wife for and annulmentHe lets us know he likes her by explaining she isn't beautiful but she isblah blah blah and when he is around her His pants swell' or something like that He must have talked about his swelling manhood at least a dozen times I felt like yelling we know we knowmove on Those are the special words that show us his regard during this great regency romance other reviews have written When he finds out its her he is mad at herhuh? Then he doesn't want the annulmentah no shitThen just toward then end he uestions himself on whether he will tire of her and be faithful or notthen waalaa the last couple pages insta love and a promise of faithfulness I believe that Lord Coventry is Mr HEA for right now He has shown nothing but selfishness and unfeeling attitudes through most all of the book My kindle's life was at stake through most of this book

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    Solid 3 not for the very worn out abandoned bride turned who's that hot chick across the ballroom tropey moves but for the author's clever drip drip of new plot elements It's no riveting stuff but is at least never boringThe H seems unredeemable with his complete douchebag moves pre during and post wedding moves It's the same wills and stipulations trick by a late parent hell bent on reforming a bounder son that they couldn't handle while in mortal form and so marry this girl or lose the un entailed stipulation seems a sure shot way for eternal peace of mind Only the determined bounders know how to roll with it view spoilerSo he wakes from one lady's bed gets on a horse beds another on the way a local tavern wench was simply too un classy not because it's a tavern wench but because it's his wedding eve Then to be so sotted that he sees not one but multiple brides The short of it is that he conks off immediately after the ceremony and the next day rides back to London without remembering much about the ceremony or his bride The h is a sweet girl and is not bent on vengeance or just desserts but just lonely So it's off to London for her as well to be with a school friend who's uite offended on her behalf It seems best form of revenge is the retail one Anyways the girl is completely crushed when her loutish husband does not even recognize her but chases her from one ball to the next The H is determined to get his marriage annulled so he can marry the alluring Lady Olivia she fudges her name a bit not realizing that he's only driving the lady away The h is completely furious and rebuffs himThe H does locate a brain cell or two that helps him solve the mystery and so off to wooing his wife it is after a brief spell of snits So after the mistress the wedding fiasco the ballroom chasing the author brings us to a house party where a determined deb pursues the eligible 'bachelor' The h is not ready to declare her marital state at this point This part is eual parts annoying and hilarious especially the way it ends Then off to the family seat it is for the newly reconciled in bed couple only the tavern wench makes a brief appearance to almost derail the H's shiny new attempts at marital bliss And no it does not end here A villainous cousin makes an entry to take things to a climactic endSo an entertainer? Yes absolutely hide spoiler

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    Setting Regency EnglandLadies adore handsome blue eyed Jason Cavendishthe Earl of Coventry even though he does need a swift kick in the rear end To hold his title and be eligible for his family's riches he must marry Lady Jane Olivia GrantNow neither of them are too thrilled with this arranged marriage and Jason arrives at his wedding day intoxicated and soon flees after the vows are said In London later Jason and Olivia are reunited but he cant remember the marriage at all and has no recollection of his new wifeOlivia keeps her identity hidden but stillit hurts none the less because her attraction for him sizzles It's difficult for Jason to remember that sacred day but even challenging for Olivia to keep her heart uiet The heroine Lady Olivia is charming and the reader will embrace her instantly Jason for me was a different story he kinda didn't win me over but the romance itself had a humorous twist to it The story was fast paced but a little out of the ordinary for a historical because a lady would never behave the way Olivia did wont give that away and it made it rather offbeat but still funnyThe high steam factor in this story will appeal to book lovers who are interested in that than the plot itself but for this reader I need Historicalplot stuff to get it higher than a 3 star But there are enjoyable scenes where the characters actually have their clothes on D

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    Seriously disappointed that I didn't enjoy it Stupid blurb with its stupid false promises of greatnessI mean damn I thought this was going to be that one bomb ass historical romance novel to end 2015 with This was supposed to be it for me peopleThis book had so much potential if only the characters didn't have the personalities and star factors of doorknobs From the way this was written it was like the characters didn't even want to be in the bloody book and were reading off a script that they couldn't uite decipher Jason stared off into space for a moment Ah you mean the lovely Lady Coventry? My wife The women i am legally and rightfully married to That Lady Coventry?Conversation between Earl Jason aka fuckwit to best friend not so much a fuckwit Derek something So yes I DNF'd it at 70% I found twas not to my liking

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    25Book source NetGalleyJason Earl of Coventry and Lady Olivia had a hastily arranged marriage that neither wanted Olivia because she didn’t want to be saddled with a man telling her what to do and Jason because he didn’t want to be tied down Because Jason arrives drunk to their wedding then immediately heads back to London when he decides to just have the marriage annulled he has a slight problem He can’t remember what she looks like And since she left the country estate and is currently in London but not at his townhouse he needs to find her and fast Too bad he’s already met her at a ball and just doesn’t realize it Olivia does and she’s determined to make him payThis is a fast slightly decent read with a sort of uniue premise However Jason is totally unlikeable Olivia is a great character at first but I loathe him So this HEA didn’t really sit well with me I think she could have done a whole lot better A pretty face and fine body do not make up for an ugly personality Ok he may not be that bad to others but like I said I despise him Then Olivia gets the hots for him and all of a sudden the fact he’s a major douchebag gets a pass Ugh Others may like this story but it wasn’t really for me

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    A VERY GOOD LIGHT HEART ROMANCEI am very impressed with Callie Hutton's The Elusive Wife The story starts out as a typical Historical Romance with the old Earl John Martin Cavendish dying and ordering his son Jason Cavendish to marry Lady Jane Olivia Grant the old Earls Goddaughter If Jason doesn't' marry Lady Jane in 3 days after his fathers death he will lose the bulk of money and property that is not entailed Lady Jane Olivia Grant has been told by her dying father that she has been betrothed to the her god fathers son and must leave Rome Italy and travel to Coventry Manor to marry the new Earl Jason Cavendish Honoring her now deceased fathers wishes she finds herself at the alter facing an very drunk Jason They wed and Jason immediately returns to London He leaves Jane in the country Jason doesn't even remember what his new wife looks like When Jane arrives in London to visit her best friend and go to balls routs and dinner parties Jason is enad with her Not knowing this is his wife he is determined to have her even though he is married Jane is using her middle name Lady Olivia and is very hurt when her own husband doesn't even recognize her and is constantly is trying to court her The funny part was Jason fell so hard for Olivia aka Jane that he decides to annual his marriage to Jane and marry Olivia Oh boy how funny it was when he realized that he was in love with his own wife But Olivia didn't think it so funny She took Jason on a very merry chase I Highly Recommend The Elusive Wife it was sad funny and very romantic with a bit of adventure I really couldn't stop reading an read through the night to finish Its a very light heart and enjoyable story I loved all the characters I really felt like I was there A voyager into the past Very well written

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    I liked the heroine’s integrity and that she had enough self respect to not fall into the handsome hunk of a hero’s bed immediatelyBut the angst and chemistry was definitely lacking between the two I didn’t feel that spark nor did I come to care for the hero In the beginning the hero acted like a pure rake sleeping with his married mistress and then jumping into bed with a waitress at an inn all in the span of a day or two and on the night before his wedding was to take place with the heroine granted that it was forcedarranged by his father the late earl it still didn’t make it right It was disrespectful towards the heroine So when other characters described the hero being honorable it was hard to believe And I’m surprised he didn’t catch any STD Then he gets drunk enough to not even walk or see properly he takes his vows and leaves his newly wedded heroine the next day without greeting her at all Once he reaches London he spies the lovely Lady Olivia and starts pursuing her with a madness only to find out after sending his wife annulment papers that Lady Olivia is his wife So its not surprising when the heroine is hostile towards him It takes a while but the heroine finally accedes to being his wife in truth and sleeps with him but I still didn’t feel the chemistry I felt a extensive grovel would have been better Something was missing and I’m not sure what Safety H is h’s only lover no cheating after marriage no significant owom drama however there is some small drama with a debutante and her mama plotting to get the H married with the said debutante

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    When I read the blurb of The Elusive Wife it immediately reminded me of a couple of Shakespeare’s plays the premise sounded like his usual misunderstanding mixed up love comedies And while the story was nice it could have been betterEven after his death Jason’s father must make his son’s life miserable in his will he gave an ultimatum according to which Jason either marries a girl his father chose for him or will lose his title and estate So after his initial adamant rebellion Jason surrenders but doesn’t want to witness his own misery so he gets comatose drunk for his wedding That is how he doesn’t remember or recognize the woman he married and can fall under the spell of a beautiful stranger he has no idea is actually his brand new wifeI really wanted to like this story better but neither the characters nor the writing made it easy Both Jason and Olivia remained undeveloped one dimensional characters I couldn’t really root for especially since their interaction lacked real passion and unrestrained emotion I thought their dialogues were affectedI also found that the hero discovered the true identity of the mysterious Lady Olivia too early I would have preferred for the misunderstandingcharade to go on for a bit and have a laugh at him being clueless and lovesickAnother complaint of mine was that Jason was in lust with Olivia he was constantly going on about how he envisioned her sprawled out on his bed felt his groin tightening upon seeing her neck etc Ok I get that his interest for Lady Olivia was sparked by her beauty and his physical reaction to her but I would have loved to see some clues that it was than a physical craving I wanted him to feel affection and love for her but only his lust was apparentBesides the romance aspect of the story I had some problems with the writing it could have used some smoothing out a bit stricter editing to shape the words and narrative better Some lines were bumpy they read stilted“We will rest here for the night Don’t try to do anything foolish It would bother me not at all to kill one of the tavern keepers”Her mouth was nectar he sipped from could become addicted toIt was a nice uick story but I just wanted to likeenjoy it better Somehow Callie Hutton’s writing didn’t flow smoothly enough for me I don’t know if it was mostly due to a less than stellar editing or the writing style itself will have to give her stories another go to decideVerdict The Elusive Wife started out well I liked its premise but unfortunately the characters remained shallow and uninteresting and the plot took a turn for the worse by having recourse to the usual clichés With a bumpy writing it didn’t manage to suck me in and make me devour the pages I expected from itPlot 810Characters 610Writing 610Ending 510Cover old cover 510 looks too photoshopped and not professional enoughnew cover 810 the new cover is a great improvement compared to the old one bravo

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    DNF Not for me interesting premise which the author failed to have fun with IMO