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Everyone thinks of me as this happy and upbeat person What they don't know is that I carry a deep dark secret Something horrible happened to me a year ago and I have kept it uiet all this time I was fine for a while but somehow it’s chosen this time to come back and it's eating at me like a cancerI need to tell someone about it I just don't know how I'm pushing everyone I love away including my mom and my best friend CharlieThen there is Will Handsome sweet Will We went out on a date a while back but then the incident happened leaving me crushed and him confusedHow do you tell someone you care about all of your secrets and will they still want you when the truth comes out?

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    Once I wipe away the blurriness from my tired eyes I shall write up a full review Between the tears and the lack of sleep from finishing this book I am pooped I want to gush and rant and rave and vent but I can not put my thoughts to words right nowI realize in this exact moment I can’t do this any; I’m sick of crying and feeling scared I’m tired of feeling broken and accept there are things that have to happen if I’m going to get any better and put this behind me I have to move on Not for anyone else; for meHeads up guys this will be a bit spoilery I don’t mean to make it that way but I really REALLY want to talk about how wonderful this book is and the only way I can do it is by going full force with my gushing which will most likely give away some parts of the story You know I don’t do play by play of books only gut reactions With all that said let’s proceedPhysically and emotionally in pain I realize how ostracizing this experience was you can only understand if it’s happened to you And it’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy Things were done to me that night that had never been done before and I will never ever forget and I’ve never told a soulThere are strong women and then there are STRONG women women that have dealt with some of the worst circumstances in life You see them walk down street attend school go into work shop at the nearest mall or just pick up their mail from their mailbox But what you don’t see is that some of these women have some of the deepest and darkest of secrets secrets that take up their minds their hearts and sometimes even their souls Some of these women have been able to deal with these secrets but then there are those that have no idea where to even start with dealing with their inner demons And Tori our lead female character is one of these women I say woman for two reasons one is because technically at eighteen you are considered an adult and two because with what we are about to talk about and the circumstances there was no choice in the growing up process“Mom I don’t want to be a victim and I certainly don’t want to be his I am nobody’s victim”“You my girl are a survivor and you will get through this because you are mine and you are strong as hell You have a fire in you that nobody can ever put out unless you let them and don’t ever let anyone put out that fire”As you can tell from some of my uotes Tori was a victim of sexual abuse rape to be exact It’s a hard word to say but its truth and sometimes truth is hard to say It was hard for Tori to say even though she knew what had happened to her but just couldn’t come to terms with saying it out loud You get a glimpse of her in Charlie and Maverick’s book LOVE NOTES and get that there is something not right That as feisty and as ‘mouthy’ as Tori is something horrific must have happened to her to distant herself She especially distances herself from her other best friend Will who wonders what she is hiding behind those green eyes of hers“Please tell her I’ll always be here for her in any capacity and and I’ve never stopped caring for her even from a distance”Let me take a moment to praise the glories that is Will Montgomery After reading this book I could not stop thinking about Will Yes what happened to Tori was horrific and unthinkable and no woman should go through that but there is sometimes little said about the male support system behind the victim “I think sometimes we can’t always heal by ourselves and sometimes the person who we are most scared to tell is the one person who can actually help us heal” You see Will has been one of Tori’s best friends and has loved her unconditionally from a distance He sees HER and only her and no one else measures up to her feistiness or her fire or her beauty Even when she tells him what had happened to her a year ago nothing changes for him On the contrary he loves her He sees what a fighter she is “You are the bravest girl I know” He loves her and nothing else will change that He is there for Tori when she most needs him and feels safe and comforted knowing that not only does she have her mother and best friendsister support but she also has the support of Will Will is the kind of man that should I ever have a daughter or when my goddaughter grows up and finds herself a boyfriendhusband that he be like Will Will by no means is perfect but he is what every mother looks for her daughter what a sister looks for her sister what a grandmother is looking for her granddaughter and so on He makes mistakes like every person on this earth but owns up to it and learns from those mistakes But what makes him so wonderful is the deep LOVE that he gives to that one significant person When he loves he loves unconditionally and with full force He is your support system the shoulder to cry on the arms that you fall asleep in and know that you feel safe in them He is all in with his heart and soul and that is sometimes rare to find Sidenote thank you Ms Gunter for not making Will Montgomery a man whoring alcohol guzzling reformed delinuent He could have easily have slept himself around the school and screwed anything that two legs and a skirt while waiting for Tori but he didn’t He stayed true to his character Even the simplicity of a kiss was a big deal and I am so glad that he was man enough to give her space and time for when that big moment came I was listening to Lady Antebellum’s “Just a Kiss” when I was writing this review and it me made think about Tori and Will You will see why a simple kiss is such a huge step for both of them “I’ve never stopped caring about you not even from a distance” I loved the uote so much I wanted to put it in twice in my review For once I am okay with the male lead not being a tattooed bad boy Sometimes you really just need a sweet kind hearted boy to make you swoon and daydream And thank you for those funny moments of “guy talk” between Will and Maverick“Dude you really should listen to me I’m usually right”“Yeah whatever Actually isn’t it usually me instilling the words of wisdom? Somehow the roles have been reversed I don’t know how that happened”“It’s the girls They screw with our brain so we can’t think straight and when you find the right one all rational thoughts gets flushed down the toilet”“Isn’t that the truth”I had mentioned before that there are strong women and that there are STRONG women One of these women is the author herself You will know by the end of the book JUST how strong she is and how very brave she is to come forth with this story It is said that the authors put themselves into their characters and THIS is the epitome of that You see this is Ms Gunter’s story told in Tori’s and Will’s POV It’s not a 100% true but the premise of her story told in HEARTSTRINGS I may have given a lot away in this review hell in this paragraph alone but I could not NOT mention just how wonderful the author is to tell this story her story I applaud her for writing this and letting the world know Her story impacted me I laughed I cried I got mad I had to stop reading I don’t cry I mean I almost NEVER cry heart of stone over here but reading this book made me just cry huge alligator tears and made me love each and every character I would recommend this book to everyone female or male young or old It’s a wonderful read Just have wine tissues ice cream or whatever makes me feel better after a few tearsI leave you with my all time favorite uote moment in the bookTears pour down and I can’t stop them My legs turn to jelly unable to hold my body up any longer and I crumble as the warm water cascades over me As several thoughts run through my mind I lean my head back and just let the water fall washing all my tears down the drain Symbolically the tears wash away all the ugly damaged feelings I allowed him to hold over me Negative words tumble through my head and I send them down the drain with my tears Nothingness Victim Powerless Scared Used And many many I let it all go and watch them flow down the drain I thought I was doing so much better and in a way I was but I hadn’t let go I need to let it all go and refuse to give someone the power to make me feel like I’m nothing ever again I am so much I say it in my head again and again until I finally begin to believe it then I say once out loud “My name is Tori I am no one’s victim And by God I am a survivor I’ve been to hell and back and I Will Heal I may never forget; but I will never again think about you like I have I will never give you the power I’ve been giving you for the last year and I will never let you hurt anyone else again” My name is Tori and I’m a survivor

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    Heartstrings Love Notes #2 by Heather GunterThe title of this book says it all this story pulls at your heartstrings and may even bring tears to your eyes This is the first book I’ve read written by Heather Gunter her writing is fantastic the plot and character are well developed the entire story flows rather nicely and I found I didn’t want to stop reading it till I reached the endTori is a senior in high school who has kept a secret for over a year never disclosing to anyone what has happened to her one night Nightmares are causing her lack of sleep and she knows she has to say something Finally she confides in her mom and best friendWill who has been Tori’s friend for a very long time knew Tori had changed over the last year A year ago they were just about at the point where they were finally comfortable enough to move past friendship and acknowledge that they did have feelings for each other But tragedy strikes Tori and her plans changed Tori being a bit insecure is scared to tell Will what happened to her a year ago and thinks it will change the way he sees her She finally does tell Will her secret and he treats her with respect and reiterates that this was not her fault Of course Will lets Tori knows his feeling for her have not changed at allThis story is about healing trusting and having the strength to take back your lifeI have rated Heartstrings a 4 star rating and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read the YA Genre Heather Gunter has written an exceptional story and portrayed a horrible situation in a very positive manner for young women to read

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    I salute Ms Heather Gunter for writing this story I know it has been hard for herI'd been waiting for Will and Tori's story since I read Love Notes I must say that the writing had improved and the moral lesson of story is good and I love Will

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    GENRE New AdultTHEME Contemporary RomanceRECEIVED TourBLOG I love stories that I can jump into even if I haven’t read the first one and not be lost A great stand alone even with mentions of the previous characters I was focused on Tori and Will and the emotionally wonderful written story Be prepared this is one book that you will not be putting down for a secondHearstrings follows Tori whose life change drastically after one night at a party She tries hiding away what happened determined to say that everything is okay Everyone around her knows something wrong the always sweet Will and her best friend Charlie are being pushed away In the end Tori must fight her demon and go beyond the pain then maybe she can say what really happened and find that silver lining Tori is a wonder woman she is young but seriously goes through something that I wish could never happen to anyone She also has a feisty side and is determined when she sets her mind to something It was an emotional roller coaster for her I wouldn’t know how to be able to open up to people either and I felt her story is one that really will make the readers think I also love the strength not only in Tori but how her mom was right there for her telling her she’s a survivor and not to let anyone try to change her It reminded me of my mom and I how close we are when something happens and I just need the push Gunter does an amazing job with such a tough topic but really connects the readers to Tori and has them rooting for her to the very endWill is a guy that I want to give a huge hug too; he goes through a lot of confusion with Tori and no matter what never left her side They have been friends for a long time and he finally opens up to her and goes on a date But after he deals with the change in Tori and wants to help even though he doesn’t know what’s happened He is seriously the best supporter she could have and doesn’t change for any reason he is there and he loves her no uestions Finally a guy that is just a good guy no twist no changes in personality just someone who every girl will fall forOverall this story is just wow It’s hard to really define a story that really hits me as a reader emotionally as hard as this one did I was all over the place while reading this and sometimes had to put it down because I got a bit sad and frustrated but don’t get me wrong I was feeling this along with the characters I’ve been on a streak of reading some really great books lately and I have to applaud another author Gunter for really connecting me to a topic I feel is so hard to talk about In the end I really enjoyed the side characters of Charlie and Maverick that I’m going to read their sorry as soon as I can This is something for any parent sister brother daughter son its seriously a great story that will have you talking about it for daysRECOMMENDATIONThis is an adult novel with a tough topic but I feel should be recommend to any and all readers Fans of Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire and Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry will connect to Hearstrings by Heather Gunter

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    Review Originally Posted at Book FreakThe prologue even the text prior to it was a little emotional and I wonder if I could survive the novel with my heart intact Tori was Will's smart mouth redhead They thought everything will go on smoothly They have liked each other since forever and was about to go in their first date BUT THEY WERE SO WRONG Because during their supposedly perfect date something bad happened and it had been haunting ToriShe had been through a lot I think most of us wouldn't really know the extent of her suffering unless we experience what she had I hope none of us will Tori had been strong but the incident weakened her She lost herself opted to be alone and suffer rather than sought for help She ran away from it She thought it was her fault Will awwww He was not just a great boyfriend but he was a greater friend He didn't leave her side when he finally knew what was going on He didn't pressure her to do anything she wasn't ready for He supported her decisions and was always there for her He may have done something that night that has been eating him up but it was a reflex on his part to save his ego Nevertheless this guy stole my heartThe secondary characters namely Charlie from Love Notes Book 1 her mother were pretty great too They were the best support system anyone could have Charlie had needed her on the first book and now Tori needs her but she doesn't ask uestion even though the nightmares that her friend is having concerns her She knew that when Tori is finally ready she will tell her Tori's journey in overcoming her guilt seeking for help finally accepting that it happened to her and learning to open her heart is indeed emotional Heather Gunter made an incredible novel about a journey of a girl who's world fell apart after one night found her strength and was brave enough to fight for what is right I like the strength of her character and the person she had become by the end of the novel This story gives HOPE to girls who have underwent the same nightmares as Tori did It is an inspiration that somehow there is always a rainbow after the storm and not all men are beasts because time WILL come that a prince charming will still find he's way to sweep you off your feetAlthough part of the series you can read Heartstrings as a stand alone I think I'm hooked with this series and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next one Ashley's story Changing Tunes Who can resist a reformed bad girl falling in love with a good boy? ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review

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    My heart absolutely ached reading this book I cried along with Tori and felt her painThis book is a journey of a young woman who is raped and wants to fight for her life back It's about taking her life back and healingIt's an emotional read and one of which I hope no one looks over because this book needs to be readThe author has put her heart and soul into this book and when you read certain parts you'll understand whyTori is strong she isn't one of these weak heroine's she's tough and she fights with all she hasI realize in this exact moment I can't do this any; I'm sick of crying and feeling scared I'm tired of feeling broken and accept there are things that have to happen if I'm going to get any better and put this behind me I have to move on Not for anyone else; for meWill is a beautiful character and I think everyone would agree we would all love someone like him in our life He is portrayed beautifully and not many guys in books are these daysPlease tell her I'll always be here for her in any capacity and and I've never stopped caring for her even from a distanceThis uote made me smile it made me sobMy name is Tori I am no one's victim And by God I am a survivor I've been to hell and back and I Will Heal I may never forget; but I will never again think about you like I have I will never give you the power I've been giving you for the last year and I will never let you hurt anyone else againThank you Heather for writing this story for doing something others fear to doI take my hat off to you You are an amazing writer and I know you'll go far

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    What a great book Heather you have done it again I thought Charlie had a great story but Tori's is amazing Tori is a senior in high school and was raped a year ago She never told anyone and has suffered alone One night she tries to push herself to get close to Will the boy she has crushed on forever All the awful feelings come rushing back and even worseShe decides to get help and tell her mom Charlie and then Will Everyone is so supportive but Will is so angry and feels so guilty He and Maverick Charlie's boyfriend try to find the guy and you will be so surprised what happensThis is such a sweet story of losing your innocence and trying to get your life back I love Tori's story and the tender way Heather writes it is nothing less than GREAT Will is WONDERFUL The love Tori and Will share is none like any other for them to only be teenagers Please get this and don't miss out on this story You will not be disappointed

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    Holly crap Heather you did it again This book was great I thought Charlie's story touched my heart but no Tori's story was the best I cried and I laughed it was very emotional but in the end it was all worth it I love Will he was so good to Tori and of course having Charlie and maverick there was good too I loved how Charlie was still a very important part in this book I highly recommended this book Thank you Heather for an other great book

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    Tori and Will were Charlie and Maverick friends in Love Notes In Love Notes Tori was a very loyal friend to Charlie She seemed funny happy vivacious and carefree She spoke her mind and didn’t take anyone crap It was apparent that Tori was hiding something Tori used to be carefree and happy Will was Maverick’s best friend who would talk sense into him Will carried a torch for ToriIt was mentioned in Love Notes that Tori and Will went on a date a year ago and neither one of them would discuss the date I figured that the date went well and then something happened I suspected that Tori had been raped I was hoping that it wasn’t the case It turns out Will took Tori to a party at a classmates house It was their first Tori had a drink before she went out with Will to calm her nerves They were having a good time at the party Will went to get them some drinks and she went outside for fresh air Some depraved guy had been watching Tori since she arrived at the party Tori said she wasn’t interested but he refused to take no for an answer The sadistic f dragged her to his truck and brutally raped her The account was horrific to read Will looked for her but couldn’t find her A year passes without her telling anyone about the rape Tori just tries to forget it ever happened She knows what happened was rape but for a long time she just couldn’t say the word out loud A person can only suppress something for so longShe tries to act like the same old Tori However it starts eating away at her Every time Tori went to sleep she had nightmares Basically Tori was stuck in her own personal hell reliving the rape every time she closed her eyes Sadly Tori blamed herself because she had a drink before the party Tori felt so guilty about it and thought maybe she could have fought him off if she never had the drink It doesn’t matter if she had one drink no drinks or a ton of drinks because what happened to her was wrong no matter what She said no repeatedly and tried her hardest to fight him off and he just thrived on having power over her No means no Tori’s mom “ Tori there is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent the horrific things that happened to you You just happened to be the girl that monster picked out that night if it wasn’t you it would have been another victim”Heather Gunter Heartstrings Will was confused because they were having such a good time at the beginning of the date and she seemed so excited to go out with him Will was a great guy Tori told him to go out with other girl but he didn’t because he wanted to be with Tori There were plenty of girls who wanted to go out with him but he said no He waited for Tori for a year I like that the author didn’t have Will hooking up with other girls when Tori kept telling him to find someone else At one point Will did make me really mad thoughview spoiler Will did go looking for Tori at the party He couldn’t find her It turns out that a half an hour later Will saw Tori sitting in a truck He jumped to the conclusion that she left him to go hookup with some other guy Will knew her for a long time and knew that she wasn’t that type of girl yet he jumped to that conclusion Also Will saw how excited and happy Tori was on her date with him I can’t believe he didn’t even think to check on her He didn’t think oh maybe something is wrong? If he would have stayed a few seconds he would have seen that sadist push her out of the truck He was really inept in that moment Will did own up to his mistake and apologized to Tori for thinking those things about her hide spoiler

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    Heartstrings is the second book in Heather Gunter's Love Notes series It follows secondary characters from the first book Love Notes This books can be read as a stand alone but I would suggest reading Love Notes first as there are a few things referenced from that book For those of us who have read Love Notes we do get to see Charlie and Maverick which is awesome Heartstrings starts a few months after Love Notes and follows Tori and Will Charlie and Maverick's best friends respectively In Love Notes we knew that Tori had a pretty big secret we just weren't sure what it was We also knew that this secret somehow involved her relationship or lack thereof with Will We learn right away that their friendship is on the road to recovery but it is also pretty clear that Tori doesn't think it can ever be than that because of her secret which is a doozy and is revealed pretty early on Just when it looks like Tori is going to take a chance and let Will be than her friend everything comes crashing down on her You should know if we do this it will change everything Heartstrings while very much the story of Will and Tori is really about Tori's road to recovery from the thing that has been buried and weighing her down for so long Will was very supportive of her throughout the entire process even as he is harboring a secret of his own that may crush their fragile relationship It was heartbreaking to see the way that things played out over the course of the last uarter or so of the book But the ending was wonderful 'I need her to know that I'd always be there for her But the words wouldn't come out and truth be told I knew there wasn't anything I could say to make her feel better' I already really like Tori and Will before I had ever even started this book Something about the sadness that seemed to surround them in Love Notes just pulled at my for lack of a better word Heartstrings I wanted for them to have their happily ever after and I'm glad that Heather gave us their story They were definitely characters I needed to know about Though I already had a pretty good idea of why Tori didn't want to talk to anybody about why she didn't want to date Will it was still awful to hear all the details of what exactly happened Then when we read Will's side it was that much heartbreaking 'My crying begins to ease off and I realize in this exact moment I can't so this any; I'm sick of crying and feeling scared I'm tired of feeling broken and accept there are things that have to happen if I'm going to get better and put this behind me I have to move on Not for anyone else; for me' I commended Tori for being able to have the strength to take the necessary steps to deal with everything that was haunting her I know that it is not easy Watching her become and confident was wonderful and made my heart happy for her There were than a few times when all of her forward progress could have been ripped apart and she would have had to start over at suare one But she did not let that happen She was strong she was a fighter this may scare you and I'm sorry if it does but I'm taking my chances I fell in love with you over a year ago and I never stopped My feeling never faltered and I told you 'I never stopped caring not even from a distance This doesn't change how I feel about you I love you Tori and this isn't going to make me stop or change my mind This was a really great story There were a few spots where the speech seemed a little stilted but it definitely did not take away from the story or it's message I really enjoyed this book and will be looking forward to the release of the next novel in the series Changing Tunes due out in 2014 'I thought I was going to die when she reached over wanting to kiss me and I certainly wasn't joking when I said it would change everything Because it did and in ways than one Kissing Tori was unlike anything I'd ever experienced Her lips are so warm and soft and fit perfectly with mine When she deepened the kiss I thought I was in heaven'