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With Catwin’s help Miriel has captured the heart of the King but their victory has come at a cost the suspicion and enmity of the Duke and the unrelenting hatred of the Court As they recover from the attempt on their lives the two form a fragile alliance promising that their first loyalty is to each other and that their one goal is to survive But to survive Catwin and Miriel need power and the search for power of their own draws them ever further into the Court and inexorably closer to the throne Enemies surround them ruthless and vengeful and the only way forward is a dark path that threatens to sever them from themselves For it is not only enemies that are a danger Light and Shadow now but the weakness of their own hearts As she protects them both Catwin struggles against her love for Temar the Duke’s assassin; to capture the King’s heart Miriel must forget both her love for Wilhelm and her passionate belief in the populist uprising A reckoning is coming a betrayal that has been in the making for decades and if they are to survive both Catwin and Miriel must be prepared to give up everything they hold dear

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    What I liked Catwin and Miriel The girls grew on me throughout the course of this book and I found myself rooting for them constantly They were learning to trust and rely on one another after realizing that there was nobody else they could trust The two formed an almost sisterly bond complete with arguments I also love Catwin’s devotion to Miriel Plot There wasn’t a ton of action in this book but there didn’t have to be There was plenty of drama and intrigue and mystery surrounding daily life at the court A large portion of this book was spent focusing on Miriel seducing the king—as per the Duke’s plans—but I didn’t get bored with it The idea that a king’s mistress could have so much power was something I had never thought of but Miriel pulled that off with aplomb The rebellion resurfaces and takes up a larger portion of the plot and I began to understand their goals a little better The last couple of chapters were the best part of the book—I honestly never saw that end coming Writing style This was probably my favorite part of the book The writing is beautiful without being bogged down by clunky overly descriptive chunks of prose However there are incredibly long stretches of nothing but Catwin’s inner thoughts and sometimes it seemed to go on for pages But other than that I found the writing to be incredibly enjoyable and I was able to get inside Catwin’s mind and see her world through her eyesWhat I disliked History Some of the family lineages are still a little confusing to me but I’ve started to get everything straight in my mindOverall this book was even better than the first part I would definitely recommend this to fans of medieval stories strong heroines and court intrigue It has fighting assassination attempts forbidden love and amazing characters 50

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    If you have not read Shadowborn you will want to do that before picking up this book If you have already finished Shadowborn keep readingThe writing gets better with each book by this author The characters deepen; the relationships become richer; the plot moves with a steady pace which as I noted in my review of Mahalia a stand alone by this writer is much realistic than the compressed frenzy of many fantasy books these daysI won't spoil the ending except to say that it caught me totally by surprise and then I wondered why it did since as soon as I read it it seemed an inevitable outcome of the earlier character developmentI am particularly intrigued by the depth of the characters primarily Catwin and Miriel but to a lesser degree the King and Temar who are well rounded Both Catwin and Miriel are able to empathize periodically with others even in the midst of their own experiences They are very real in other words neither too perfect nor completely self absorbed The girls mature toward womanhood in this volume both chronologically and emotionally In Shadowborn they seemed a little old for their years but here they settle well into their mid adolescence 15 17I am eagerly anticipating opening Shadow's End which concludes this trilogy

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    Great pacing to follow in this second novel The plot thickens and the pace uickens After establishing her characters in Shadowborn Katson launches her readers forward with an array of surprises With Shadowforged uncertainty at court assassination attempts and further deception prompts the reader to deeply uestion alliances Will Catwin and Miriel continue to play as pawns in the Duke's game? How close are we to a rebellion that will reshape the structure of their society? If either of the girls are caught deviating from his plan or choose to act in accordance to their own will how dire will the conseuences be?cross posted to and Barnes and Noble

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    4 STARS I enjoyed better than the first Good readWe continue with the saga of Catwin girl of fate and prophecy She has been trained as Miriel's shadow and protector and after a rocky start has become her friend and ally Sometimes very slow moving nonetheless you keep wanting to uncover the mysteries untangle the plots and unravel the intrigues of the court Will they survive? Will they break free of the Duke's control? Will Miriel attain her goal? What does Catwin want? What if anything does the prophecy mean to Catwin and Miriel On to book 3 for answers HAPPY READINGTim

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    What a great second bookI’ve completely fallen in love with the characters in this trilogy Catwin and Miriel are absolutely wonderful female characters While they are certainly my favorite I also rather enjoyed Garad Wilhelm and Temar All of the characters have such a realness and depth that I can’t get enough ofThe writing is on par with the previous book which is great in case you didn’t know As the story progresses it’s evident that Moira is a skilled authorI cannot wait to read the third and final book in the trilogy

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    The intrigue continuesShadowforged continues the story of Catwin and Miriel started in Shadowborn The girls have grown into young women and grown in knowledge and experience Their journey is a dark one fraught with danger yet they find small pieces of happiness along the way Theirs is an interesting story well told

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    Prepare to have your breath taken awayI desperately need to know what happens to our heroines in the third book If you've read the first book and wonder about the second know you will not be disappointed It was a tragedy that adult responsibilities interrupted my reading time

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    BravoNoirs Katson is keeping me interested with the twists and turns in this second book of the Light Shadow series I can't wait to read what happens next to Catwin

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    I was impressed by this series the Light and Shadow trilogy which was another one of my fabulous Bookbub bargains Er by the way since I talk about them so much one might wonder if I’m affiliated but I’m not Though I’ve acuired enough 099 and free books from them I should probably take out stockThis is both a fascinating character driven and an interesting plot driven story wrapped in an engrossing fantasy world Catwin the main character comes from a poor family and until she’s noticed by the Duke of Voltur she’s destined to amount to nothing but kitchen help Instead he sees potential in her and sets to training her to be his niece Miriel’s bodyguard and assassin–whether she wants to or notHer struggles with the atrocities she’s forced to commit are potent and heart rending The uneasy friendship that grows from initial hatred between the two girls is well crafted They dance around one another neither sure if the other can be trusted but having no choice but to rely on one anotherI’m not going to spoiler anything from the second and third books but I loved how the story developed The stakes continue to raise as Miriel must do her uncle’s bidding and well Catwin must alsoI rated the third book as four stars because I wasn’t impressed with the culmination of Catwin’s prophecy As a baby her mother refused to raise her because she foretold that her daughter would be betrayed A lot of that back story made no sense and when the betrayal comes I can’t really understand why It’s almost or completely a self fulfilling prophecy and I don’t really understand why the characters involved choose their actionsOverall I loved this series and I heartily recommend it If you enjoy fantasy either young adult or adult you’ll enjoy the Light and Shadow trilogy Ms Katson is now on my list of “Authors I Must Read More of If Ever My TBR Pile Diminishes”Also posted on my blog Magic Mayhem Book Reviews

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    As I started to read this story I knew I was going to buy the complete setand in fact I didThe whole Light Shadow series is beautifully written I completely became immersed in the setting and really enjoyed the full emotions that characters had I was set in a medieval like setting and that is one of my favorite period to readThe characters were absolutely well drawn and the plot was very absorbing I never thought the author wandered too far from the train of thought I found myself turning pages into the night not wanting to put the book downIf it does hold up well after a second rating I might find myself upping the rating because it really was a delight to read It certainly was well worth buying and downloading itFour stars