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Pregnancy is supposed to be a wonderful time; a special moment that will change your life forever Sharing the love with your four year old who can’t wait to be a big brother Getting ready to bring the baby home feeling those first fluttering’s and loving your baby But what happens when things start going wrong? When the doctors won’t listen when your boyfriend’s indifferent?Being put on bed rest then praying you can carry long enough to give birth to a healthy baby And when you can’t take the pain from the contractions any they tell you they won’t even try to save your little girl How do you tell your little boy that he will never get to meet his baby sister? How do you get through the pain of both the delivery and the heartache?They say “That which does not kill you makes you stronger” but the phrase only works when it DOESN'T kill youAuthor Jamie Gibson tells the story of how her second pregnancy affected not only her life but those around her She describes the trying circumstances surrounding her family during her troubled pregnancy And Jamie shows how a baby that she was never able to hold made her stronger to face the rest of her life

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    Where do I even begin? I lost my daughter three weeks ago She was a stillborn I was gifted this book to read At first I wasn't sure if I could read it due to the fact that I'm going through the same thing the author tells within her story However curiosity got the best of me and I began reading I'm very glad that I didThis is a raw true story of the pain a mother endured with the loss of her baby girl She gives it to the reader and doesn't sugar coat which I am happy with that I felt her pain and wanted to cry out for her At times I felt like I was right there beside her watching the story unfold right in front of my eyesThe book is very well written and can give a small view into the world a mother enters with the loss of a child I recommend this book to everyone This book can help give hope to the Momma's who are going through the same thing and can give people who haven't a small bit of what mothers are going through when they are faced with the loss of a child

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    My Angel was an amazingly written recollection of one of the worst things a mother can possibly go through loss of a child On of the most important things in a woman's life is being able to become a motherThis book was awesome because a close friend of mine just recently went through a still birth and reading this story helped to put things into perspective as to what exactly she was going through I always saw things like this happen on tv shows or in the movies but it never seemed real to me until my friend went through this and until I read this book This amazing story helped me understand exactly what my friend was going throughAside from the fact that after reading this book that it made me want to beat the crap out of the child's father for acting the way he did and not lend any support what so ever it was an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone

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    Jamie bares her soul to us in this tragic story of the loss of her unborn baby It is very hard to read as we travel with her through her abuse and her pain We share in her love for her son Tyler and her desire to be there for him through it all But also her helplessness when she is too lost to do soThis book will help others understand the emotional drain on a family when a baby is lost It will help women who experience this tragedy come to terms with their feelings They will see that time does not erase the feelings of loss only makes it easier to live with themJamie thank you for sharing your world with us May you find peace

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    45 StarsI was given this book as a Beta reader and I have to say this story has stayed with me The real life events that Jamie has gone through will change your life Coming from an area where good doctors are plentiful and close I cannot fathom the heartache bad medical care can inflict but through Jamie's eyes we see the struggle and results Dealing with the loss not only for herself but with her 4 year old son is a journey through grief depression and finally hope I highly recommend reading this book

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    I will not formally review this book as I was a beta reader and read a pre publication pre pre publication version I have the published version as well am waiting before readingSuffice to say this memoir talks about the darkest parts of the author's young life and the people who kept her going and helped her rise above those times

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    Devastating recollections and memories for the author however her pain and anguish will be forever embedded in our hearts Thank you Jamie for sharing your love for your children with us Hailey is looking down in love upon you and Tyler and is very proud

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    I enjoyed it I was happy and sad along with the author I could relate because I had a similar experience

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    The book My Angel by Jamie Gibson is an amazing heart wrenching story about a mother's love for her children and the unspeakable pain in the loss of a child I had the honor of reading this beautiful completely honest amazing story There were so many moments that had me choked up especially the delivery of Hailey I applaud Jamie's choice to get rid of him and change her life all for the better It takes a lot of strength to do that and only true survivors can Hailey will always have a place in my heart Not all pregnancies have happy endings the babies without the happy ending they are taken to heaven by God himself Some of the physicians and nurses made me so angry with the way they treated Jamie and baby Hailey Only with a loss this life changing can a person truly understand I loved this beautiful story of anger loss and hope

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    5 Stars Just because this author was brave enough to share her story to us So heartbreakingI have never experienced losing a babychild so I don't really know the pain one would go through Unbearable I would imagine And just having to explain this to her young son Very heartfelt But in the end her son the older brother found ways to cope This author and her son had such a connection to pull each other through the storm Many tears were shedMany smiles were found Thank you