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Presley Sutton grew up with a jaded heart She didn’t give her heart away to anyone until Braden Worthington entered the picture A tattooed heartthrob on the fast track to stardom Braden is everything Presley‘s ever tried to avoid Lead singer for the band Chronic Need Braden is known for his love 'em and leave 'em attitude and Presley is sure this time will be no different It goes without saying that falling for Braden Worthington would mean confronting her worst fear heartbreak But when Braden begins to chip away at the walls around her already fragile heart Presley soon begins to realize that some things are worth the risk If she can just get the guts to make Braden her only exception

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    This book had so much potential but it never uite lived up to it I barely felt like we knew anything about the characters as people Nothing was really explained about Braden except he was hot tattooed and in a band about to hit stardom Other than that we know virtually nothing about his personality Makes it hard to want two people together when they feel like strangersI'm glad this was free from

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    What a uick fun read Love the cover the writing Can't wait to read book 2

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    Initially the product description led me to believe that the heroine Presley will meet the hero Braden for the first time in the book but as the story begins with the internal thoughts of the heroine they have actually known each other a year They work together at a restaurant and he has tried numerous times to get her to go out with him but so far she has resisted because she knows she wouldn't be able to trust such a womaniserWhilst I liked the authors writing she did far too much 'telling' and not enough 'showing' I was 17% into the story before any conversation even took place A lot of that 17% was repetitive storytelling In fact I would say 90% of the story was Presley's internal thoughts There was just not enough dialogue to really get a feel for the storyline which had so much potentialAt first I thought it was going to be a bit like the S C Stephens book 'Thoughtless' The description of the band members seemed similar and Braden had written a love song just for Presley and he even gets a tattoo for Presley a rather unromantic one in my opinion but the distinct lack of dialogue just ruined what could have been a really good storyWe are even 'told' rather than 'shown' the sex scenes I did like Braden what little I knew of him but I didn't like Presley much I couldn't believe in their love story or how they fell in love with one another as I didn't get to know the characters enough The ending whist romantic just seemed a bit rushedIn future books I hope the author does showing than telling as her writing definitely has potential

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    I grabbed this book for my kindle but wasn't sure what to expect of it I really didn't know what to expect of it I haven't ever read any of this authors books I began reading this book yesterday evening and finished it this morning I stayed curious through out the whole bookThe book was much better than expectedthe place of the book kind of excited me because silly I know but Wilmington nc we go every year or vacation I love that placeMy favorite tho of books are romance contemporary romance and new adult romance To me this was all three But my favorite favorite is any book with a rockstar and romance This one has thatBraden is very handsome in my mind and a rockstar who knows how to word things Presley is jaded and most may be annoyed with her but I felt bad for her It sucks to be self destructive Bree is a best friend everyone needs full of life Wyatt is awesome I loved all of the charactersThe storyline was written great I liked the turn of events I loved the people the place Its a little cleaner than most that i have red its not that steamy but thats ok it has a great romance story that you can feelI loved it and ill definitely read from this authorI do recommend this book to anyone who is a sucker for romance new adult rockstar romance or contemporary romance

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    I'll start this review with saying that I did enjoy the book and that I will than likely be reading the second book when it comes around One of the large draw backs for me was how incredibly short this book was I want to say that the reason for this was because it was like oh let me tell you what happened instead of a descriptive beautifully flowing scene coming together The second draw back for me was how obvious everything was With the way that the book is written you know from the very beginning that Braden is in love with Presley she's in love with him and she's just too dense to notice it It makes for a frustrating book and some Finallys being shouted at certain points I think that if their first meeting was written into the book instead of in an Oh yeah we meet a year ago way it would have added a lot to the book All those times he supposedly came onto her and all of that could have added so much length and story to the book I guess what I'm trying to say is this book kind of leaves you feeling like you just read the end of it

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    I loved this short book I am eagerly waiting for book 2 Presley doesn't trust easily especially men However the one man that she wants desperately Braden is a player and man whore who dates lots of womenone night stands However he does flirt and ask her out at work repeatedly She turns him down all the time Braden is the lead singer in a band and writes a song about her She has to figure out what is going on between them In the last year she has basically fallen in love with him by working with him everyday at the restaurant where they both work Something happens between them and she can only feel that he feels nothing for her and that he will move on to someone else she just has to figure out if what she feels inside is true that he will not be the one to hurt her or will she be the one to hurt him?? Loved the book Looking forward to book 2 First book I've read by you but it definitely won't be the last

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    Couldn't really get into this bookFelt like there was too much information being thrown out in one go at the start and other areas seemed a bit rushedCouldn't really get into Presley and Braden's relationship and felt like things were skipped over or missed that left me wondering what had happened between the two chapters view spoiler After Braden and Presley first spent the night together the chapter ends with the indication that they're about to have sex The next chapter is a day or so later and they have the awkward 'morning after' meeting in the parking lot This doesn't make sense to me because if Braden has been telling the truth about how he felt for Presley then I don't believe he would've left her while she was sleepingso surely there was some kind of conversation the next morning when they woke up together?? hide spoiler

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    I finished this little whirlwind of emotions in one sitting Erika does a great job of diving into the head of a guarded woman with an overflowing heart Most women will read this and know exactly what Presley is feeling The heat between Presley and Braden sizzles If I had a complaint at all it would be that the story was too short Looking forward to from Erika

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    Wow Wish it could have been longer

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    Okay I thought this was a very sweet story I loved the main characters and the writing was very well done Once I got started I didn't want to put the book down Great job Erika Trevathan