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An immortal born from an unlikely allianceBeautiful mythic Greek heiress Adrasteia 'Adri' Dionysios has roamed the world for millennia taking her pleasure where she wanted Until one night when Fate drops a baby wrapped in fire into her arms Motherhood is a formidable challenge but so is figuring out the identity of a mystery man who makes her pulse race A vampyre’s obsessionSeraphine 'Sera' Dionysios' origins are shrouded in mystery Torn between a mother whose blood saved her life and a man who now possesses her soul the only thing Sera can still cling to is her heart One rule matters above all others Always protect the portalWhen Evil comes to Adri and Sera’s hometown of Shadow Bridge a place where the mortal human world ends and the supernatural realm starts it’s up to them to stop a prophecy as old as time itselfor die trying

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    The duo of Ms Owens and Ms Monodee is fabulous The mythos they’ve created grabbed me drew me into the story and held me there until I finished reading itThe motherdaughter dynamic was true to life I found their banter to be strained yet endearing at the same time not unlike the mortal realm Sera and Adri were extremely well written and immediately likeable Their romantic entanglements made me yearn for to learn about the men in their lives Not to mention they were hot enough to make me fan my face Ms Owens and Ms Monodee created a world suitable for the Greek gods The authors managed to make them human enough to seem real and tangible The mythos of Inescapable made the story a must read Add in the romance and you have a story that should be on every paranormal romance lover’s bookshelfAnd trust me when I say the ending will have you wanting Kuddos to Ms Owens and Ms Monodee for creating an excellent starting point to their Eternelles series A definite five star read

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    Adri and Sera battling it out thorough out this PNR romance story over intense yet silly mother daughter conflicts that I can completely relate to As I read I often thought if my sister wanted to slap me and my mother as much as I wanted to slap the two of themAdri has difficulties letting go and allowing her daughter to grow up and become a woman Sara wants her independence but is still acting so much like a child despite her over 100 years of age Throughout the book this conflict grows in the face of many other adversaries And challenges as they try to protect The Portal A thin mystical barrier holding back some demon nasties vying to enter our world So with this end of the world kind of confrontation these two need to get it together In comes Des potentially a demon but no one is uite sure and great hot alpha male overlord vampire Rafe Both women resist love in the face of their conflict with each other within the context of trying to maintain The Portal Adri travels all over trying to solve the mysteries of the Portal while attempting to save her daughter Sera tries to find herself while rejecting her mothers efforts to be saved This was a good story well written The conflict was believable between mother and daughter but I struggled with understanding the reasons Sera was running away from Rafe I had a hard time getting into the book in the beginning it took a few chapters to understand what was going on who Adri was and her relationship with Sera Once I got into though it was a uick read with page turner worthiness I am not at all happy with the ending however Ugh I hate cliffhangers I'm dying to find out what's next The leads we're strong women however the book did not delve deep enough into the men to truly feel the bonds forming between Adri and Des and Sera and Rafe Hopefully we will learn in the next installmentbook provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group AuthorReader Exchange

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    I was given an ARC to review this book pre release and OMG As a Mythic Fiction author I knew from the first chapter this book was going to be good GypsiesFaeVampiresPhoenix there is so much mythology and legend but its beautifully wrapped and weaved into a believable world a world where they all exist together instead of separate folklore Sera starts off a bit whinybitchy but as the crap hits the fan she develops and starts to grow up which is a bit funny considering she is immortal and has been grown up for a whileThe Authors have weaved their world beautifully complete with Vampire Federations and Greek Gods A very FAMILIAR Egyptian goddess is part of the story and of course never come between a mother and her child I am not sure if I can tell too much beyond that without giving away too much I can say this it sort of ends on a sort of cliff hanger Great Job Authors

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    Inescapable kicks off the brand spanking new awesome series by Zee Monodee and Natalie G Owens Mythologies collide and the fab writing duo have created a believable world filled with supernatural occurrences and citizens not to mention their own town where those supernaturals can live alongside one anotherWith humour action and a lot of sizzling chemistry between our leading ladies and the mysterious and yummy men in their lives Inescapable; Book 1 in the Eternelles Series is a fab read Sera and Adri have a very typical motherdaughter relationship which is actually rather refreshing within this genre as I personally haven’t read many family orientated paranormalurban fantasy books but that is what makes this book stand out Not only do we have romance action and an impending threat to mankind – with a fab spin on how that is going to go down in this world – we have angst between parent and child Not that these two are ordinary; immortal powerful and in a heap load of trouble but definitely not ordinaryBook 1 is the perfect introduction to the series; well written informative creative and with enough laughs and action It does end on a cliff hanger but I really can’t wait to find out All in all it's a brilliant book The duo have twisted mythology and the supernatural and created this fab story which I have to say reminds me a lot of Charmed It's very family orientated but with a huge hit of paranormal a splash of chemistry and humour and my god a handful of delicious men It's definitely a must read for anyone who likes paranormal fiction This book was received from author in exchange for an honest review

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    Natalie Owens and Zee Monodee’s Inescapable is a well written deftly imagined work of urban fantasy The story starts at a gasp inducing gallop and doesn’t really slow down even as it takes the reader on a romp that includes vampires werewolves faes shape shifters and Olympus “gods” who are brought into the modern dayOwensMonodee’s voice is lush expansive bright and full of descriptive phrases The co authors brings a hint of Gothic Victorian into the New AdultYAUrban Fantasy genre There were times when the metaphors missed the mark or appeared a tad forced and some of the phraseology was blunt object in the head than delicate surgical incision but this “tell a lot show a little less way” of writing may be dictated by the genreSpeaking of the genre I am no expert on this type of story I shy away from these sort of books usually Just as Zeus and Dionysius felt out of place in our world I as a reader and as a thinker feel uncomfortable in a world inhabited by vampires and other imaginary evil characters Perhaps I’ve seen too much real evil to feel comfortable with blood sucking monstersI offer this personal hesitation as part of my review so that you realize that the kudos I give the authors for pacing plotting and creation of likable but realistic heroines is all the sincere I truly liked Sera and Adri the heroines and care what happens to them in the remaining books to come in this seriesOverall I rank Inescapable with a solid four stars and recommend it to readers especially those who enjoy strong heroines imaginary battles between paranormal characters and fast paced urban fantasyOh And the sex scenes Ha They sizzled Well done

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    Inescapable book one in the Eternelles series is a promising start to this series It’s never a dull moment for mother and Daughter Adri and Sera Sera Part Phoenix part Vampyre and an eternelle is feeling the pressure of dominance from her controlling mother ‘Adri’ and Rafe the Vampyre who turned her Left alone for a century Rafe appears to stake his claim on Sera and her body just when the pressure of her mother increases when a mystery is to be solvedAdri daughter of Dionysos the Greek god of wine and revelry is at her wits end after her friend is killed by a soul stealer and a statue is stolen her daughter Sera is now in danger and tries to protect her at all costs But Sera fights her control at every corner When Des comes on the scene Adri’s feelings for the mysterious man complicate things further and adds to the stress and mystery and the passion My only criticism on the book is in some parts there is a tad tendency of over description between a uestion a though and an answer that sometimes you have to read back to refresh what was said” And at first I was a little confused as to which character you were reading from their prospective as it changes throughout the book though that said I enjoyed the writing styleI liked all the characters and secretly hope that Rafe will be a knight in shining armour for Sera and the same with Des to AdriA book with passion obsession mystery and murder it’s a recipe for a brilliant series which I hope book two ‘Indomitable’ won’t be a too long wait?

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    Well there’s only one thing I can say after finishing the last line of my review copy of Inescapable And it’s “this is a fab start to what is promising to be a fab series ”Honestly I have been avoiding vampires since I got an overdose of Buffy and I’ve been avoiding books that mix 2 or non human breeds because they were bound to create mumble jumble in my brain So yeah call me worried after checking out the blurb But hey limits are made to be tested right? So why not throw myself into a book that mixes immortals vampires weres witches faes and I’m sure I’m missing a handful My fear disappeared uickly just a few pages in Nevermind the breeds it’s all about the characters A clever mix which is introduced into the story little by little and fab interactions I dare anyone to not identify to Adri and Sera – I know I was just like that with my own mum that will easily draw you in and make you love or hate the characters The story flows easily the plot is interesting and the end Ah The end No need to say I’ve already got my eyes on the next instalment and shall await its release very eagerly

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    When i started to read this book i felt really apprehensive because i know Natalie as a friend i was so worried i wouldn't like it and then even that i would have to tell Natalie what i thought well what a waste of time worrying I thought the book was fantastic I love vampyres anyway so was certain i would enjoy that aspect of it but what i really enjoyed about the story was the Greek mythology with Zeus and his children banished for disobeying him I thought the way that it was all twisted into the story was Fab The Intensity in the book was perfect some of the scenes you find yourself holding your breath especially between Sera and Rafe wow the chemistry between them was smoking lol literally Also the relationship between Sera and Adri is strained and i think this portrayed the immaturity of Sera and helped you understand the decisions that are made right up to the final chapterI thought the story was so well written when i started i couldn't stop reading this Paranormal Romance was definitely for me and i look forward to reading the next book as soon as it comes outI give this book 45 Stars

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    I was lucky enough to be entrusted with an ARC of this beautiful book and I have no problem giving it 5 full stars The writing is great the story is great the characters are believable They are real people immortal beings fae vamypres whatever the hell Des is right? Shadow Bridge exists right? Sure felt that way If book 2 doesn't come out within 3 months however I'm knocking off 1 star out of spite for leaving me in the dark about Des and what happens to Sera Ms Owens and Ms Monodee YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDJoking apart although the ending left me panting for other readers might not be as forgiving My take on the ending was that Book 2 would contain a lot of action which suited me fine Good things are worth waiting for after all

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    OMG how could you do this to me? Really? To ME? This absolutely amazing 5 book has such fantastic imagery and detailed world building and character building I should have KNOWN it was too good to be true I should have known by the beautiful descriptions of a world within our own; a world attempting to balance itself between the Nature and Elements it is based on and the 21st century that goes on around it This book reaches into you and pulls emotion from you like a magician pulling a scarf out of a sleeve It opens you up to the possibilities of life and laughter and love and allows you to see the joy to be found in the most simple of acts Imagine being an Eternelles as the series is Feminine and eternal that's what it means Strong resilient women who are capable of running their own lives fighting their own battles making their own choices and living with the conseuences of those choices whatever they may be Such women would be alone by choice and by fate but together with each other at the same time Mother and daughter living and working together side by side in both worlds We know that eternity is a very long time and while they have each other now there is always a void to be filled a place in her soul that calls to the one who belongs there the one who has a place in his soul for her Their paths to each other are never easy never clear and never short but they always end together in this life or the next; in this world or the otherMy complaint at the beginning CLIFFHANGER ENDING Cruel tortuous painful cliffhanger that leaves the reader BEGGING for Waiting very impatiently for Indomitable to come outWhether together or separate Natalie G Owens and Zee Mondee are definitely going on my TBR list In fact I'm gonna try and shove them as close to the top as I can without it tumbling over and suishing the juice out of me