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It beginsLenzey Wright never dreamed that she'd ever have an encounter with a wizard or that the same wizard would turn her friend into a mouse She'd certainly never imagined that she and her friends had unheard of powers and that a man she'd never met or heard of from a place that shouldn't exist was trying to kill her Thus Lenzey and her three friends Ellean Walter and Zack are brought to Garibain They are charged by the Warlock Zandar with a single task Starting a war

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    WOW this book is absolutly AMAZING I thoroughly enjoyed the elaborate storyline I was blown away by this book The art work on the cover is a little childish and gives the wrong impression but the author did a wonderful job It is well writen minus a couple of spelling errors throughout the book The storyline which I will get into shortly was fun filled and adventurous Although the story is a little long it is not to wordythank god and is captivating and magical keeping your attention the whole way through This story is about four children that have special powers They are the element keepers of light fire water and shadow of an alternate universe They are kidnapped and taken there in hopes of saving this distant land They learn to use their powers and make many friends along the way I am looking forward to the next book in this series I can't wait to meet the other three element keepers All of the characters in this book are great but I especially liked Une This book is full of action and will keep you on the edge of your seat One of my favorite parts from this book is the fight with the Manticore This book is BETTER than Harry Potter I would recommend reading this and have given it 5 stars

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    So I'm a little biased because my friend wrote the book but nonetheless it was still a great read It's full of fantasy and adventure and all that fun stuff So basically you should definitely read it