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Amend is the second book in the Three Stages trilogy set in the 24th century after the world has changed dramatically following earthuakes and asteroids Melinoe is destined to become the Tsaritsa of Western Russia but she's tormented by a past which she tries to deny She has to face it and discover her own humanity If she doesn't learn to let people in she'll lose the one thing she actually cares about being the Tsaritsa

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    This is such a powerful novel exploring the lives of teenagers in futuristic world It follows on the from the first novel in the trilogy Conseuence and yet has its own style It is based on the idea of how can you move towards the light when you've spent your life in the dark How indeed? All of the characters give the reader much food for thought and it is impossible to read through Amend without uestioning your own life and motives Very readable