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The third book of the Shelter from the Winter series brings the story full circle The bombs have dropped turning the Earth into a wasteland of black snow and burned forests Brijit and Kelly huddle in their underground shelter safe from the nuclear winter that darkens the Earth Life is easy underground but they must face the reality of a new and hostile world Radioactive ruins and hostile survivalists are the least of their worries when the land starts to empty of warm bodies for Brijit to feed from When there are no humans or animals where can Brijit turn to feed herself and keep her sanity?

13 thoughts on “Winter of Passion (Shelter from the Winter, #3)

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    All I can say is WOW Actually I can say much This book has everything action sex humour heartwrenching ending Throughout the entire book Winter of Passion had me on the edge of my seat Whether it was the heart pounding action in their struggle to survive or their passionate sex scenes which had my pulse racing or the tear inducing last chapter I could not put this book down The end was painfully sad yet appropriate After all with all that the world had come to how else could it end? I would recommend Winter of Passion to anyone who wants to read a well thought out well rounded story But first you will have to begin with the Spring of Seduction

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    D W Alder is a recent discovery for me but I love his work It's titillating and exciting while being full of emotion and rich characters And Winter of Passion is not an exception A well developed plot drives this story and his amazing descriptions of the post apocalyptic world draw the reader into the story As the last book in the trilogy this book brings the story to a satisfying conclusion and Mr Adler does a great job of wrapping up the storylines for the characters we've come to loveI heard a rumor that there may be a preuel coming Oh please let that be fact than fiction I want