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In Book Six The Enigma Sarah Roberts heads to Las Vegas Nevada Her dead sister has left her a message with two tasks to complete in Vegas She is supposed to choose a random guy with a cell phone and send a message to a number her sister has supplied Before she can complete this first task she notices a man following her This man begs her with tears in his eyes to not send the textOn the west side of Vegas a man is being tortured Sarah's second task is to arrive at a certain time to stop it When she shows up late people start to dieThe man who had followed her also shows up With people dead at the warehouse the police want to know what she's doing in Vegas and why she was thereAll Sarah wants is to get her bike and leave Las VegasBut Maxwell Ramsey has a different plan for Sarah She has entered his territory and intervened in his business She has cost him money and time as he plans the acuisition of a local casinoFor that Sarah has to be removedWhat she doesn't expect are the deep ties to her family and what that means to her now and in the futureIn Book Six The Enigma Sarah Roberts is in Vegas gambling with her life and can only make it out alive if she plays her cards rightSarah Roberts Book Seven The Vigilante is due Summer 2013

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    This is an excellent series of mysterya woman who receives messages from her dead sisterto help people Really good plots and characters author keeps all books so interesting Just preordered the next book

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    love love love it cant wait for #7

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    Book six in the Sarah Roberts thriller series like those before it is hard to put down although I was a third of the way through before Sarah made much of an appearance Throughout the reader meets a softer human side of the vigilante her sister Vivian from the grave and via automatic writing appointed her to be Centered around the casinos and tackling a corrupt out to inflict pain loan shark millionaire and his female body builder girlfriend Sarah has her hands full trying to save the innocent But alas Two members of the Las Vegas cop population she needs for support in her line of work she rightfully doubts all cop involvement because of their past track record prove themselves trustworthy and one has a closer tie than expected The Enigma will keep you on the edge of your seat till the final page is turned

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    These books are intriguing with small dashes of supernatural and psychic abilities that keep them fast paced I may only give them 3 or three and a half stars but I don't put them down until I finish them They are uick reads without fanfare stylish prose or challenge but they are very enjoyable So if you enjoy Robert Parker's novels or the old Dick Francis books you will zip through these as well

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    Book 6 in the Sarah Roberts series Good Read

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    Drops you right into the action and keeps you stirred up to the very end I definitely want to read all the rest just to see what this female hero does next

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    I enjoy reading the Sarah Roberts mysteries I would recommend them to a mystery fan Currently reading book seven Will probably read the whole series I also read The Mafia Trilogy by Jonas Saul One of my favorite authors

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    Another excellent Sarah Roberts book I really liked Russell Anderson and hope to see of him

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    Loving this seriesSo many twists and turns and surprises in this one really kept me on the edge of my seat ritek seems to get better as he goes along really enjoying this series

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    The Enigma A Sarah Roberts Thriller Book 6NOTE This is a very violent seriesstory It is not intended for readers under 18 years old ageThese are just super fun albeit violent reads I always like coming back to this author and this story after awhile just to cleanse my palate of some of the other genres I've read Yes the violence is very intense at times but it's like an action movie sometimes you just need to see the hero won Sarah always wins so I go into these stories knowing she will win and sit back and cheer every time the bad guys get itAnd alsosuper fast reads Yea for me LOVE super fast readsI stopped reading this series back at book 5 because it seemed like the perfect place to stop I was worried picking this series up again after an almost two year absence July 2013read my reviews of those books if you choose would cause me some issues but I easily fell back into this story and remembered her history fairly uickly I'm glad for that because I'm reading the set 7 9 nextThis isn't an over the top must read story but a solid three star from me is never a bad thing Great great fun