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Girl Interrupted meet Beautiful Disaster in this thrilling and sexy debut novel in which a college student learns her perfect life is a lie and finds new love where she least expects it—a mental institutionFreaks misfits and psychopaths Those are the kinds of people found at Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital and high society girl Lucy White’s new homeFreaks misfits and Jayden McCray Jayden has his own set of rules for life at Newton Heights and in this enigma Lucy finds a way to live with the events that left her cheating boyfriend and best friend dead—and Lucy in the middle of the investigation into their demiseThe problem? Jayden makes her want things she’s not supposed to have blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and making Lucy feel at home in Newton Heights than she ever did at home But this isn’t how her life is supposed to be

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    I read and review all the time I also help blog tour hosts I agreed to help promote this book on my blog I had no intention of reading this as I have such a lot of books to read already and thought maybe I wouldn't be able to sueeze this inFamily heart book tours sent out an email they still needed reviewers so I jumped into help this is how I came across reading this bookNOW let me tell you I text my book buddy several times over this book Philomena I knew she too was going to read this so I couldn't give her any spoilers and I am not about to give any spoilers away nowIts refreshing to read a book like this Its has substance to the storyline its unpredictable its insightful We have Lucy she is a popular girl has a boyfriend but she also has a domineering Mother who is trying to push her ahead in life in directions she doesn't want to go Her Mother is doing this for her OWN benefit and prestige and not for her daughter we have one Mother here who loves the limelight loves the cameras loves everything about 'being noticed' for her causes Even at the sacrifice of her daughterOne night one awful fateful night something happens which changes her world To keep Lucy away from the public eye she has her admitted to a psychiatric hospitalThere is so much I want to tell you about how this story goes and what happens and how we see patients helping each other how we see her fall in love and how damaged people with no fault of their own can 'grow' and overcome adversity that is most often heaped on from generations past leaving damaged people as they go This was an uplifting tale I believe this is book 1 and I would love to read book 2 If you want a real story something that is although fiction something that does happen in life something you can get your mind lost in then I say pick up this book I almost missed out on reading this now I have Ava Conway on my list of BRILLIANT READSmust follow her booksI loved how this author made the book flow so well The ending is not a cliff hanger so you are OK with that But it certainly leaves you wondering what becomes of Lucy and Jayden and indeed the other main characters that played out in this wonderful read

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    This story was just okay Though it did grow on me a little in the last half of the book I guess I just had a hard time coming to terms with the family dynamic and how the main character just gave up I realize those are two of the major components in this book and without them there'd have been a completely different story but that's why every book isn't written for every reader To each their own Despite not being a full five stars for me I'm glad I read it because I was curious and the cover for next month's new e release grabbed my attentionThanks to NetGalley the author and the publisher for the free early review copy

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    Received an ARC for an honest review A serious read but too good to passThis might had been the most difficult read I have ever stuck myself into This is too close to home since I have interned in a mental institution back in collegeThis is such a beautiful story seeing things from the patients' perspective specifically Jayden and Lucy's They were built as very wise and smart characters who are trying to recover from the demons of their pastThe hate that Ava has invoked into me towards Lucy's mother and Clark is insurmountable Yeah that big Ava Conway had that way of writing emotions that would not only be stuck in the pages of the book but will go straight to the readers as well Her words dig down so deepAlthough I found the story a little boring and thought that it will be going nowhere I was stunned of how it turned out to be and I like it Not your typical romance story; hollow offers It talks about life most importantly

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    Wow what an intense read The psychological aspect of this book was mind boggling This is really than one story we see so many things from family relationships friendships romance and the overall self discovery of than one character The stories and characters are u settling enough but add in the setting and this will have you so wrapped up that you can't put it down There are so many character stories that this series could go on for uite some time

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    I really loved this book Lucy is an incredible character and watching her grow through her challenges is enjoyable Jayden is great and their blossoming relationship makes the book fly by for the reader The supporting characters are wonderful and I am hoping books follow with their stories

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    I'm very glad I read this one

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    For a longer in depth review visit my blog Lucy grow as a person was amazing Some aspects of her reminded me of myself As someone who struggles with mental illness it was incredible to watch her recovery She went from this really annoying stuck up priss to a strong independent woman Even her confrontation with her mother reminded me of myself; I had a similar situation when I had enough of my mother's abuse Jayden was also an excellent character At the beginning I thought he was one of those macho men who thought everyone needed his help because he was so superior Learning the truth of his past completely changed my mind Once we learn about his father mother and sister his entire personality makes perfect sense In fact all the characters were amazing An author usually focuses heavily on the main character at the expense of the supporting characters I didn't feel like that happened in this book The supporting characters Nesto Flynn Iris and the ward staff were represented and written really well I felt a connection with each one even Elias who didn't appear too often The characters in this book really teach you not to judge too uickly and that's exactly what I did I learned the valuable lesson that things aren't always what they seem from this bookI really thought it was going to be one of those books that doesn't go much beyond the surface but I was so wrong However I don't think the author really knows much about mental hospitals or at least the ones I've been a patient in personally Aside from that it was an amazing read If you're frustrated annoyed or laughing at the beginning of the book stick with it It gets so much better and is really heartwarming at the end

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    Received and ARC copy for an honest review First let me say that this story started out slow for me I pushed myself to keep reading because they synopsis sounded interesting and it was a different type of book than I normally readI am glad I pushed myself About half way through it started to pick up You meet Lucy who is a collage student who attends a Frat party with her boyfriend Kyle and one of her best friends Bethany It was a typical party with drinking dancing However there was a room called The Den of Pleasure I am not going to tell you what goes on in that room However Lucy found Klye and Bethany there together She was furious and drunk Lucy storms out the frat house to drive home Kyle and Bethany try and stop her All 3 were wasted Here is an important lesson NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE My own rule is if I have just 1 drink I don't driveIt never occurred to me that Lucy was reiterating of the accounts that happened that night That part I was like HUH You have Lucy's parents who are big on Capital Hill due to their animal rights projects they handle I really don't like her parents See something major happened that night at the party Something so bad that Lucy became depressed and tried killing herself Her parents said they were looking out for her Her mom on the other hand was only looking out for their LEGACY I would of slapped my mother truth be told Somethings were said between Lucy's mother and father that had me thinking she had a brother who went crazy as wellMoving along Lucy was admitted to a Psychiatric hospital called Newton Heights It kind of got boring to me Reading about how she had to attend sessions and what not She did meet Jayden I thought at first this was her brother I mentioned before Boy was I wrong so wrong After Lucy got a roommate named Iris and found out Iris can hack into computer systems Lucy found out some viable information about who she really was who her parents really where That was a wide eye opener for me phewSomething clicks in Lucy's head She realizes she needs to get healthy and move on from Newton Heights Jayden made her see that rules are meant to be bent and broken sometimes Lucy realized she lived her life how others wanted her to not how she wanted to The whole book takes place in Newton Heights You meet other characters and learn the ropes from Jayden who has been there for a very long time Lucy and Jayden to spark a romance while there They both have a dark side neither is willing to share Once they do share they still want to be with each otherDoes Lucy get well and leave Newton Heights? What happened to Jayden? Why was Lucy there to begin with? What other crazies might you read about? You will find all these answers in the book

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    4 StarsThe synopsis for Hollow completely intrigued me and I was super excited to begin reading this book It sounded very different from what I was used to The story and relationship that built between the two main characters Lucy and Jayden was adorable What made it so uniue was that they met while in a mental hospital yet neither were what you would envision of a typical patient in these places They were normal people who just happened to have some horrible events happen in their lives which ultimately led them to the time which they spend in Newton Heights Lucy is the daughter of high society parents who seem to care abut themselves and their animal rights than in raising a daughter properly Everything she has been doing in life has been what her parents pushed her towards not what she has wanted for herself After some heartbreaking events took place at the frat party she was at Lucy found herself the main suspect in an investigation into the deaths of her boyfriend and best friend Suicidal scared and feeling alone than ever her mother who is a real winner in the mother categoryNOT and her lawyer feel it would be in her best interest or rather the best interest of the mothers social status for Lucy to be admitted into Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital It was here where she met Jayden He taught her how to bend the rules without actually breaking them and how to enjoy life even in the cruddiest of situations The two of them had an undeniable connection from the start but Lucy kept trying to fight it They each had a past that they did not want to share with the other but without learning about each others pasts they would not be able to move forward with their futures When Lucy learns some deep things about her past it is Jayden who is there to help her pick up the pieces and face the past instead of running Lucy finds herself forming unexpected friendships with the other patients and the the story evolves the Lucy evolves into her own person instead of her mothers pawn Hollow is a story of love loss and finding oneself amiss the turbulence and sadness that life can throw your way It's about battling the darkness instead of giving in to it and finding the light in that darkness so that you can pull yourself out instead of getting lost to it It's a story about hope and overcoming one's internal demons The supporting characters were fantastic and I grew to love the majority of them almost as much as I loved Lucy and Jayden

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    I was gifted Hollow by Ava Conway in exchange for an honest review Lucy in a fit of hurt and anger is thrust in the spotlight under unfortunate circumstances Her parents prominent DC power couple decide it's best to hide her away until everything blows over They decide the perfect place to hide her is Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital While in the hospital Lucy not only learns about herself she learns about her family friends and others in the hospital While Lucy becomes a stronger person I think my favorite character has to be Iris her roommate Iris shows up with a bag of contraband unable to be near other people open doors or touch items many of us take for granted With help especially from Lucy Iris is able to take a laundry cart ride infreuently eat in the cafeteria and sometimes stand for short periods human contactOne of the main themes of the book is love Love between a child and her parents Love between friends and love between a man and a woman Lucy discovers her instincts about her parents especially her mother are right Most of her actions are for publicity either to further her interests or as a cover up The loss of trust causes a serious rift between Lucy and her mother her father seems to have given up on her when she is admitted to the hospital Will the love for her mother help Lucy overcome the rift and forgive?Lucy is left with the feeling that everyone she thinks is a friend lets her down Her boyfriend Kyle her best friends Bethany and Mia and the friends she had before the accident She realizes when she finds herself she is able to make real friends she can rely on and they can count on her The one thing Lucy is not looking for is a relationship Then she finds Jayden or he finds her At first Lucy tries to stay away from him Soon she decides to trust Jayden The problem is Lucy doesn't know who Jayden is will she be able to love him when she learns his past? Will he want to be with her when he learns about her past?I can honestly say I will recommend Hollow for my friends to read I couldn't put it down I hope there is a seuel There are other characters that could easily lend themselves to other stories or a continuation of Lucy's experiences