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So we are all supposed to be these perfect women who have fantastic jobs amazing families and friends and have constant sex But what if? What if we don`t really have to be like that? What if it is OK if we fail sometimes and are not Perfect Sally tries hard to manage everything until an unexpected trip shines a new light on her life Change is coming

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    This is a short story originally entered for a competition that I have now posted onto my website and smashwords for FREE I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you will love to read it with a cup of tea It had a word limit so is very shortSally tries to balance work and family with an ex husband who does not help I think she is like most of us trying to control everything but as a result it all falls to pieces around herShe takes an unexpected trip and begins to relaise that she needs to accept help sometimes and just relax a little Enjoy

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    Perfect for a uick read when you don't have much time but it is a brilliantly written short story which tugged a little at my heart