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It has been only two generations since Arthur Warden seized the throne of Heddred from the Conradines and now the crown rests on the head of Garad sickly and weak Shadows gather legacies of the centuries long rivalries for power old betrayals the endless plots of the courtiers and the murmur of rebellion in the southern provinces Catwin plucked from her life at the edge of the Kingdom is thrust abruptly into the world of the Court when she is chosen by the Duke of Voltur to be a Shadow spy shield and blade to his niece the Lady Miriel DeVere The Duke's ruthlessness is legendary and he will stop at nothing to become the power behind the throne using Miriel as a pawn to catch Garad's heartBut the Duke's carefully laid plans are only a piece of the intrigue of the court and greater forces than Catwin can imagine are massed against her determined to eliminate Miriel and impose a new order of their own If Catwin and Miriel are to survive they must learn uickly who to trust and when to turn their skills against the very people who have trained them

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    Why it has 'Vampire Academy' kind of feeling?

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    Source Download for free on kindle from couk14 year old Catwin was only minutes old when her mother spoke a prophecy that one day she would be betrayed and sent her to the castle to be raised by the wet nurse there Now at the age of 14 Catwin has been selected by the Duke’s assassin Temar to become like him – a shadowNow Catwin stands to play a part in what will soon come to pass She must become to the Duke’s niece and heir Miriel –also 14 what the Temar is to the duke – his shadow his protector his assassin Catwin must learn to know everybody whilst escaping notice herself to blend into the shadows where no one can see her and to eavesdrop at all timesCan Catwin keep Miriel safe? What are the Duke’s plans for Miriel? And is Miriel really destined to marry the King?This was a really good fantasy story about two uite different girls and their differing positions in lifeCatwin was a strong character who learned uickly and knew how to trust her instincts I felt uite sorry for her that her mother had basically abandoned her and that she really had very few people who even knew her never mind loved her but Catwin wasn’t the sort of girl who wallowed in self pity she knew what she needed to do and she did it even when it meant putting her own life in dangerMiriel started off as a very spoiled child She came across as uite snooty and it wasn’t ‘til uite a way into the story that we began to see her true colours and learned exactly what it was that she was dealing with I thought that her uncle the duke was uite harsh on her although I suppose he was that way with everyone He did seem to impose really strict rules on both Miriel and Catwin though and was happy to dish out punishments when he felt he had been disobeyedI liked the storyline in this book and I managed to keep up with it most of the way I did get a little confused over talks of different monarchs and different strategies in the upcoming war but mainly the story was straightforward and I knew what was going on most of the timeThe ending of this was uite enlightening although the ending was a bit of a cliff hanger too unfortunately it seems that we will have to read the next book if we want to find out what happens to Miriel and Catwin next and who the king will marryOverall; a good YA fantasy story75 out of 10

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    This is a medieval fantasy tale that does a great job of building a story that keeps the pages turning The story builds relatively slowly with the introduction of the main characters their various attributes flaws histories and choices As the pace of the story builds the layers of the plot become apparent and the intrigue plays out like a complex chess game The story is essential told from the perspective of Catwin and therefore we see the world and understand the choices through the eyes of the growing child The characterizations are relatable and one can feel empathy and enmity towards the players in the game and sometimes a little of both Overall the plot is very well developed and the story keeps going at a high enough pace with a few good surprises along the way making this a delightful book to read and enjoy

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    Despite the fact that Catwin was rejected by her family as a baby and lives in a cold castle in an inhospitable place she has led a life of freedom and kindness She only answers to Roine the castle healer and her mother figure; and spends the rest of the time causing mischief Unfortunately her ability to sneak into places she shouldn't brings her to the attention of the Duke a man keen to exploit the skills of those around him He ties Catwin's fate to that of his niece Lady Miriel Devere Soon Catwin and Miriel are thrust into a world of politics and danger all to win the hand of a sickly kingI thought this was a fantastic little book It's a reasonably short read at 270 pages but Katson manages to fit so much into it without ever letting the book get bogged down the story just flows and carries you alongI always love a little political intrigue as evidenced by my absolute love of books like The Other Boleyn Girl and Tales Of The Otori and this has plenty A young unmarried king with courtiers vying for his attention some with lethal methods than others; never knowing who to trustCatwin is a fun character she is a simple peasant girl who has been lucky to escape all notice Because of her inauspicious birth nobody wants anything to do with her so she is free to take whatever path she willBut when she comes to the attention of the Duke she has to sacrifice that freedom She is to become the shadow to Miriel's light to be invisible and unnoticed for the rest of her life To be Miriel's most unobtrusive line of defence; and the Duke's spyAt first the lessons she must learn from Temar are simply games challenges that she revels in But soon Catwin starts to realise how demanding and painful her role will beLady Miriel Devere has been raised like a princess from the moment her uncle realised that she was useful She has purposefully been kept away from the capital living her whole life in seclusion with her somewhat disgraced mother Miriel is the spoilt little madam who soon makes Catwin's life hell when the Duke forces them to work together As Catwin is posing as Miriel's servant; Miriel knows exactly how to apply a constant level of misery on the peasant girlThat being said I think Miriel was one of my favourite characters The interactions between her and Catwin were always entertaining; and as you go on through the book you really start to admire her strengthThe plot gah this is the hard part about writing reviews about this kind of book Especially when I love the story I don't want to share anything because each tiny revelation builds up to make this book awesomeSo you know what the book is permanently free to download so go get it and tell me what you think

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    I picked up Shadowborn during the Smashwords Summer Sale but I had neglected to pick up the next two bookswhich I bitterly regretted late the other night when I didn't have the ability to connect to to order themTo get the bad out of the way Shadowborn had some very obvious gaffes in editing that would send me out of the story pretty uickly There weren't a lot but it was the sort of things that made reading the line awkward and made you pause wayward to when it should be the for instance Edited 85 The author has re issued a corrected version of the Trilogy on Smashwords and Kobo My review is from the previous version before the upload of the revised versionsAlso the book takes a long while to get to where it wants the reader to be at in terms of the relationship between Miriel and CatwinAs for the good Mysterious prophecy sneaky girls sneakier assassins and learning that you can't expect life to be fair make for an engaging fantasyTold from Catwin's POV but in the past tense its almost as if she's narrating her life story to someone we see her go from a mischievous and curious child to a wary young woman She wants something from her life but when she's given that something she balks at what that really means Several times Catwin makes mention of 'If only I had knownwell things could have been different' as she talks about important turning points in her young life Would she have taken that dare if she knew the pain she'd later endure? Would she have trusted Temar if she knew what lurked behind his uestions?Because Catwin only knows what she remembers and suspects happened much of Miriel is a mystery at first that we puzzle out as Catwin does Neither girl is given an easy task though they both think the other lucky for theirs The Duke's sledgehammer approach to getting what he wants puts the girls at odds with each other when it would have been a benefit for them to be friends A lesson learned late and at great cost I might addSo what's in store for these two? Well Catwin's prophecy hangs over their heads who betrays her? or does she betray someone? what will end? as well as Miriel's own need for independence and disillusionment with the world So in other words FUN TIMES KIDDIES

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    What I liked Catwin and Miriel The main character of the story really connected with me She was intelligent and resourceful—but not so smart that it was unbelievable for someone with no previous education or training It was interesting to read about her life and her training under Temar and how she saw the changing world around her Catwin and Miriel both seemed like very complex characters Just when I thought I got a read on Miriel she did or said something that surprised me especially when it came to her relationship with Catwin She was a very closeted character but there were brief moments where she opened up and you could tell there was to her than she let on Secondary characters There really are no flat characters in this story Even the ones that don’t get as much page time as the main ones Temar was a complete mystery but even though we know next to nothing about his life and his past he still managed to be three dimensional The Duke was a mystery to me as well He could go from being a fair ruler that seemed to generally care about the people in his service to being a cold hearted merciless man not above using his niece to his advantage Writing style I really liked the way this book was written It was as if the main character were sitting beside me telling me this story from start to finish It was easy to be drawn into the story and I found myself getting to know the characters and rooting for them Court I’ve always enjoyed books about knights and kings and medieval type lands This book focused mainly on Catwin’s training and Miriel’s introduction to court life I love reading about the other girls the dresses the dancing the manners and the relationships between the people in power I thought the court in this book was very realistic and well thought outWhat I disliked Action I guess I should say the lack of it Other than two small incidents there didn’t seem to be much in the way of action To add some to the story I would have liked a in depth look at Catwin’s training—perhaps a longer detailed fight between Temar and Catwin or maybe weapons training Instead I kind of felt like Catwin didn’t really have to work for her training History Some of the facts about this book were a little hard for me to keep straight in my head It was a bit confusing at times to remember who killed who to ascend to power or who led what armyOverall this was a wonderfully written book that captivated me from start to finish I enjoyed the characters and the mystery and suspense surrounding the rebellion and the threat of war I would definitely recommend this book to anyone but especially to people who are fans of strong female role models and court intrigue 45

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    Fantasy has been my favorite genre to read for like forever I go through spells where I'm not especially mentally prepared to read it but every time I read one I get so happy and remember exactly why it's my favorite genre Shadowborn is no exception It promises court intrigue and assassin y fun and that's exactly what you getCatwin lives with a prophecy over her head a prophecy that made her mother give her up the day she was born Catwin will be betrayed and that betrayal will change the balance She doesn't know any but that prophecy haunts her even as she rockets toward its conclusion She begins the book as a daring and mischievous child but becomes a calculating and discerning young adult over a relatively short period of time Catwin really isn't sure she wants to be a part of what she's gotten herself into especially at first but she knows there is no way out She has to live her decisions to their conclusion and it's great to readThe relationship between Catwin and Miriel is really fascinating It's a constant give and take between them and they're never really friends at least in a traditional sense They're allies and they're growing to trust one another through trial and error Each is young and petty and believes the other to think little of them so it's a hard earned balance but it's so fun to read In many ways I think as much as the book is about the state of the country and its balance the book is really about the light and dark of Miriel and Catwin Who is the light and who is the dark really?There's not a ton of traditional action here Most of the story is court intrigue and training of the girls but that's really interesting to read at least to me We're given a really great groundwork for the entire series; not only do we know the history of the country but we're familiar with all of the major players and know their general motives I think this will set the stage for some really action packed seuelsAnd can I mention that I loved the writing style? A lot of books adopt a general style that would work for any genre any time but Moira writes in a style that perfectly fits this book It's formalized and a little antiuated in structure and I LOVED itShadowborn is a standout fantasy novel and has everything I love It's got characters that are flawed but likable a medieval setting a lovely sense of foreboding drama drama drama and a friendship that's just waiting to blossom Moira Katson has created a world that utterly intrigues me and I can't wait to get back into it And hey There's nothing to lose in trying it; this book the first is freeYou can find this review and many fun things on my blog Paper Cuts

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    This is the story of a young servant girl who is forced to become a shadow for the Duke's niece Miriel As her shadow our hero Catwin will be her bodygaurd spy and assassin The Duke has plans for his niece to capture the heart of the king and both must go to court at the age of 14 to put his plans into action While Catwin must train physically and learn poison antidotes observation skills and the like Miriel also endures constant lessons and practice related to the skill of being the perfect courtier Neither girl asks for her role and while both perform well they find that they are at cross purposes with the Duke Naturally trouble ensues This book disappointed me; I was interested in the premise but found the execution lacking I noted a large handful of typos and a couple of bothersome inconsistencies I also thought the book was extremely repetitive The story is told in Catwin's first person perspective and she seems to make the same revelations again and again My biggest uarrel however is with the ending It is a bit of a cliff hanger Not a very interesting or climactic cliff hanger though The story sort of peters out unfinished I know of course that you are supposed to run out and buy the second book in the series to learn what happens next But I for one am not interested in several hundred pages of this; I just wanted to know how the story I was reading ends I see this and with YA books that conceived as a series They end with a cliff hanger presumably to entice the readers to buy the next book but they have not yet earned their audience If you ask me books especially early in a series should be self contained Let your audience enjoy a complete story while deciding if they are going to continue on Once I have developed a bond with your characters and you have earned my respect as a story teller I might be forgiving of cliff hanger endings but at this stage it just seems like a cheap trick and leaves me with an even worse impression of the book than I already had

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    I’ve never been a big fan of the medieval genre before No matter how much fantasy you throw in Kings and ueens and the Court haven’t ever done it for me So when Moira contacted me about reviewing Shadowborn I was pretty torn Yes the book has pretty good reviews but would it be interesting enough to keep my attention? Shadowborn moves a slow and steady pace One thing I saw mentioned in a few reviews is that there isn’t a whole lot of action danger threat against Miriel going on Most people have counted this against the book However it felt right to me I feel like Shadowborn was laying the ground work for the trilogy and it did so wonderfully While there wasn’t a lot of action there was a lot happeningMoira’s writing is fantastic I love that Shadowborn is done in first person I think it added extra mystery to the story since we’re only able to see things as Catwin sees them The characters are masterfully done All of the characters had their own personality and depth I loved watching Catwin and Miriel evolve through the story I cannot wait to see how the story continues

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    A medieval fantasy that focuses on Catwin a young shadow that is bodyguard assassin and spy in training Catwin is a peasant who comes to the attention of her Duke after trying to steal the dagger of the Duke's shadow She is given a task learn to be a shadow to protect the Duke's niece and heir Mirel from the Duke's enemies Catwin and Mirel become the Duke's tools in his plans to keep favour with the young king Both girls struggle to hold onto their ideals and their lives in the king's court where everyone is their enemy especially the Duke The author lists Tamora Pierce as one of her inspirations and you can see it in this bookThere is very little action The strength of this book is characterization of Catwin and Mirel and the relationship between the two They never uite become friends but progress from enemies to allies as the story unfolds Also the layers of intrigue at court are complex and interestingThe bad the cliff hanger ending This book doesn't complete so much as it simply stops which is annoying510