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At last Catwin and Miriel have chosen their own path escaping the Court and its machinations and fleeing to the Norstrung Provinces to aid the rebellion As they shed the masks and deceptions of their former life however both must face the fact that the same dark forces they fled are at work even in the furthest reaches of Heddred But it is not only avarice and hatred that endanger them—the prophecy made at Catwin’s birth is slowly but surely coming true and betrayal has followed her in her escape from the court As the shadows of war and rebellion mass Catwin must face the fact that if she wishes to be true to herself and her alliance with Miriel it may be she who bears the cost of saving her kingdom

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    This is the third book of an excellent first trilogy by a new writer in the Fantasy genre Each book has built on the previous volume taking both characters and plot to new levels of complexity and realism Catwin and Miriel who share the role of protagonists develop authentically from insecure young teens to strong young women The first two books Shadowborn Light Shadow Volume 1 and Shadowforged Light Shadow introduce them and the reader to the profoundly unsettling dangers of the court in which they move initially as pawns then gradually with subversive agendas of their own In this final book of the trilogy Katson gathers the many threads of her story and weaves them into a psychologically and emotionally challenging conclusion that is satisfying without being simplistic or superficialWithout unpacking the story in too much detail or spoiling the two startling turns it takes it is possible to say that every character becomes deeper and interesting as the reader is introduced to a new backdrop for Miriel and Catwin Their relationship to each other grows and changes as they move away from the court for a time But the reader is also invited to participate in the intricate interweaving of the relationships between Miriel Catwin the Duke Marie Temar Wilhelm and Roine with appreciation for the inner and outer forces that shape and drive each of themI am particularly impressed by the care this writer brings to developing even the most peripheral characters There is no sense that a person exists only to provide some necessary twist in the plot Rather the plot unfolds as a direct result of this large and diverse group of people coming together in this particular way at this specific time in the history of this nation There is no feeling that events are being manipulated by the writer Katson clearly respects her readers as intelligent and thoughtful companions She doesn't try to trick us nor does she disrespect our timeI am looking forward to what comes next from her pen and fertile imaginationThis is an author to watch

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    I just finished reading Shadow's End by Moira Katson It is a well rounded conclusion to the trilogy in which ah ha moments are to be relishedThe book picks up where Shadowforged left off Catwin and Miriel escape the Duke and retreat to the countryside inspiring lay folk into rebellion Upon returning to court each encounters changes they did not expect Relationships are challenged and the girls discover that again they are each others' most reliable companionAgain uestions from the text draw us further along Will Miriel succeed in her task securing the favor of the King? Will Catwin uncover the mystery of Temar's life as a Shadow; how will this help us understand the Duke's intentions? Ultimately the readers wait for the looming prophecy to unfurl What or who will bring the ultimate betrayal? Where will power in the kingdom lay when the balance tips?I had the sense that I could see a vast pattern beyond the Duke and Temar and Jacces and Garad stretching across the whole of the earth and all of time I had always scorned fate and those who believed in it and yet here we were and for some reason when I thought on that I did not think that we were simply on a cold muddy field I had the sense that we were following a path some direction we could not uite see It was far beyond my knowledge as yet but I knew some of the shape of it Miriel and I were learning what uestions to ask that we might realize what it was we saw location 8773 of 12377Overall a great read I was not left with too many uestions; instead I marveled at how the truth of the story was always present before my eyes At the conclusion I enjoyed recalling how the mystery appeared on the surface of the story but the undercurrents were clear and consistent Well done Katson Not only do I anticipate her next publication I am looking into the Mahalia collection which appears to also be available for download on Kindle and Nook cross posted to and Barnes and Noble

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    What an awesome ending to the Light Shadow trilogy Moira Katson is definitely an author to watch forStarting this trilogy I would have never imagined that I would become as invested in the story and as attached to the characters as I have The story was perfectly crafted and the characters had a depth that I haven’t seen in a long whileIf you haven’t started this trilogy do yourself a favor and pick up the first book it’s even free

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    Just finished reading Moira Katson's Light Shadow trilogy and must say I haven't enjoyed myself as much since reading Stephen King's The Stand many years ago The characters are well drawn and have a depth that is hard to find these days The plot is as rich as the characters and draws you on page after page I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good read It is that rare form of book that has only one major flaw it comes to an end

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    I'll admit it the first book in this series was free on and that's the only reason I started this series but I'm glad I did It was a fun run and worth the read This series was good even if it didn't end the way I expected

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    Review to come later Lots of typos and missing words in this ebook copy though that is what lost the fifth star

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    EntrancingMoira continues to tell Catwin Miriel's tale with skill There are some very big surprises and plot twists I enjoyed seeing them grow and mature and even though there is much sadness and darkness; there is also joy hope and light I was very happy to see this isn't a trilogy but that I can continue with Shadow's Oath

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    Breathtaking heartwrenching surprisesThis is not the ending I expected Happy seems too strong of a word to describe what it came to be We finally have a conclusion of their journey through the court The tears I shed have been well worth it

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    Read all 3 they are well worth itThree great books few grammar errors but well written with believable characters that make you want to keep going til the end

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    This was the first book I have read in a long while that was not written by a big name writer in either fantasy or historical fiction that I found readable on the level of pure personal enjoyment I was able to turn off my editor and just relax and enjoy it The book is well written and the characters are interesting I liked that the style is not at all minimalist but neither is it lush to the degree that it caused me second hand embarrassmentIf I could have changed the book in any way or if I had read it before publication I would have suggested that she deepen the world with details The basic framework is there but it is both shallow and revealed too slowlyThe secondary characters could use a bit grounding that world Making the world deeper and stronger would give the author and better motivations for her characters andor stronger characters might demand from their world One could approach it from either side but is neededThe sensory side of the story could use some enrichment also I did not carry away with me many strong visual images scents sounds or enough of an ambiance to feel strongly grounded in the physical world The north is cold and mountainous; the south is warmer and greener Clothes were described in detail but at a distance Specific food is mentioned but without filtering through the point of view character in such a way as to leave the reader with a strong visual much less a sensory component To show and deeper peripheral details could have raised this book from a workmanlike exercise of great promise to a fully satisfying fantasy novel which could compete with any of the best writers in the genre I wanted to care about all of the secondary characters but largely they feel distant The main narrator's feelings could be manifested better in dialog and less internal monolog There is too much telling me how she feels instead of manifesting her doubts and pain At times she feels like a fantastic first draftI think the author should slow down and give her story time and a chance to grow and deepen before rushing into print I feel like she has good instincts but not the patience yet to write the book she could and should write