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Beauty broke the spell by falling in love with the Beast and they lived happily ever after For Elise her friends her father and every other citizen of Colmar the story was a fairy tale created by the older generation to help little children sleep at night without fear But forty years after Belle and over sixty years after the curse the legend becomes a haunting reality once again Joined on one side by Marshall who is possessively in love with her and joined on the other side by her invalid friend Patric who Elise feels she must protect Elise never thought she would also befriend the prince and take her own place in the fairy tale Unfortunately the return of the Beast means than finding beauty and love among ugliness and hate The Beast has real life conseuences that result in misery confusion and suffering and the return of the Beast means Elise must choose who and what she cares about most and must discover whether like her predecessors she can tame the Beast

10 thoughts on “Remnant of the Beast

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    I love Fairy TALES and this one didn't let me down A wonderful book

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    What a cool twist on the Beauty the Beast story This book was set many years after the original Bell conuered the beast and is a fairy tale full of adventure It kept me guessing until the very end Probably a good one for a teen or adult audience since it's intense than the Disney cartoon

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    I love the story of Beauty and the Beast This is a spin off of what happens after I loved this story and how the Author so cleverly told the story I couldn't put the book down I love it thank you so much for your talent and for sharing it with us

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    A very interesting take on the traditional Beauty and the Beast tale Very well written It keeps you guessing as to which one of several characters is the Beast I really enjoyed reading this one

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    So excited when I won remnant of the beast on goodreads What a great twist on beauty and the beast I definitely recommend this book It's full of great characters struggles and a surprising twist